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A Sentimonster is a monsterous creature manifested from a person's emotions by using the power of the Peacock Miraculous by turning a feather into an Amok.


A Sentimonster is manifested from a person's emotions through the superpower of the Peacock Miraculous. They can take on a vast variety of forms and they have special powers. They are completely obedient to whomever possesses the object containing their Amok.


Mayura manifesting a Sentimonster to save Hawk Moth.

First, the Peacock Miraculous owner takes one of the feathers from the Hand Fan and charges it with energy, transforming the feather into an Amok. The Peacock owner then sends the feather on its way to the recipient of their choice.

Once the Amok reaches the recipient, it inhabits an object belonging to them, after which, a telepathic connection is established between the recipient and the Peacock Miraculous owner. Once the recipient agrees to work with the Miraculous owner, the Sentimonster will manifest. The Sentimonster has an appearance and abilities that correspond to the recipient and the emotion they felt, the same emotion that the Sentimonster was manifested from.

Once manifested, the Sentimonster will obey the commands of whomever possesses the object containing their Amok.

The Peacock Miraculous owner is capable of revoking the Amok, thus destroying the Sentimonster.

Amokized Sentimonsters

Sentimonsters aren't only magical embodiments of emotions, but actual living beings that are controlled by the one who holds the object containing their Amok. If the Sentimonster gets ahold of their own Amok, then they are granted their freedom. The more elaborate they are, the more sapience they have, with an example being the Ladybug, who, once she got her freedom, decided to help the real Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat Mayura.

Sentimonsters can become dormant for centuries, only becoming active or finally destroyed with the power of the Peacock Miraculous holder. And yet, it's completely unknown how a sentimonster enters a dormant state.

A Sentimonster cannot be destroyed by the Cataclysm, but it can be harmed severely. Another effect is that the Sentimonster gets out of control and goes berserk.

In order to defeat a Sentimonster without the Peacock Miraculous to revoke the Amok, the object containing the feather must be broken, and then Ladybug must purify the Amok in the same way she purifies Akumas.


Season 2

Sentimonster Monster's Name Emotion Powers Recipient Object Episode
Butterfly Sentimonster Square.png Butterfly Sentimonster Despair Its wings allow it to fly and generate strong winds. Hawk Moth Square.png Butterfly Miraculous' Cane Square.png "Mayura"

Season 3

Sentimonster Monster's Name Emotion Powers Recipient Object Episode
Lollipop Monster Square.png Lollipop Sentimonster Frustration Massive size and strength. August Square.png Pacifier.png "Miraculer"
Reflekdoll Square.png Reflekdoll Frustration/Misery Able to shoot a massive beam of energy from its mouth that transforms people into lookalikes of Reflekta, much like Reflekta's own ability. Juleka Couffaine Square.png Clip.png "Reflekdoll"
Dormant Sentimonster Square.png Dormant Sentimonster
(aka Feast)
Anger/Hunger Can track down the Miraculouses and devour anything in its path. Whatever it eats will be trapped in a pocket dimension within its stomach for all eternity. It also has a long, sticky, frog-like tongue. Following its Akumatization, it grows to gigantic size. Wang Fu Peacock Superhero Square.png Wang Fu's Staff.png "Feast"
Ladybug Sentimonster square.png Ladybug Dedication Has all the abilities of the real Ladybug, including the power to create a "Senti-Charm". Nathalie claims that this Sentimonster is the most powerful to ever exist. Mayura Square.png Mayura-eiffel-tower-keychain-with-amok.png "Ladybug"
Butterfly Sentimonster Square.png Butterfly Sentimonster Determination It can fly using its wings and its stinger can break through things that are incredibly durable, such as Shell-ter. Hawk Moth Square.png Butterfly Miraculous' Cane Square.png "Miracle Queen"

Season 4

Sentimonster Monster's Name Emotion Powers Recipient Object Episode
Lollipop Monster Square.png Lollipop Sentimonster Unknown Massive size and strength. ListPlaceholder.png ListPlaceholder.png "Truth"
Pharo Square.png Pharo Betrayal Capable of shining a beam of light from its eye that immobilizes anyone it shines on, preventing them from moving their body, but still allowing them to speak. Luka Couffaine Square.png Luka's Guitar Pick.png
Gorilla Sentimonster Square.png Gorilla Sentimonster Anger/


Capable to shoot a giant banana at anyone it touches will be turned into a banana. Chloé Bourgeois Square.png ListPlaceholder.png "Queen Banana"
Guiltrip Square.png Guiltrip Guilt Can create a strong vacuum vortex from its mouth that sucks nearby people into a pocket dimension inside its body. Once someone is trapped inside it, they are infected with a strong sense of guilt over their past and current regrets and failings. It also produces bubbles from valves on the walls on the pocket dimension that cling to the trapped victims, attracted to their feelings of guilt, and once they are completely covered in bubbles, they turn into copies of Reflekta who seek to keep other people trapped in the guilty void. Juleka Couffaine Square.png Juleka's Phone.png "Guiltrip"
The events of "Lies", are parallel to the the events of "Truth", thus Lollipop Sentimonster and Pharo make an appearance as those events are shown from Adrien's point of view.

Miraculous World

Sentimonster Monster's Name Emotion Powers Recipient Object Episode
Robostus Sentimonster Square.png Robostus Sentimonster Unknown Unknown, possibly the same as Robostus. It was able to cause significant damage to the city of Paris. Mayura Square.png ListPlaceholder.png "Miraculous New York"

Previous Sentimonsters

Sentimonster Monster's Name Emotion Powers Recipient Object Episode
Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 3.11.46 PM.png Multiple Sentimonsters (A rooster, dog, axolotl, cat, snake, walrus, rabbit, and armadillo) Unknown Unknown Ancient Chinese Peacock.png ListPlaceholder.png "Feast"




  • The name Sentimonster is a portmanteau of "sentiment", a synonym for feelings, and "monster", hinting towards the fact that Sentimonsters are monsters formed from emotions.
  • This power is somewhat similar to Akumatization, as both involve infecting an item with magic and communicating telepathically with a person.
    • Unlike Akumatization, however, Amokization can infect an object that's been destroyed, although it is still possible to damage it further to release the Amok.
      • Also, unlike Akumatization, the Sentimonster can only be controlled by the one who possesses the object containing the Amok, while the power to control Akumatized champions belongs to the Butterfly Miraculous owner.
    • Just like the Butterfly Miraculous owner can create heroes as well as villains, the Peacock Miraculous owner can create good and evil Sentimonsters.
    • Just like Akumatized villains can turn against the Butterfly Miraculous owner, Sentimonsters can turn against the Peacock Miraculous owner or the one that was controlling them, as long they gain possession of the object containing their Amok.
  • Because Sentimonsters are living emotions manifested in physical form, they can also be Akumatized, as seen in "Feast". As such, Amokization can fuse itself with Akumatization to create a hybrid mask.
  • Similar to how Rena Rouge and Volpina can communicate through their illusions, the Peacock Miraculous owner can communicate through their Sentimonsters.
  • They can also be created by a combination of emotions and not just one.
  • It is unclear if more than one Sentimonster can be created at any one time.
    • An Ancient Chinese Peacock Miraculous user was shown in an illustration surrounded by multiple sentimonsters, though it is unclear if this was an actual example of multiple Sentimonsters having been created at the same time or merely an example of the types that can be created.
  • Sentimonster copies of heroes can be created as well but it's unknown if a humanoid sentimonster can transform with a Miraculous or what kind of effects it would have.
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