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This article is related to the Peacock Miraculous.

A Sentimonster is a magical being/monstrous creature manifested from a person's emotions by using the superpower of the Peacock Miraculous, which involves turning a feather into an Amok. They can take on a vast variety of forms and sometimes have special powers.


Mayura manifesting a sentimonster to save Hawk Moth.

Whenever a person feels strong emotions, such as anger, jealousy, fear, sadness, humiliation, dedication, disappointment, guilt, betrayal, and/or despair, the Peacock Miraculous' wearer takes one of the feathers from their hand fan and charges it with magical energy, transforming the feather into an Amok. The Peacock owner then sends the Amok away to reach the person with the strong emotions.

Once the Amok reaches the recipient, it inhabits an object belonging to them, after which, a telepathic connection is established between the recipient and the Peacock Miraculous' wearer. The wearer of the Peacock Miraculous will then have the ability to manifest a sentimonster from the recipient's emotions and will be able to remotely communicate with them and the Sentimonster.

The Peacock Miraculous user can also create sentimonsters from their own emotions. Whilst multiple Sentimonsters can exist at one time, only one can be created per user. In order for a new Sentimonster to be created by the same user, the current one must be dispelled.


The Sentimonster has an appearance and abilities that correspond to the recipient and the emotion they felt, the same emotion that the Sentimonster was manifested from, and they can come in a very wide variety of shapes and sizes; including animals, anthropomorphic objects, extremely realistic lookalikes of people, and much more. They can be very large, towering over buildings, or very small, able to fit in the palm of ones hand. Sometimes, a Sentimonster will possess special superpowers that go beyond its anatomy and brute strength. Depending on the complexity of its creation, Sentimonsters can range from basic sentience to fully sapient beings capable of complex thought.

A Sentimonster will obey the commands of whomever is in possession of the object containing the Amok, even if that person is an enemy of the Peacock Miraculous holder and/or the person whose emotions the Sentimonster was manifested from. If it gets ahold of its own Amokized object, then the sentimonster will be free to act of its own free will, as seen in "Ladybug".

As stated by Nathalie in "Feast", the Peacock Miraculous owner can only control the sentimonsters that they created themselves. However, they would still be able to destroy another Peacock Miraculous user's sentimonster, which could be used as leverage to make the sentimonster compliant.

As seen in "Truth", "Sentibubbler" and "Kuro Neko", a Sentimonster can receive commands from the Peacock Miraculous holder and/or the person who possesses their Amok, even if they are out of earshot.

A Sentimonster can also possesses personality traits that relate to its physical form. For example, Kuro Neko, a Sentimonster in the likeness of a cat, likes to eat grass to help it cough up its hair balls, the same as a real cat does.

Cataclysm being used on a sentimonster.

Being hit with Cataclysm, the special superpower of the Cat Miraculous, will not destroy a Sentimonster, but it will cause cracks to spread all over its body, rather than making it entirely vanish into dust. This damaged state can deeply effect the Sentimonster in question, breaking the link between the sentimonster and its Amok holder, and will cause it to go berserk, like a bee sting on a bull.


In order to defeat a sentimonster, one must break the object containing the amok. Once the amokized object is broken, the Amok will be released, and Sentimonster will disappear.

After the object is broken, the owner of the Ladybug Miraculous uses the yo-yo to capture the Amok. The Yo-yo will then “de-evilize” the Amok and turn it back to a feather. It is currently unknown what would happen if the amok was allowed to fly away unpurified.

The Peacock Miraculous wearer can revoke the amok themselves, thus destroying the Sentimonster and purifying the Amok without needing the Ladybug Yo-yo. To do this, the Peacock user must simply snap their fingers.

If a sentimonster's amok is duplicated somehow, as was the case with Mega Leech, all of the Amoks must be released, captured and purified before the Sentimonster can disappear.


Name Sentimonster Emotion Powers Recipient Object
Multiple sentimonsters (A rooster, dog, axolotl, cat, snake, walrus, rabbit, and armadillo) Ancient Chinese Sentimonsters Square.png Unknown Animal Psychology ListPlaceholder.png ListPlaceholder.png

Name Sentimonster Episode Emotion Powers Recipient Object
Butterfly Sentimonster Butterfly Sentimonster Square.png "Mayura" Despair Its wings allow it to fly and generate strong winds. Hawk Moth Square.png Butterfly Miraculous' Cane Square.png
Reflekdoll Reflekdoll Square.png "Reflekdoll" Frustration & Misery Able to shoot a massive beam of energy from its mouth that transforms people into lookalikes of Reflekta, much like Reflekta's own ability. Juleka Couffaine Square.png Clip.png
Lollipop Boy Lollipop Boy Square.png "Miraculer" Frustration Massive size and strength. August Square.png Pacifier.png
Dormant Sentimonster
(aka Feast)
Dormant Sentimonster Square.png "Feast" Anger & Hunger Can track down the Miraculouses and devour anything in its path. Whatever it eats will be trapped in a pocket dimension within its stomach for eternity. It also has a long, sticky, frog-like tongue. Following its Akumatization, it grows to gigantic size. Wang Fu Peacock Superhero Square.png Wang Fu's Staff.png
Ladybug Ladybug Sentimonster Square.png "Ladybug" Dedication Has all the abilities of the real Ladybug, including the power to create a "Senti-Charm". Nathalie claims that this Sentimonster is the most powerful to ever exist. Mayura Square.png Mayura-eiffel-tower-keychain-with-amok.png
Butterfly Sentimonster Butterfly Sentimonster Square.png "Miracle Queen" Determination It can fly using its wings and its stinger can break through things that are incredibly durable, such as Shell-ter. Hawk Moth Square.png Butterfly Miraculous' Cane Square.png

Name Sentimonster Episode Emotion Powers Recipient Object
Lollipop Boy Lollipop Boy Square.png "Truth" Unknown Massive size and strength. ListPlaceholder.png ListPlaceholder.png
Light Eye Light Eye Square.png Betrayal Capable of shining a beam of light from its eye that immobilizes anyone it shines on, preventing them from moving their body, but still allowing them to speak. It can also send and receive messages from Truth remotely. Luka Couffaine Square.png Luka's Guitar Pick Necklace.png
Banana Boom-Boom Banana Boom-Boom Square.png "Queen Banana" Pride, Anger & Sadness Throws giant exploding bananas that transform anyone they touch into a banana. It is also incredibly strong. Chloé Bourgeois Square.png 408 Moment3.png
Gabriel Agreste
(a.k.a. The Collector)
Gabriel Agreste sentimonster Square.png "Gabriel Agreste" Vengeance & Determination Has the exact appearance and voice of the real Gabriel. As The Collector, he is able to trap objects and people as videos inside his tablet by touching it to them. Anyone trapped in the tablet will reveal their secrets when their video is played. If he throws the tablet, it will return to him. Unlike the original Collector's book, his tablet is implied to have infinite storage. Shadow Moth Square.png Gabriel's glasses.png
Mega Leech Mega Leech Square.png "Mega Leech" Stress, Anger & Frustration Able to float in mid-air, and it can release countless mini Malediktators out of its eyes after the original jumps into its mouth. When those tiny clones get inside someone's ear and enter their brain, that person falls under Malediktator's total control. Each clone has their own akuma and amok. André Bourgeois Square.png Andre's Sash.png
Guiltrip Guiltrip Square.png "Guiltrip" Guilt Can create a strong vacuum vortex from its mouth that sucks nearby people into a pocket dimension inside its body. Once someone is trapped inside it, they are infected with a strong sense of guilt over their past and current regrets and failings. It also produces bubbles from valves on the walls on the pocket dimension that cling to the trapped victims, attracted to their feelings of guilt, and once they are completely covered in bubbles, they turn into copies of Reflekta who seek to keep other people trapped in the guilty void. Juleka Couffaine Square.png Juleka's Phone.png
Optigami Optigami Square.png "Optigami" Curiosity & Determination Able to merge with and hide inside of any object, and it can send whatever it sees to Mayura's tablet like a security camera. It is also able to fly. Mayura Square.png Optigami - Tablet.png
Sentialec Sentialec Square.png Excitement Has the exact appearance and voice of the real Alec. He is also good at insulting people and making them angry. Shadow Moth Square.png Butterfly Miraculous' Cane Square.png
(a.k.a. Senticarapace)
Sentinino Square.png Ambition Has the exact appearance and voice of the real Nino. When he gets the Turtle Miraculous, he is able to use all the abilities of the real Carapace.
Sentibubbler Sentibubbler Square.png "Sentibubbler" Confidence Has the same appearance and abilities as Nino Lahiffe's akumatized form, Bubbler, allowing him to use his bubble wand to create impenetrable bubbles that he can use to trap people and make them float away. Coffee Square.png
Hack-San Hack-San Square.png "Hack-San" Determination & Ambition Able to download a virus that forces Markov, once he is infected, to feel negative emotions, mainly rage/anger. Butterfly Miraculous' Cane Square.png
Lollipop Boy Lollipop Boy Square.png "Qilin" Unknown Massive size and strength. ListPlaceholder.png ListPlaceholder.png
Kuro Neko Kuro Neko Square.png "Kuro Neko" Sadness/Grief Massive size and strength, as well as sharp claws. Rythm Square.png Rythm Maneki-neko.png
Strikeback Strikeback Square.png "Risk" Determination/Ambition Massive size and strength, and can copy any superpowers used against it. Shadow Moth Square.png Butterfly Miraculous' Cane Square.png
The events of "Lies", are parallel to the events of "Truth", thus Lollipop Boy and Light Eye make an appearance as those events are shown from Adrien's point of view.

Monster's Name Sentimonster Episode Emotion Powers Recipient Object
Robostus Robostus Sentimonster Square.png "Miraculous New York" Unknown Unknown, possibly the same as Robostus. It was able to cause significant damage to the city of Paris. Mayura Square.png ListPlaceholder.png





  • The name sentimonster is a portmanteau of "sentiment", a synonym for feelings, and "monster", hinting towards the fact that sentimonsters are monsters formed from emotions.
  • If they are used for good, they can be called sentibeings or sentis.[1]
  • This power is somewhat similar to Akumatization, as both involve infecting an item with magic and communicating telepathically with a person.
    • Unlike Akumatization, however, Amokization can infect an object that's been destroyed, although it is still possible to damage it further to release the amok.
      • Also, unlike Akumatization, the sentimonster can only be controlled by the one who possesses the object containing the amok, while the power to control Akumatized champions belongs to the Butterfly Miraculous owner.
    • Just like the Butterfly Miraculous owner can create heroes as well as villains, the Peacock Miraculous owner can create good and evil Sentimonsters.
    • Just like Akumatized villains can turn against the Butterfly Miraculous owner, Sentimonsters can turn against the Peacock Miraculous owner or the one that was controlling them, as long they gain possession of the object containing their amok.
  • Sentimonsters are living emotions manifested in physical form and have feelings, so they can also be Akumatized, as seen in "Feast" and "Gabriel Agreste".[2] As such, Amokization can fuse itself with Akumatization to create a hybrid mask.

Mayura transmitting her words to a sentimonster.

  • Similar to how Rena Rouge and Volpina can communicate through their illusions, the Peacock Miraculous owner can communicate through their sentimonsters.
  • They can be created by a combination of emotions and not just one.
  • While multiple sentimonsters can exist at a given time, a holder is only able to create one at a time.[3]
    • For example, Mayura was able to create singular Sentimonsters while the Dormant Sentimonster is active.
    • This is further proven in "Optigami", as Shadow Moth was able to create Sentialec and Sentinino even while Optigami is active, as Optigami was created by Mayura rather than Shadow Moth.
    • An Ancient Chinese Peacock Miraculous user was shown in an illustration surrounded by multiple sentimonsters, though it is unclear if this was an actual example of multiple sentimonsters having been created at the same time or merely an example of the types that can be created.
  • Sentimonster copies of heroes can be created as well but it's unknown if a humanoid sentimonster can transform with a Miraculous or what kind of effects it would have.
    • Sentinino uses the Turtle Miraculous in "Optigami" and can use its power in the same way as a normal human. However, since he only uses Shell-ter once in the episode, it's not known whether a sentimonster modeled after a younger Miraculous holder can only use the superpower once before it transforms back.
      • Given that Sentinino was meant to emulate Nino, Sentipace's suit is identical to Carapace's.[4]
  • Even though users of the Peacock Miraculous can make humanoid sentimonsters that look and sound like the real humans they are based on, it seems the one thing they can't do is copy the real person's memories and mannerisms over to the sentimonster's, implying that as long as the sentimonster remain intact, then they can experience their own memories.
    • However, this may not apply if a Peacock Miraculous user creates a sentimonster copy of themselves as, depending on how powerful and elaborate the copy is, it could inherit the memories of the original person.
    • It has been confirmed that a human is a human, regardless of how they are created: naturally, medically, or magically. A human-like Sentimonster is not merely something in the shape of a human; it is just as real and human as anyone else, if it's made to be that way.[5]


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