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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the sentimonster with the same name.
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Season 4, episode 14 (Production order); Episode 92 (Overall)

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We know that Shadow Moth has identified some of the holders. He knows you've been Rena Rouge! What if he found out I left the Miraculous with you? He could steal it from you!

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, "Sentibubbler"

"Sentibubbler" is a Season 4 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[4] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Sentibubbler" is the 14th written and produced episode of Season 4. It is also the 92nd written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]


Shadow Moth creates Sentibubbler, a fearsome sentimonster that will only stop if Rena Rouge betrays Ladybug and Cat Noir. [5]


The episode starts in a nightmare that Marinette is having. It takes place at the Césaire apartment, where she, Alya, her family and Nino are having a meal together. Marinette gets served her food, but then suddenly realizes that Trixx is out in the open. Marinette tells Alya that Trixx is a secret, but Alya asks why Trixx has to be a secret. She then calls her Ladybug, causing Marinette to panic as everyone looks at her. She tries to explain she is not Ladybug but Nino says that everyone knows. It then reveals that Chloé is present and says that Marinette insists that your identity must be a secret or you won't receive a miraculous. She then says she would be a better Ladybug and calls her a ridiculous guardian. Shadow Moth then arrives at the balcony, and Alya opens the door for him to get in. Shadow Moth says he is grateful to Alya that she revealed Marinette's identity to him, allowing him to get the Miracle Box. Marinette is stunned and tries to transform, but Tikki doesn't transform her and tells her she shouldn't have trusted Alya. Cat Blanc then touches Marinette's shoulder, saying that they can be together since there are no more secrets. Marinette begins to panic and says it is a nightmare. Shadow Moth says that he will stop once she gives him her miraculous, and everyone starts walking towards her. Trixx appears on Marinette's shoulder and says that this is what she gets for leaving him with Alya.

She then screams and wakes up. While in panic, Marinette slightly regrets giving the Fox miraculous to Alya. She runs to her art supply box, opens it, and sighs in relief as it is still there. Tikki explains that it was just a nigtmare and that would never happen since Alya is a loyal friend. Wayzz says that Alya may be, but Trixx is mischievous and make a mess. Xuppu then comments about the Loch Ness Monster mirage that Trixx did before, causing Marinette to freak out. She quickly rushes to Alya's house in her PJ's. She arrives to Alya's and finds her and her family looking for something. Alya wonders herself where the thing is. Nora says that if she finds it, Alya must be prepared to be grounded. Etta says whoever be the first to find the furry animal stays with it, while Otis says that the animal seems to be capable of passing through walls, Marinette sneakily goes to Alya and questions if everyone knows about Trixx, and if she told them, Alya answer that she had to tell them, because she lost it.

She thinks about someone else finding it and it escaping. Marinette questions Alya if she lost it, and Alya tells her that everyone loses things sometimes, and asks her to help instead of lecture her. Marlena asks Marinette to stay for lunch, and to rate her food, causing Marinette to panic, because of the nightmare. Meanwhile, in the pan the lunch is, a tarantula climbs the spoon. The frightens Marinette, causing her to rush to Alya and scream, because she is afraid of it. Marlena says to the rest of the family to stop looking for it, because Marinette found Hannibal, as the family sighs in relief. Otis says that its legs are healed, since it can walk now, and saying that tomorrow it's going back to the zoo. Nino then exits the bathroom as he was scared. Marinette then brings Alya to her room as Nino runs after them. Alya stops him and tells him it is between her and Marinette and shuts the door, causing Nino to be a little upset.

Marinette explains the nightmare to Alya and how realistic it was. Alya tries to calm her down by saying it was just a nightmare, but Marinette tells her in the nightmare everyone knew she was Ladybug. The phone rings and Marinette screams. Alya explains that everything is fine. Marinette, still worried, tells Alya that Shadow Moth knows that she is Rena Rouge and may try to steal her miraculous if he finds out. Alya tells her that no one will know she permanently has the Fox Miraculous. Marinette then states that Cat Noir can't know about this either. Alya says that no one is gonna know, and Trixx will always be with her with a fanny pack that Marinette gave her. Marinette is happy to see Trixx and asks him to promise to stay hidden. Trixx tells Marinette that he is silent and sly as a fox and then high fives Alya. Tikki exits Marinette's purse and tells Marinette that she told her everything is okay. Marinette apologizes to Alya for worrying, but Alya gets annoyed after the phone was still ringing. She storms out of her room and looks around, seeing that no one was present. She asks if this is a prank and answers the phone, revealing that Shadow Moth called her.

She then sees Marinette flying away in one of the Bubbler’s balloons, and then gets annoyed at the Bubbler, who is also in the kitchen, claiming that just because she didn’t let Nino in his room, he gets akumatized, but then Shadow Moth tells Alya this is Sentibubbler. He then threatens her with the destruction of her friends and family, unless she betrays Ladybug. Up in the bubble, Marinette gets horrified since she can't transform in front of the people otherwise her identity would be revealed. Tikki reassures her that Alya would figure out something, that's the reason that she gave her the Fox Miraculous. She then remembers that she has to warn Alya that, Sentibubbler is probably a Sentimonster so that Cat Noir doesn't use Catalysm on it. Otherwise, all the bubbles would burst and they would fall down. At the apartment, Alya receives the message from Marinette. But as she takes it out of her pocket, Sentibubbler traps it in the bubble and the phone flies out of the window, into the sky. Shadow Moth says that she can only communicate with him and his sentimonster. In the bubble, Marinette wonders that why Alya is taking so much time in replying. Then, she sees Alya's phone in the bubble, flying beside her and she realizes what had happened, much to her dismay.

Knowing an idea, Alya tricks Sentibubbler and asks him if she can go to the bathroom, but Shadow Moth is annoyed by it and tells Alya through Sentibubbler that it's not the best time, but Alya tells him that it's really important. Annoyed, Shadow Moth lets her go to the bathroom and reminds her the deal. Alya bumps into the a table and goes to her room and transforms into Rena Rouge. She creates an illusion of herself, and quickly sneaks around. The illusion of herself walks to the bathroom, with Sentibubbler explaining that she has only 30 seconds. When this is happening, Rena Rouge sneaks behind them, grabs some grapes that fell on the ground, and quietly enters her younger sisters' room. Once the illusion enters the bathroom, she stops the illusion and de-transforms. Alya feeds Trixx a grape and explains her plan. She re-transforms and calls Cat Noir with her flute and tells him that she and Ladybug knows a plan on how to stop Shadow Moth. When Cat Noir asks what he has to do, Rena Rouge says that only it's a two-person plan for her and Ladybug. Upset by this, Cat Noir asks Rena Rouge to get Ladybug, but she dismisses it and denies the call. Enraged by this, Cat Noir smashes the rooftop with his staff, saying that the two-person plan should be him and Ladybug. Suddenly, Rena Rouge creates an another illusion, this time of herself again and Ladybug to fool the villains.

Seeing Ladybug, but no Rena Rouge; Cat Noir follows her. Marinette watches Rena's plan follow well from above but seeing the cat she panics aware of what will happen if the illusion is touched and tries to warn him. Eyeing the Ladybug illusion through Sentibubbler Shadow Moth tells "Alya" not to deviate from the plan aware of what will happen and Sentibubbler goes into hiding. Just outside of Alya's house, Cat Noir was prepared to rush in, until he heard Marinette calling him telling him to stay where he is and the hero is annoyed that everyone was telling him what do until Marinette clarifies that Rena is already at the scene and if he goes in there her plan will be exposed. Curious he asked how she knew and Marinette simply replied that she had witnessed everything and Cat Noir sadly enough agrees to stay put.

Meanwhile Rena says through her illusion and it culminates with Ladybug illusion declaring to her that she can't give her the Fox Miraculous anymore since Shadow Moth now knows her secret identity. Shadow Moth and Sentibubbler are shocked by this, with Shadow Moth angrily saying that it's not according to the plan. When Sentibubbler asks if he can capture Ladybug, Shadow Moth tells him not to, but remain silent, believing there's another explanation. The Ladybug illusion comforts Alya and tells her she will get another Miraculous holder and give them a very powerful Miraculous to save her family. She then leaves and runs on the rooftops. After Shadow Moth hears this, he thinks that Ladybug got a new Miraculous. However, after noticing the Ladybug illusion jumping on the rooftops, Shadow Moth goes after her. Sentibubbler also goes after Shadow Moth. Seeing Sentibubbler leave Cat Noir offers to stall the creature to keep up the plan to which Marinette agrees to.

Cat Noir confronts Sentibubbler and both fight. Shadow Moth hides outside of a chimney unnoticed, annoyed that Cat Noir had arrived, but noticing Ladybug, he still desperately continues to follow her. Meanwhile, Marinette, though her bubble, notices Shadow Moth down there. She is shocked to see his new appearance, thanks to the unification of Butterfly Miraculous and Peacock Miraculous. As Ladybug's illusion ends up in the alleyway, Rena Rouge makes her illusions disappear. Shadow Moth goes into the alleyway and realizes that she's gone, much to his dismay. Furious, he punches the hole in the wall in fit of rage and declares that she won't escape him again. Aware that Cat Noir and Sentibubbler are still fighting, Shadow Moth believes that nothing is lost, since he can have Cat Miraculous, so he attacks Cat Noir, despite Marinette trying to warn him. When the cat gets caught, she apologizes and Cat Noir uses Cataclysm to free himself, but ends up being caught again, but was aware Ladybug was still out there.

Rena Rouge de-transforms again and gives Trixx another grape. She re-transforms and uses Mirage again to create an illusion of Marinette that covers real Marinette from the others, giving her time to transform into Ladybug. But she sees Cat Noir being lowered and silenced with Shadow Moth having the pleasure of capturing her. Ladybug then summons her Lucky Charm and receives a pot. Through her Yo-yo, she grabs the Horse Miraculous, which Kaalki appears. Ladybug unifies her Miraculous with Horse Miraculous and transforms into Pegabug. She looks down and notices what is on Shadow Moth's chest, which are the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculouses. Aware that she can't grab the two Miraculouses and the amokitized object, but only one thing. She uses Voyage and opens a portal behind Shadow Moth and can grab the a coffee cup that Shadow Moth is using to control Sentibubbler. Pegabug jumps through the portal and grabs a coffee cup from Shadow Moth (who is stunned by an unexpected attack), and asks if she's Ladybug, but she says no, she is now Pegabug. Realizes that she unified her Miraculous with Horse Miraculous, Shadow Moth tries to attack her, but Pegabug dodges his attacks and uses a coffee cup and commands Sentibubbler to release the people he trapped in bubbles. Sentibubbler, with optimistic accent, obeys her and gets the bubbles down.

Everything's fine, until this makes last for long. To make matters worse, Shadow Moth destroys Sentibubbler, killing him as he disappears. As a result of his death, his powers are gone too, which culminates with bubbles popping and the people start to fall. Cat Noir jumps in and saves Nino, while Pegabug uses her yo-yo to make a net that catches Alya's family. Pegabug divides Kaalki, becoming Ladybug again. She brings Alya's family to the ground, and uses the pot to bring the tarantula to them. Cat Noir then jumps down to Ladybug. Ladybug sees Shadow Moth quickly retreat and sadly tells Cat Noir that this could have been the end of Shadow Moth, but he tells that if she wouldn't have made it just in time, this would have been the end for him. They pound it and Cat Noir leaves. She then goes back to the apartment to get the terrarium for the tarantula. When she arrives, Rena Rouge is holding the terrarium for her. She hugs Rena Rouge and tells her that she should have never doubted the idea of leaving the Fox Miraculous with her. She then swings away and Rena Rouge detransforms. Ladybug arrivevs to the alleyway again and uses the pot to place the tarantula in the terrarium. She uses her Miraculous Ladybug to fix everything. Everyone is brought back to the apartment and hugs Alya. Ladybug quickly heads back to Alya's room in the apartment and de-transforms. She runs out of Alya's room and hugs Alya again. Marinette and Alya go back to Alya's bedroom, and Alya tells Marinette that she made the illusion of Ladybug say that she will never get her miraculous ever again so he will never try to get her Miraculous again. Marinette is very happy and says the nightmare is over. She fist-bumps with Alya, saying "Pound it!" as the end card appears.

Meanwhile, in Nathalie's room at the Agreste mansion, Gabriel is holding his tablet and is obviously very infuriated by yet another humiliating defeat. Gabriel rages at Ladybug for never making any mistakes, and breaks the tablet in anger and sits on bed, with Nathalie on it. Nathalie assures him that everyone makes mistakes, but someday, Ladybug can make mistakes too. Gabriel closes his eyes and is upset, while Nathalie comforts him, ending the episode.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is the sixth episode to be named after a Sentimonster, the others being "Reflekdoll", "Ladybug", " Megaleech", "Guiltrip" and "Optigami".
  • This is the second episode to feature a character's dream, after "Sandboy".
    • This exclude the daydreams in "Frozer" and Marinette's fantasies.
  • This is the first time where an Akumatized villain or an Akuma doesn't appear in this episode.
    • The second time where Ladybug doesn't catch an akuma following "Ladybug and Cat Noir".
  • This is the third episode that features a post-credit scene, the first being "Miracle Queen" and the second being "Optigami".
  • At the beginning of her dream, Marinette quotes a line from the theme song: "Marinette, just a normal girl with a normal life!"
  • In Marinette's dream, Cat Blanc says "Now that we're done with secrets, we can tie the knot" where the meaning of "tie the knot" is "get married".
  • Chloé appearing in Marinette's dream likely implies that she hasn't completely gotten over what Chloé did in "Miracle Queen".
    • Alya being manipulated or blackmailed by Shadow Moth is similar to what happened to Chloé; however, unlike her Alya was able to find a better way out.
    • Unlike Chloe who was fully suspended to permanently banned from the team, Alya is partially suspended to keep up Shadow Moth's belief as Alya can still use the Fox Miraculous but not in public.
    • Chloe talking about making a better Ladybug likely refers to her fan worship of the heroine in earlier seasons.
  • In the English dub, Trixx has a new, more masculine voice.
  • In this episode, it is revealed Alya has a pet Tarantula named "Hannibal".
    • According to Otis Césaire, it's a specimen from the zoo whose legs were being treated.
    • It is also revealed that Marinette and Nino hate Tarantulas.
  • It's revealed that Trixx created an illusion of the Loch Ness monster, probably even starting the myth of the creature.
    • Since the creature originates from Scottish legend, it's implied that Trixx must have had an owner in Scotland at some point or while Master Fu was there probably looking for the spellbook, by unknown means must have gotten out of the Miracle Box.
  • This is the third episode of Season 4 that features Cat Noir's transformation sequence, after "Lies" and "Mega Leech".
  • Marinette briefly considers using the Rabbit Miraculous to prevent being attacked by Sentibubbler, but doesn't because it's too dangerous.
    • Marinette is probably referencing a Cat Blanc-like situation; if Alya reveals her identity, there will be disastrous consequences, so she has to go back in time to prevent that. This is similar to what Bunnyx did in "Cat Blanc" when Adrien discovered Ladybug's identity.
  • In public, Alya hides Trixx in a fanny pack made from the same plaid fabric as her shirt.
    • This is similar to how Marinette keeps Tikki in her handmade purse.
  • Alya's thought process is shown, with the objects she focuses on having the same pattern as her shirt.
    • This is the eighth time where someone other than Ladybug has their thought process shown, following "Oblivio", "Startrain", "Félix", "Ladybug", "Heart Hunter", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Lies", and "Furious Fu".
    • Actually excluding "Ladybug" and "Heart Hunter", since Ladybug and Marinette are the same person this is the sixth time where someone other than Ladybug has their thought process shown.
  • As of this episode, Shadow Moth believes Ladybug will never give the Fox Miraculous to Alya ever again.
  • It is implied that Cat Noir is getting a bit unhappy that he is always being left out in favor of Rena Rouge.
    • He acted like Ladybug did in "Volpina" and Chloé did in "Miracle Queen" out of jealously and anger.
  • This is one of the several times Ladybug's Lucky Charm isn't used to defeat an Akumatized villain or a Sentimonster.
    • This excludes the episode " Ladybug", as Ladybug was originally trying to defeat the Sentimonster and she had the chance, but later changed her mind.
    • While this includes the (first Lucky Charm), in "The Bubbler", "Sapotis", "Syren", "Style Queen", "Queen Wasp", "Malediktator", "Anansi", "Oblivio", "Ikari Gozen", "Desperada" and "Battle of the Miraculous" as well as "Lady Wifi", "Startrain", "Kwamibuster", "Weredad" (the second charm) and "Optigami".
  • The pattern on the amokized coffee cup is the signature pattern of Louis Vuitton with the "LV" mark replaced by "C".
  • This is the sixth time Ladybug fuses two Miraculouses together, making her debut as Pegabug.
  • This is the first time the Horse Miraculous detransformation phrase: Dismount, was heard spoken.
  • Ladybug gets hold of the amokized object, only for Shadow Moth to dispel the sentimonster, similar to what happened in "Ladybug".
  • Tied with Cataclysm in "Timetagger", Mirage is the power most used on-screen by a superhero in a single episode with a total of 3.
  • As of this episode Alya is tied with Adrien in "Simon Says" for the most transformations with a total of 3.
  • This is the fourth time Marinette is seen in her pajamas for a whole episode following "Sapotis", "Gorizilla" and "Sandboy".
  • This is the first time that the Magical Charm doesn't appear since they were introduced in "Mr. Pigeon 72.
  • As of this episode, Nathalie is still bedridden from the effects of the Peacock Miraculous.
  • When Gabriel mentions that Ladybug never makes mistakes, he was wrong as she made mistakes in "Ladybug and Cat Noir", "Rogercop", "Antibug", "Volpina", "The Queen's Battle", "Cat Blanc", "Battle of the Miraculous" and "Gang of Secrets".
  • This is the sixth time where the Lucky Charm summoning sequence is altered following "Frightningale", "Weredad", "Oblivio", "Miraculous New York" and "Optigami".
  • This is one of the few times where the summoning sequence for Cataclysm isn't seen.
  • This is the second time Alya transforms off-screen following "Miraculer".
  • This is one of the few times where Adrien transforms on screen while Marinette did so off screen.
  • This is one of the few times where Shadow Moth is seen in public.
  • Like "Sole Crusher" and other episodes before it this is one of several times Hawk Moth was close to achieving victory without knowing it.
  • As of the tablet's screen display like in "Optigami", Gabriel still doesn't know who Vesperia, Pigella and the other members of the team are, let alone what the other Miraculouses are or of Chloe's banishment.
  • This is the second time where Ladybug doesn't get to use her Lucky Charm object as originally intended following the racket in "Mayura".


  • When Nino comes out of the bathroom after Hannibal has been found, his ears are wider than usual.
  • When Alya purposely falls under her table, Shadow Moth does not know what is happening, even though his eyes are facing towards the balcony of Alya's house.
    • In the same scene, when under the table, the Fox Miraculous suddenly appears around her neck even though it wasn't on her before she fell.
  • Like in all of his previous appearances, Otis' badge lists his name as "Otis R.", instead of "Otis C.".
  • When Rena Rouge talks to Cat Noir, he is in front of a chimney. When he hears that he is not part of her plan, he turns around, so his back is to the sky. However, the chimney is still behind him in Rena Rouge's hologram.
  • When Rena Rouge detransforms the third time this episode, the Fox Miraculous does not go into Alya’s camouflage mode, but stays in its charged mode.
    • The Fox Miraculous stays in its camouflage mode before Rena Rouge casts the Marinette in a bubble illusion.


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