Second Chance is the Snake Miraculous holder.

Second Chance is the special superpower granted by the Snake Miraculous to its owner.


First, the Snake Miraculous user slides back the snake figurehead on the Miraculous to mark that moment in time. Over the course of five minutes, the figurehead slowly slides back into place. When in need, the user activates the power by sliding the snake figurehead back again.

Once activated, time is reversed back to the marked moment. The Snake Miraculous user retains all memories of what happened before time was reversed, allowing them to correct any issues or mistakes that occurred in the original timeline. The moment in time remains marked in case the Snake Miraculous user needs to go back to it again.

The Snake Miraculous user can use this power as many times as they want. However, if five minutes pass without using this power, then the Miraculous loses power, and the Miraculous owner detransforms back.


Season 3

Episode Summoner Reason Image
"Desperada" Aspik Used by Aspik a total of 25,913 times over the course of several months while trying to help Ladybug, but failing to save her and defeat Desperada.
Desperada (369).png
Viperion Used at least 4 times by Viperion who manages to find a way to defeat Desperada.
Desperada (474).png
"Party Crasher" Viperion Used to go back in time to prevent Party Crasher from capturing Carapace. Because of the villain's ability to read movement, Viperion ends up being captured.
Party Crasher (479).png
"Miracle Queen" Viperion Used at least twice by the mind-controlled Viperion during his fight(s) against Cat Noir.
Miracle Queen 242.png
Snake Noir Used at least twice by Snake Noir to save Dragon Bug from the mind-controlled Pegasus, Rena Rouge, and King Monkey.
Miracle Queen 259.png




  • The nature of the Snake Miraculous' power could possibly be a reference to the Ouroboros, a snake biting its own tail, symbolizing eternal return, along with self-reflexivity and cyclicality, as Second Chance allows the holder to only go backward in time a few seconds or minutes.
  • It is the second Miraculous power shown to be able to manipulate time, following Burrow, which is used through the Rabbit Miraculous.
  • Second Chance is the fourth known superpower to not need a Miraculous tool to be activated, following Burrow, Akumatization, and Cataclysm.
    • It is the second superpower, following Cataclysm, to be activated with the Miraculous itself.
  • This power is similar to Replay's, having time-altering ability utilizing using a wrist band.
  • Due to worldwide broadcasting issues, this power (along with its user) debuted on TV before the character and Miraculous were introduced in canon.
  • This is the first power that can be used multiple times before the wearer detransforms, rather than detransforming the user five minutes after it is used. This is clearly due to the power's time-based nature.
  • This power has the most number of uses in a single episode, with a total of at least 25,917 times in "Desperada":
  • Second Chance is one of the few powers that is shown to be able to be activated without a voice command.




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