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On December 10, 2015, Wilfried Pain announced on Twitter that he started writing a script for Season 2, revealing that the season was in its scripting stage.[1] According to Astruc, while episodes will still be self-contained, the season will feature powerful story arcs.[2]


The storyboard stage of Season 2's production officially began on May 2, 2016.[3] New locations from Paris were also announced by Winny to be shown this season.[4]

Miraculous Season 2

First promotional image, revealed on June 3, 2016.

The first promotional image for Miraculous Season 2 was released on June 3, 2016. The picture showed the series name and the "Zag Heroez" logos in addition to the words, "Season 2 / Coming Soon," with a Ladybug print in the background.[5] The writing process of the season hit the halfway mark on June 21, 2016.[6]

During the 2016 Miraculous Ladybug panel at the Los Angeles Anime Expo, new information regarding the season was revealed and reposted by attendees online. Some news included plans for a Tikki and Plagg spinoff episode, new powers for the hero duo, and the possibility of the real Volpina (not Lila's akumatized form) becoming a recurring character.[7][8]

Anansi 3

Concept sketch of Anansi.

Pain later confirmed on Twitter that ten episodes had been scripted by July 5, 2016.[9] After the UEFA Euro 2016 on July 10, 2016, as a thank you to fans for supporting the French soccer team, Astruc released information regarding the upcoming season. New facts included an "evolution" of the relationship between Marinette and Adrien, and that a "big reveal" would be appearing in this season. The tweet also confirmed some information presented at the Anime Expo panel, such as the additional facts on Mrs. Agreste, the introduction of new family members, and new Miraculouses appearing.[10] Astruc later revealed on July 15, 2016, that the creative team created a new character for Season 2. "Afraid of spiders?" was added to the end of the tweet, implying the possibility of a spider-based character.[11] On August 13, 2016, he later elaborated on the character, revealing potential concept designs of a woman named Anansi.[12][13]

On July 16, 2016, Astruc explained at Japan Expo 2016 that the first finished episodes of Season 2 will likely be delivered around March-April 2017.[14] Astruc also revealed that the crew may try to have the specials finished for 2016, but it can't be promised for now as it's a complicated process.[15] At San Diego Comic-Con International, it was revealed that the holder of the Bee Miraculous and the holder of the Fox Miraculous will appear in either Season 2 or Season 3, and that a new recurring villain would team up with Hawk Moth.[16][17] It was announced that Season 2 will reveal if non-humans (like animals, robots, or kwamis) can be akumatized as well.[18]

On August 1, 2016, it was revealed that Marinette's hairstyle will not change.[19] A ball scene was also confirmed to be in production.[20] Later that month, on August 15, 2016, Ezra Weisz announced on Periscope that the English dubbing for Season 2 is going to be recorded in a "couple of months."[21] Zag later explained, in a video interview held on August 25, that there will be a Season 2 episode revealing the origin of kwamis. He also mentioned that the new main villain will make Hawk Moth appear like "a baby" in comparison.[22]


First anniversary of Miraculous reveal. Date is no longer accurate.

In honor of the first anniversary of the show's international release, Zag published an image sharing the official date of the second season.[23] However, Astruc later followed up the comment, reminding fans that while the season will be completed by that time, the Miraculous staff does not have control over when the series will be broadcasted.[24] Pain reached 10,000 followers on September 8, and as a gift to fans revealed a storyboard from the second season showing that a future episode will include a balcony scene featuring Marinette and Cat Noir.[25] Writing for the season ended on September 9th. Astruc announced it on Twitter, stating "Heroes of the day: Mélanie Duval, Sébastien Thibaudeau, Matthieu Choquet, Fred Lenoir. S2 Finale written. #epicness."[26] He also teased that he would make a cameo as an akumatized character after the writers replaced a rejected script on September 20.[27] Also on September 20, English voice actor Christopher Smith posted a Tweet about having a recording session for Miraculous, along with teasing, "Is season 2 afoot?"[28]

Le paon-nycc panel reveal

Le Paon concept art, as revealed at New York Comic Con 2016.

On October 7, 2016, at New York Comic Con, the identities of the Bee Miraculous holder and Fox Miraculous holder were revealed. They announced the fox kwami and peacock kwamis' names as Trixx and Duusu respectively, and they showed new concept art that revealed The Collector and Mayura.[29] Weisz released a video on October 14 with Cristina Vee, with Vee saying that there is a possibility she is working on recording episodes for Season 2.[30] At his panel at Comic Con Paris, Astruc revealed that there is a very special episode in the season that five writers worked on, and he noted that Cat Noir will have a more important role. He also noted that the writing stage for Season 2 has finished, with the crew setting the bar very high for it, and that Season 2 will include new major secondary characters.[31]

During a Nolife interview released on December 22, two new concept art images were released. The first image included the ship of a villain named Captain Hardrock, who will appear in episode 61. The second image showed concept art for Frightningale.[32]


An announcement was uploaded to the official Miraculous Ladybug YouTube Channel on January 31, 2017. The announcement, related to a contest held at Stan Lee's Comic Con three months prior, stated that a fan would be turned into an akumatized villain in the second season of the series.[33]

Balcony Scene

Storyboard of a balcony scene, featuring Marinette and Cat Noir, drawn by Wilfried Pain.

At a panel at Anime Los Angeles in February, Weisz revealed that the date of Season 2 had been pushed to the middle of the summer in 2017, with the announcement for it premiering in May 2017 is invalid.[34] In a response to a fan's question on Twitter on February 8, 2017, Astruc replied that Season 2 will not premiere on Nickelodeon, while instead being solely on Netflix for the US.[35] Later, on February 27, the official Miraculous Ladybug Tumblr blog noted that a trailer for Season 2 will come out soon.[36] Pain also noted that day that "if you like Chloé, you should enjoy Season 2," and the following day, he announced that the episode with drums and kisses he had written with Astruc had made it to its final animatic.[37][38]

On March 27, new info revealed by the official Tumblr blog included that Season 2 involves chronologically-ordered episodes, shipping moments for characters beyond Marinette and Adrien, and Alya's third sibling's debut.[39]

On April 15, Astruc confirmed that the bee kwami's name is Pollen after a fan guessed it.[40] A few days later, on April 17, Thomas added that fans could expect both new relationships and space ships in the upcoming season.[41]

ML Season 2 Animatic S81 P24

A piece of the second season's animatic, revealed by Thomas Astruc.

News released on May 6, 2017, that Netflix, Disney Channel, Gloob, and TF1 committed to airing the second season in the US, EMEA, Brazil, and France, respectively. [42] On May 16, Jeremy Zag announced that a live Miraculous event would be happening on the following day, including an exclusive sneak preview of the season.[43] During the event, Thomas Astruc stated that he felt writing quality has improved since the first season. He explained that now the entire team of writers all meet together to discuss episode plans, collectively working on every episode to improve consistency. He also mentioned that this aided in the creation of story arcs and creating higher stakes. Seventy-four episodes have been written across the various seasons, including Seasons 3, 4, and 5. A new relative to Nino, Chris, was also revealed, as well as the news that LGBTQ+ characters have been added to the series. Le Paon was confirmed to appear at the end of this season. Swimming pool and rollerblading episodes were planned as well.[44]

On June 3, Weisz confirmed in a YouTube comment that English dubbing has yet to start, and in the past week, he received a provisional recording schedule for the English actors as to when dubbing for Season 2 will begin.[45] On June 4, Zag announced that Season 2 assume to be premiere in Fall 2017 in order to "synchronize a global launching and launch major countries at the same time."[46] A panel at Dokomi 2017 happening the same day included Astruc and Pain revealing that some friendships/relationships might be broken and Hawk Moth might get a new helper.[47] On June 19, Zag posted images and a short video of the crew working on Season 2.[48] Weisz, in an Instagram post on June 29, revealed that preparation for recording the English cast for Season 2 was starting, and he released an episode title, "The Collector".[49] He noted that the episode had "shocking twists."

Shaolin Temple Art by Megu

Season 2 concept art by Megu.

Zag stated in a tweet on July 19 that there would be a sneak peek of Season 2 at the San Diego Comic-Con 2017 panel of Miraculous Ladybug.[50] On the same day, in a Twitter post, revealed that preparation for recording the French cast for Season 2 was starting.[51] It was also announced that the English, French and Castilian Spanish casts are planning to start dubbing in August.[52] On July 20, the day of the panel, it revealed that the date for Season 2 has been pushed back to December 2017. Cast members of the English version also read a script for a Season 2 episode named "Troublemaker".[53] When Twitter user and artist Megu posted artwork of a Shaolin temple, noting it was for a project she was working on, Astruc and Megu revealed that Megu was helping with an illustrated flashback in an episode for Season 2.[54] On July 20, the voice of Adrien in the Castilian Spanish dub announces that the studio began work on voice-over of the second season in Spanish. Localization is ready for the first three episodes and work on the rest will continue in September.[55][56] Pain uploaded a clip of the shot with Marinette and Cat Noir in the animation stage before rendering on July 24, 2017.[57] On July 27, the French broadcast for Miraculous, TFOU, revealed that they will announce the exact air date of Season 2 at the TFOU Back-to-School press conference at the end of August.[58]

LB207 Adrien and Ladybug Animation Shot

A production image from the episode "Riposte" in its animation stage.

On August 4, previews of "The Collector" were shown at Seoul Comic-Con 2017.[59] During the panel, it was revealed that the second season will be released in March 2018 in South Korea on EBS1.[60] Then, on Twitter, Jesús Barreda, the voice actor of Cat Noir in the Castilian Spanish dub, revealed that there will be an episode in which Chloé asks Adrien to help her so that other people like her better.[61] He also revealed that Ladybug and Cat Noir will have an interesting interview on TV.[62] These tweets, however, were later removed. Confirming that the English recording for Season 2 was underway, Weisz posted an Instagram video on August 8 of Vee recording lines for "The Collector".[63] On August 11, Weisz revealed that they finished working on the first two episodes of Season 2.[64] Six days later, Astruc revealed an in-process image of the episode "Riposte" on Twitter, in which its episode name and production code were revealed. The picture featured Ladybug standing on a rooftop with Adrien in one arm, with the other hand holding onto her yo-yo string. Astruc commented on it in his tweet, saying "Some days, beautiful things are more needed than others. So here are two lovely dorks to cheer us all. #love".[65] The next day, Zag revealed a sneak peek image of "The Collector" on Instagram. Zag commented on it in his post, saying "Get ready for Season 2!"[66] On the same day, Weisz posted an Instagram video of Papenbrook recording lines for a Season 2 episode.[67]
Slow dance screenshot

An image from "Despair Bear" features Marinette and Adrien slow dancing.

On August 24, another two images from "Despair Bear" were released by Zag on Instagram. The first screenshot features Marinette and Adrien slow dancing in a crowd of people at Le Grand Paris, and the second screenshot features Chloé overlooking a party at the hotel.[68][69] The same day, Astruc released a bit of an animatic from an unknown episode on Twitter. The scene featured Ladybug ice-skating through Paris, with an unknown akumatized villain behind her. Astruc, regarding the animatic, said: "So I heard you like ice skating? Does Ladybug has good moves L'avis de l'expert (The expert's opinion), Phillipe Candeloro?"[70] This gif was later confirmed by Pain to be from the second season.[71] Then, reaffirming that he was working on Season 2, Weisz posted two screenshots from the Season 2 dubbing process on his Instagram on August 28.[72] On August 31, TFou announced that Season 2 would be released in France in Autumn 2017. They also released a video with interviews and concept art that revealed new major information, including special superpowers for Ladybug and Cat Noir, a future Miraculous holder, new akumatized villains, and special events comprised of two or three episodes.[73]

On September 6, Selah Victor, Chloé's English voice actress, started recording lines for Season 2.[74] It was also announced that Portugal and Germany has started the dubbing for Season 2 in September, along with Brazil, and Italy planning to start dubbing soon in the same month.[75][76][77][78] On September 14, Selah Victor released another voice clip of her trying to laugh for her character.[79] A press conference by TF1 happened on September 22, releasing the first two episodes for the press and at the same time, Lou and Lenni Kim performed the Miraculous theme song at the press conference.[80][81] At the conference, it was revealed that the first two episodes of Season 2 would include revelations, humor, and action, with new information on mysteries and the history being disclosed.[82][83]
Season 2 Villain Shadows

An image of many akumatized characters' silhouettes with Ladybug and Cat Noir.

In particular, while the official release date for France had not been released, the range was noted to be around late October and early November 2017.[84] At the same time, it was confirmed that the exact air date for Season 2 for France will be revealed next week or the following week after.[85]

On September 23, Disney Channel Italy released a Season 2 promo trailer indicating the Season will air in the Fall of 2017 for Italy.[86][87] Le Figaro on September 26 released a new French synopsis, revealing an upcoming character named Luka and noting the roles of the new Miraculous holder allies, and Zag released an image on Instagram showing many akumatized characters' silhouettes with Ladybug and Cat Noir.[88][89] Adala News released another French synopsis on September 28, and they announced that the series will premiere on October 27, 2017, on TFOU in France.[90] On September 29, Disney Channel Germany released the Season 2 trailer for their fall season airings.[91]

On October 3, the official Miraculous Ladybug YouTube channels uploaded the official Season 2 trailer onto the channels.[92] At the same time, Disney Channel Germany revealed that the second season will be premiered on November 17, 2017.[93] Meanwhile, in France, it was revealed that TFOU will premiere the second season on October 26, 2017.[94] At the same day, Disney Channel Portugal and Spain released a Season 2 promo trailer indicating the season will premiere this Fall for both countries.[95][96] On October 4, Lou and Lenni Kim, the performer of the Miraculous Season 2 theme song sang the theme song live on TF1.[97][98] At the same day, the album was released on iTunes.[99] On October 5, O Universo da TV released a new Brazilian synopsis, revealing an upcoming character named Markov, the name of Chloé's mother, an official appearance of Marinette's paternal grandmother and Luka's relations with Juleka.[100] At the same day, the French version of the opening theme for Season 2 was released on Spotify for France only.[101] The next day, Gloob revealed that they will premiere the second season on November 3, 2017.[102] On October 8, Cristina Vee announced that they finished recording four episodes of Season 2 and she stated there is a new "cool" character in the show.[103] On the same day, Tfou released a promotional artwork of "The Collector", stating that the season will premiere soon on October 26.[104] On October 10, Damien Mercereau‏ posted an image on Twitter revealing the first six episodes of Season 2 in order of release in France.
File:The Collector - Preview on TF1.jpg
[105] At the same time, Gloob released a Season 2 promo stating that the season will premiere soon on November 3.[106] Disney Channel Spain also announced that they will premiere the season on October 21, 2017.[107] On October 12, Disney Channel Portugal announced that they will premiere the season on October 23, 2017, and they also uploaded a clip of the first episode, "The Collector" onto their channel.[108] On October 13, TFOU released a promo clip of Season 2 episodes on their Facebook page stating new episodes coming soon on TFOU.[109] On October 14, Disney Channel UK released a clip of "The Collector" on the Disney Channel app teasing that the Season will arrive soon in the UK.[110] The clip was re-uploaded onto their YouTube channel on the next day.[111] On October 15, it is announced that Family Channel will premiere the season this winter.[112] On October 16, Disney Channel Spain released another promo for the season stating that it will premiere this Saturday.[113] Portugal also released a TV promo teasing that Season 2 will come out soon.[114] and a new promotional poster from TFOU was also released revealing the unknown many akumatized characters' silhouettes that were revealed during last month.[115] On October 17, Disney Channel Spain released another promo for the season stating that it will premiere this Saturday.[116] On October 20, Disney Channel UK released a new promo teasing that Season 2 will air this November.[117][118] On October 21, Disney Channel released the full episode of The Collector on to their YouTube Channel.[119] On October 27, Disney Channel Russia announced that the season will premiere this December.[120] On October 30, Damien Mercereau tweeted new airdates for the upcoming November airings for TFOU.[121] On the same day, Disney Channel Italy released a preview clip of "The Collector" stating that the season will premiere on November 13, 2017.[122]

On November 9, Thomas tweeted that new episodes were recorded for the French Dub and revealed that Clara Soares is the voice of Lila Rossi and Kagami Tsurugi.[123] On November 10, Adrien's European Portuguese voice actor, André Raimundo, announced that new episodes of Season 2 are currently being recorded.[124]

On November 12, Ladybug Cartoon on Twitter announced that new episodes of season 2 would air every Sunday in France starting from November 26.[125] On November 15, Jesus Barreda announced that new episodes of Season 2 will start to be recorded.[126]On November 23, Jesus Barreda also announced that new episodes of Season 2 have started to be recorded.[127] On November 26, it was confirmed that Season 2 will premiere in Latin America in early 2018.[128] The official Miraculous twitter revealed on November 30 that the season's American release date had been pushed back once more, with other sources confirming a Spring 2018 date.[129][130]

Baclony Scene - Portugal Preview

A preview of the balcony scene.

On December 6, Cristina Vee announced that new episodes for the English dub of Season 2 will be recorded soon.[131] On December 12, Adrien's European Portuguese voice actor, André Raimundo, once again, announced that new episodes of Season 2 are currently being recorded and he also shared a preview image for an upcoming episode.[132] On December 14, Ezra Weisz announced that three more episodes for the English dub had been completed.[133] Within the same day, Christopher Smith began recording his lines and shared a preview image for an upcoming episode of Season 2.[134] On December 29, the first three episodes of Season 2 that was produced and animated by SAMG, "The Collector", "Despair Bear" and "Riposte" are anticipated to air in theaters in January 2018 for South Korea.[135]


On January 5, 2018 it was announced that the intended release date in South Korea for the three aforementioned episodes to premiere in theaters is January 25, 2018.[136] Pain released a sneak peek on Twitter of a future episode that was currently in its pre-visualization stage on January 11.[137] On January 19, Jesús Barreda released two screenshots of a future episode on Twitter.[138] Pain posted preview images of a future episode on January 22, with one of the images including the caption "Marya ? Alyanette ? Voices recording : WIP" on Twitter.[139][140] Two days later, Pain posted another image that had a narrow glimpse of drum cymbals and Juleka's arm, and he noted that two more episodes had been dubbed, being "not just any" two episodes.[141] Weisz released a clip of Carrie Keranen recording on January 24.[142] During a recording session on January 25, Portuguese voice actor Francisco Côrte-Real recorded a few shots of "Captain Hardrock".[143] On February 4, 2018 Marta Dobecka confirmed the dubbing for episodes on his Instagram in Poland.[144] On February 22, it was officially confirmed that the first 12 episodes of Season 2 (including "A Christmas Special") are slated to premiere on March 30, 2018, on Netflix for the US.[145][146]

On June 26th, 2018, it was officially confirmed that the two-part special, "Heroes' Day" is part of Season 2 despite previous announcements promoting it as part of Season 3.[147] During the SDCC Panel on July 20, 2018, it was announced that the second half of Season 2 is slated to premiere on Netflix in December 2018 for the US.[148] Season 2 episodes air on KidsClick, denoting the official television premiere across the US.[149] On October 15th, Spain had officially completed the dubbing for Season 2, including the "Heroes' Day" special.[150]


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