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What if… none of you had the slightest idea of what's really going to happen?

Thomas Astruc, Twitter

The second season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir was confirmed to be in progress by Jeremy Zag when season 1 was underway.[63] It has 26 episodes. Storyboard artists Wilfried Pain and Christelle Abgrall, as well as Jun Violet, began directing the series with Thomas Astruc this season.[64]

Season overview

Marinette tries to find ways to get closer to Adrien, but Ladybug and Cat Noir have their hands full with the akumatizing havoc wreaked by Hawk Moth.[65]


For the production history, announcements, and released spoilers for season 2, see Season 2/History.

Cast and crew

To view a complete list of all the staff and cast that worked on season 2, go to Season 2/Credits.

Voice Actor Character(s)
Ben Diskin Nino Lahiffe/Carapace
Max Kanté
Butler Jean
Jean Duparc
Selah Victor Chloé Bourgeois/Queen Bee
Marieve Herington Sabrina Raincomprix ("Despair Bear" only)
Cassandra Lee Morris Sabrina Raincomprix
Sabrina Weisz Nathalie Sancoeur/Mayura
Nadja Chamack
Kira Buckland Alix Kubdel
Reba Buhr Rose Lavillant
Juleka Couffaine
Gina Dupain
Grant George Lê Chiến Kim
Bob Roth
Joe Ochman André Bourgeois
Lex Lang Jagged Stone
Christopher Smith Tom Dupain
Roger Raincomprix
Philece Sampler (†) Sabine Cheng
Ms. Mendeleiev
André Gordon Alec Cataldi
JC Hyke Mr. Damocles
Mela Lee Penny Rolling
Aurore Beauréal
Jessica Gee Mylène Haprèle
Max Mittelman Ivan Bruel
Paul St. Peter Wang Fu
Michael Sinterniklaas Nathaniel Kurtzberg
Lisa Kay Jennings Lila Rossi
Stephanie Sheh Manon Chamack
Andrew Russell Luka Couffaine
Cherami Leigh Trixx
Ella and Etta Césaire
Laila Berzins Nora Césaire
Faye Mata Kagami Tsurugi
Dorothy Fahn Caline Bustier
Ezra Weisz Adrien's bodyguard
Théo Barbot
Unnamed Para-glider ("Frozer")
Unnamed stagehand ("Frightningale")
Todd Haberkorn Xavier Ramier
Jean-Pierre Monlataing
Joe Fria Armand D'Argencourt
Carrie Keranen Mrs. Michelle
Erika Harlacher Ondine
Kyle McCarley Marc Anciel
Casey Mongillo Unnamed boy
Haviland Stillwell Audrey Bourgeois
Allegra Clark Clara Nightingale
Minae Noji Tomoe Tsurugi
Chris Hackney Wayhem
TBA Anarka Couffaine
TBA Stompp
TBA Roaar
TBA Fluff
TBA Kaalki
Susannah Corrington Ziggy
Adrien fragrance commercial announcer ("Gorizilla")
Sarah Weisz Xuppu
Unknown kwami(s)
TBA Barkk
TBA Daizzi
Jacob Weisz Unknown kwami(s)


Main articles: Episode guide and Episode guide/International

Note: This order reflects the order in which the episodes were written and produced, and according to Thomas Astruc, is the closest to continuity as much it practicably can be.[66]
N° Overall Episode (English Title) Episode (French Title) Prod code Official YouTube Trailer
1 27 "The Collector" "Le Collectionneur" 201[67] Link
2 28 "Prime Queen" "Audimatrix" 202[67] Link
3 29 "Glaciator" "Glaciator" 203[67] Link
4 30 "Despair Bear" "Doudou Vilain" 204[67] Link
5 31 "Troublemaker" "L'insaisissable"


205[67] Link
6 32 "Gigantitan" "Gigantitan" 206[67] Link
7 33 "Riposte" "Riposte" 207[67] Link
8 34 "Befana" "La Béfana" 208[67] Link
9 35 "Frightningale" "Rossignoble" 209[67] Link
10 36 "Gorizilla" "Gorizilla" 210[67] Link
11 37 "Robostus" "Robostus" 211[67] Link
12 38 "Sapotis" "Sapotis" 212[67] Link
13 39 "The Dark Owl" "Le Hibou Noir" 213[67] Link
14 40 "Syren" "Syren" 214[67] Link
15 41 "Zombizou" "Zombizou" 215[67] Link
16 42 "Captain Hardrock" "Capitaine Hardrock" 216[67] Link
17 43 "Frozer" "Le Patineur"

(The Skater)

217[67] Link
18 44 "Style Queen (Queen's Battle - Part 1)" "Style Queen (Le Combat des Reines - 1ère Partie)" 218[67] Link
19 45 "Queen Wasp (Queen's Battle - Part 2)" "Queen Wasp (Le Combat des Reines - 2ème Partie)" 219[67] Link
20 46 "Reverser" "Inverso" 220[67] Link
21 47 "Anansi" "Anansi" 221[67] Link
22 48 "Malediktator" "Maledikteur" 222[67] Link
23 49 "Sandboy" "Le Marchand de Sable"

(The Sandman)

223[67] Link
24 50 "Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)" "Catalyste (Le Jour des Héros - 1ère Partie)" 224[67] Link
25 51 "Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)" "Mayura (Le Jour des Héros - 2ème Partie)" 225[67] Link
26 52 "Santa Claws" "Pire Noël"

(Worst Christmas)

226[67] Link

Note: These episodes lists the English premiere of each episode, which may not reflect the true written order of their episodes, which is the production order.
Episode Airdate Country
1 "Santa Claws" December 20, 2016[68] USA: Netflix
2 "The Collector" October 21, 2017[69][70] Spain: Disney Channel
UK & Ireland: Disney Channel (YouTube)
3 "Despair Bear" October 21, 2017[69] Spain: Disney Channel
4 "Prime Queen" October 25, 2017[71] Portugal: Disney Channel
5 "Riposte" November 4, 2017[72] Spain: Disney Channel
6 "Befana" November 11, 2017[73] Spain: Disney Channel
7 "Robostus" November 18, 2017[74] Spain: Disney Channel
8 "The Dark Owl" February 12, 2018[75] UK & Ireland: Disney Channel
9 "Gigantitan" February 13, 2018[75] UK & Ireland: Disney Channel
10 "Glaciator" February 14, 2018[75] UK & Ireland: Disney Channel
11 "Sapotis" February 15, 2018[75] UK & Ireland: Disney Channel
12 "Gorizilla" March 14, 2018[76] Canada: Family Channel
13 "Captain Hardrock" March 30, 2018[19] USA: Netflix
14 "Zombizou" April 13, 2018[77] Canada: Family Channel
15 "Syren" May 5, 2018[78] Spain: Disney Channel
16 "Frightningale" May 12, 2018[78] Spain: Disney Channel
17 "Troublemaker" June 16, 2018[79] Spain: Disney Channel
18 "Reverser" July 23, 2018[80] Canada: Family Channel
19 "Anansi" September 10, 2018[81] Canada: Family Channel
20 "Sandboy" September 24, 2018[81] Canada: Family Channel
21 "Style Queen (Queen's Battle - Part 1)" October 6, 2018[82] Spain: Disney Channel
22 "Queen Wasp (Queen's Battle - Part 2)" October 6, 2018[82] Spain: Disney Channel
23 "Malediktator" October 12, 2018[83] Spain: Disney Channel
24 "Frozer" October 26, 2018[84] Australia: ABC Me
25 "Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)" November 16, 2018[85] Portugal: Disney Channel
26 "Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)" November 16, 2018[85] Portugal: Disney Channel

Note: These episodes lists the French premiere of each episode, which may not reflect the true written order of their episodes, which is the production order.
Episode Airdate Country
1 "Santa Claws" December 11, 2016[86] France: TFOU
2 "The Collector" October 26, 2017[87] France: TFOU
3 "Despair Bear" October 27, 2017[88] France: TFOU
4 "Prime Queen" October 29, 2017[89] France: TFOU
5 "Befana" October 30, 2017[90] France: TFOU
6 "Riposte" November 1, 2017[91] France: TFOU
7 "Robostus" November 3, 2017[92] France: TFOU
8 "Gigantitan" November 26, 2017[93] France: TFOU
9 "The Dark Owl" December 10, 2017[94] France: TFOU
10 "Glaciator" January 14, 2018[95] France: TFOU
11 "Sapotis" January 21, 2018[96] France: TFOU
12 "Captain Hardrock" April 10, 2018[97] Switzerland: RTS Deux
13 "Gorizilla" April 12, 2018[98] Switzerland: RTS Deux
14 "Zombizou" May 27, 2018[99] France: TFOU
15 "Syren" June 3, 2018[100] France: TFOU
16 "Frightningale" June 10, 2018[101] France: TFOU
17 "Troublemaker" June 17, 2018[102] France: TFOU
18 "Anansi" September 23, 2018[103] France: TFOU
19 "Sandboy" September 30, 2018[104] France: TFOU
20 "Reverser" October 7, 2018[105] France: TFOU
21 "Frozer" October 13, 2018[106] Switzerland: RTS Deux
22 "Style Queen (Queen's Battle - Part 1)" October 13, 2018[107] Switzerland: RTS Deux
23 "Queen Wasp (Queen's Battle - Part 2)" October 14, 2018[108] Switzerland: RTS Deux
24 "Malediktator" October 14, 2018[109] Switzerland: RTS Deux
25 "Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)" October 21, 2018[110] Switzerland: RTS Deux
26 "Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)" November 3, 2018[111] Switzerland: RTS Deux

Note: These episodes lists the global premiere of each episode, which may not reflect the true written order of their episodes, which is the production order.
Episode Airdate Country
1 "Santa Claws" December 11, 2016[86] France: TFOU
2 "The Collector" October 21, 2017[112][70] Spain: Disney Channel
3 "Despair Bear" October 21, 2017[69] Spain: Disney Channel
4 "Prime Queen" October 25, 2017[71] Portugal: Disney Channel
5 "Befana" October 30, 2017[90] France: TFOU
6 "Riposte" November 1, 2017[91] France: TFOU
7 "Robostus" November 3, 2017[92] France: TFOU
8 "Gigantitan" November 26, 2017[93] France: TFOU
9 "The Dark Owl" December 5, 2017[113] Spain: Disney Channel
10 "Glaciator" January 14, 2018[95] France: TFOU
11 "Sapotis" January 21, 2018[96] France: TFOU
12 "Gorizilla" March 14, 2018[76] Canada: Family Channel
13 "Captain Hardrock" March 30, 2018[19] USA: Netflix
14 "Zombizou" April 13, 2018[77] Canada: Family Channel
15 "Syren" May 5, 2018[78] Spain: Disney Channel
16 "Frightningale" May 12, 2018[78] Spain: Disney Channel
17 "Troublemaker" June 16, 2018[83] Spain: Disney Channel
18 "Reverser" July 23, 2018[80] Canada: Family Channel
19 "Anansi" September 10, 2018[114] Canada: Family Channel
20 "Sandboy" September 24, 2018[114] Canada: Family Channel
21 "Style Queen (Queen's Battle - Part 1)" October 6, 2018[115] Spain: Disney Channel
22 "Queen Wasp (Queen's Battle - Part 2)" October 6, 2018[115] Spain: Disney Channel
23 "Malediktator" October 12, 2018[83] Spain: Disney Channel
24 "Frozer" October 12, 2018[116] Brazil: Gloob
25 "Catalyst
(Heroes' Day - Part 1)
October 21, 2018[110] Switzerland: RTS 2
26 "Mayura
(Heroes' Day - Part 2)
November 3, 2018[111] Switzerland: RTS 2


  • Based on the production code, "Santa Claws" is counted as part of season 2.[117][118]
    • When France rebroadcast the episode on December 3, 2017, the episode's opening utilized the second season's instead of the first season's because of this.
    • Because of this, season 2 is the first season where the first episode aired internationally was not the first in production order.
  • While it's unknown what's the exact budget for this season, the total budget for both the second and third seasons was €15,100,000 ($16,873,797 at the time).[119]
  • According to Astruc, while episodes would still be self-contained, the season would feature powerful story arcs.[120]
    • Also, according to Astruc, this season would contain only episodes that advance some aspect of the story, with no filler episodes anymore.[121]
  • Feri González commented that Astruc's purpose for the second season was to discover more things about Hawk Moth, including his identity, his limitations, his determination to seize the Miraculouses, and his actions by himself and with others.[122]
  • Three specials occur this season:[123] "Santa Claws", "Queen's Battle" which consists of "Style Queen", "Queen Wasp", and "Malediktator", and "Heroes' Day" which consists of "Catalyst" and "Mayura".
    • Originally, "Heroes' Day" was announced to be part of season 3, but as of June 26, 2018, it was confirmed to be part of season 2.[124][125]
    • Despite being part of the the special, "Malediktator" doesn't include the sub-title "Queen's Battle" like "Style Queen" and "Queen Wasp", and canonically happens after "Reverser" and "Anansi". The international release of the episode, however, happened right after "Queen Wasp".
  • Season 2 is tied with season 3 for the most episodes that summoned a Lucky Charm twice with a total of 7.
  • An episode planned for this season, "Gagotor" was confirmed to be cancelled in 2019, making it the first time ever, that an episode was shelved.
  • This season, along with season 3, hold the most new characters introduced:
  • From the international episode releases of season 2 it took the longest time to premiere and finish with a time frame of a year and 2 weeks (excluding "Santa Claws") however (including "Santa Claws" and constant schedule changes) the time frame would've been about almost 2 years.
    • Ironically, the time span between how long viewers had watched this season (starting with "The Collector") and how long it took to premier is roughly the same amount of time almost a year.
  • Seven of the episodes feature a miraculous holder other than Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Hawk Moth, transformed on-screen (not counting power-ups).
    • Interestingly, all of them, with the exception of "Sapotis", are in the second half of the season, following most episode orders, including Netflix's, Disney's, and the production order.
  • This season of Miraculous has a few character arcs that start or progress throughout the entirety of the season. These include:
    • Marinette's arcs:
      • After meeting Master Fu in "The Collector", she continues to learn new information about the Miraculouses in episodes such as "Robostus", "Syren", and "Sandboy", and recruits new allies, in "Sapotis", "Anansi", and "Malediktator".
      • Starting from "Glaciator", she continues to try to confess her feelings to Adrien, and their friendship strengthens ("Despair Bear", "Troublemaker", "Gigantitan", "Riposte", "Befana", "Frightningale", "Gorizilla", "Frozer", "Queen's Battle", "Reverser", "Anansi", "Heroes' Day"). Whilst also realizing she might have feelings for Luka Couffaine ("Captain Hardrock", "Frozer").
    • Adrien's Arc:
      • After he's rejected by Ladybug in "Glaciator", Adrien as Cat Noir continues to flirt with her. In "Syren", he feels left out because he realizes Ladybug is hiding things from him, but after he meets Master Fu, he gains a bit more of an understanding. Everything culminates in "Frozer". Where after being rejected so many times by Ladybug, Adrien decides to invite Kagami on a date, and to try to move on, but in the end he decides he can't just change his feelings so easily and stays on his current target (Ladybug).
    • Gabriel's Arc:
      • Gabriel's (Hawk Moth's) arc begins with his identity being revealed in "The Collector", and continues with him learning new information about the Miraculouses and Guardian in Paris, seen in "Sapotis", "Syren", and "Sandboy", as well as him getting ready for his Heroes' Day plan, hinted in episodes such as "Sapotis", "Anansi", and "Sandboy".
      • His motivations for obtaining the Miraculous are also given more clarity in episodes such as "Robustus", "Style Queen" and "Queen Wasp".
    • Chloé's Arc:
      • Chloé shows more kindness and vulnerability in season 2 than any other season, this is most evident in "Despair Bear", "Zombizou", "Queen Wasp" and "Malediktator". With this supposed new outlook allowing her to ultimately use the Bee Miraculous when given to her.
        • However, according to Thomas Astruc, (the creator of the show). Chloé remains unchanged as her "purpose of the show is to warn about the people who willingly refuse [to change]". He also added that Chloé's redemption arc is just a fan trope, something people assumed would happen because they had stereotypically seen it happen everywhere else in other shows.[126]
          • Despite her moments of good, Chloé will revert to her original personality shortly after and throughout each episode of the season.
  • This release included audio tracks in English, French, Latin American Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, and Italian.
  • Chloé causes 4 akumatizations this season.
  • Nine characters from the previous season are akumatized for the first time, those characters being:
  • During the events of "Catalyst" and "Mayura", fifteen of the twenty-six akumatized villains from the previous season are re-akumatized, those characters being: Lila in Volpina, Ivan in Stoneheart, Sabrina in Vanisher, Mylène in Horrificator, Alix in Timebreaker, Kim in Dark Cupid, Max in Gamer, Rose in Princess Fragrance, Jagged in Guitar Villain, Fred in The Mime, Otis in Animan, Jalil in Pharaoh, Roger in Rogercop, Aurore in Stormy Weather and Armand in Darkblade.
    • Also, twelve characters that have been already akumatized in this season are re-akumatized: Adrien's bodyguard in Gorizilla, Nadja in Prime Queen, Clara in Frightningale, August in Gigantitan, the ice cream vendor André in Glaciator, Kagami in Riposte, Chloé in Queen Wasp, André in Malediktator, Audrey in Style Queen, the butler Jean in Despair Bear, Ondine in Syren and Philippe in Frozer.
  • The opening sequence of season 3 is strictly the same as season 2.
    • According to Thomas Astruc, the reason for that, is that the basics of both seasons are the same.[127]
  • While it's unknown what the exact budget for this season is, the total budget for both the second and third seasons was €15,100,000 ($16,873,797 at the time).[128]
  • Like with season 3, Netflix split this season into two parts.
  • Due to broadcasting issues, many episodes of the season had their international premieres out of order:
    • "Befana" was aired before "Glaciator" and "Gigantitan".
    • "Gigantitan" was aired before "Glaciator".
    • "The Dark Owl" was aired before "Troublemaker" and "Frightningale".
    • "Captain Hardrock" was aired before "Frightningale".
    • "Reverser" was aired before "Style Queen" and "Queen Wasp".
    • "Anansi" was aired before "Frozer".
    • "Sandboy" was aired before "Malediktator".


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