We digested all these [previous] influences, and finally found our own unique tone. You've only seen the tip of the iceberg so far.

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The first season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir premiered in late 2015, 2016, and early 2017 around the world. The season includes 26 episodes.

Season overview

In modern-day Paris, Marinette and Adrien are two high school kids with a difference: they are the chosen ones to save Paris from evil! They have been entrusted with an important mission – to capture akumas, creatures responsible for turning normal people into super-baddies. When involved in such adventures, these two school kids become superheroes: Marinette transforms into Ladybug and Adrien becomes Cat Noir. But Ladybug and Cat Noir do not know each other’s true identity. Marinette is unaware that, beneath the Cat Noir costume nestles Adrien, her secret crush. Similarly, Adrien doesn’t know that Ladybug is, in actual fact, just Marinette - one of the girls in his class.[3]

Cast and crew

To view a complete list of all the staff and cast that worked on Season 1, go to Season 1/Credits.

Main cast

Voice Actor Character(s)
Cristina Vee Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug
Bryce Papenbrook Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir
Keith Silverstein Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth
Mela Lee Tikki
Max Mittelman Plagg
Carrie Keranen Alya Césaire

Recurring cast

Voice Actor Character(s)
Ben Diskin Nino Lahiffe
Max Kanté
Butler Jean
Selah Victor Chloé Bourgeois
Marieve Herington Sabrina Raincomprix
Sabrina Weisz Nathalie Sancoeur
Nadja Chamack
Keith Silverstein Prince Ali
Kira Buckland Alix Kubdel
Vic Mignogna Jalil Kubdel
Erin Fitzgerald Rose Lavillant
Juleka Couffaine
Marlena Césaire
Michael Sinterniklaas Nathaniel Kurtzberg
Grant George Lê Chiến Kim
Bob Roth
Joe Ochman André Bourgeois
Stephanie Sheh Manon Chamack
Lex Lang Jagged Stone
Christopher Smith Tom Dupain
Roger Raincomprix
Philece Sampler Sabine Cheng
Ms. Mendeleiev
Prince Ali's chaperone
Dorothy Fahn Caline Bustier
André Gordon Alec Cataldi
Ezra Weisz Adrien's bodyguard
Fred Haprèle
Simon Grimault
Todd Haberkorn Xavier Ramier
Alim Kubdel
Wang Cheng
Mela Lee Aurore Beauréal
Mireille Caquet
Penny Rolling
Jessica Gee Mylène Haprèle
Matt Mercer Ivan Bruel
Vincent Aza
Brian Beacock Théo Barbot
JC Hyke Mr. Damocles
Paul St. Peter Wang Fu
Otis Césaire
Joe Fria Armand D'Argencourt
Lisa Kay Jennings Lila Rossi


Main articles: Episode guide and Episode guide/International
Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
1 26 December 6, 2015 (Nick)[4]
February 10, 2017 (Netflix)[5]
April 8, 2019 (Disney)[6]
October 22, 2016 (Nick)
February 10, 2017 (Netflix)
April 24, 2019 (Disney)

Note: Nickelodeon premiered the first season, and Netflix later released the entire season after they got the rights to the show.

No. In Season No. In Series English Title Airdate Production code Viewers
01 01 "The Bubbler"

December 6, 2015 109 1.40[7]
Armed with his magic bubble-wand, Nino becomes the Bubbler and plans to rid Paris of all the parents who prevent children from having fun.
02 02 "Mr. Pigeon"

December 13, 2015 106 1.09[8]
When Mr. Ramier is akumatized as Mr. Pigeon, he gains the ability to communicate with birds and plans to turn Paris into a nature reserve for his bird friends.
03 03 "Stormy Weather"

December 20, 2015 101 1.47[9]
After losing a contest to become a TV host on a children's channel, Aurore is transformed into Stormy Weather.
04 04 "Timebreaker"

December 27, 2015 116 1.17[10]
After Alix's friends break her father's priceless watch, she is akumatized into Timebreaker, traveling back in time to save the watch.
05 05 "Copycat"

January 3, 2016 108 1.29[11]
When Cat Noir becomes a burglary suspect, Ladybug must find a way to prove his innocence.
06 06 "The Pharaoh"

January 10, 2016 115 1.12[12]
When a young historian gets akumatized into the Pharaoh, he plans to bring an ancient Egyptian princess back to life by sacrificing Alya; Ladybug and Cat Noir must face an army of mummies.
07 07 "Lady Wifi"

January 17, 2016 103 1.44[13]
After being suspended from school, Alya is akumatized into Lady Wifi, a villain who will stop at nothing to expose Ladybug.
08 08 "The Evillustrator"

January 24, 2016 102 1.19[14]
Ladybug must stop the Evillustrator, an akumatized boy who wants revenge against Chloé; Ladybug learns the Evillustrator has a crush on Marinette.
09 09 "Rogercop"

January 31, 2016 111 1.20[15]
After Chloé accuses Marinette of stealing her new bracelet, Hawk Moth akumatizes Chloé's friend's policeman father into the tyrannical Rogercop.
10 10 "Dark Cupid"

February 7, 2016 105 1.27[16]
Cat Noir and Ladybug must put everything else aside to save the day when Kim becomes akumatized as Dark Cupid on Valentine's Day.
11 11 "Horrificator"

February 21, 2016 117 1.27[17]
When Marinette's class makes a short horror film, the lead actress is akumatized into a slimy monster that feeds off fear.
12 12 "Darkblade"

February 28, 2016 114 1.06[18]
After losing an election, D'Argencourt gets akumatized into Darkblade and recruits the unwilling citizens of Paris into an army of knights.
13 13 "The Mime"

May 7, 2016 119 0.13[19]
When Fred Haprèle's stand-in tricks him into missing his next performance, he is akumatized into the Mime.
14 14 "Princess Fragrance"

May 14, 2016 104 0.03[20]
Princess Fragrance causes mayhem with her magic perfume; when Marinette realizes Tikki is missing, she loses the ability to transform.
15 15 "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)"

August 6, 2016 122 0.97[21]
Discovering the story of how Marinette and Adrien became Ladybug and Cat Noir.
16 16 "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)"

August 6, 2016 123 1.02[21]
Marinette decides that she does not want to be Ladybug anymore, but when her friends end up in danger she is forced to act.
17 17 "Animan"

August 13, 2016 113 0.90[22]
While Marinette waits for Adrien at the zoo, the zookeeper gets akumatized into Animan, a shapeshifter who can take the form of any animal.
18 18 "Simon Says"

August 20, 2016 110 0.86[23]
After being humiliated while performing a hypnotist act, Simon gets akumatized into Simon Says and is able to get anyone to do his bidding.
19 19 "Pixelator"

August 27, 2016 107 1.13[24]
When Vincent's favorite pop singer refuses to pose for a picture with him, he is akumatized into Pixelator.
20 20 "Guitar Villain"

September 3, 2016 120 1.00[25]
When an arrogant, young singer angers Jagged Stone, he is akumatized into a rock 'n' roll super villain.
21 21 "Kung Food"

September 10, 2016 125 0.93[26]
When Chloé sabotages a famous chef's dish, he gets akumatized into Kung Food and those who taste his dishes are under his control.
22 22 "Gamer"

September 24, 2016 112 1.19[27]
When Max loses a challenge at a video game tournament, he gets akumatized into the Gamer and unleashes a giant robot onto Paris.
23 23 "Reflekta"

October 1, 2016 121 0.91[28]
When Juleka is excluded from the class picture, she is akumatized into Reflekta and threatens to turn everyone into a reflection of herself.
24 24 "The Puppeteer"

October 8, 2016 118 0.99[29]
A misunderstanding while babysitting Manon Chamack leads to a young girl becoming akumatized as the Puppeteer.
25 25 "Antibug"

October 15, 2016 124 0.88[30]
Chloé gets akumatized into Antibug after an argument with Ladybug; Ladybug must battle a villain with the same powers that she has.
26 26 "Volpina"

October 22, 2016 126 0.96[31]
When Marinette exposes a new student's lie, the student gets akumatized into Volpina; Volpina fakes an alliance with Ladybug and Cat Noir in order to divide and destroy them.

Note: These episodes list the first international release of each episode, followed by the order of their confirmation, and their order may not reflect the true order of the season in the US.
No. In Season # US Episode Title Airdate Country Production code
01 03 "Stormy Weather" September 1, 2015 South Korea: EBS1 101
02 01 "The Bubbler" September 8, 2015 South Korea: EBS1 109
03 05 "Copycat" September 15, 2015 South Korea: EBS1 108
04 04 "Timebreaker" September 22, 2015 South Korea: EBS1 116
05 02 "Mr. Pigeon" September 29, 2015 South Korea: EBS1 106
06 07 "Lady Wifi" October 6, 2015 South Korea: EBS1 103
07 06 "The Pharaoh" October 13, 2015 South Korea: EBS1 115
08 09 "Rogercop" October 20, 2015 South Korea: EBS1 111
09 08 "The Evillustrator" October 26, 2015 France: TFOU 102
10 10 "Dark Cupid" October 29, 2015 France: TFOU 105
11 11 "Horrificator" October 30, 2015 France: TFOU 117
12 12 "Darkblade" November 17, 2015 South Korea: EBS1 114
13 13 "The Mime" November 24, 2015 South Korea: EBS1 119
14 21 "Kung Food" January 10, 2016 France: TFOU 125
15 22 "Gamer" January 17, 2016 France: TFOU 112
16 17 "Animan" January 24, 2016 France: TFOU 113
17 25 "Antibug" January 31, 2016 France: TFOU 124
18 24 "The Puppeteer" February 7, 2016 France: TFOU 118
19 23 "Reflekta" February 21, 2016 France: TFOU 121
20 20 "Guitar Villain" February 28, 2016 France: TFOU 120
21 15 "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)" March 1, 2016 South Korea: EBS1 122
22 16 "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)" March 2, 2016 Switzerland: French Region; RTS 2 123
23 19 "Pixelator" March 3, 2016 Canada: French Region; Télé-Québec 107
24 18 "Simon Says" March 6, 2016 Canada: French Region; Télé-Québec 110
25 14 "Princess Fragrance" March 13, 2016 Canada: French Region; Télé-Québec 104
26 26 "Volpina" March 19, 2016 Canada: French Region; Télé-Québec 126


  • The intended order of release was that "Volpina" would serve as the season finale and the two episodes making up "The Origins Story" were to be watched after the series.[32] However, in the US, the "Origins" was released as the fifteenth and sixteenth episodes instead.[33]
  • According to a PDF document on the official Method Animation website, this season had a budget of €8,020,000 ($8,962,109.40 USD).[34]
  • This season was originally planned to debut on Netflix in the US on February 14, 2017.[35] However, it was released earlier than originally announced on February 10, 2017.[5]
    • This release included audio tracks in English, French, Castilian Spanish, European Portuguese, and Italian.[5]
    • The Netflix release order for the first season was different than the original broadcast order and instead followed the order of the episodes' production codes. However, the order was later changed to follow Nickelodeon's airing order.[5]
  • As explained by Feri González, Thomas Astruc's intention for the first season is to get to know the characters and learn how the Miraculouses work.[36]
  • Ladybug uses twenty-nine lucky charms this season. She uses two lucky charms in the episodes The Bubbler, Timebreaker, and Antibug.
  • In the terms of international releases Season 1 holds the record for has the shortest time frame ending in less than a year.


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