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Season 1

The Bubbler

What did you get him?
I'm requesting a slow dance.
There were no adults yesterday to deliver it.

Mr. Pigeon

You [were] a born champion. Your design will blow everyone else’s out of the water.
We're so awesome! [...] Oh, right, sorry! You're so awesome, Chloé.

Lady Wifi

Uh... Chloé! Alya's looking in your locker!
The school rules clearly state that any student guilty of theft should be suspended for one full week.

The Evillustrator

It's okay, Marinette. You and I will do all the research, and the writing for our project, and then, Chloé can present it! That way it's equal.
We've been doing this ever since grade school, when I started doing Chloé's homework, and we've been BFFs ever since!
Marinette! I can't believe you stood up to Chloé like that! It was so amazing.
Something really important? Really? That's fascinating. Oh, you know who else uses that excuse all the time, don't you? [...] Chloé! I'm beginning to see how similar you two are! I bet you'd expect me to do all the work like she did, right?
I can't believe I did your geography homework for you [Marinette]!
Chloé lent [her beret] to me. She really is my BFF! Chloé! Your geography homework's ready!


I'm Chloé's BFF! I wouldn't steal from her!

Dark Cupid

Maybe [Marinette]'s looking for some better clothes.
Ha! You think I'd help someone as stuck up as you? Wait 'till everyone gets a load of this! Hahaha!


When I grabbed the diary, this crazy box clipped down on my hand!

Ladybug & Cat Noir

New school, new year, new seat!
[Adrien]'s only a famous model.


They'll never see me coming, Hawk Moth.
You've got no friends left, Chloé. And you'll never have any ever again.
Just because you can see me, doesn't mean you can defeat me Ladybug!
So, you wanna fight after all, Chloé?
Oh, thank you, Chloé!

Season 2

Despair Bear

Come here, Chloé. [...] Let me brush your hair. I promise I won't hurt you.


It's not her fault, okay? Chloé just doesn't like birthdays! She never remembers them, just like her mom.
We're going to be late for Mrs. Mendeleiev's physics class! Chloé!
I...feel... It's suddenly gotten very warm in here. I don't know what's happening, I...


Chloé, I want some juice made from fresh strawberries, but pick out all of the seeds first.


Whahaha, I betrayed my best friend!
Chloé! I thought I'd lost you!


Ladybug? Is it really you? The real Ladybug? [...] We all saw you akumatized! You destroyed Cat Noir and you took his Miraculous to Hawk Moth. It was...
I'm going to tell the world not to lose hope because the real Ladybug is still going strong.
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Former Miraculous holders

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Future Miraculous holders

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