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Season 1

The Bubbler

Fine, I’ll go ahead and clean [your room], but don’t blame me if I come across any of your private stuff, like your e-mails, your diary—


You know, It's not every day you celebrate your twentieth wedding anniversary.
Next time, please wait for the customer in the bakery and not in your room, listening to your loud music!

Lady Wifi

You seem so forgetful these days. Maybe you just need some fresh air and extra exercise for that growing brain of yours!

Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)

Oh, don't say that! It's the start of a new year. I'm sure everything will be just fine!

Simon Says

Oh, give [Marinette] a break. You know there's nothing more demanding than going to school.


You two are a pair, huh? I'm not surprised. Marinette talks a lot about you, you know?
How about a delicious salmon and spinach pie? You can tell me what you think of it?
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Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth

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