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Sabine Cheng has been akumatized.

Your mom is really amazing. Even though she's so busy, she always managed to organize everything so well.

—Tikki to Marinette, "Qilin"

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Sabine Cheng[2] (original birth name Cheng Xia Bing[6] or Xia Bing Cheng in western order) is a highly upheld merchant and the co-owner of Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie.[8][9] She is the wife of Tom Dupain and the mother of Marinette.

In "Ladybug", after believing Marinette to be a liar and a thief, she is nearly akumatized by Scarlet Moth into Verity Queen. However, her akumatization is interrupted because of Nathalie Sancoeur's illness and it is never fully completed.

In "Qilin", after being racially profiled and wrongfully arrested for supposedly not paying for a bus ticket, and the police not listening to her attempts to explain, she gets akumatized by Shadow Moth into Qilin, a Chinese mythical beast-themed supervillain with wind-based powers. She also receives a Magical Charm from Ladybug that prevents her from being akumatized again.

In "Dearest Family", when Sabine, Tom, Rolland and Gina start arguing about what each one thinks is best for Marinette, they are re-akumatized by Shadow Moth into Qilin, Weredad, Bakerix and Befana respectively, and form the villainous group Dearest Family, who compete with each other to prove that they know what is best for Marinette. She also receives a new Magical Charm from Ladybug after her first one gets destroyed.


Physical appearance

Sabine is a short woman who has short black hair with blue highlights and gray eyes. She has fair skin with Asians eyes.

Civilian attire

Sabine wears a white Cheongsam with a red, black and gold plant design, periwinkle pants and black and white dress shoes. She wears a silver band on her ring finger.

As Qilin

Qilin has orange skin and blank eyes without any pupils or irises. She wears a Chinese armor with a jade green chain mail covered by a dark green chest and abdominal plates with golden edges, a skirt armor with jade green chain mail, red and dark green shoulder plates with golden edges and red spiral-shaped ornaments at her waist with a long brushy dark green tail with brilliant green tips. She also wears dark green pants with red coloring at her thighs with golden poleyns and her feet are hoofed. Protecting her head, she has a golden helmet that is shaped after the head of the mythical creature Qilin, having blank eyes just like her, a red mustache with two long whiskers, a long golden horn that branches itself into four tips, and a dark green mane with green tips.

For more of Sabine’s outfits and designs, see Sabine Cheng/Designs.


Sabine with Tom.

Sabine is a gentle, kind, and loving woman to her family and the people around her. However, she is a good responsible parent who will discuss issues with her daughter and give punishments like grounding her at the worst. Sometimes, Sabine is a bit nosy and over-involved, usually when it comes to Marinette with her crushes. She still keeps to her boundaries though, and she wants the best for everyone.

For the bakery, Sabine is warm and professional, often treating others respectfully. With great concern and compassion toward others, she helps those in need with selflessness, from people she doesn't know well like Lê Chiến Kim in "Animan" to people she knows personally like Marinette and Adrien Agreste.

In "Weredad", she isn't as hasty as Tom when he believed Marinette was in "love" with Cat Noir aware that the hero didn't return her feelings. In "Family", Marinette describes her as calm, gentle and, never panics but tough and, always finds the solution to every problem being described as Marinette's everyday hero.

In "Qilin", Sabine is shown to be deeply in touch with the traditions and superstitions of her Chinese roots, making Feng Shui to keep negative energies away, practicing Tai Chi and teaching chinese painting. She is cool, calm, very organized and thinks ahead, even predicting her daughter's accidents even before they happened and being always prepared for them.

However, Sabine is not without a temper, which only is shown when she is facing a terrible injustice, as she faced when she was caught in the bus without a ticket. But, despite facing all this injustice, she still did not harm anyone. Together with her strong will, she is shown to not easily give in to Shadow Moth's influence.

As Qilin, she has still the same personality, but her dislike for injustice is even stronger, attacking all those who she knows to perform it, however, without harming them. Her dislike, with a little push from Shadow Moth, even extends to those who protect the injustice perpetrators, like Ladybug and Cat Noir, thinking that protecting those who practice injustice is the same thing. However, she is a firm believer of honesty and she always keep her part of an agreement, as long as others does the same. When Ladybug proved to her she was telling the truth about wanting to free her from her cuffs, Qilin decided to stop her rampage and let Ladybug take off the cuffs, without attacking her, ignoring Shadow Moth's orders and breaking free from his akumatization.

In "Dearest Family", during her second akumatization as Qilin, she is shown to be very protective of her daughter's rights, having a great trust on her sense of judgement and believing she just needs her by her side. Because of this, Qilin gets very competitive with the rest of her akumatized family, fighting with them to prevent them from imposing their way of raising Marinette or trying to beat them into getting Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses.


As a civilian

Helping her husband run the bakery, Sabine knows how to bake pastries, including cakes and macaroons. She also can manage the front desk and cashier for selling the pastries.

In "Troublemaker", it is shown that Sabine knows martial arts and can use this ability for defense.

During "Gamer 2.0", Sabine reveals that she's been secretly practicing how to play Robo Mecha Strike III.

In “Qilin”, Sabine is shown to practice Chinese ink painting, teaching classes held at Collège Françoise Dupont, practicing Tai-Chi while simultaneously preparing breakfast in the morning, and Feng Shui.

As Qilin

Qilin is capable of generating gusts of wind with her hands that she uses both on close combat or to blast her enemies away even if handcuffed or not. She is shown to be able to use her aerokinesis quite masterly, as she was able to cast powerful gusts of wind and blow people away, but always making sure they would land softly. Another of her skills is telekinesis, enabling her to move objects without even touching them, showed when she pilled up and flipped over police vehicles, sustained a falling building and threw many objects against Ladybug and Cat Noir. She can also cause earthquakes and create cracks in the ground by just stomping her hooves.


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  • In China, wives do not usually take on their husband's surname, keeping their own. Children usually take the father's surname.
  • In "Miraculous Shanghai", it's mentioned that Wang raised Sabine. However, the reason for this is unknown.


Tom Dupain

Sabine, Tom, and Marinette embracing each other.

Sabine and Tom have been married for twenty years. A loving couple, they often show each other affection and support. They work well together at their bakery, and they come together for comfort in upsetting dilemmas. In "Timebreaker", she worries about looking her best for each other for their anniversary date, and in "The Bubbler", after the Bubbler's defeat and their release from his bubbles, they embrace. Sabine also makes sure her husband is ready for Career Day at Marinette's school before sending them off in "Rogercop".

In "Weredad", she tries to comfort Tom when the breakfast date between Marinette and Cat Noir doesn't go well, horrified when he is akumatized and embraces him when he's returned to normal.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Sabine assuring Marinette.

Sabine loves her daughter and supports her as Marinette's safety, happiness, and success are important to her. Knowing her daughter's frustrations with school, Sabine reassures her that the new school year will be fine in "Ladybug & Cat Noir". She also worries where Marinette is during Stoneheart's attack in the same episode, wanting her daughter to not get hurt. While getting along strongly with Marinette, Sabine is reasonable and wise when it comes to disciplining her and expecting good actions from her. In "Simon Says", Tom and Sabine put Marinette under curfew because she is often absent from school. After her attendance improves, they lift the curfew, but as Sabine notes in response to Tom's confusion on Marinette's mysterious actions, the school must be demanding on her. She also teases her daughter, like in "The Bubbler" when she says that, if she has to tidy her room for her, she will stumble across all her private stuff.

In "Weredad", Sabine shows concern for Marinette when she couldn't be found when Gigantitan attacked. When she heard that her daughter was in love with Cat Noir she was amazed and yet when he mentioned being in love with Ladybug during a breakfast date she took the rejection a lot better than Tom did (unaware that Marinette was actually happy.) She was worried about Marinette when she was trapped in a maze of thorns but was relieved when she was returned safe and sound. She had full confidence in Marinette knowing she knew how to handle her own heartbreaks.

In "Ladybug", she and Tom became saddened that Marinette was expelled from school because of Lila's deception, which she at first doubted given the initial lack of apparent proof. She becomes almost akumatized by Scarlet Moth out of sadness and anger. After believing Lila's fake story that proved her daughter's innocence, she was happy that Marinette was allowed to go back to school the next day. In the alternate future of "Cat Blanc", she supportive towards her daughter about being a couple with Adrien but felt great sadness for both of them when Gabriel forced Marinette and his son to break up.

In "Qilin", it's showed that Sabine is always one step ahead of Marinette's accidents and clumsiness, as she places a basket full of clothes at the bottom of the stairs leading to Marinette's room in order to smooth the latter's fall and also places a sponge on the floor next to the kitchen table to prevent a spilled milk to fall to the floor. Even when Marinette forgets something or is always late, Sabine makes sure Marinette remembers what she needs to remember by subtly placing reminders on places she know she will notice and arranges a way to buy more time to her tardy daughter.

In "Dearest Family", Sabine reveals that she believes that Marinette is the only one who knows what is best for herself and is capable of making her own decisions.

As Qilin, during "Dearest Family", she becomes very protective of Marinette, deciding to protect her from the rest of their akumatized family who want to impose their own way of raising the girl, believing she has the judgement of making the right choices. In fact, she only believes that the only thing Marinette really needs is her mother by her side.

Ladybug and Cat Noir entering the bakery.

Sabine is unaware of Marinette's double life as Ladybug, as she meets the heroine in "Animan" without recognizing her as her daughter. Nonetheless, she is a huge fan and supporter of Ladybug, assisting her if she needs help and cheering her on in her victories. In "Lady Wifi", Tom and Sabine are seen watching worriedly when Lady Wifi threatens to expose Ladybug's real identity. When Ladybug destroys the akuma-made projection of Hawk Moth in "Stoneheart", they are thrilled. Sabine also shows her support to the heroine when taking part in the Paris Rebellion in "Mayura".

As seen in "Qilin", she is still proud of Ladybug and her friends continuous effort to keep everyone safe but Sabine does show a concern for the heroine as she saw her last night and was up and running again.

As Qilin, she fought against Ladybug but like a few other villains she wasn't interested in the heroine's jewel but wanted the handcuffs off her and when Ladybug offered to do so she started listening to the her upon seeing Ladybug keep her promise it was enough to for her to break free of Shadow Moth's grip. But when Sabine was akumatized a second time she disliked that the heroine was trying to stop her.

Nadja Chamack

Sabine and Nadja are good friends. She and Tom make a cake that Nadja picks up in "Timebreaker”. Sabine constantly assists Nadja by having Marinette babysit Manon for her. Sabine also has Nadja as one of her students in her painting classes.

Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir

Sabine and Tom talking to Adrien.

Sabine is well aware of Marinette's feelings for Adrien, telling the boy that her daughter constantly talks about him in "Gamer", to his apparent surprise. Liking Adrien and wanting to see him and Marinette together, she and Tom keep checking in on them in Marinette's room by bringing pastries for them, much to Marinette's embarrassment. Also, Sabine and Tom help search for Adrien when he goes missing in "Santa Claws", and they join others to check on him at the Agreste mansion after he returns. In "Befana", Sabine along with her husband and Gina admire the moment Adrien and Marinette as he gives her his gift.

In the alternate future of "Cat Blanc", she is supportive towards Adrien being her daughter's boyfriend and happy they were in love but felt great sadness for both of them when Gabriel forced Marinette and his son to break up.

Just as she adores Ladybug, Sabine is a fan of Cat Noir, pleased by his heroics and protection of Paris. Just like Marinette, Sabine is unaware of Adrien's double life as Cat Noir in "Animan" without recognizing him but lending him her help in hiding Kim. Sabine also shows her support to the hero when taking part in the Paris Rebellion in "Mayura".

In "Weredad", she was informed that Marinette "loved" Cat Noir but was aware he didn't return her feelings and yet she spent a little time with him during a breakfast date. Yet she took Cat Noir's rejection of her daughter fairly easy admiring his honesty when he was in love with Ladybug. When Cat Noir returned after Tom was akumatized, she told him there was no need apologize and trusted him to bring her daughter and husband back safe and sound. She commented him for his bravery calling him a very good boy and after the misunderstanding was cleared up she was happy that Cat Noir and Marinette were fine being friends.

As seen in "Qilin", she is still proud of Cat Noir and his friends continuous effort to keep everyone safe but Sabine does show a concern for the hero as she saw him last night and was up and running again.

As Qilin, she fought against Cat Noir but like a few other villains she wasn't interested in the hero's jewel but wanted the handcuffs off her but when Sabine was akumatized a second time she disliked that the hero was trying to stop him.


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Comics and books



  • Sabine was named after Thomas Astruc's girlfriend at the time, who is French-Chinese.[10]
  • Although it was originally stated that her family comes from the city of Wenzhou,[11] it was later revealed in "Miraculous Shanghai" that it's from Shanghai.
  • She's the only known mother in the series who doesn't have her last name changed.
  • As displayed by Marinette's phone in "Oblivio", Sabine's number is [1][[2]].
  • She is the only character to have her re-akumization occur before the original akumization, due to the problems with the show's airing schedules.
    • Similarly, her magical charm was seen before she was seen getting it.

Sabine's 2nd Magical Charm.

  • According to Marinette, she calls Sabine and Tom a "one true pair".
  • In the Shanghai special, it is revealed that her name before moving to France was Xia Bing, but later changed her name to Sabine when she moved to Paris.
  • Sabine is the fifth person to try to resist Akumatization, following Caline Bustier, Chloé Bourgeois, Luka Couffaine, and Félix Graham de Vanily, but is unable to prevent it, much like how it happened with Miss Bustier in "Zombizou" and Luka in "Truth".
    • However, like Alya in "Gang of Secrets" and Nino in "Rocketear", she managed to break out of Shadow Moth's control, making her the only person to try to resist and break out of control in the same episode.


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