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It feels great to have you back, guys. Please, don't ever change.

—Rose Lavillant, "Guiltrip"

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Rose Lavillant[9] is a major character of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. She is a former student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont.

In "Princess Fragrance" after Chloé Bourgeois teased Rose and tore up her letter to Prince Ali, she was akumatized by Hawk Moth and became Princess Fragrance, a perfume-shooting supervillain.

In "Félix" after being fooled by Félix into thinking that Adrien did not appreciate his friends, Rose was reakumatized into Princess Fragrance alongside Reflekta (Juleka) and Lady Wifi (Alya). The three supervillains formed The Punishers Trio, a group of supervillains who wanted to get revenge on Adrien (Félix disguised as Adrien).

In "Gang of Secrets" after Marinette kept hiding secrets from her friends, Rose was reakumatized by Shadow Moth into Princess Fragrance alongside Lady Wifi, Reflekta, Timebreaker and Horrificator. These five supervillains formed the Gang of Secrets, a group of supervillains who wanted to reveal Marinette's secrets.

In "Guiltrip", after Juleka was reakumatized into Reflekta and the students are captured by her titular sentimonster, Rose receives the Pig Miraculous from Ladybug. When the Miraculous is inhabited by Daizzi, Rose becomes Pigella, a pig-themed superhero who helps Ladybug and Cat Noir during "particularly difficult missions" in the fourth season.[10][11] It is also revealed she got sick when she was younger, and the sickness can reappear at any second. The exact illness is not revealed.

After the events of "Strikeback", Rose was temporarily unable to become Pigella after Monarch managed to steal the Pig Miraculous along with the others contained in the Chinese Miracle Box from Ladybug's yo-yo.

In "Re-creation", after Ladybug recovers the stolen Miraculous and reforges them following Monarch's defeat, Rose is given back the Pig Miraculous permanently and reunites with Daizzi.


Physical appearance[]

Rose is a slightly tanned, fair-skinned, slender teenage girl of petite stature. Her hair is a honey blonde pixie cut with bangs that slightly cover her eyes to the right and a tiny cowlick on top. In regards to her face, she has thin eyebrows, round vivid sapphire blue eyes, eyeliner and light brilliant magenta lipstick.

In the flashback in Derision, her hair was longer and around shoulder length just like the 8th grade picture from "Reflekta".

Civilian attire[]

Rose wears a crotch-length light magenta dress with light pink sleeves and the front of the top. The dress has pink and vivid magenta stripes on the front, a pink back that has a pale golden wing design, and a dark magenta wearable band tied around her waist. She also wears a pink mini skirt with two white edges at the bottom of the cloth, white leggings, two pink bracelets around her right wrist, and brown soled pink sandals.

As Pigella[]

Pigella wears a sparkly pink, magenta, and white V-necked jumpsuit with a pink lining on her collar. Her hair grows longer and is tied in two pigtails, possibly resembling pig ears. Her bangs are straighter, curved, and swept aside. She has a light brilliant fuchsia skirt around her waist. On her legs she has three white stripes. The upper part of her feet are white, and the bottom is pink. She also wears a mask that is white on top, magenta in the middle, and pink on the bottom and a button with a swirly pattern on her chest.

As Princess Fragrance[]

Princess Fragrance's skin was a moderate green, and her eyes were vivid blue-violet with brilliant fuchsia sclerae. Her hair was a luminous vivid magenta with very light raspberry colored-edges on her bangs. It was long and tied back into a rosebud-like bun, (hence her name) and detailed with black horizontal lines and black leaves around the bottom half. A black tube came out of the top of the bun and hung down to the back of her knees, and the end of her hair was tied with a black band. Some black paint was around her upper face and over her eyes with a swirl below her left eye, like a mask. She also had luminous vivid cerise-colored lipstick.

Her outfit was a black turtlenecked skin-tight suit that covered her arms and legs. Narrow pink lines went down her puffed sleeves and puffed shorts, and they made a rose design on her chest. Her high heel shoes were connected to her suit, and they were also black, with pink cone-shaped heels and pointed pink tips to her toes. Her blaster was a dark purple tear-shaped bottle with pink horizontal lines, and the end was clear, rounded, light pink glass surrounded by dark gray leaf-like edges where it attached to the bottle. Through the bottle and out of the end of the glass was a small, dark gray pipe, which was where the perfume shot out. The handle and the trigger were thin, curled dark gray metal wire, and over one part of the handle near the back, there was a round, dark purple piece with indented lines spiraling around it.

For more of Rose's outfits and designs, see Rose Lavillant/Designs.


Rose is a sweet, cheerful, and naïve teenage girl. [12] With an optimistic and happy attitude, Rose cares for everyone around her, often showing much gratitude, and she likes helping them. An example of this is when she was offering snacks and drinks to her classmates during their movie project in "Horrificator". As she is naive, her kindness can occasionally lead her to a downfall, such as in the episode "Timebreaker" when the title character tricks her. Rose is also very sensitive, easily becoming too frightened to run for class representative after Chloé threatens to kick her out of the scrapbooking club in "Darkblade". In "Befana", Rose is shown to be very brave, however, when standing up for her friends. Her courage is further shown in "Zombizou" in which she risks herself to save Chloé from the titular villain's minions. Rose also encouraged Marinette to try again at giving her gift to Adrien in "Cat Blanc" after Marinette says she can't do it.

As mentioned by Marinette in her webisode, Rose is more open and honest with her feelings to a guy she likes, such as Prince Ali.

As Pigella, she retains her normal personality, remaining the cheerful and happy girl she is, something that helps her when it comes to using her power.

As Princess Fragrance, Rose was obsessed with Prince Ali and would stop at nothing to accomplish her goal to make him hers. She expected people to treat her like royalty, and was particularly enraged by people who took Prince Ali away from her or would not follow her. She also liked to sing and made everyone under her control sing.

When akumatized a second time as Princess Fragrance, she, along with Lady Wifi and Reflekta, wanted revenge on Adrien for sending an ungrateful message. However, after learning it was his cousin Félix, the Punisher Trio aimed their anger at him for making Adrien look like a monster. She would also "punish" anyone who got in their way, such as hypnotizing Kim and Max.

When akumatized a third time as Princess Fragrance, she, along with Lady Wifi, Reflekta, Timebreaker, and Horrificator, wanted to expose Marinette's secrets in hopes of saving her and to be friends again by forcing her to give them up by hypnotizing her with her perfume. She and the Gang of Secrets had no qualms putting bystanders in danger to find Marinette, such as hypnotizing them to find Marinette. Her desire to persevere their friendship was so intense that she, Reflekta, Horrificator, and Timebreaker chased after an illusion of Marinette instead of stealing Cat Noir's ring.


As a civilian[]

In "Zombizou", Rose is fairly physically strong as she was able to carry Chloé Bourgeois, although just barely. In "Reverser", Rose is good at writing music lyrics. Shown in "Captain Hardrock", Rose is a very good singer in her band Kitty Section.

Because of her positivity, Rose possesses a great deal of willpower against powers like the ones of the sentimonster Guiltrip, that is able to engulf its victims in their own guilt. She can also cheer up those around her, making them happy when they are feeling sad or desperate. She attempts to do this in "Reflekta" and "Reflekdoll".

As seen in "Sole Crusher", Rose does have experience with hair styling as he was able to dye Zoe's hair and as implied in "Confrontation", she said that when she grows up, she wanted to be a hair stylist.

As Pigella[]

Pigella has enhanced skills such as speed, strength and agility. She is also capable of leaping into the air to great heights. One of the main peculiarities is having the ability to levitate.

Pigella uses her Tambourine as a weapon, which is able to reflect energy reaching towards it such as beams and projectiles.

Pigella's special superpower, Gift, allows her to conjure a magical gift box. When the box is opened, it reveals an image of the targeted person's deepest wish.

As Princess Fragrance[]

As Princess Fragrance, Rose's perfume bottle became a gun that could spray different scents, each with its own abilities. The barrel of the gun changed color to signify which one was being used. There were different types of scents seen:

  • The pink spray brainwashed anyone into serving her. Those affected would do whatever she says and speak only in song.
  • The green spray made whoever it hit give off a horrendous, rotten fish-like stench.
  • The yellow and orange spray had currently unknown powers.

If she pointed the gun downwards and continually shot perfume, it propelled her into and through the sky, allowing her to fly long distances.


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Click here to view the history page for Rose Lavillant.
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Comics and books[]



  • In the Latin American dub, Rose's name is Rosa or Rosita.
  • Rose's surname is a modification of the surname "Laville", meaning "the city".
    • Her full name is a reference to the song "La Vie en rose" ("Life in pink") by French singer Édith Piaf.
    • Her surname also sounds similar to Cendrillon, the French name of the classical fairy tale Cinderella.
  • In an Instagram post sharing early concept art for Pigella, Thomas Astruc revealed that the heroine was originally called Porcinella.[13]
    • Despite most dubs opted to use "Pigella" as Rose's superhero name, the European Portuguese dub decided to use her original superhero name.
  • During the derby hat competition in "Mr. Pigeon", Rose and Juleka are standing next to a derby hat with gears attached to it, suggesting one or both of them made the hat.
  • An earlier concept design for Rose includes her hair being slightly longer and curlier and her shoes having flowers on them.[14]
  • In the past class photo seen in "Reflekta", Rose has longer, roughly shoulder-length hair.
  • In "Princess Fragrance", "The Evillustrator", "Antibug", "Reflekta", and "Pixelator", it is shown that she is left-handed. but the most of the recent episodes she is shown as right-handed. This is either a continuity error or Rose is ambidextrous.
  • In "The Mime", Rose appears in the background alongside Juleka while Cat Noir is being tackled by the Mime under the Eiffel Tower.
  • She is the third shortest student in Miss Bustier's class, after Alix and Mylène.
  • In her webisode, "Rose", it is revealed that she is the lead singer and the lyric writer of Kitty Section.
    • In the same webisode, it's also revealed she has a grandmother, though unnamed for the time being.
  • In "Reverser", Rose is part of the school's Art Club along with Nathaniel Kurtzberg, Juleka Couffaine, Alix Kubdel, and Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
  • On May 17, 2017, the writers revealed that Princess Fragrance will reappear in season 3.[15]
    • Since then, it has been confirmed that a scarlet version of Princess Fragrance will appear in the two-part special event "Heroes' Day".
      • However, due to the fact that the Heroes' Day two-parter was originally leaked as a Season 3 episode but has since been confirmed as the finale of season 2, the writers may have simply been referring to her appearance in this two-parter.
    • Eventually, Princess Fragrance did return in season 3, appearing in "Félix", where she teamed up with Lady Wifi and Reflekta to make the Punishers Trio; in "Ladybug", where she appears briefly in her scarlet form; in "Gamer 2.0" for Gamer's powers; and as a statue in the Musée Grévin in "The Puppeteer 2".
  • In the season two, three and four theme song, Rose has pig stickers on her photo. However, she gets the Pig Miraculous starting from Season 4.
    • This foreshadows her getting the Pig Miraculous was planned a long time ago.
  • She is one of the few students in Miss Bustier's class whose family has not yet been revealed in canon. The others are Ivan Bruel, Nathaniel Kurtzberg, and Lê Chiến Kim.
  • It's revealed in "Guiltrip" that Rose has an unknown illness that causes her to have headaches and feel weak ever since she was a little child. She has only told Juleka about it, as she feared her other friends would treat her differently because of it, which does end up happening for a short while.
  • She is the second Miraculous user to wear a skirt in her costume, following Mayura.
  • Following Alya Césaire, Nino Lahiffe, Chloé Bourgeois, Nathalie Sancoeur, Luka Couffaine, Max Kanté, Kagami Tsurugi, Alix Kubdel, Lê Chiến Kim, Adrien Agreste, Wang Fu, Zoé Lee and Mylène Haprèle, Rose is the fourteenth person to become a Miraculous holder and akumatized villain, excluding Gabriel Agreste, who akumatized himself.
  • She is the fifth miraculous holder not to get spotted by Optigami. The others being Ladybug (Marinette), Cat Noir (Adrien), Polymouse (Mylène), Purple Tigress (Juleka), Vesperia (Zoé) and Bunnyx (Alix).
    • However, that's because Optigami was supposed to spot heroes whose identity was known by Shadow Moth. So, since he didn't know that Rose was Pigella, Shadow Moth wouldn't had any reason to target her even if she was spotted by Optigami.
  • Although having only one akumatized form throughout the series, Rose comes in fourth place, alongside Alya, Jagged and Philippe, for being akumatized the most times behind Mr. Ramier, Chloé, Kagami, Juleka, Lila and Roger, having become Princess Fragrance 6 times. ("Princess Fragrance", "Catalyst", "Mayura", "Félix", "Ladybug", and "Gang of Secrets").
    • In both "Félix" and "Gang of Secrets", she is akumatized alongside Lady Wifi, and Reflekta in a group.
    • It should be noted that in "Ladybug" due to Nathalie's sickness, she and the other villains only got transformed, and didn't use their powers to fight Ladybug and Cat Noir.
  • Rose is the third person to use a Miraculous while under an illness, following Nathalie Sancoeur and Emilie Agreste.
    • However, Rose's illness is natural, and Emilie's and Nathalie's are caused from using the damaged Peacock Miraculous.
    • She is the first and only member of the French Miraculous superhero to use a Miraculous while under an illness.
  • Rose mentions she's the second character other than Chloe to have a teddy bear.
  • In sixth grade, Rose had an imaginary friend named Unicorn Lilly.


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