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Scene from Gamer

Marinette (narrating): Dear diary, remember Prince Ali? Well guess what,

Scene from Princess Fragrance

he's spending the week here in Paris and he asked Rose out for ice cream at André's.
Ali: Let us go quickly before my chaperone locates me.

Scene from Despair Bear

Marinette (narrating): You should of seen her face when she told us.

Scene from Gigantitan

Seriously, how lucky is she? Can you imagine if Adrien asked me to André's sweethearts ice cream.

Scene from Frightningale

I think I would just faint.

Scene from Princess Fragrance

But the truth is, unlike me, Rose can tell the boy how she feels.

Scene from Princess Fragrance

Rose: I just wanted you to know you are the most kind-hearted person I have ever met.
Ali: Really?

Scene from The Bubbler

Marinette (narrating):Maybe I could ask for her advise on how to speak to Adrien.

Scene from Reverser

Besides, she really has a way with words. She writes the lyrics for Kitty Section,..

Scene from Captain Hardrock

..our friend's band. She's also the lead singer and believe me when I say..

Scene from Captain Hardrock

Mylène: You're going to need these, believe me.
Marinette (narrating): ..that it's something else.

Scene from Captain Hardrock

Rose (singing): I love unicorns, I love unicorns..

Scene from Gamer

Marinette (narrating): Oh I got it,

Scene from Stormy Weather

maybe Rose could help me write some lyrics for a super romantic song that Kitty Section would play for Adrien. And then he'd finally understand how I feel about him. He'd fall madly in love with me. We'd get a big house and a dog and hamster named..

Scene from Timebreaker

Oh, look at the time. I have to go and find her and get started right away. Goodbye for now dear diary.


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