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Rolland Dupain has been akumatized.
This article is about Marinette's paternal grandfather. You may be looking for Marinette's maternal grandfather.

That's not how it's done!

—Rolland Dupain, "Bakerix"

Rolland Dupain is the paternal grandfather of Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

In "Bakerix", when Rolland refuses to eat Marinette's bread after finding out she is his granddaughter, he is akumatized by Hawk Moth and becomes Bakerix, a Gaulic bread-themed supervillain.[3]

In "Simpleman", after becoming overwhelmed with the complexity of the modern world, Rolland is akumatized by Shadow Moth into Simpleman, a supervillain with the power to simplify people's mind, causing them to find simple solutions to complicated problems/situations. He also receives a Magical Charm from Ladybug that prevents him from being akumatized again.

In "Dearest Family", when Rolland, Tom, Sabine and Gina start arguing about what each one think it's best for Marinette, they are re-akumatized by Shadow Moth into Bakerix, Weredad, Qilin and Befana respectively and form the villainous group Dearest Family, who compete with each other to prove that they know what is best for Marinette. He also receives a new Magical Charm from Ladybug after his first one gets destroyed.


Physical appearance

Rolland is a short man with a large build. He has grey hair, a balding head, bushy grey eyebrows and green eyes.

Civilian attire

Rolland wears a brilliant cerulean and white striped shirt with five white buttons, light arctic blue shorts, thick black glasses and brown soled dark blue dress shoes.

As Bakerix

Bakerix looks like a Gaul made out of different varieties of bread and his eyes resemble chocolate chips. He has a Gaul helmet with two crossiants on top almost resembling horns similar to Viking helmets, and a belt made out of slices of bread and pretzels.

As Simpleman

Simpleman looks like well Roland Dupain with pale, light grayish violet skin wears a red white and blue mask on his face, right brilliant amaranth eye and left brilliant azure eye, a red and blue cape, red gloves, white sleeveless jumpsuit with a letter S logo on it and he is armed a red, blue and white baker's peel for combat.


Rolland is a highly traditional man who enjoys doing things the old-fashioned way. He is very proud of his Gallic heritage and fond of reminiscing over the old days; though, in turn, he is not fond of modern technology or anything he considers non-traditional, being quick to point out when something is not being done the way he thinks it should be done. His fixation with sticking to tradition extends to the point where he isolates himself from the rest of the modern world and even cuts ties with his son Tom over him and his wife changing his bread recipe with rice flour. Because of his attachment to the old-fashioned way, Rolland has a great difficulty to understand the complexity of the modern world.

Marinette describes him as grumpy and very stubborn but knows it's a facade because he's afraid of change in "Family".

However, despite this, he can be nice and polite towards others, showing kindness to his flour delivery man and later his granddaughter Marinette when she pretends to be a flour delivery intern named Germaine to get into his house. She had a baking contest with him. Later did Rolland reveal that he had yeast that has been in his family for over 2,000 years. Regardless of his aversion to non-traditional things, he is willing to rely on them under certain circumstances, allowing Cat Noir to rush him back home when he fears his bread or granddaughter could be in danger. Furthermore, after realizing that his son's way of baking bread is just as good as his own, he quickly becomes more accepting of going against tradition and decides to reconnect with his family afterwards.

As Bakerix, he is obsessed with making Paris the way it was when he was young, destroying anything that he considers modern.

During his second akumatization as Bakerix, he is determined to raise Marinette with the rules and discipline he believes she needs. Because of this, Bakerix gets very competitive with the rest of her akumatized family, fighting with them to prevent them from imposing their way of raising Marinette or trying to beat them into getting Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses.

As Simpleman, he retains most of his normal personality. He wants everything to get simple and get rid of any complicated situation/problem. Despite this, he appears to not have any malicious trait, as he doesn't use his powers on Manon, Ella, Etta and Chris, only deciding to do it when they start to help the heroes to defeat him.


As a civilian

Like his family, Rolland is an excellent baker.

As Bakerix

Bakerix wields an elixir that, when he drinks it, enables him to grow bigger and stronger for a short period of time.

As Simpleman

Simpleman wields a staff that, when he hits it to ground, releases a wave of energy that causes any people who get caught up in it to always find simple solutions to their problems, even if those simple solutions are not the best way to deal with it or are even harmful to them in the end. The more times a person is hit by his power, the simpler their mind becomes, causing them to act more like children, even talking like them. His power can even affect Shadow Moth himself, resulting in him not wanting to take Simpleman's powers away (despite how careless the akumatized villain is with them) because he wants him to get the Miraculouses.

Because the simplicity of his powers, his own akumatization doesn't give any other subsequent powers, like with the other akumatized villains, as he lacks any enhanced physical abilities and is still affected by his back pains.


FT Unknown.png
Loafamix the Gaul
28 Missing
FT Unknown.png
Rolland Dupain Square 2.png
Rolland Dupain
Gina Dupain Square.png
Gina Dupain
Mei Cheng Square.png
Mei Cheng
Yan Cheng Square.png
Yan Cheng
Wang Cheng Square.png
Wang Cheng
Tom Dupain Square.png
Tom Dupain
Sabine Cheng Square.png
Sabine Cheng
Shu Yin Cheng Square.png
Shu Yin Cheng
Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square.png

Loafamix the Gaul
28 Missing Generations
Rolland Dupain
Gina Dupain
Mei Cheng
Yan Cheng
Wang Cheng
Tom Dupain
Sabine Cheng
Shu Yin Cheng

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


  • In China, wives do not usually take on their husband's surname, keeping their own. Children usually take the father's surname.
  • In "Miraculous Shanghai", it's mentioned that Wang raised Sabine. However, the reason for this is unknown.





  • Rolland was revealed during a Miraculous panel at Ludicomix on April 21, 2018. And according to Thomas Astruc, the story of this character will have some elements of his family's story.[4]
  • During a Q & A on January 15 2019, Jeremy Zag confirmed we would see Marinette's grandfather and more of her family members.[5]

Rolland's Simpleman Magical Charm.

  • In "Bakerix", Rolland is the third akumatized character to be related to Marinette, after Wang Cheng in "Kung Food", and Gina Dupain in "Befana".
  • Bakerix's ability to increase his strength and muscle mass with his serum is an homage to Bane from Batman comics DC.
  • Bakerix might be inspired by Asterix who is the main protagonist from the french comic series by Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.

Rolland's Bakerix Magical Charm.

  • In "Simpleman", he becomes the first akumatized person to reject the name Shadow Moth gave him initially. Before settling with the titular name, Shadow Moth tries to call him Unravelder and Doctor Obsolete.
  • Rolland is the first in his family to receive a magical charm.
  • Rolland, alongside Sabine, were the first people to receive more than one magical charm, as Shadow Moth managed to destroy both of their previous ones.
    • He is also the only one have to have two different magical charms for both akumatized forms.


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