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Season 1, episode 11 (Production order); Episode 11 (Overall)

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I thought it was a Camembert box! Anyone can make a mistake!

Plagg, "Rogercop"

"Rogercop" is a Season 1 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[4] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Rogercop" is the 11th written and produced episode of Season 1. It is also the 11th written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]



After Chloé accuses Marinette of stealing her new bracelet, Hawk Moth akumatizes Chloé's friend's policeman father into the tyrannical Rogercop who wants to get revenge on the Mayor who fired him.[5]


When he's fired by the mayor, police officer Roger becomes Rogercop, a villain who thinks he's enforcing the law by ruling Paris as a dictator.[6]


Tom and Marinette are preparing for going to her school, as it is the day the students bring their parents to school to show their jobs.

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At school, while Tom and Marinette are in front of the class, Adrien is just out of the classroom trying to phone his father, but only the voicemail answers. He leaves a message telling him about career day and how he hoped he would show up. Adrien is very upset and disappointed, although when Plagg asks him if he's okay, he answers yes. After that, Adrien sadly returns to the classroom.

In the meantime, Tom finishes talking and Marinette starts dispensing free croissants to all her classmates, and she's sad to see Adrien in so much distress. Afterward, when she reaches Chloé and Sabrina's desk, she witnesses a discussion between the two and Chloé's father, the mayor, regarding an expensive bracelet the girl brought to school; then, while Marinette is giving a croissant to Sabrina, Chloé jokes that Marinette's father would have to sell the whole shop to buy her a bracelet like that. Therefore, Marinette doesn't give her a croissant, stating that she doesn't need one since she's so rich.

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Meanwhile, Plagg, from Adrien's bag, notices Chloé putting her bracelet back into her bag and he mistakes the round box for a shape of Camembert cheese. Thus, he immediately enters the other bag to eat it and is disappointed when he finds out that it isn't cheese. However, he takes a liking to the object because of how shiny it is, and he starts playing with it by throwing it into the air. Unfortunately, while Alya's mother is talking, he fails the catch with disastrous outcomes: the bracelet gets stuck around his head. Plagg then knocks over Chloé's bag making Marinette trip on it, and finally, he rolls back under Adrien's desk.

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Chloé reprimands Marinette for being clumsy (she also dropped all of the croissants from the tray and was crouching to pick them up); afterward, while Officer Roger, Sabrina's father, is talking, Chloé notices that her bracelet is missing. She immediately accuses Marinette of stealing it and wants Roger to arrest her. Then, when she sees that both Tom and Roger are against that decision, she calls out for help from her father, who threatens to fire the policeman if he doesn't follow what Chloé said. However, Roger still doesn't arrest Marinette because he can't do that without proof, and therefore the mayor fires him and sends him out of the room.

Officer Roger gets back to his police car, very frustrated with the mayor for firing him for refusing to break the law. Hawk Moth senses Roger's frustration and sends him an akuma which enters the agent's whistle, and after accepting Hawk Moth's offer, he is turned into Rogercop, a robotic cop, and also receives an enhanced police car.

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Meanwhile, the discussion is still open in the classroom: André the mayor is fighting with Marinette's father and they only stop when Miss Bustier reminds them that the children are watching. Only then, Adrien feels a bump on his shoes and sees Plagg, who's struggling to free himself from the bracelet. He then picks him up and goes out of the classroom trying not to draw attention to himself.

Once he leaves the room, Adrien scolds Plagg for causing this mess and starts trying to free him. In the meantime, Rogercop wants to enter the school to arrest the mayor, and he meets Ms. Mendeleiev and Fred Haprèle in the process. He thinks both broke the law (the former because she littered by throwing a paper wrapping into the dumpster but missing it as well as jaywalking, the latter because he tried to stop him from entering the school), so he handcuffs them with the rays he fires from his wrists and then forces them to a punishment with his whistle: Ms. Mendeleiev is forced to pick up the trash from the ground and put it into the trash can and Fred is forced to run around the perimeter of the school courtyard.

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Adrien sees Roger handcuffing and punishing Fred, but when he asks Plagg to transform, the kwami reveals that, if he did that, the bracelet would be sucked inside the ring and Adrien would be impeded too; hence, Adrien moves to the locker room to try and find other ways to free Plagg.

Meanwhile, Marinette is still in the classroom and tries to exculpate herself by accusing other people in the classroom: first, she accuses Sabrina because, in Nino's video of the lesson, she was holding the bracelet, and then Nathaniel because he drew the bracelet on a sheet of paper. Thus, Tom reprimands his daughter for acting like Chloé by accusing her classmates without solid proof.

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However, the discussion is suddenly stopped when Rogercop enters the room. He is immediately recognized by Sabrina and he asks the people in the room where the mayor is. Nobody gives him an answer, even when he threatens them to arrest them, but he stops when he hears André's voice in the principal's office: the mayor was threatening not to pay the school if they didn't find the bracelet. Therefore, Rogercop starts moving towards the office.

In the meantime, Marinette gets out of the classroom and, after reproaching herself for behaving horribly towards her classmates, she transforms into Ladybug. Adrien too transforms into Cat Noir after managing to free Plagg by making him sneeze using a piece of cheese covered in pepper.

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Ladybug, with her yo-yo, stops Rogercop from firing at the mayor and buys him enough time to get out of the building. However, Rogercop, completely ignoring Chloé who was trying to get his attention, sees him at the exit and follows him. Ladybug tries to stop him from walking, but she only falls flat on her face. Just when the policemen were firing at André, though, Cat Noir appears and jumps on his arm, making him fire what appears to be a microchip at the mayor's limousine instead. The mayor then enters the car and flees.

Cat Noir and Ladybug try to fight Rogercop, but the latter simply grabs Cat Noir's staff and throws him inside the same trash can Ms. Mendeleiev was putting the trash in, and then flings Ladybug inside the school. Afterward, the villain tries to enter his own car to follow the mayor, but he is interrupted by Chloé who, demanding his attention, wants to be listened to. Thus, the cop lets her enter the car and departs.

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Cat Noir sees this scene from the trash can and, trying to save Chloé, immediately follows Rogercop and jumps on the back of his car. The villain notices it, activates the car's aerial mode and takes off. Ladybug, using her yo-yo, manages to cling to the car just beside Cat Noir. Rogercop tries to shake them off, but Ladybug catches Cat Noir before he falls. Then the policeman, still ignoring Chloé who asks him to land and arrest Marinette, activates the auto-pilot and climbs on the roof of the car to fight the two heroes.

The fight proceeds without any of the two parts prevailing until the car starts to roll sideways. Ladybug and Cat Noir run to avoid falling off, while Rogercop stays anchored to the car with his boots. After some rotations the robot knocks Ladybug off the car, Cat Noir fails to catch the yo-yo to save her and is grabbed by the villain. However, before Rogercop can take his Miraculous, Cat Noir throws his Staff inside the exhaust pipe using his legs. This causes a small explosion that fires away from the Baton and makes Rogercop lose his grip on Cat Noir, who then falls.

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Cat Noir manages to grab his stick while falling. He is about to fall on his face when Ladybug saves him with her yo-yo by tying it around a lamppost and his legs so that Cat Noir is hanged upside down in front of her. He then thanks her and tries to kiss her, but she leaves the string and lets him fall, saying that he'll repay her later.

Afterward, the two heroes wonder where to search for the akumatized villain, and Ladybug correctly suggests the City Hall. In fact, Rogercop follows the mayor's limo to that building, carves a car-shaped hole on the doors with his laser and flies in. Once inside, he handcuffs the mayor with his rays and forces him to give away his position by holding his daughter Chloé hostage.

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Therefore, the mayor broadcasts a message to the population in which he gives his position to Rogercop. The latter then declares Ladybug and Cat Noir criminals and that every policeman who sees them must arrest them. The two heroes are in front of the City Hall the moment the message is given, and they are forced to flee as the square is full of policemen.

The night falls, and the two heroes are still on a rooftop near the City Hall, which becomes a police stronghold, trying to find a way to get in when they come up with an idea: Cat Noir descends the rooftop and distracts the policemen by dancing while Ladybug enters the building unseen. The cops are bewildered by Cat Noir's behavior, and only move when Rogercop tells them to arrest him. Then the boy, after jokingly declaring that "rejection hurts", starts fighting them.

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Meanwhile, Ladybug stealthily enters the mayor's office where Rogercop is looking out of the window and André and his daughter are being held captive. However, her presence is accidentally revealed to the villain by Chloé, who cheers for the hero. The two start fighting, with Ladybug trying to avoid being hit by his rays by hiding behind tables, and they are soon joined by Cat Noir who managed to beat the policemen.

Rogercop uses his whistle to order the ex-mayor and his daughter to attack the two heroes, but Ladybug and Cat Noir simply make them exit the office. Then the villain starts firing his lasers again (mindlessly, according to Hawk Moth) until Ladybug activates her Lucky Charm from behind a table. She receives an oven mitt she moves around the room and collects a belt and another mitt. However, she needs a ring to complete her work, so Cat Noir takes Chloé's bracelet from a pocket and tosses it to the other side of the room (so Ladybug doesn't understand that he had it the whole time). Then he points to it, Ladybug sees it and grabs it with her yo-yo to complete her handmade handcuffs.

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Afterward, Cat Noir gets out of cover and uses Cataclysm on the floor as a diversion: with that, he manages to sink Rogercop's waist-deep in the floor, even though he gets hit by his handcuffing rays in the process which tie him to a bookshelf. Then, Ladybug uses this distraction to jump on top of the villain and put her makeshift handcuffs on him, which stops him from firing his lasers. This makes it easy for Ladybug to get his whistle necklace, who then smashes it on the ground with her shoe. The akuma is thus revealed, and Ladybug de-evilizes it and frees the butterfly.

Finally, after she throws the oven mitt up in the air, all the mess caused by Rogercop's is fixed and Roger finds himself sitting on the mayor's office floor without any memory of his actions as a villain. Ladybug and Cat Noir fist bump and then Cat Noir jokes that they could bump fists like robots (that is fist pounding with both arms stretched) when his Miraculous beeps. Therefore Cat Noir leaves saying that he has to go before Ladybug sees his true face because she would "swoon too hard and never wake up,"[7] to which she answers that it is never going to happen.

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In the final scene, Roger gives Chloé her bag, in which she finds her bracelet. Thus, under Ladybug's advice, the mayor apologizes to Roger and offers to give him a raise. After that, a valuable lesson is learned for Chloé to never to accuse anyone without any proof! In the end, Ladybug leaves because her transformation is about to run out, and the ending card appears.


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  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Korea.
    • This episode is the eighth to air in France and Korea.
  • While describing his job, Tom says that he once made an Eiffel Tower cake. This is likely a reference to the cake that he made in the episode "Timebreaker".
    • If this is the case, this episode is set after the previously mentioned episode.
  • In the Korean dub, Cat Noir claims that he once saved the judge while discussing with Ladybug about taking the matter to the court. In the English and French dubs, however, the judge is never mentioned.
  • In the French Dub, Roger is promoted to "Brigadier".
  • The way Cataclysm is used in this episode is similar to how it is used in "Antibug", "Gorizilla" and "Catalyst".
  • According to Plagg, if a kwami transforms with something on them, the item gets absorbed and damages their and by extension their wielder's powers.
    • With Plagg's description it's implied that if it does happen the powers will either not work at all, the way they're supposed to or go out of control. However, it's unknown what the full damage could be.
    • Also it's implied based on Plagg's description, that maybe something like this has happened before in the past but whether if the same incident happened with Plagg or another kwami is unknown.
  • When Cat Noir says he and Ladybug should defend themselves in a court of law, he makes a very similar pose to that of Phoenix Wright of the Ace Attorney series, where he points his finger forward and shouts, "Objection!".
  • This is the second time where the heroes appeal to reason with an akumatized villain following "Stormy Weather".


  • The intro, transformations, de-evilizations and powers (e.g. Lucky Charm) are slightly lower-pitched.
  • When Marinette tells Chloé to look in Sabrina's bag, her left pigtail disappears.
  • When this episode aired on Nickelodeon in the US, there was an error where there was another layer of audio from another episode playing after Plagg says that Adrien can’t transform right now.
  • In one scene, Juleka's hair is much longer than it should be, and its tip clips through her desk.
  • The colors on Ladybug's yo-yo are inverted when she throws it at Rogercop outside the school.
  • The floor molders when Cat Noir uses Cataclysm on it several feet away from Rogercop, but when Rogercop has fallen through it, the floor is only damaged around him.
  • When Adrien turns into Cat Noir, the tips of his shoes are black instead of silver when the transformation reaches his feet.
  • When Ms. Mendeliev threw the paper on the sidewalk Rogercop was on the other side of the street but when Rogercop picks it up he's right next to it without showing him move towards it.
  • The size of Chloé's bracelet stays inconsistent. Since it appears to be the normal size of a bracelet in some scenes, but in other scenes, it's only as big as the size of Plagg's head.
  • After Rogercop's car flies into City Hall, Chloé is seen without any handcuffs sitting in the car. However, when she gets out, they suddenly appear on her hands.
  • Juleka is seen wearing white clothes, which is also seen in "Copycat". According to Thomas Astruc, this is an error.[8]


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