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Season 1

Mr. Pigeon

Scram, you winged brats! How many times do you need to be told, Mr. Ramier? No feeding the pigeons!
Leave now, or I’ll call the authorities. Oh, wait, I’m the authorities. Get out!


Kitty's in the slammer. I repeat, kitty's in the slammer.


I've been a police officer for fifteen years, and I firmly believe that every citizen is innocent until proven guilty.
Hah! He expects me to break the law? That's just, just... criminal!
Affirmative. Cat Noir and Ladybug will be powerless against me, and justice will prevail in the streets of Paris.
Justice doesn't need an invitation. Mayor, you're under arrest for abuse of power.

Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)

Be confident, the strong arm of the law will come crashing down on the... I mean, the other arm.

Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)

I have a new plan, unlike you! Move aside and let the pros do their thing. You've already failed once!

Season 2

Santa Claws

Don't worry, Sabrina. We'll find [Adrien] wherever he is.


Huh? Tell me about it. Those pigeons are such a nuisance.
Sir, move this vehicle right away. This is a no-parking zone! Move it! Move it! Move it!
Over there! You've asked for it! I'm slapping you with a fine for a parking violation, for non-compliance with orders, and for infuriating a usually cheerful police officer!


Is this your vehicle? What kind of parking job is this in the middle of Paris? You think you own the streets?

Captain Hardrock

Mrs. Anarka, are you completely out of your mind? I'm reading 160 decibles! That's 10 times the sound of a jet engine! You just can't do this. You'll have to play something else!
It's a music festival, not a noise festival. If you don't turn the volume down, I'll ban your concert altogether!
You are not allowed to moor here without a parking permit! Which means you can't play your concert here either. Not to mention this incredibly messy deck! Public visual disturbance you get a ticket! And this decoration it's too decorated! Another ticket! [...] You asked for it, One more ticket for making me use too many tickets, one more for your attitude, one because I can't sleep, one more because I'm seasick, one more because I say so.
I command you to stop in the name of the law!
I command you to stop your acts of piracy in the name of the law.
For the last time, stop your boat in the name of the law.
It's still a bit loud by my standards and a couple decibels over the legal limit... But I'll let it slide on this occasion, after all it's the music festival.


Hey you! What is this thing? Vehicle registration please.


Mr. Mayor— I mean, Malediktator— you are surrounded. Please renounce your akuma and… we'll forget this ever happened.


Stop! In the name of the law.

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