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Season 4, episode 17 (Production order); Episode 95 (Overall)

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"I knew it! She's in love with someone else!"
"You guys spend every minute together. I'm sure you're just imagining things. Who else do you think she'd be in love with, anyway?"
"Cat Noir!"

Nino Lahiffe and Adrien Agreste, "Rocktear

"Rocketear" is a Season 4 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[1] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Rocketear" is the 17th written and produced episode of Season 4. It is also the 95th written and produced episode of the series, overall.


Disney Channel

As Guardian of Miraculous, Ladybug must make difficult decisions which affect the people around her; but not everyone is ready to live in permanent hiding like her.[4]


The episode starts with four dinosaurs, who are kept in Carapace's Shell-ter. One of them tries to break the protective shield. Cat Noir and Carapace are worried about it breaking completely and are waiting for Ladybug to show up. Eventually, Ladybug shows up with Anne-Jeanne Théoxanne du Bocquale who revived the dinosaurs. Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Carapace accomplish the mission together. Afterwards, Cat Noir leaves while Rena Furtive is hiding behind the wall. Ladybug arrives in an alley with Nino Lahiffe taking the Turtle Miraculous from him as the mission is over. Nino returns the miraculous sadly. Ladybug asks Nino why he is sad and he asks why Alya Césaire was not included with the mission. Ladybug answers that Alya was not needed in this mission, and Ladybug leaves after taking the miraculous from Nino.

Ladybug arrives in the sewers where Rena Furtive is already hiding. Ladybug asks Rena Furtive if they were followed by someone or any Shadow Moth's traps, who tells her they weren't. Both Ladybug and Rena Furtive detransform. Before going back, Marinette Dupain-Cheng decides to ask something of Alya Césaire. Alya freaks out thinking she might be noticing her new outfit. She decides to call her new outfit Rena Furtive. Marinette tells Alya that she need to stop doing that because adapting a new outfit is just to protect her secret identity. No one can know Alya is still using the miraculous officially, Alya obeys Marinette as she is the current Order of the Guardians of Miraculouses. Marinette asks Alya if she had told Nino that she's not a Miraculous holder anymore. Alya stutters as she didn't tell Nino. Marinette reminds Alya that everyone has to believe that she is not a Miraculous holder anymore following her agreement in "Sentibubbler".

Alya and Marinette talking about their Identity

Marinette and Alya then go to Marinette's room, talking to each other about hiding their secret identities. Alya refuses to lie Nino about her secret identity as she tells Marinette they don't lie to each other and share everything. Marinette tells Alya she had to lie too, to her friend, referencing "Gang of Secrets", where Marinette reveals to Alya about her secret identity. Tom Dupain comes and offers Marinette to play Ultimate Mecha Strike III. Marinette declines her dad's suggestion, claiming that she and Alya are doing homework. He starts assuming teachers are giving his daughter too much homework and keeping her busy. Alya witnesses this conversation and Marinette explains to Alya that she even has to lie to her parents to protect her secret identity. Alya decides to accept Marinette's advice. In Alya's room, Alya sadly asks Nino if she can tell him something. Nino, who was sitting on Alya's bed, stands up and questions Alya, confused. Alya stutters and tells Nino that she is not a Miraculous holder anymore. Nino becomes relieved and quickly understands what ladybug was saying to him lately. Unknown to Nino, Ladybug was lying and Alya is lying too. Nino then consoles Alya by telling her if Ladybug takes this step, it's to save her life. Nino then hugs Alya by telling each other they don't need anything to hide from each other.

In Collège Françoise Dupont while attending Miss Bustier's class, Alya sits with Marinette reacting sadly because she lied to Nino but Marinette tells Alya she did the right thing, and now they can hide their secrets. After school, Nino and Adrien are walking to Adrien's bodyguard's car. Meanwhile, Marinette and Alya just left the building. Marinette tells Alya teasingly without revealing anything that pretty soon she will go to patrol with Cat Noir and Alya will have to check whether Shadow Moth decides to akumatize someone. Alya then remembers she took a picture and excitingly shows Marinette a selfie that she took while she was Rena Furtive. It shows Rena Furtive in a pink, purple and orange suit. Marinette reminds Alya that she shouldn't post this on Ladyblog. Alya then deletes the pictures, and puts her head on Marinette's shoulder asking Marinette what to post on the Ladyblog as she is running out of content. Alya then comes up with creating video about Cat Noir. Meanwhile, Nino, seeing Alya putting her head on Marinette's shoulder, gets confused. Once Alya approached to Nino, he offered to take her to the movies. Alya declines at first, but Marinette tells her to go with him. She instantly changes her mind, and immediately goes with Nino.

Nino getting upset

At the movies, Nino and Alya watch the sequel to Les aventures de Ladybug & Chat Noir. A scene then shows Cat Noir and Rena Rouge flirting. Nino gets upset, calling it utterly ridiculous. Alya tries to console him by telling him it is just a movie for entertainment purposes and that it is fiction. They continue to watch, but Nino notices Alya looking at her phone. Alya notices Nino looking and quickly turns the phone off and smiles. After leaving the theater, Nino questioned Alya about what was she was showing Marinette on her phone. However, he sees Alya looking at her home screen again. Nino becomes suspicious of this. He then decides to offer to get ice cream from André. They approach him and begin to order ice cream together. However, Alya notices Ladybug signaling that she needs her. Alya quickly leaves and kisses Nino on the cheek. Nino becomes sad but notices Cat Noir jumping in the air, making him mad. Later, Nino sits in front of river watching one of Alya's videos on the Ladyblog, where she admires Cat Noir's tricks and stunts. Nino is convinces Alya might be in love with Cat Noir rather than him and gets very angry and upset. Nino then calls Adrien on the phone, telling him his theory about Alya and Cat Noir. Adrien laughs and refuses to believe that she can love someone whose identity she doesn't know. Adrien then says that the video proves nothing and that he might be wrong about his speculations. The call then ends. Adrien tells Plagg that he needs to confirm this as Cat Noir. Adrien transforms and heads to the Césaire apartment.

Cat Noir talking with Alya

Meanwhile, Nino creates a new look of himself as a detective. He talks to himself and goes to spy on Alya. In Alya's room, Alya hears a knock at the window. Trixx quickly hides. She opens the curtains and is shocked by seeing Cat Noir's appearance. She then asks him is everything fine and Cat Noir replies with yes, everything is fine. He tells Alya that he just came to tell her that he saw her video about him and was thinking that she might have feelings about him. Alya then laughs at Cat Noir, and replies she already have a boyfriend, who is better than Cat Noir. They decide to hug each other to resolve the misunderstanding. Nino sees them, but wasn't able to hear anything and runs off crying. The next day, Adrien is walking into school, and notices a cluster of bubbles. He then sees Nino, who wanted to show Adrien something that he has as proof. The boys head to the boiler room, where Nino asks Adrien to sit. When he tries to ask what's happening, Nino slams the desk, stating that he will be asking the questions. Nino shows a clip of Cat Noir and Alya together, which shocks Adrien. He tries to explains that it could just be a misunderstanding. Nino asks how he could know that, asking if he was involved, which Adrien quickly denies. Adrien further explains that Cat Noir and Alya barely know each other. He states that Alya is a superhero fan who records the battles of the heroes and adds that Alya wouldn't fall in love with someone that she barely knows. Nino explains that Alya is Rena Rouge and he is Carapace, which shocks Adrien that they both know each others secret identities. He adds that they both don't keep secrets between each other and that Ladybug gave their Miraculouses at the same time, which shocks Adrien even more stating that it is impossible for her to do that. Adrien continues that Cat Noir and Alya would still not know each other, but Nino states that he doesn't know what Cat Noir is like, he explains that Cat Noir is rejected whenever he tries to flirt with Ladybug, which annoys her, he then turns and flirts with Rena Rouge. Nino starts crying that he is alone and lost the love of his life to Cat Noir, which he wants to shut his mouth forever if he could.

Nino akumatized

Shadow Moth senses Nino's heartbreak due to Cat Noir, so he creates an akuma and sends it after him. It akumatizes his glasses and Nino becomes akumatized into Rocketear, a heartbroken and vengeful supervillain, who has tears that can destroy objects and wants to get his revenge on Cat Noir. Adrien tries to stop him, but Rocketear tells him he's not his enemy, Cat Noir is, so he throws him to the ground and leaves. Adrien sadly transforms into Cat Noir and decides to get his friend back. Cat Noir follows Rocketear. Meanwhile in Collège Françoise Dupont, Marinette and Alya talking to each other get disturbed by Rocketear. The girls go to the window to see what's going on, they see Cat Noir fighting against Rocketear, the villain says to Cat Noir that he stole Alya from him, so he will steal his life in return and he shoots more of his explosive tears at him. Cat Noir tries to reason with him, even saying that Alya still loves him, but Rocketear isn't listening and shouting that Cat Noir is a liar. Rocketear keeps firing more explosive tears at Cat Noir. In the classroom, watching from a distance Marinette and Alya notice this, Alya seems to have recognize the villain as Nino, which worries her. Marinette suggests that the both girls must find an area to transform and they secretly walk out of the classroom.

The girls head to the boiler room where they will transform. As they are about to find space, Marinette notices a desk, she sees a phone with a picture of Alya and Cat Noir hugging each other. Marinette asks Alya if she actually likes Cat Noir and Alya quickly denies it, stating that if Nino heard the conversation between them, he would understand. Marinette and Alya both transform, Ladybug summons her Lucky Charm, which gives her a projector, Ladybug tries to understand what to do with it, until Rena Rouge's flute and Nino's phone give her an idea.

Cat Noir faces Rocketear

Cat Noir and Rocketear are still fighting, with Cat Noir still trying to reason with him, but Rocketear wants nothing to do with him. To prove that he doesn't want to fight or hurt Rocketear, Cat Noir throws his staff to the ground and surrenders.

Rocketear, however, uses the opportunity to strike him down. Just before Rocketear could take his Miraculous, Ladybug interferes and tells him to listen to what actually happed during that conversation. With the help of Rena Furtive's Mirage providing the audio, Rocketear realizes his error. Rena Furtive then detransforms back into Alya and hugs Rocketear. Rocketear expresses how stupid he felt over distrusting Alya and apologizes. Alya also apologizes for not spending enough time with him lately and tells him how scared she was seeing him as a supervillain. With the negative emotions gone, Rocketear tells Shadow Moth to keep the powers he gave him, breaks free of the akumatization, and transforms back into Nino. Ladybug purifies the akuma and uses the Miraculous Ladybug to undo all the damage done. Shadow Moth states that love and secrets don't mix together and swears that such a combination will be Ladybug's downfall.

Rocketear breaking Akumatization

Ladybug gives a magical charm to Nino. While he accepts it, he states that he won't need to use it as he will never let Shadow Moth use his feelings for Alya against him ever again. The two smile at each other and Nino apologizes to Cat Noir, saying that he was wrong about him. Cat Noir accepts his apology in an upset tone. Ladybug asks if he is okay, he tells her that he is, the two do their pound it and then leave. Next scene, shows Adrien looking at a Ladyblog post about a pictures of the heroes together. He says to Plagg that he still can't believe that Ladybug trusts Nino and Alya with the miraculouses and knowing their hero identities. He is mad that they are a couple and they know their identities, but Ladybug tells him that they must never reveal their identities to each other. Plagg says that she is the guardian and she will find the right time to reveal their identities, which Adrien seems to agree with him.

Nino hugging Alya

Marinette is then seen calling Alya to apologize for causing trouble between her and Nino, Alya explains that it's okay which she got a solution for this, she asks Marinette if she trusts her, which Marinette replies yes, then they both hang up, Alya seems a bit worried. Alya calls for Nino's attention, which she wants to tell him something. Nino jokingly suggests that they both play Super Penguino instead, so that no one is upset again. Alya admits that she is still Rena Rouge, to which Nino is shocked. She explains that she is in hiding and Ladybug told her to not tell anyone. Nino is confused about why she is telling him her new role in the team, even though she is not allowed to tell anyone else and he also asks if Ladybug knows about her telling him this. Alya says that she can't hide more secrets from him, tells him that she loves him and they don't keep secrets from each other. They hug. The ending card appears.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Brazil on Gloob.
  • This is the fourth time Nino has been akumatized, following "The Bubbler", "Mayura" and "Oblivio".
    • However, unlike his previous akumatizations, Nino doesn't get akumatized into Bubbler, Shell Shock or Oblivio, but instead into a new villain, Rocketear.
  • The name of the titular villain is a pun on "rocketeer", meaning a person who operates rockets, and the words "rocket" and "tear", referring to his rocket-like exploding tears.
    • The French title, "Larme Ultime", literally means "final tear", but is also a pun on "L'arme ultime", meaning "final weapon".
  • Due to Alya's new role with helping Ladybug full time, her suit becomes dark blue and gains a camouflaged pattern. Rena Rouge now calls herself Rena Furtive.
    • As mentioned by Marinette, "furtive" is a French (and rare English) word that means "invisible", so "Rena Furtive" means "invisible fox".
    • According to her, her costume automatically adapted to her new role, out of the public eye. This is further confirmation that Miraculous holders can change their costume based on their thoughts, desires and role within the team, as alluded to by Plagg in "Frightningale" and proven in Kuro Neko.
    • As Ladybug is shown to be aware of her new suit, it's implied that she got it sometime before this episode. Because "Glaciator 2" and "Hack-San", are between "Sentibubbler" and "Rocketear" chronologically, but do not show Rena Rouge/Rena Furtive, the exact point in time she transformed is unknown.
  • The scientist at the beginning, who has brought four dinosaurs back to life, is named Anne-Jeanne Théoxanne du Bocquale. She was inspired by a Polynesian scientist.[6]
    • According to Thomas Astruc, she's "the youngest genius scientist of France in the Miraculous Universe".[7]
  • Bob Roth wants to buy the dinosaurs to put them on a theme park on an island, a reference to Jurassic Park.
  • It's revealed Rena Rouge now works in the shadows to both protect Ladybug, Cat Noir and their team from falling into any of Shadow Moth's traps and to follow the latter in case he appears in person.
  • This is the second time the footage rewinds to show another character's perspective, following "The Puppeteer 2".
    • Coincidentally, the two POV's shown in both episodes are of Alya and Marinette and Nino and Adrien.
  • Tom barges in on Marinette and a friend asking to play video games, just like in the episode "Gamer 2.0".
  • Despite Marinette asking Alya to make sure no one knows that she is Rena Rouge anymore, she ends up telling Nino that she is still Rena Rouge and is helping Ladybug during her missions.
  • Nino's detective outfit and desk in the boiler room are similar to those of Sherlock Holmes.
    • His investigation is a reference to the film noir genre.
  • Plagg mentions that his natural charisma might've rubbed off on Adrien, possibly suggesting that transformed holders gain their kwamis' personalities.
  • It is revealed that Adrien doesn't actually know the identities of Rena Rouge and Carapace, however because of Nino who unwillingly revealed them, he now knows their identities too.
    • Like in "Sentibubbler", Cat Noir's anger began to grow when he found out it was Ladybug who picked them and they already knew each other identities.
      • It could stem from the jealousy he feels, because while Rena and Carapace are together as a couple, he and Ladybug can't be together until Hawk Moth is defeated.
      • Ironically, unknown to them, he and Ladybug had already discovered the other's identity and were a couple, in "Oblivio", "Cat Blanc" and "Ephemeral", but due to their circumstances, they couldn't stay that way.
        • With him now knowing the identities of his friends what happened in "Sentibubbler", it should've made more sense to Adrien now as Ladybug wasn't fonding Rena over him as an act of favoritism but she was the one in the most danger.
      • When Nino mentions Ladybug giving him and Alya their Miraculouses together, he's referring to "Catalyst", however he failed to mention that the reason why the heroine unveiled the identities was because she was in a hurry.
        • Let alone that Alya figured out Nino's identity on her own while he was unaware until that episode.
  • Nino is the second person to reject Shadow Moth's control and returns back to normal on his own, following Alya in "Gang of Secrets".
    • This excludes Chloé and Félix as they hadn't transformed into a villain.
    • Unlike how it happened with Alya, who had to fight to release herself, the reason why he rejected Shadow Moth's powers was because he no longer needed them.
      • Which is also similar to a rule in the "Fairly Odd Parents" tv show as it states "once someone is given superpowers by magic or superheroes are wished for entirely". According to Timmy and his fairies they said, "They are so super-powerful they are invulnerable to magic". Meaning once they are given said powers the only they can be taken with fairy magic would be them giving their powers up or no longer needing them.
  • This is the first time that Ladybug or Cat Noir does not destroy the akumatized object, but instead the akumatized person deakumatizes on their own while under the influence of Shadow Moth.
    • Even though Alya deakumatized while under the control of Shadow Moth in "Gang of Secrets", she didn't carry the akumatized object.
  • This is the second time Adrien transforms with a sad expression, following "Santa Claws", and the sixth time he transforms on-screen in Season 4, following "Lies", "Psycomedian", "Gabriel Agreste", "Mega Leech" and "Sentibubbler".
    • Interestingly, the transformation sequence is new, rather than being recycled from "Santa Claws".
  • This episode shows a resemblance to "Lady Wifi", "Reverser", "Weredad", "Truth", "Lies" and "Gang of Secrets".
    • Like Nathaniel, Alya and Marinette, Nino jumped to conclusions too quickly and except for "Lady Wifi" and "Weredad" (directly) both times Marinette was indirectly, although unintentionally, responsible for what happened.
    • At their weakest points both Nino and Marinette revealed their identities to closest friends.
    • However both best friends handled it differently; Alya was fine with Marinette being the heroine and continued to give her support while Adrien was shocked and angry that Ladybug bent the rules and was keeping secrets again.
      • And yet, Cat Noir knew that Ladybug occasionally left the battlefield to find new allies ever since he was clued in by Master Fu as of "Syren" to "Miracle Queen". As it is a guardian (in training to full fledged one's) job to know the identity of their chosen. Which like Ladybug, he already knows the identity of most of their allies.
      • Adrien did the same thing back in "Startrain" when he found loopholes in his father's rules.
  • This is one of the several times where Cataclysm wasn't used.
  • When Shadow Moth said that secrets and love don't mix like in "Cat Blanc", he was partially right as he knew Ladybug was hiding secrets but he had forgotten that he was doing the same thing as well.
  • Just like "Mega Leech", Cat Noir also lied to Ladybug for the first time.
  • When Adrien voiced his frustrations about what happened but Plagg remained calm this could imply that before the French Miraculous superhero team, that there were other Miraculous holders who knew the identity of other holders referring to some of the holders in the past.
  • This is the third and fourth time where a person knows one of the person's hero identity but not the other:
    • Marinette knew of Adrien's identity as Aspik but not as Cat Noir.
    • Adrien knew of Marinette's identity as Multimouse but not as Ladybug.
      • He and Nino knew Alya's identity as Rena Rouge but not as Scarabella.
  • This is the first episode of Season 4, not to have a dotted pattern on the end card, being followed by "Penalteam".
  • This is the fourth time where we see a new variation of a miraculous holder or a new one entirely but with no background theme or transformation music following "Miraculous Shanghai", "Miraculous New York" and "Miracle Queen".


  • In one scene, Anne-Jeanne's left glove is missing.
  • The white butterflies surounding Shadow Moth in his lair vanish during certain shots.
  • The skin tone of Alya's edit of Rena Furtive with a pink costume is darker than Alya's.
  • Adrien's new sequence has some errors, with the lighting changing during the close up of the Cat Miraculous, the visual layering when Plagg enters the ring. The colour grading is also inconsistent through the sequence
    • While yelling out the transformation phrase, Adrien's pitch is much lower than normal
  • A white car toppled over by the blasts disapear in one shot
    • Later on it disappears again along with a black van which was also toppled


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