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"Repetition" is the third webisode of Miraculous: Tales from Paris.[1]


Marinette struggles with finding the confidence to ask Adrien out. So, Tikki is to the rescue to help her out![1]


In her bedroom, Marinette flips through her phone displaying pictures of Adrien. Upon seeing one, Tikki says that she likes it, and Marinette agrees. Marinette then explains that she lacks the ability to talk to Adrien, and Tikki proposes they practice together.

They begin practising. Tikki asks that she repeat after her and then models a possible request for Adrien - asking if would like to see a movie together. Marinette repeats it fine. Both are pleased with the success, however, when Marinette declares she's ready to speak to Adrien, Tikki disagrees. She grabs the cellphone and displays a picture of Adrien. This time, Marinette trips over her words. This disappoints Marinette, but Tikki reassures her. They both agree to practice again the following day.

Suddenly, Marinette's mother knocks on her door, curious as to why she was speaking. Marinette quickly explains she was on the phone with Alya, but Alya pops up though Marinette's trap door and exposes the lie. Alya suggests that Marinette was speaking with her posters of Adrien, and Marinette wearily agrees, causing Tikki to giggle.



  • When "Inspiration" was released, this episode's title, synopsis, and title card were used on the video.
  • This webisode was first released in French on TFOU in France.[2]
  • A comic version of this episode appeared in the first issue of Miraculous Adventures before the main story.


RPT Error

An animation error when Marinette is shrugging.

  • When Alya teases Marinette and smiles at the end of the episode, her smile goes over her glasses.
  • When Marinette shrugs after hearing Alya's suggestion at the end of the webisode, her hands are disconnected and her arms double for a single frame.


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