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Renlings are divine, sprite-like beings who embody human values. They can transform their user into a wild animal they must control.[1]

They are cousins of Kwamis, other spirit-like beings who embody abstract concepts.


Generally, Renlings are the same size as the kwamis. They have large heads, big eyes, and animalistic bodies, as opposed to kwamis. They are all bright red, with black swirl patterns, and on some, orange undersides. They all have lime green hair as of the concept art, when really they have sunshine yellow hair. They also seem to have purple mouths.


Renlings are divine beings that can levitate and are immortal. They can only be seen by the holder of the Prodigious, remaining invisible to everyone else. Unlike their cousins, the kwamis who can give different powers to their owners, the renlings can turn their owner into the animal they represent, as long the holder of the Prodigious possesses the value they embody.

List of known Renlings

The Renling of Justice.

Inhabits the Prodigious, allowing the wearer to turn into a dragon.

The Renling of Courage.

Inhabits the Prodigious, allowing the wearer to turn into a snake.

The Renling of Calmness.

Inhabits the Prodigious, allowing the wearer to turn into a bear.

The Renling of Honor.

Inhabits the Prodigious, allowing the wearer to turn into a horse.

The Renling of Confidence.

Inhabits the Prodigious, allowing the wearer to turn into an eagle.

The Renling of Patience.

Inhabits the Prodigious, allowing the wearer to turn into a mantis.

The Renling of Compassion.

Inhabits the Prodigious, allowing the wearer to turn into a monkey.

The Renling of Discipline.

Inhabits the Prodigious, allowing the wearer to turn into a tiger.




  • "Renling" is a play on the Chinese words "rèn lǐng" (认领/認領), meaning to claim/adopt/accept someone and/or something as their own.
  • They share a color scheme with Ladydragon.
  • Their five colors (green, red, orange, black, white) fit the five elements of Wu Xing, wood, fire, earth, water and metal.
  • They are the "cousins" of the Kwamis.[2]
  • The renlings seemingly correspond to animals that frequently appear in the imagery of Southern styles of martial arts. The Five Animals are the Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Snake and Dragon. Alternate sets replace the Leopard and the Dragon with the Monkey and the Mantis. Other animal styles include the Eagle and Bear among others.[3]
  • According to Jeremy Zag, Ladybug and Cat Noir will meet their owner who is very special.[1]
  • Just like the kwamis, renlings are bound or connected to a certain object (kwamis with their Miraculouses and renlings to the Prodigious). However, each of the kwamis have their own miraculous; all the renlings are bound to one object together.
  • Ma Ma, Hu Hu, She She, Hou Hou and Long Long are based off of Kaalki, Sass, Longg, Xuppu and Roaar from the Chinese Miracle Box.
  • Xiong Xiong and Ying Ying are based off of Liiri and the Bear Kwami from the Native American Miracle Box.
  • Tang Tang is the only renling that wasn't based off of any known kwami.



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