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Scene: Miraculous Ladybug fixed the broken Eiffel Tower and both of them land on a rooftop.

Cat Noir: I don't call the shoots, M'lady. You're the superhero capturing evil akumas while I'm the cunning, ultra-charming Cat Noir.
Ladybug: Right... you have it easy.
Cat Noir: Easy? That's because I make it look easy.
Ladybug: As cunning as you might be, that little prank you pulled earlier almost made my Lucky Charm fail.
Cat Noir: You know why Master Fu gave you the Ladybug Miraculous instead of me?
Ladybug: Because it requires someone with a sense of responsibility?
Cat Noir: No, because you don't have a sense of humor.
Ladybug: Pfft, whatever.
Cat Noir: Uh, look, it's no big deal. You have so many other great qualities. I'm just in charge of the humor department.
Ladybug: You better get going before you lose your clown costume.
Cat Noir: Miss you already, Bugaboo.
Ladybug: Don't call me-!
Cat Noir: See? I was right!

Scene: Couffaine houseboat. Juleka repeatedly puts her bangs over her eyes and behind her head.

Luka: Don't you want to be a model anymore?
Juleka: Yeah, but... no one's ever gonna pick me.
Luka: Have you tried talking to Marinette about your idea?
Juleka: I don't want to bother her with that.
Luka: You're really pretty, Jul. I'm sure Marinette would love to have you as her model. (clips Juleka's bangs back) You gotta follow your dream in life. Don't let them pass you by. You were made for this. (kisses Juleka's cheek) Go for it.

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont.

Marinette: Since Ms. Mendeleiev wasn't in today, what should we do now that we're out an hour early?
Alya: We should use this extra time to make that video for Marinette's soon-to-be website.
Rose, Alix, & Mylène: Yeah, good idea.
Alya: Remember I asked you guys to think about modeling Marinette's designs? Well, any takers?
Juleka: I... I'd like to do it. (The girls gasp)
Marinette: Juleka?
Mylène: I've never seen the top half of your face before.
Rose: It really suits you.
Juleka: (mumbling) Well, it's just a barrette. I mean...
Alya: We've got our model!

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