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"That Miraculous seems so powerful, how come we don't use it more often?"
"Because traveling through time is very dangerous. Interfering with events can have serious consequences."

Cat Noir and Adult Alix, "Timetagger"

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The Rabbit Miraculous, also called the Time Miraculous, is a pocket watch that, whenever Fluff inhabits it, transforms the wearer into a rabbit-themed superhero with the power of Evolution.[1]

To activate the pocket watch, the user must speak the transformation phrase: "Clockwise". To deactivate the pocket watch, the user must speak the detransformation phrase: "Counter Clockwise".

It was previously being stored in the Chinese Miracle Box. In the future, when the situation called for it, the pocket watch will temporarily be lent to Alix Kubdel, who will use it to transform into Bunnyx. In "Strikeback", it was stolen by Gabriel Agreste.

In "Evolution", the Rabbit Miraculous is recovered from Monarch after present Alix, as Canigirl, uses Fetch to take it from him, using it to become the superhero she was fated to become. After that, Ladybug allows Alix to remain with the Miraculous so she can keep on helping them until Monarch is defeated.


In general, the Rabbit Miraculous is a pocket watch. In its charged mode, when Fluff inhabits it, it becomes blue with a white design in the center with five black circles and black circular gems, and on top it has a blue cone. In the middle of the cover, a clock face is seen; the hands on the clock face are arranged to look like the ears of a rabbit. If a minor is using the Miraculous, the pocket watch starts running out of power, and it makes a beeping sound, and the yellow gems start disappearing (one part is equivalent to one minute) Alix (or another Rabbit Miraculous holder) has left.

In its activated mode, the pocket watch loses the five yellow gems.

In its camouflage mode, the pocket watch changes color and form depending on whose possession it's in:

  • In the possession of Alix Kubdel , it is silver with a circular pattern engraved on the cover. When opened, it reveals what appears to be a blue hologram of a woman holding a clock with the current time.[2]


Alix transform.gif

The Rabbit Miraculous has the ability to transform its wielder into a rabbit-themed superhero, granting its wielder incredible superhuman powers of speed, endurance, agility, stamina and strength. It also makes the user nearly invulnerable.

Its special weapon is an unbreakable umbrella, which can be also be utilized as both a weapon, a communicator, and an object that can be used to breathe underwater. Its special superpower is named Burrow, which gives the user the ability to create a portal that leads into a pocket dimension known as the rabbit burrow. In this space, there are many portals, through which, anyone can view and travel to any point in the past, present, or future in order to obtain their goal, like defeating a villain. It is also shown to be able to take the holder to any place they desire in the present, similar to the horse, as in "Timetagger", Bunnyx was seen using Burrow to teleport and sneak attack Timetagger from behind. A major difference between it and the power of the Snake Miraculous, is that the Rabbit allows its user to go back to participate in events of the past, while not necessarily changing the future the user came from. However, unlike Snake Miraculous users, they can suffer from changes in the timeline as shown in "Cat Blanc".

Uniquely of all Miraculouses, the Rabbit Miraculous does not have a one shot time limit even when used by someone who isn't a mature adult due to its strong connection to the concept of time. The power of Burrow can thus be used as many times as desired without the user transforming back. However upon de-transforming, the user will suffer a temporal imbalance as a side-effect.

List of owners


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A French teenage girl and a temporary Rabbit Miraculous holder, who also possesses the Ladybug and the Horse Miraculouses. Unifying the three Miraculous, she transforms temporarily into Pennybug.
A French teenage girl and the current Rabbit Miraculous holder. She uses the Miraculous to transform into Bunnyx.
A French teenage boy and a temporarily Rabbit Miraculous holder, who also possesses the Cat Miraculous. Unifying the two Miraculous, he transforms temporarily into Rabbit Noir.
A French teenage girl and a temporary Rabbit Miraculous holder. Despite holding it for some time, she never activated it.
A famous French fashion designer and a former Rabbit Miraculous holder, who also possesses the Butterfly Miraculous. In "Evolution", he unified them to go to the past and to prevent his wife's coma.


The guardians of the Miraculouses. The Order protected the Rabbit Miraculous until the Mother Box was guarded by Su-Han and the incident with Fu's sentimonster.
The last known remaining guardian. He stored the Rabbit Miraculous in the Chinese Miracle Box when not in use, until he relinquishes his duty as guardian and lost his memory in the process.
A French teenage girl who briefly kept the Rabbit Miraculous after she received the Chinese Miracle Box from Hawk Moth.
A student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont. In "Timebreaker", Alix's birthday gift is the "other" Rabbit Miraculous.
A French teenage girl who briefly kept the Rabbit Miraculous after Alix gave it to her to hold during a race she had against Kim.
A celestial guardian who protected the Rabbit Miraculous until an accident with Fu's sentimonster.

A French teenager. After Wang Fu gave up his duty as a guardian and lost his memory in the process, Marinette became the new guardian of the Miraculous. She kept the Rabbit Miraculous in the Chinese Miracle Box when it was not in use but lost it when Félix steals her yo-yo to exchange all the Miraculous that were kept inside it for the Peacock Miraculous.

A historian at the Louvre and the father of Alix and Jalil. He unknowingly stored the "other" Rabbit Miraculous.
A French teenage boy who briefly kept the Rabbit Miraculous after Marinette gave it to him to hold during a race Alix had against Kim.
A famous French designer who got the Rabbit Miraculous when Félix stole Ladybug's yo-yo, which contained all of the Miraculouses and gave them, along with Gabriel's ring, to exchange them for the Peacock Miraculous.





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  • Rabbits symbolize vigilance, abundance, speed, and harmony.
  • It is currently unknown why the Rabbit Miraculous holder doesn't gain any yellow color scheme, despite the Miraculous itself having yellow gems.
  • The Rabbit Miraculous being a watch is a reference to the White Rabbit in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, who carries a watch and obsesses over being late.
    • By extension, the Miraculous' blue-and-white along with the yellow gems color scheme is a reference to the dress Alice wears and her yellow hair color, typically colored blue with a white apron, popularized by Disney's 1951 film adaptation.
  • This is the first Miraculous whose transformation phrase refers to an aspect of the Miraculous itself rather than the animal it represents.
  • This is the second Miraculous to be able to open and store something inside of it after the Butterfly Miraculous, in this case a clock and hologram projectors.
    • The second Miraculous to have secondary functions even in camouflage mode, being able to tell the time, send and receive messages through time (as seen in "Timetagger") followed by the Butterfly Miraculous.
  • This is the first, and so far only, Miraculous which isn't worn by its holder and can be activated simply by holding it.
  • Unlike the other Miraculouses, the Rabbit Miraculous doesn't have to be worn to stay transformed, just holding it is enough.
  • The Rabbit Miraculous (future version) is the second Miraculous to be damaged for a long period of time, following the Peacock Miraculous.
    • With the past version of the Rabbit Miraculous albeit in camouflage mode as of "Timebreaker" it was the first Miraculous jewel to end up being destroyed and repaired following the Cat and Bee Miraculouses.
      • The watch is broken in two different timelines, the second of which is created by Timebreaker with Ladybug being pulled back in time and ultimately fixing the watch with Miraculous Ladybug.
      • This is the second known Miraculous to be cataclysmed. The first is the Bee Miraculous and later being followed the Turtle Miraculous, being the third.
      • Chronologically, this is the third known Miraculous to be cataclysmed, since the Miraculous was cataclysmed in an unknown future, and the Turtle Miraculous was cataclysmed in "Optigami", and this unknown future wasn't shown before and during the events of the episode happened.
      • If the past version is followed it's also the first one to be destroyed by other means.
  • While unknown to them, this Miraculous was handled by the most present characters, with seven so far, being held by Alim Kubdel, Alix Kubdel, Alya Césaire, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Adrien Agreste, and Chloé Bourgeois in "Timebreaker".
  • The watch was sent back to the 19th century to one of the Kubdels' ancestors, and has been passed down to the youngest child in each generation since.[6]
    • The watch being given to the youngest child, Alix, instead of the oldest child, Jalil, is mentioned in the French version, but not in the English version.
  • According to Bunnyx, she is the last resort of the future French Miraculous superhero team due to the consequences of her Miraculous' powers.
  • Owing to it's non-linear relationship with time (being both passed down from Ancient Egypt through the Kubdel family and stored in the Miracle Box), this Miraculous is technically active at all times.
  • In "Strikeback", Marinette unifies the Rabbit Miraculous with the Ladybug and Horse Miraculous and temporarily becomes Pennybug.
  • The Rabbit and the Horse Miraculouses are the only known ones to use a portal for their power.
  • The Rabbit is the only Miraculous with two alternating logo's, one is a rabbit head, the other is a cotton tail.
    • The cotton tail logo appears to be the official symbol for the Rabbit Miraculous.
  • In "Evolution", Ladybug states that the Rabbit Miraculous it is the most powerful of all the Miraculouses, with Bunnyx adding it is also the most dangerous, due to the nature of its superpower.
  • It's the tenth Miraculous used for evil, even if briefly, following the Butterfly Miraculous, the Peacock Miraculous, the Cat Miraculous (only in the alternate future in "Cat Blanc" and briefly in an alternative timeline in "Ephemeral" by Shadow Noir), the Bee Miraculous (briefly in "Miracle Queen" by Miracle Queen and in "Evolution" by Monarch), the Eagle Miraculous (briefly in "Miraculous New York" by Miraclonizer), the Turtle Miraculous (briefly in "Optigami" by Senticarapace and later in "Strikeback" and in "Evolution" by Monarch), the Ladybug Miraculous (briefly in an alternative timeline in "Ephemeral" by Shadow Noir), the Dog Miraculous (briefly in "Strikeback" by Flairmidable and later in "Evolution" by Monarch) and the Fox Miraculous (in "Strikeback" and in "Evolution" by Monarch).
  • The Rabbit Miraculous is the Miraculous with the most unifications, with nine: with the Ladybug, the Horse, the Butterfly, the Turtle, the Fox, the Bee, the Dragon, the Cat and the Dog Miraculouses:
    • In "Strikeback", Marinette unifies the Rabbit Miraculous with the Ladybug and the Horse Miraculouses to become Pennybug.
    • In "Evolution", Gabriel unifies the Rabbit Miraculous with the Butterfly, the Turtle, the Fox, the Bee, the Dragon and the Dog Miraculouses to become Monarch.
    • Also in "Evolution", Adrien unifies the Rabbit Miraculous with the Cat Miraculous to become Rabbit Noir.
    • Still in "Evolution", Alix unifies the Rabbit Miraculous with the Dog Miraculous.


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