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The Prodigious is a magical pendant necklace that was abandoned for the existence of the Miraculouses. It contains all the Renlings' powers.

To activate the necklace and transform into the default "renren", the user must perform the Bao Quan Li (Chinese:握紧拳头), to deactivate the necklace and return to their normal non-powered self, the user must simply mentally wish to do so as seen with Fei Wu in "Miraculous Shanghai".


The Prodigious is a red, circular pendant necklace with a gold rim engraved with the 8 Renling symbols (the dragon's symbol in the centre with the symbols of the eagle, snake, monkey, tiger, bear, horse and mantis surrounding it in a clockwise manner). It is attached to a small black and cyan top which is suspended by a thin, black string.


The Prodigious allows the user to transform into any of eight different animals, the same animals that the renlings resemble, as long as the user possesses the value that renling embodies: a dragon, a bear, a monkey, an eagle, a horse, a mantis, a snake, and a tiger. According to Mei Shi, the dragon power is the strongest out of all of them.

To transform into each animal, the holder must say the name of the renling that they wish to transform into, as well as showing the value the renling represents. As a renling's name is a double of the same word, when saying the name of the renling, the renren only needs to say it once. For example, if the holder wishes to use Xiong Xiong, the bear renling of Calmness to transform themselves into a bear, they must say "Xiong" instead of "Xiong Xiong" while showing calmness. The list of renlings and the values they represent is listed on the renlings' page.

List of Owners


A Chinese teenage girl and current user of the Prodigious.
A famous French fashion designer and a temporary Prodigious holder. Despite holding it for some time, he never activated it.


He formerly kept the Prodigious in the Dragon Cave.
A magical spirit and protector of the Dragon Cave and the Prodigious.




  • The Prodigious looks similar to the Mouse Miraculous in charged form.
  • The Prodigious's ability to make Fei transform into animals is similar to the powers of superheroes from DC such as Beast Boy and Vixen
    • The Prodigious's ability is also similar to Animan's abilities.
  • When using the Dragon's power, the user of the Prodigious gains the same elemental powers as the user of the Dragon Miraculous.
  • Unlike the Miraculouses, which allows any user to access their power whether good or bad, the Prodigious only allows the user to access a certain animal form if they possess the value that said animal represents. Because Fei initially confused the meaning of justice and vengeance, she was unable to access the power of the dragon at first, whose value is justice.
    • The Prodigious owner can change between animals anytime and can frequently do so, as shown by Fei.
    • The Prodigious owner doesn't need an activation command and will transform into the Renren just by wearing the jewel.
  • The Prodigious users are called "Renren".
  • As the Miraculouses were made by the mage it's unknown if said mage also made the Prodigious or not.
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