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It is for good reason that the Prodigious was abandoned in favor of the Miraculous! It was secured in that cave because it is too powerful, too dangerous!

Nooroo, "Miraculous Shanghai"

The Prodigious is a magical pendant necklace that was abandoned for the existence of the Miraculouses. It contains the powers of all of the Renlings' and allows the user to transform into a superhero. The owner of the Prodigious is known as the "Renren" (Chinese: 任人).

To activate the necklace, the user must perform the Bao Quan Li (Chinese: 抱拳禮). To deactivate the necklace and return to their normal non-powered self, the user must simply mentally wish to do so.

The Prodigious is currently owned by Fei Wu, who uses it to transform into Ladydragon.


The Prodigious is a red, circular pendant necklace with a red dragon scale pattern and a gold rim engraved with the 8 Renling symbols (the dragon's symbol in the centre with the symbols of the eagle, snake, monkey, tiger, bear, horse and mantis surrounding it in a clockwise manner). It is attached to a small black and cyan top which is suspended by a thin, black string.


The Prodigious allows the user to transform into any of eight different animals at will, the same animals that the renlings resemble; a dragon, a bear, a monkey, an eagle, a horse, a mantis, a snake, and a tiger. The user can only transform into an animal if they possess the value that the corresponding renling embodies:

  • To use Long Long to transform into a Dragon, the user must possess the value of Justice.
  • To use Xiong Xiong to transform into a Bear, the user must possess the value of Calmness.
  • To use Hou Hou to transform into a Monkey, the user must possess the value of Compassion.
  • To use Ying Ying to transform into an Eagle, the user must possess the value of Confidence.
  • To use Ma Ma to transform into a Horse, the user must possess the value of Honor.
  • To use Tang Tang to transform into a Mantis, the user must possess the value of Patience.
  • To use She She to transform into a Snake, the user must possess the value of Courage.
  • To use Hu Hu to transform into a Tiger, the user must possess the value of Discipline.

According to Mei Shi, the Dragon power is the strongest out of all of them. The Dragon transformation allows the user to manipulate the elements of the weather, allowing the user to create whirlwinds, summon waterspouts, and shoot blasts of lightning from their mouth.

To transform into each animal, the holder must say the name of the Renling whose animal that they wish to transform into, while also showing the value the renling represents. As a Renling's name is a double of the same word, when saying the name of the renling, the renren only needs to say it once. For example, if the holder wishes to use Xiong Xiong, the bear renling of Calmness to transform themselves into a bear, they say "Xiong" instead of "Xiong Xiong" while showing calmness.

The Prodigious owner can change between animals anytime and can frequently do so, as shown by Fei.

If the user doesn't possess the value of that the animal represents, then the user won't be able to transform into that animal. For example, if the user intends to take revenge rather than letting justice take its course, then they won't be able to transform into a dragon.

The reason the Prodigious was abandoned was because it was considered to be far too powerful and dangerous. This means its power surpasses the strength of the Miraculouses, even the incredibly powerful ones, such as the Snake, Rabbit, and even the Ladybug and the Cat.

List of Owners


A former user of the Prodigious, likely the cause of the Prodigious to be sealed in the Sacred Cave.
A famous French fashion designer and a temporary Prodigious holder. Despite holding it for some time, he never activated it.
A Chinese teenage girl and current user of the Prodigious.


He formerly kept the Prodigious in the Sacred Cave.
The magical Lion Statue, who protected the Sacred Cave and the Prodigious, for many centuries.





  • The Prodigious looks similar to the Rabbit Miraculous and the Mouse Miraculous in their charged forms, as well as the Ladybug Miraculous in its camouflaged form.
  • The word "prodigious" means extraordinary in size or amount, referencing how it is even more powerful than the most powerful Miraculouses.
  • The Prodigious's ability to make Fei transform into Animals is similar to the powers of superheroes from DC such as Beast Boy and Vixen.
    • The Prodigious's ability is also similar to Animan's abilities.
  • When using the Dragon's power, the user of the Prodigious gains the same elemental powers as the user of the Dragon Miraculous.
  • Unlike the Miraculouses, which allows any user to access their power whether they are good or evil, the Prodigious only allows the user to access a certain animal form if they possess the value that said animal represents.
    • Because Fei initially confused the difference between Justice and Revenge, she was unable to access the power of the Dragon at first, whose value is Justice.
  • It's currently unknown if the Prodigious was made by the same mage who made the Miraculouses.
    • However, it was confirmed that the Prodigious was a prototype for the Miraculouses.[1]
  • It's been said that the powers of the Prodigious is too powerful and dangerous to use, resulting it in being sealed away but in specific terms it hasn't been fully explained why. However since the kwamis' powers were too dangerous to use without an owner, it's implied that maybe this jewel was most likely the same.
  • As shown in Gabriel Agreste's research at the beginning of the special, each animal of the Prodigious seems to be connected with one of the eight elements of Bagua, a Chinese concept explaining the fundamental principles/concepts of reality.
    • The Tiger aligns with Heaven (☰)
    • The Eagle aligns with Lake (☱)
    • The Snake aligns with Fire (☲)
    • The Monkey aligns with Wind (☴)
    • The Dragon aligns with Water (☵)
    • The Mantis aligns with Thunder (☶)
    • The Horse aligns with Mountain (☳)
    • The Bear aligns with Earth (☷)
  • It's the first jewel to not have a weapon or tool for the user.
  • It's unknown if Hawk Moth knew about how to activate it or if he found a way to use it without requiring the values needed to transform. Had Hawk Moth actually tried to use it, he would have been unable to utilize all the transformations.
  • The same human values that are the powers of the Prodigious are the same values and traits most guardians look for when choosing Miraculous holders.


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