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Season 1

The Bubbler

What's your problem? Relax! You're getting the party you always wanted. […] You may never get this chance again. C'mon, let's have a little fun while your father's away. Then, we'll save Nino, trap his Akuma, and all will be good.

Mr. Pigeon

Oh, the exhaustion! My poor aching body, I can't move a muscle.
Ah, my gooiness!

Stormy Weather

I'm not here! I'm sleeping!
For your information, I can smell Camembert in my sleep. It's only one of my many talents.


What are you lookin' at me for? I didn't eat [your phone], I swear!

The Pharaoh

Don't you think you'd know [Ladybug], then? Why bother yourself with ladies when you could be enjoying [Camembert]?
Wow! I love the face changes! You could use that one!
Oh, do you seriously think this mumbo jumbo with the sun and mummy stuff is gonna work?

Lady Wifi

That was the chance to find out who the love of your life really is! What were you thinking?


That's not Camembert... But it is very shiny. I like shiny, hmm!
If by big, you're referring to my rock-hard abs, why, thanks for noticing!
I thought it was a Camembert box! Anyone can make a mistake.

Dark Cupid

So she's got eyes, arms, legs — big deal! How can you possibly be in love with Ladybug? You don't even know who she really is!
I love Cheddar, I love Swiss, and I love Camembert.
Awww, the poor boy's frustrated because he can't finish the poem for his masked sweetheart?
Gross! You're making me lose my appetite... almost.
Can you believe all the horrible, thoughtless things you said to Ladybug?
What's the big deal? You've got so many cards from all these lady fans of yours. Take your pick!
Awww, well, anyone who writes as sickeningly sweet as you must be your soulmate.


And you say I stink of Camembert!


Whoa, that's some medieval madness!

The Mime

I thought I was gonna be a spectator, not a performer. What about the show?

Ladybug & Cat Noir

I met [the genie in the lamp] once. So he grants wishes. Big deal! I'm way more personable! Plagg. Nice to meet you. Ooh, swanky!
Ohh! So shiny! Can you eat this? No, you can't. Ooh, what about this?
Look, I'm a kwami. I grant powers. Yours is the power of destruction. Got it? Good. And now, got anything to eat? I'm starving!
If you expect me to get my energy back after a transformation, I need to eat something more... delicate!
Only Ladybug can capture akumas and repair damage caused by supervillains.
Wait, I haven't finished explaining!


You're such a strange kid. Who would wanna be at school when you could stay at home all day?
If you want to be able to transform into a superhero, then stinky cheese is the deal, my friend!
A day off? Now that's what I'm talkin' about!
First day of school and we already have two lovebirds.

Simon Says

Oh my! What was that all about? Sweet love?

Kung Food

You didn't happen to pick up a little piece of Camembert during all this cooking chaos, did you?

The Puppeteer

Just when we'd shaken off your bodyguard. [...] What about the movie? The buttery popcorn?
What? I'm savoring my cheese!


Ooh! I love dirty secrets.
My, my, what have we got here? A book on Tibet, an old flyer from a hotel, a load of junk — come on, where's the good stuff?
I've seen this book somewhere before. But who cares? I'm famished! I need Camembert!
Wouldn't Cat Noir be more useful in this situation?
You really think you can take down Volpina without your superpowers? Without me?
So, was I right or was I right?

Season 2

Santa Claws

♫ I wish that I could help you, to assist your transformation, but I can't Adrien, don't you see? I'm tired and distressed, I've got nothing to digest, I'm weak and I'm running on empty. ♫

The Collector

Look on the bright side. Your father could've found out about me! It's a good thing we kwamis can never be filmed or photographed. Ah, those photographers have no idea what they're missing!
Return to school?! Are you crazy?! No more homework, no more alarm clocks! We should be celebrating! Hey, I know! I named this piece El Plaggo. It's been maturing for nine hundred and ninety-nine days!
May I remind you that you're actually grounded?


You're sure taking some risks today.
Didn't you hear what [Ladybug] said? She said to wait here! You can't disobey her!


We didn't even get in on the buffet!


Yeah, but not the kind [of emotion] that really matters. A robot doesn't eat, so he'll never experience the pure elation of tasting an exquisite Camembert!


Aww, I was just about to take a cheese break!


You could've at least grabbed the piece of Camembert on that platter!
You seem in a hurry to get stood up. [...] But [Ladybug] didn't say she was [coming] either.
The only way to get over a heartache is to eat a whole bunch of cheese! Shall we?
Blagh! All this sweet talk is grossing me out! I need Camembert!


If you don't transform soon, you might wind up like a gooey pile of Camembert!
And what rabbit are you planning to pull out of your hat now? You can't be Cat Noir and Adrien at the same time!

Captain Hardrock

Come on, now. Don't be so down in the dumps. Look at the bright side. Now you can enjoy all of the concerts without leaving the comfort of your own room!
As your friend, I'm going to give you a private concert that you'll never forget!
~♫~ Camembert! You're the cheese of my dreams! Camembert! You make life better than it seems! ~♫~


Great choice of fabric! And these seams! Amazing craftsmanship!
I've always found that little bell so ridiculous! Then again, the costume is what you really wanted deep down, isn't it?
No way! People are blind!


Admit it. That was all just a ploy to try and get a kiss out of Ladybug.


I'm just a kwami, Adrien, and we kwamis have a right to remain silent.
There's only one thing in this world that smells as good as cheese[dirty socks]!
Oh, I'm sure there'll be another Cat Noir to give me cheese... but he won't be you.
Oh, no! I hate transforming!


Well, well, Casanova. You got yourself a new contender?
Ladybug doesn't love you, so maybe it's about time change your tune, right?
I don't know a thing about human girls, but whenever I meet a beautiful Camembert, I introduce myself: "Hello, Camembert. I'm Plagg. So very nice to eat you!"


Oh, come on! Are you going to finally put cheese on that bread or what?
Looky there! Another secret admirer.
Don't forget to save a baguette for me. I just love Camembert on sourdough!

Style Queen

Uh-oh. We've got a problem!
That tomcat's really got himself stuck up in a tree this time.
Yes, [Cat Noir] tends to copy me a bit too much. Yet, lately, he's been doing really silly things. In five thousand years I've never experienced such an irresponsible Miraculous owner. As a result, he's lost his ring and it's just me that's able to help you out.
Dangerous? Me? How so?
[The disappearance of Atlantis?] I'd had too much cheese.
[The Leaning Tower of Pisa?] I didn't see it.
[Dinosaurs?] Oh! Yeah… okay. No, I— I... did go too far there. But I was young.
Meow. Style faux pas. Cataclysm!......You better hurry and fix everything!
(With Ladybug) Pound it!
Don't worry. I'll be on [Cat Noir] like mold on cheese.


Hey, Sugarcube!
No, but you should [call me Stinky Sock]. That would be delightful, Sugarcube.
So what lies did you tell your owner in order to sneak out tonight?
Maybe I should try [telling the truth] someday; see what it's like.
I was so grossed out by your kindness that it made me really hungry.
[Crying?] Who, me? Of course not! Are you kidding?
The last one there won't get any cheese!
Hey, Wayzz! How's it goin'?
Brothers and sisters living within the walls of the Miracle Box, on this special day, I brought you some delicious cheese. [...] Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice it on the way here to feed a poor, starving kitten.
The real [Adrien] talks nonsense but it's never this bad.
I better go find [Adrien]. I just hope he's not living a nightmare without me around!
I already know what my worst nightmare is, and you'll never get me to eat dairy-free cheese!
Hahaha! I'm your worst nightmare!
Yeah, that's true. It's their faults.
Thank you, Adrien. [...] No. Just… thanks for letting me do whatever I want, almost all the time. [...] You're the best Cat Noir I've ever had, Adrien. But let's not get too cheesy about it now, huh?


Heroes Day... We’re already heroes. Come on, let’s go back to bed!
See that? I barely destroyed anything.


Let's share [the Camembert]. You're gonna need it, too.
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