Bee Nasca Icon.png This page lists designs and outfits for Plagg. Both final and conceptual designs are presented here.

Final designs


Plagg (Mime).png
Plagg is a small black creature that is 10 centimeters tall. He has a large head and small body. His appearance is very cat-like, having cat ears, a tail, two cat incisors, and green cat-like eyes, along with one whisker on his forehead and he also has one whisker on each cheek.
First appearance: "The Bubbler"

Chloé's bracelet stuck on Plagg

Plagg (Chloe's Bracelet).png
Plagg gets Chloé Bourgeois' bracelet stuck on his head, the bracelet covering his eyes.
First appearance: "Rogercop"

Aqua Plagg

Aqua Plagg.png
Aqua Plagg's whiskers are glowing light green. He has a tail with a caudal fin instead of legs, and his arms have pectoral fins, all of his fins being light green.
First appearance: "Syren"

Plagg Glacier

Plagg Glacier (Frozer).png
On his forehead, Plagg Glacier has three glowing diamond-shaped ice shards, and he has thick black fur around his neck and on his chest.
First appearance: "Frozer"

Comic designs

Miraculous Adventures Plagg

Plagg (Comic Issue 2).png
Plagg's comic book design is the same as his design in the television series, although he is bigger in size.
First appearance: "Miraculous Adventures Issue 1"

Conceptual designs

Ladybug PV Plagg

PV LQ (37).png
Plagg is black with cat ears, a cat tail, three whiskers, and solid green eyes without pupils.
First appearance: "Ladybug PV"

Later Plagg design

Plagg concept.png
Plagg has the same appearance as his final design.

Asian conical hat

SDCC concept poster.jpg
In a conceptual poster for "The Chinese Legend", Plagg wears an Asian conical hat with holes for his ears.

Conceptual Miraculous chibi Plagg

Miraculous Chibi Design Plagg.png
Plagg has chibi proportions.

Promotional designs

Ghost costume

Plagg Ghost 2.png
Plagg wears a white sheet with eye holes over his body, stopping before his feet and tail.

Vampire costume

Plagg Design Vampire Halloween.png
Plagg wears a black cape with a red inner side.
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