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Released on August 27, 2016 (Nick); February 10, 2017 (Netflix); November 12, 2019 (Disney+)

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Who cares about danger? Jagged Stone can't turn down a television appearance!

Jagged Stone, "Pixelator"

"Pixelator" is the nineteenth episode of the first season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. It first premiered on August 27, 2016, on Nickelodeon and February 10, 2017, on Netflix.[1][2]



When Vincent's favorite rock star refuses to pose for a picture with him, he is akumatized into Pixelator.[1]


Rejected by a rock star, an angry fan becomes Pixelator, who traps Parisians in his camera's memory until Cat Noir and Ladybug halt his photo spree.[2]

Disney Channel

A fan seeks a picture with his favourite rock star, but the star doesn't comply, so the fan is transformed into the evil Pixelator and the star winds up in danger.[3]


Caline Bustier talks to her students about how they will be able to try some of the jobs in Le Grand Paris. As André Bourgeois looks through this list of jobs for people, Miss Bustier finds that Marinette and Alya aren't on the list. Alya whispers to Marinette that she thinks who knows who helped the mayor pick out the jobs while staring at Chloé. Marinette is upset that Chloé gets to spend the whole day with Adrien and declares that today will be the worst day ever. Chloé then calls out for her father and gives him a sheet with the jobs for Alya and Marinette. Alya ends up having to sort trash in the principle dumpster. Before Mr. Bourgeois gets the chance to tell Marinette her job, Jagged Stone bursts in with his assistant, Penny Rolling, and his pet crocodile, Fang, asking for a luxury suite room. At first, Mr. Bourgeois doesn't want to let Jagged inside, but after Chloé tells her dad who he is, André welcomes him into his hotel. Meanwhile, a fan of Jagged sneaks into the hotel and hides behind a desk. The fan, revealed to be Vincent Aza, tries to sneak a few photos of Jagged but is caught by Fang. Vincent asks Jagged for a few photos since they are friends, but Jagged tells Vincent they aren't friends. Penny scolds him and throws him out of the hotel, warning him to stay away from Jagged and threatening to take away his camera if he ever comes near him again.

Vincent becomes frustrated by this, and as a result, he is akumatized into Pixelator by Hawk Moth.

After this, Mr. Bourgeois tells Marinette that she is the gopher. Alya wonders what that is, and Marinette guesses that it's as bad as trash duty. In Jagged Stone's room, Penny tells André and Marinette that Jagged wants a pair of red, white, and blue sunglasses with Eiffel Towers on them. André tells Marinette to get the special glasses for Jagged since she is the gopher, which he explains is someone who finds anything a guest asks for.

Marinette runs out of Le Grand Paris to the Eiffel Tower and buys a pair of sunglasses. Tikki tells Marinette that the glasses she bought aren't even close to what Jagged Stone wants and she should just do the job right the first time. Before Marinette can reply, a lady passing by with her child sees Tikki inside of Marinette's bag and freaks out. As a cover, Tikki meows, pretending to be a cat.

Marinette gives Jagged the glasses, but he doesn't like them. Marinette tries to explain that she couldn't find the glasses he requested, but Jagged doesn't care and kicks her out, demanding her to find the glasses he wants. Marinette sighs, upset that she now has to spend more time away from Adrien. Tikki reminds Marinette of her earlier advice, and Marinette decides to take it this time. She gets an idea to make the glasses herself and rushes back to her place.

Pixelator walks up to the hotel and tricks Kim and the doorman into letting him take their photo, only to pixelate them instead. Pixelator then enters the hotel and Chloé attempts to kick him out, stating that her father only allows the biggest celebrities to stay in his hotel, such as herself, however, Pixelator then asks to photograph her, which she allows. Adrien, realizing that Pixelator has been akumatized, attempts to push Chloé out of the way, only to be pixelated and transported into a photo with Chloé. In the photo, Adrien tries to find a way out, while Chloé tries to manipulate their time alone to "bond" with him.

When Marinette gets back to the hotel, she notes that Adrien and Chloé are missing, although Tikki reminds her that she has more important things to do. Marinette tries to give Jagged Stone the glasses, but he is busy washing Fang, so Penny takes care of it. As Marinette walks out, Pixelator walks in and pixelates Penny. Marinette notices this, and transforms into Ladybug. Just before Jagged Stone is pixelated, Ladybug saves him, but she gets her right arm pixelated in the process. Ladybug carries Jagged Stone out of the hotel to Mr. Damocles' office. She tells Jagged Stone to stay in the office while she goes to capture Pixelator's akuma.

In the photo, Chloé tries to yell for her dad, while Adrien tries to get away from Chloé in order to transform. He starts to run but is interrupted by Chloé, who screams and clings to him while pointing to a newly-pixelated Fang.

As Ladybug is inspecting Vincent's room, she finds a bunch of photos on the wall that have all of Pixelator's victims inside.

Pixelator captures multiple Parisians into photos. Nadja Chamack asks the Pixelator a few questions. Jagged Stone, who is watching, decides to go to Pixelator and give him what he wants. Ladybug eventually shows up, although, with her right hand gone, she finds it hard to fight and use her yo-yo. She then slips and is cornered against a car by Pixelator. She makes a deal with him about him freeing half the people, in exchange for a private photo shoot with Jagged Stone. He agrees, even though Hawk Moth warns him not to.

After he frees half the people, Adrien and Chloé are sent back to the lobby of the hotel. Adrien runs off and transforms into Cat Noir. As he sneaks up on Pixelator, Ladybug tries to tell him where the akuma is by stalling. But, just when he was going to take off Pixelator's glasses a civilian yells out Cat Noir's name and alerts Pixelator. Adrien then gets sent back into the pixel world, and Ladybug gets her right leg pixelated. Jagged Stone appears and agrees for Pixelator to take his photo. He can't seem to find the right pose until he gets just the right one. Just as he is about to take the photo, Ladybug uses Lucky Charm, giving her a handheld mirror.

Cat Noir uses Cataclysm to break the photos and free everyone else, including himself. He gets back to the real world, and he helps Ladybug with her Lucky Charm by using his staff to hit the mirror in front of Pixelator, just as he takes the photo. The photo beam bounces off of the mirror and shoots Pixelator, causing everything except his camera to disappear.

Before breaking the item with the akuma inside, she uses Miraculous Ladybug to get her limbs back, then she breaks the item the akuma was inhabiting and captures it. Pixelator turns back into Vincent Aza.

Later, at Le Grand Paris, Ms. Bustier thanks Mr. Bourgeois for the enterprise day. As she is finishing thanking him, Jagged Stone's assistant gives Marinette, Alya, Adrien, and Nino tickets to Jagged Stone's concert. Chloe is unhappy upon not receiving one.

At the concert. Adrien states that it is his first time at a concert and that it's awesome. Marinette agrees, and Jagged Stone dedicates a song on the piano to Ladybug.


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  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Canada on TéléQuébec.
    • This episode was the twenty-first to air in France and twentieth to air on TéléQuébec.
  • The title for the French version is "Numéric".
  • Tikki is spotted by civilians. To cover up for herself, she pretends that she is a cat by letting out a confused meow.
  • Marinette makes a pair of glasses for Jagged Stone, which is seen again in "Guitar Villain".
    • Also, André Bourgeois doesn't recognize Jagged Stone when he enters the hotel and doesn't want to allow Fang in, meaning that this episode is set before "Darkblade", "Kung Food", and "Antibug".
  • The scene where Pixelator knocks at Alec's door is a homage to the first Terminator movie.[4]
  • Hawk Moth takes control of his victim as he does in "The Evillustrator". Unlike before, however, he takes control of Pixelator's whole body, instead of only a hand, along with inflicting pain onto him by strangling him and threatening him if he doesn't succeed in getting the Miraculouses.
  • Recycled footage from "Copycat" of Adrien and Plagg standing and talking near a sign is played before Adrien transforms into Cat Noir to help Ladybug out. Plagg also says "If you want my opinion, I think someone's been akumatized" in Copycat.
  • Hawk Moth appears in his final scene before Ladybug uses the Miraculous Ladybug and breaks the akumatized object.
  • Like in "Simon Says", Ladybug uses the Miraculous Ladybug before breaking the akumatized object and capturing the akuma. However, she does so because otherwise, it would have been impossible for her to capture it, as she needs both her hands to do it.
  • It is revealed that Jagged Stone's concert in this episode was the very first concert Adrien has ever been to.
  • At his concert, Jagged Stone plays the episode ending soundtrack on his piano (not to be confused with the ending credit soundtrack).
  • This is the first episode where Ladybug gets affected by an akumatized villain.
  • This is the first episode where Adrien gets affected by an akumatized villain while in his civilian form. However, he is affected numerous other times while in his superhero form.
    • The first time both were affected by an akumatized villain.
  • The painting that can be seen above Jagged Stone's bed at Le Grand Paris is "Four Seasons" by Alphonse Mucha.[5][6]
  • This is the first episode in which Chloe uses the phrase "Ridiculous. Utterly Ridiculous" meaning that she hasn't received her reward near the end. She use the phrase depending on what episodes she's in whether nothing goes her way or she see something really absurd that it's appropriate to use it.


Ladybug's white yo-yo.

  • The Nickelodeon description incorrectly refers to Jagged Stone as a pop star instead of a rock star.
  • After André sends Jagged Stone off on the elevator, and Miss Bustier, behind him with Marinette and Alya, is reminding him about assigning a job for Marinette. Alya's right eye blinks while her left eye stays open.
  • The right lift door cuts the crocodile's left foot.
  • When Ladybug escapes from the Le Grand Paris hotel with Jagged Stone, her yo-yo is completely white and not colored.
  • A poster can be seen on the wall in Vincent Aza's room that is similar to the "Metal Lourd" magazine with both Marinette and Jagged Stone on it from "Guitar Villain". But this event takes place before the latter episode.
  • During the scene when Chloé, Adrien, and Ladybug talk to each other, Chloé is suddenly wearing her purse whereas she didn't wear it when she and Adrien got pixelated.
  • When Ladybug hides behind the car, her arm is not pixelated.
  • When Jagged Stone and Ladybug escape from the hotel, Ladybug holds Jagged Stone with her pixelated arm, but it doesn’t go through. So Jagged flies up instead of being on the ground.


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