Season 2


I can't believe it, Mr. Mayor! You want to shut my ice rink down?
Wrong, Mr. Mayor! Some new skaters! I knew it!
Hey, young man. Have you ever thought about signing up for ice skating lessons? The judges wouldn't be able to resist that sparkling smile of yours.
You have what it takes to be a champion. The style, the talent. Let me be your private coach.
I'll give you a week's worth of lessons for free. Just a few hours a day and you'll be a star.
Is that Adrien Agreste? Adrien Agreste, I can see it now! Grace and style model and professional ice skating champion. If you take lessons with me, I'll have you shining like the candles on a birthday cake.
See how a few lessons with me could come in handy. Please, Adrien Agreste. Just put your name on this form and your fans will come running, and my ice rink will be saved!
Ladybug and Cat Noir. Your frozen statues will sparkle like trophies upon my kingdom of ice!
Don't play with fire, Ladybug!
One at a time now! Yes, yes, sign up right here. Learn to skate like Adrien Agreste.
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