Season 1


Jagged would like to check into your most luxurious suite.
Didn't you hear Mr. Stone? You still haven't got it, have you? No photos! Good reflexes. Now don't let me see you near Mr. Stone again. Or next time, you won't get your camera back.
Mr. Stone is going to need a new pair of shades for tonight's gig. Red, white, and blue with two large Eiffel Towers on them. Can you get that for him?

Guitar Villain

Bob, Jagged and I had an idea. Its concept is modern, but it also respects Jagged's own...rugged style.
Come with me, Marinette. Don't worry! Just do your best, okay?

Season 2


Oh yes, [Jagged]'s...wonderful— Uh, I mean...yeah, he’s awesome.
Stop! That's enough! All of you, back downstairs, now! Out, out, out!
I'll meet you downstairs in five! [...] In five!
There's no more Penny to deal with all your problems, Jagged! From now on, there's only Troublemaker! And I'll make your life nothing but problems!
I hate rock and roll, Jagged! I only love chaos, and you'll be my number one hit!
So you wanna play rescue? No one's gonna be rescued today!
Touch me if you dare.
You've already lost half the battle, Ladybug!
Wha...? What happened? Where's Jagged?
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