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Season 4, episode 24 (Production order); Episode 102 (Overall)

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And so begins the battle of the century between Penalteam and the Miraculous team!

Didier Roustan, "Penalteam"

"Penalteam" is a Season 4 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. As based on the series' production order specifically, "Penalteam" is the 24th written and produced episode of Season 4. It is also the 102nd written and produced episode of the series, overall.


Disney Channel

When one of Shadow Moth's favorite victims is akumatized into Penalteam, a fearsome team of supervillains, Ladybug calls on her own superhero team in order to face her; may the best team win.


At school, Marinette loves to play soccer and will do anything to make her team win. Unfortunately, Chloe is playing too (obligated, of course) and will do anything to get her entire team akumatized!


The episode begins at Parc des Princes, with Kim and Marinette as the team captains, choosing their teammates from Miss Bustier's class for a game of soccer. Kim chooses Max to help him discover the best player to help win the match. Max's robot, Markov, points out Alya, but she was unfortunately already chosen by Marinette. Markov continues to help Kim, but Marinette says it’s cheating.

It's clear that Kim does not care that he is thereby cheating. The most important thing for him is to win. Chloe complains that there is no point in playing since she and the others obviously know who will win. She tries to go home, but Miss Bustier stops her and says that no one will go home and no one will cheat. She specifically invited Didier Roustan to join in order to teach her class to play together and develop team spirit, after which Didier confirms this fact and says that it is important not to win or lose, but to have fun playing together, which means not only with teammates, but with everyone on the field. But Kim says he likes to play with his opponents, especially if he crushes them at the end. Didier asks Marinette and her classmates if they have any ideas on how to honestly assemble teams of equal strength. Alix suggests having boys play against girls, but Kim says that if there are boys against girls, then Kim and his team will definitely lose. Then Rose suggests the sort the teams based on the names of their teddy bears, but Nino says she is the only one with a teddy bear other than Chloe. Chloe confirms that fact. (It's useless to refute it because all her classmates already saw a teddy bear when they were at a party in honor of Chloe's birthday.) Marinette suggests solving the issue by drawing straws.

Outside of Parc des Princes, Marc drags Nathaniel into the arena. Nathaniel tells him that he doesn't understand what's so wonderful about running after the ball, and he worries that while playing soccer he may hurt his arm and he will no longer be able to draw comics. Mark responds that Nathaniel will play soccer with his feet. He also tells Nathaniel that he cannot miss class and that Miss Bustier asked Didier Roustan, a legend of sports journalism, to come here. Nathaniel asks Mark to come up with an excuse for him and tells him that this way Marc will be able to get to know Didier.

Marc comes up with an excuse for Nathaniel, and in the Parc des Princes he makes excuses to Miss Bustier why Nathaniel can't come. Didier scratches his chin, thereby hinting that he sees potential in this guy. Miss Bustier replies to Marc that there will be a shortage of players then, and Didier asks Marc if he wants to play. Marc is not sure of himself. He says it's not his class and he's not that good at soccer. Didier asks Marc to pass him the ball before leaving. Marc rolls the ball to himself, begins juggling with his knees, and passes the ball to Didier Roustan. Marinette tells Marc that he just has to play.

The two teams set up in their positions. The red team with Juleka playing in goal, Alya, Rose, and Alix playing in defense, Marc and Marinette as midfielders, and Sabrina in the striker position. Among the yellow team is Chloé, the goalie, who's posing for pictures on her phone. Max, Adrien, and Mylène as their defenders, Nino and Ivan playing as midfielders, and Kim as the yellow team striker.

Didier blows his whistle. The yellow team starts the kickoff. Kim attempts to pass the ball to Nino but Sabrina immediately takes possession, begins running towards the yellow team's goal and is about to shoot the ball into the goal. When Chloe shouts her name, Sabrina falls down and looks at Chloe. Chloe forbids Sabrina from playing soccer, which upsets Sabrina. Marinette tells Sabrina not to listen to Chloe and that she can play soccer if she likes. She helps Sabrina get off the ground, but Chloe tells Marinette that the only thing Sabrina likes is obeying her. Mylène takes possession of the ball and passes it to Ivan. Rose steals the ball from Ivan and passes it to Marc. Marc receives the pass with his chest and passes it to Marinette in the air. It flies past Kim and Nino. Kim admires what Marc has just done.

Marinette receives the pass with her knee and rolls it to the ground. She begins dribbling to the goal but freezes once she comes across Adrien, and kicks the ball to him instead. Nino runs past Adrien and tells him to pass. Adrien picks up the ball with his hands and throws it to Nino, who then frowns. Didier blew the whistle and tells Adrien that, as his friend Andrea said, soccer is played with the head and that only the goalkeeper has the right to touch the ball with his hand. Adrien apologized to Didier, saying that he does not know the rules well. Nino facepalms. Alya places the ball in the spot for a free kick. She kicks the ball over to Marinette who shoots and scores a goal. Kim was outraged that Chloe didn't kick the ball and wasn't going to do it at all. Chloe, still looking at her phone, declares that she will never touch this round thing, fearing that she may catch some kind of illness or, in her opinion, disability. Sabrina tells Chloe that she can replace her because she likes being a goalkeeper, after which Alya tells Sabrina that she is on another team, so that won't happen. Nino says that if the team he is on does not have a normal goalkeeper, it is bound to lose. Chloe refuses to be on the loser team and goes home, but Miss Bustier stops her, saying she can't go home until class is over. Chloe asks why she can't sit on the bench where Lila is sitting now. Lila waves from the bench and pretends to wince, but Marinette, as usual, can't be fooled. She knew perfectly well that Lila was just pretending to be injured. In order to sit on the bench, Chloe pretends to be hit in the wrist while grabbing her thigh in fake pain. Marinette asks why she's grabbing her thigh if she injured her wrist, which infuriates Chloe. Didier asks if anyone present has any ideas on how to involve their classmates in the game while maintaining the honesty and attractiveness of the game. Marinette says that Chloe can change teams after every goal, and the team that wins will be the one that will cope best with the fact that his goalkeeper is Chloe. Chloe became furious when Marinette dared to almost call her a difficulty. Kim, Max, Ivan, and Mylene really liked this idea. Didier Roustan praised Marinette and asked if her name was Marinette, after which she replies that yes, that's really her name. Chloe, being angry, goes to the gate. Sabrina asks Chloe why she doesn't just call her father, because as mayor, he can just cancel this lesson. Chloe tells her that she is waiting for the help of someone else, someone more powerful, then smirks.

Shadow Moth catches Chloe's negative emotions and sends a megakuma to her. Soon the megakuma reaches Chloe and infects her glasses. Before the akuma got into the glasses, it forced itself into breaking the field of the Magical Charm she was wearing, and the force field was destroyed. Shadow Moth started talking to Chloe. He told Chloe that he would give her the power to make her classmates hate soccer once and for all, but not for free of course. Chloe knew perfectly well what the Shadow Moth wanted and promised him that she would prevail over the superheroes and bring him their Miraculous. After Chloe promised the Shadow Moth that she would do it, she turned into Penalteam, and her clones appeared in front of her, looking exactly like her. Penalteam asked Miss Bustier, Didier, Marinette, and her classmates if they wanted to play soccer and said that okay, she agreed to play. Marinette tells Penalteam that she first thought she didn't like soccer, to which Penalteam replies that she still can't stand it, and promises Marinette that when she's done with her, she'll never want to play soccer. Miss Bustier tells Penalteam that revenge is never the solution to any problem, but Penalteam tells her not to call her Chloe anymore, just Penalteam, and presents her Penalteam, a group of clones looking like her. Penalteam then chucks a red card at Miss Bustier and she disappears. Startled, Lila abruptly gets up from the bench. Alya gasps. Miss Bustier has been placed in a translucent yellow ball above the field. Marinette taps Alya, who was infuriated over Miss Bustier being captured, on her shoulder and nods at her. Penalteam explains the rules to the remaining people on the field and says that if they lose, no one will be able to play soccer ever again. At the same time, the Penalteam clock at the top of the stadium sets 45 minutes for the first half, and Penalteam blows her whistle to start the game. She passes the Penalteam themed soccer ball to one of her clones and they start sprinting towards the other goal. Alya, Marinette, Sabrina, and Alix run and stand in front of them to protect their goal. Alya remarks that if the clones play the same way as Chloe, then winning will be easy. Alya runs up to Penalteam. Marinette tries to stop her, but it doesn't work. Penalteam slides and tags Alya's feet with her cleat, which places Alya in a translucent yellow ball above the stadium along with Miss Bustier. Penalteam declares that Penalteam is invincible. Penalteam runs, shoots the ball, and scores a goal. The yellow balls, which hold Miss Bustier and Alya, shrink. Alix tells the Penalteam that the goal she scored does not count because she cheated, and Didier confirms that Alix is right. Penalteam says she sets the rules here. She creates a red card and throws it at Alix, which also places Alix in a translucent yellow ball. Penalteam asks Didier, since he likes to talk so much, why doesn't he become the official commentator of this match, after which she creates another red card and throws it at Didier, he is placed in another yellow ball. Ivan, Juleka, Rose, and Sabrina run off the field. Nino runs past Mylène, who is hiding behind a wall at the staircase. Marc and Marinette run up the rows of seats and Marinette ducks behind a row. Penalteam warns the fugitives that the more points she scores, the less space their friends will have. Didier was stunned that it looked like he was about to be crushed. But after a few seconds, he tried to hide his concern about this and started talking into the microphone. Marinette declares that she is not going to lose in this game, and turns into Ladybug. In the bathroom stall, Plagg reveals that he doesn't like soccer. Adrien refuses not to help Ladybug win and turns into Cat Noir.

Didier comments that when it seemed that all hope was lost, Ladybug enters the field. Ladybug asks Penalteam if she wants to play soccer and how she looks at the game on an equal footing. Penalteam replies that nothing would make her happier than to crush her and her team. Cat Noir leaps from the seats and stands next to Ladybug. Ladybug says that she doesn't need a whole team because she and Cat Noir are enough to handle her clones. After Ladybug said that she and her partner would be so fast that Penalteam wouldn't even see the ball coming. Cat Noir started tapping his fingers, hinting that he wanted to warn Ladybug about something. After that, the Cat Noir nervously tries tapping her shoulder. Penalteam tells Ladybug that akuma is a trophy, and trophies are for winners, not losers, after which she throws her points to the ground. Ladybug laughed a little and called the intimidation tactics good, but, according to her, it won't work. Ladybug says she and Cat Noir are the best in soccer. Cat Noir whispers to the Ladybug that he knows nothing about soccer, and suggests that she assemble a team. Ladybug is shocked by what Cat Noir had just told her. She dragged him to the gate and tells him to protect them while she gathers the rest of the team. After that, Ladybug flies away on her yo-yo. Penalteam comments that Ladybug is no longer so self-confident, after which she decides to see if Cat Noir is any good. Cat Noir nervously points to himself and gets ready to defend the goal. Ladybug finds Nino, Max, Mylene, Kim, Juleka, Rose, Luka, Zoe, and Kagami and hands them their Miraculouses. As Ladybug enters the staircase, Sabrina is seen in the corner curled up in a ball. Sabrina stands up abruptly once she sees Ladybug. Ladybug hands Sabrina the Dog Miraculous. Sabrina initially wanted to take it, but changed her mind about doing it, saying she couldn't do that to Chloe. Ladybug tells her that at the moment it's not Chloe, but Penalteam and asks her if she wants to save her friend. Since by doing this, she will be able to save Chloe, Sabrina agrees to take the Miraculous and says that she loves soccer. Sabrina takes the Dog Miraculous from Ladybug's hand and puts it on. Barkk appeared next to Sabrina and explained who she was. Then, Ladybug tries to give Marc a Rooster Miraculous, but Marc refuses to take it, saying that he isn't very good at soccer and then shying away and pulling his hands to his chest. Ladybug takes his hand and places the Miraculous in it. She tells Marc that he is too hard on himself and he is more talented than he thinks. A smile appears on Marc's face. After Marc puts the Miraculous on the thumb of his left hand, the rooster Kwami appears in front of him and introduces himself as Orikko. Outside of Parc des Princes, Nathaniel tells Ladybug that he is flattered that she chose him, but he does not like working in a team and tries to give the Goat Miraculous back to Ladybug, who, in turn, reminds him that he works as a team with a writer to create comics about Ladybug. Nathaniel loses the desire to return the Miraculous, and he puts the Miraculous jewels on his head with a smile. Ziggy, who appeared next to him, greets Nathaniel and introduces herself. After Ladybug asks him if she can trust him, Ivan puts in the Miraculous nose ring jewel in his nose. Stompp, his kwami, appeared next to Ivan, and greeted his new holder. Ivan is worried that he might harm someone by using his superpowers. Ladybug tells Ivan that caution is the right thing to do, but he must remember that he will be on a team of superheroes fighting supervillains, and he will not harm anyone. Calming down, Ivan smiled.

Back on the field, Cat Noir is exhausted, and one Penalteam kicks the ball to the goal and hits Cat Noir. Penalteam laughs mockingly as Cat Noir lies in pain and exhaustion. Suddenly he hears Ladybug's voice, telling him that he didn't do so badly. Didier excitedly announces that Ladybug is back, and introduces her team members for the game, including the 4 new heroes whose names he didn't know. The new heroes introduce themselves as Miss Hound, Rooster Bold, Caprikid, and Minotaurox. Penalteam brushes this off and asks them if they are done.


Major characters

Minor characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Brazil on Gloob.
  • This is the eighth time Chloé gets akumatized, following "Antibug", "Queen Wasp", "Mayura", "Miracle Queen", "Queen Banana" and two off-screen akumatizations into Antibug that were revealed in "Mr. Pigeon 72".
    • Due to these constant akumatizations, Shadow Moth now calls Chloé his "favorite victim".
    • However, unlike her previous akumatizations, Chloé is akumatized into a new villain, Penalteam.
      • This is the third time Chloé is willingly akumatized, after "Miracle Queen" and "Queen Banana".
  • This episode has the first time where an akumatized villian de-akumatizes themself by breaking their own akumatized object.
    • This is also the first time Chloé rejects Shadow Moth after siding with him in "Miracle Queen".
    • This is also the third time an akumatized villain is willing to get de-akumatized after "Christmaster" and "Guiltrip". However, unlike Christmaster who willingly gave his object to Ladybug and Cat Noir, and Reflekta who didn't resist having her object be destroyed, Penalteam destroys her object herself.
  • This is the second episode where a Megakuma is created to destroy a Magical Charm following "Dearest Family".
  • The word Penalty, in Penalteam, has two meanings:
    • One meaning involves a punishment for breaking the law.
    • Another, when involved in games, means a kick/shot awarded to a team if the opposing team violates the rules.
      • The episode's title uses the game-related use, as it is based on a soccer game played by Miss Bustier's class.
  • It's revealed that Marc is proficient at soccer and that Sabrina likes soccer.
  • Four new heroes chronologically make their debuts in a single episode, the most of any episode so far.
    • The previous record holder was "Stormy Weather" which introduced three Miraculous holders.
    • This excludes "Party Crasher" which was released out of order, revealing three new heroes.
    • Sabrina, Marc and Nathaniel are some of the few Miraculous holders who at first attempt to reject their Miraculouses but ended accepting them.
  • This is the second time an akumatized villain use their shoes as a weapon after "Sole Crusher".
  • This episode comes in first place for the greatest number of Miraculous holder allies recruited by Ladybug coming to a total of 13, only missing Rena Rouge/Rena Furtive and Bunnyx from the Miracle Box.
    • This will also mark first place for the greatest number of Miraculouses activated coming at a total of 17, surpassing "Miracle Queen" at 11, "Kuro Neko" at 12, and "Ephemeral" at 13.
  • This marks the sixth time a character based on a real person, in this case a French sports journalist Didier Roustan, is introduced but is not akumatized, following Sarah (named Josiane in the French dub and based on the French actress Josiane Balasko), Jean-Pierre Monlataing (based on the Thomas Astruc's former teacher), Véronique (based on the the manager of Musée Grévin Véronique Berecz), Wu Shifu (based on the Chinese actor Donnie Yen) and Anne-Jeanne Théoxanne du Bocquale (based on Ranita Gobrait, a young Polynesian champion).
  • As of this episode, every Miraculous of the Chinese Miracle Box has a designated holder.
  • This is the second time a new Miraculous is revealed without revealing its transformation phrase, following "Stormy Weather".
  • After purifying the Akuma, Ladybug doesn't give Chloé a new Magical Charm like in "Dearest Family". Most likely, it's because Chloé would just reject it again like in "Queen Banana", as she had to be given that Magical Charm under false pretenses.
  • This is the fourth episode Tikki appears only in background after "Horrificator", "Feast" and "Crocoduel", and the sixth she doesn't have a major role after the aforementioned episodes, "Gabriel Agreste" and "Guiltrip".
  • This is the fourth episode to introduce a new akumatized villain, but not be named after them, following "Antibug", "Mayura" and "Ephemeral".
    • Although, unlike the aforementioned episodes, who are named after another villain, this episode introduce only one new villain and is named after the team of clones.
  • Unlike Lady Wifi in "Gang of Secrets" and Rocketear and Qilin in their eponymous episodes, Penalteam doesn't immediately detransform upon breaking her connection to Shadow Moth, instead retrieving and breaking her akumatized glasses first. This is the first time this happens.
  • This is the second episode of Season 4 not to have a dotted pattern on its end card, the first being "Rocketear".
  • Despite Team Miraculous scoring several goals, only Rooster Bold, Minotaurox and Pegasus are seen scoring one.
  • This is the second time a temporary holder transforms back then re-transform in the same battle, following Vesperia in "Queen Banana".
  • When Didier Roustan is introducing the heroes, he names the holders in the same order that Ladybug had given them their Miraculouses with the exception of Vesperia and Viperion, whose places are switched.
  • This is the first time someone willingly calls out to be akumatized. In this case, Chloe waits out for Shadow Moth so he can akumatize her.
  • In the storyboard of the episode, Caprikid wasn't seen posing next to Miss Hound and Multimouse after the Miraculous team regrouped and changed their strategy.[4]
  • Not counting unifying, this is the sixth time a character(s) appears as a Miraculous holder for a single episode, following Mister Bug and Lady Noire in "Reflekdoll", Aspik in "Desperada", Multimouse in "Kwamibuster", Scarabella in "Hack-San" and Cat Walker in "Kuro Neko".


  • When Ladybug throws the easel, her drawings vanish.
    • Her legs also glitch for a moment.
  • When Pegasus uses Voyage to teleport the ball into the goal, he isn't wearing his Miraculous.
  • When Rooster Bold scores the first goal, Penalteam's eyes are purple instead of red.
  • In some scenes, Ladybug's right eye is smaller than her left one.
  • In one scene, Miss Hound's Ball is missing.
  • When the heroes fist-bumped and say "Pound it" after their victory, King Monkey is missing.
  • When Chloe said she didn't wanna play and walked past Nino, Nino's other pupil was not located in the same spot as his other eye.
  • When Miss Hound introduced herself, she already had a ball when the ball was still on her collar.
  • When Caprikid explained that he doesn't have the power to make the wand magic, his Miraculous was in camouflage mode.
  • The episode is incorrectly referred to as "Penal Team" on Disney+.
  • In some scenes, Marinette is missing her soccer shirt.


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