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We guardians are responsible for protecting and distributing the Miraculous for the good of all humanity.

Wang Fu, "The Collector"

The Order of the Guardians is a group of guardians who protect and deliver Miraculouses, inhabiting a temple where the inactive Miraculouses were kept. Su-Han is the boss of the Order of the Guardians.[2]

Master Wang Fu was the last known remaining guardian. This changed after Ladybug and Cat Noir defeated Feast and the former is able to bring back the temple, the Miraculouses, and the monks consumed by the sentimonster.[3]


The Order of the Guardians existed for many years. Throughout history, many guardians have trusted the miraculouses to many wielders, like the wielders that lived in Ancient China, the Ancient Egyptian Ladybug, Hippolyta, Tomoe Gozen, Tentomushi, and countless others.

Wang Fu leaving the destroyed temple.

However, when Wang Fu was young, he made a mistake that resulted in the temple being destroyed and the Butterfly Miraculous, Peacock Miraculous, and Miraculous spellbook being lost. He took the remaining Miraculouses in the Miracle Box, and he has kept watch over them and continued the duty of the guardians by himself since then.

His mistake was creating a sentimonster to get food for him, as one of his tasks required him to go 24 hours without food. However, the sentimonster was created by not only his hunger, but also his anger at the Miraculouses for being the reason why he was separated from his family. This caused the sentimonster to go search for and devour all the Miraculouses it could find. Because of that, not only were the Miraculouses in the temple (except for the ones in the Miracle Box in Master Fu's possession) devoured, but also all the monks in the temple.

After Feast was defeated when Ladybug entered in its stomach (a dimension in which the guardians were trapped inside the temple) and destroyed its amok, she used Miraculous Ladybug to fully restore the temple, which brought back the Order of the Guardians.


Aside from protecting the Miraculouses, one of the guardians' main duties was to distribute the Miraculous jewels to worthy people so they could benefit all of mankind and protect the world from danger. This, presumably, required them to travel all over the world. In picking those who were worthy, the guardians would perform a test to judge one's character or be good judges of character with great instincts, and if the person passed the test, that meant they were worthy of a Miraculous. After choosing said person, a guardian has to carefully choose which power of a Miraculous jewel best fits them. However if the person is still a good choice and is given the wrong jewel or the recipient feels that they aren't worthy, then said person can give it back to the guardian or active holder. If or in the event this happens, they can give the recipient another that fits them better or accept help to find a person who is a better match for the jewel, as seen in "Desperada". However, there are occasions where the test of character isn't needed, like in the case of Ladybug when she chooses her allies in a state of emergency.

Afterwards they'd watch over the wielders they gave the jewels to, guide them if they needed it (like helping them tap into the jewels' other powers, using them with Miraculous potions, or fusion forms from the spellbook), and receive the jewels back from them once the threat or danger is over. It is currently unknown when a guardian is done watching over one or more wielders if they continue traveling or return back to the temple.

When a Miraculous falls into the wrong hands, such as someone wanting to use the jewel for evil purposes, it is a guardian's job to retrieve said Miraculous, sometimes even seeking help from wielders they've chosen to do so.


A family leaving their child with the order.

When the Guardians are chosen, they start living in the temple, isolated from their families, who often considered the task a great honor. If they ever need to contact anyone, they used to send messenger pigeons, as said in "Furious Fu".

When someone passes the position of guardian of a miracle box on to someone else, the previous guardian loses their memories to protect the identities of their chosen Miraculous owners. For it to work, similar to the ownership of a Miraculous, a previous guardian must willingly say that they renounce ownership of the box and the name of person or holder they wish to give it to.


The Order of the Guardians has a system of ranking. So far, only two ranks are known:

  • Celestial Guardian
  • Apprentice Guardian

It is currently unknown how these rankings are assigned, how many there are, or what makes them different from each other.


Guardians are chosen as children to be trained for many years in order to be prepared for the task of watching over the Miraculouses. They are taught to understand the code in the Miraculous spellbook and the history of the jewels, although Fu wasn't able to learn it completely before the book was lost.

Guardians are fiercely trained in a Martial Arts style called Mirakung Fu, a style that was specifically designed to allow them to subdue any rebellious Miraculous holders.

Watching over a Miracle Box.

One of the tests they preform as part of their training is watching over a Miracle Box for 24 hours without eating, though at least one known guardian (Wang Fu) decided to not continue the tradition with his successor.

Guardians are taught with a certain technique that allows them to block an akuma, powered up or not.


According to Master Su-Han, there is a specific set of rules that all guardians must follow. There are at least 133 rules to being a guardian and he only explained four:

  • Rule 14: Kwamis aren't allowed to live outside of the Miracle Box.
  • Rule 52: Guardians aren't allowed to lose a Miraculous.
  • Rule 133: A Guardian isn't ever allowed to wear a Miraculous, no matter the situation.
  • There's also a rule about not involving civilians in a fight.

According to Su-Han, a guardian must understand the world around them, but it is unknown if this is actually one of the rules of the order.

List of members

The last known remaining guardian after the incident at the Guardian's temple. As a Great Guardian, he watched over the Miraculouses in the Chinese Miracle Box before renouncing his title.
The current Great Guardian of the Native American Miracle Box.
A Guardian with with long hair who was looking over the Miracle Boxes as a young Wang Fu was mopping.
A Guardian with a long beard who tossed Wang Fu the Miraculous Spellbook and told him to escape.
A French teenage girl and the latest Guardian to the Chinese Miracle Box.
The boss of the Guardians who previously had responsibility of the Chinese Miracle Box until Wang Fu's incident with the Dormant Sentimonster.
A Guardian who came to Wang Fu's family and brought him to the temple.
A bald Guardian seen talking to another Guardian when Fu's sentimonster was manifested.



  • The Mirakung Fu style that guardians are trained in allows them to subdue Miraculous owners, but it is not well suited for battle against akumatized villains.
    • The reason for that may be because guardians are taught to fight the Miraculous' powers. Because akumatized villains can possess any kind of power, the Mirakung Fu is rendered useless because of the unpredictability found in them. This is showed during the fight between Su-Han and Furious Fu, where the former was easily subdued by the latter who used his power to immobilize him.


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