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Season 3, episode 08 (Production order); Episode 60 (Overall)

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How dare you compare yourself to Adrien, you cursed cat! Adrien is perfection personified! He's the only one who's worthy of me! And the only one I will ever love!

Oni-Chan, "Oni-Chan"

"Oni-Chan" is a Season 3 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[6] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Oni-Chan" is the 8th written and produced episode of Season 3. It is also the 60th written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]


Kagami becomes jealous when Lila manipulates her way into the Agreste mansion and turns into Oni-Chan, a masked villain who can teleport.[7]


Lila manipulates Nino.

While getting ready for school, Lila receives a message from her mother informing her that there is breakfast on the table, lunch in a bag, and dinner in the fridge. She also promises to try to be available over the weekend. Lila then walks to school and on the way there is met by Nino, who notices that she seems down and asks her what's wrong. Lila assures him that she's fine and she's only upset because her mom had invited her to an embassy meeting but she had to turn her down due to all the homework she has as a result of her missing school. She also claims that she had asked Adrien for help but is confident that he has now forgot and that she doesn't want to ask again as he may think she's in love with him. Nino offers to ask Adrien for her, and Lila instantly agrees, thanking him.

Lila suggests going to Adrien’s place.

After school, Adrien approaches Lila, explaining that Nino told him everything and he'd be happy to help her. Lila happily thanks him. Marinette overhears and begins eavesdropping on the two, but Alya notices and confronts her. Marinette denies that she was spying and claims to have been merely tying her shoelaces, but Alya instead assures Marinette that Nino told her that Lila isn't in love with Adrien. Lila spots Marinette and then suggests to Adrien that they work on homework at his house, though Adrien disagrees since his father doesn't like visitors. However, Lila is confident that she can change his mind. She grabs Adrien's arm and runs towards his car, where she is prevented from entering by Adrien's bodyguard. Marinette is sure that Adrien's bodyguard won't let Lila into the car; however, much to her shock, he does. Marinette prepares to run after them, prompting Alya to ask if she's really going to follow them. Marinette denies this, claiming to just be going for a walk before taking off, causing Alya to facepalm. Marinette spots Juleka about to get on her bike and stops her, claiming that she needs it for something super urgent. She gives Juleka her backpack and then puts her helmet on her head before chasing Adrien's car. Tikki tells Marinette that she should trust Adrien as he knows that Lila is a liar, but Marinette affirms that if things continue they way they are, someone will wind up hurt and she doesn't want that someone to be Adrien.

Lila manipulates Nathalie.

In the car, Lila asks Adrien what his worst grade is, to which Adrien tells her an A- in math. He also tells her that he's still not sure about Lila coming over, as his father is strict when it comes to visitors, but Lila once again assures Adrien that she can convince his father. Once they arrive at the Agreste mansion, they are confronted by Nathalie, who begins to remind Adrien that he is not allowed to have visitors. Lila interrupts her, asking if it would be okay to ask Mr. Agreste. Nathalie says that Mr. Agreste is very busy and must not be disturbed. Lila claims that Adrien had asked her for help with the courses he missed due to his photoshoots, much to Adrien's surprise. Lila also goes on to ask Adrien what his father will say when he sees that his grades dropped, but says that she did what she could and prepares to leave. However, Nathalie says that she'll give them half an hour, pleasing Lila and shocking Marinette, who had been watching the whole time. She attempts to spy on Adrien's room, but the wall surrounding the mansion is too high. Marinette spots some trash bins nearby and gets an idea.

Marinette explains her dilemma to the fireman.

While heading towards Adrien's room, Lila tells Adrien that all it takes is asking nicely, though Adrien points out that Lila didn't ask nicely — she lied. Lila reminds him that he said math was his worst subject. Meanwhile, Marinette piles a bunch of trash bins on top of each other against the mansion wall and prepares to climb them, but she is stopped by a fireman who tells her that's too dangerous. Marinette asks him if she can borrow his ladder as the boy she likes is being bamboozled by a liar, but the fireman says that the ladder is for emergencies, not snoopers.

Lila looks around Adrien's room and compliments his computer's wallpaper of him and his mom, stating that he resembles her very much. She also says that she has a portrait of her mom and it's amazing how much they have in common. Lila then looks through one of the drawers and spots Plagg's stash of Camembert, which disgusts her.

The fireman asks Marinette if the liar she told him about is really as bad as she said, to which Marinette nods. He also asks her if she really likes the boy she mentioned, to which Marinette also nods. The fireman sighs.

Lila notices a picture of Kagami.

Back in Adrien's room, Lila stops when she notices a picture of Adrien and Kagami and asks him who the latter is whilst trying to hide her jealousy. Adrien explains that Kagami is a girl he does fencing with. Lila says that she seems nice and Adrien should introduce them sometime. She also tells Adrien that she lived in Japan for a few years. However, Adrien reminds Lila that they're supposed to work on homework. Meanwhile, the fireman ties all the trash bins together so that they'll be safe to climb and gives Marinette a helmet. Marinette thanks and hugs him.

Lila kisses Adrien and takes a selfie.

While working on homework, Lila notices that Adrien has several photos of Ladybug in his room and is surprised that he is still a fan of her. Nathalie bursts in and informs Adrien and Lila that time is up. Before she leaves, Lila takes a picture of herself kissing Adrien as a souvenir and sends it to all her contacts. Marinette, who has just finished climbing the trash bins, sees the photo and is so shocked by it that she falls over. Kagami, who is practicing fencing in the park with her mother, receives Lila's message, but before she opens it, her mother reminds her that using phones during training is forbidden. Kagami apologizes and continues.

Gabriel learns that Lila was in his house.

Gabriel is looking at his wife Emilie when he sees the picture Lila send on his phone. Furious, Gabriel goes to confront Nathalie and the bodyguard just as Lila is about to leave the mansion. The bodyguard tries to hide Lila from him, but Lila comes out from behind the bodyguard and says hello to Gabriel, claiming to be a fan before leaving as he ordered Nathalie in his office. While Lila is doing so, she spots Marinette buried under a pile of trash bins. She considers taking a photo and posting it on the Internet, but dubs this as "too easy" and walks away. Marinette almost transforms into Ladybug in fury, but Tikki tells her that it's not worth it.

Gabriel scolds Nathalie.

Plagg asks Adrien why he is so nice to Lila when she snoops around in his room. Adrien reminds Plagg that he snoops too, but Plagg says that's because he is looking for cheese and they don't know what Lila was looking for. Adrien suggests that maybe Lila is lonely. Plagg shrugs and then counts his cheese to make sure Lila didn't steal any. Meanwhile in Gabriel's atelier, Gabriel angrily demands that Nathalie explain why Lila was in his house. Nathalie tells him that she thought it would be good for Adrien if Lila helped him with his math, but Gabriel says that only he decides what's good for his son and reminds Nathalie that she has been swayed by Adrien's friends before. Nathalie asks him if he wants to take Adrien out of school. Gabriel says no, but he does not want him being influenced by bad influences and has a feeling that the picture Lila took will help him to keep her away from Adrien.

Kagami enraged by Lila’s photo.

Kagami takes a break from training and looks at the message she received earlier. Upon seeing the photo of Lila kissing Adrien, Kagami becomes furious and throws her phone in anger. She then pulls out a scrapbook and takes the rose Adrien had given her in "Frozer" and visualizes her memory before she picks up her bokan. Hawk Moth senses Kagami's fury and sends an akuma after her. After slicing the tree in pieces, Kagami is heartbroken and cries while holding the rose, which the akuma infects the rose. Hawk Moth offers her the power to keep Lila away from Adrien in exchange for Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses. Kagami agrees and is transformed into Oni-Chan.

Oni-Chan promises to protect Adrien.

Oni-Chan confronts Adrien in his room, claiming that they are meant to be together. Adrien instantly recognizes her as Kagami. Oni-Chan vows to protect him from Lila, though Adrien insists that Lila isn't dangerous and just wants attention. However, Oni-Chan says that Lila doesn't deserve attention and goes after her. Marinette sees Oni-Chan, therefore she hides inside one of the trash bins and transforms into Ladybug. Plagg comments on how with all the girls falling for Adrien, they were bound to start fighting. However, Adrien believes that doesn't count as true love and transforms into Cat Noir.

Oni-Chan confronts Lila.

While walking home, Lila is confronted by Oni-Chan, who demands that she stay away from Adrien. Lila pretends to have no idea who Adrien is, but Oni-Chan doesn't buy it. Cat Noir then shows up, and he and Oni-Chan fight. Ladybug also arrives at the scene and takes Lila away from Oni-Chan, though Lila insists that she was doing fine without her and Oni-Chan doesn't have a chance of being with Adrien. Oni-Chan hears this, kicks Ladybug out of the way, and then points her saber at Lila's forehead. Ladybug grabs the saber with her yo-yo while Lila runs away, though Oni-Chan insists that running will do nothing for her.

Lila is horrified by her horn.

Lila spots Officer Roger driving and stops him, saying that she is being chased by a supervillain and Ladybug hasn't shown up. Roger agrees to keep Lila safe in his car. While driving, Roger points out something on Lila's forehead, which turns out to be a red horn, much to Lila's horror. The horn suddenly glows and Roger receives a strange message on his phone. He and Oni-Chan then switch places, much to the surprise of Ladybug and Cat Noir, who had been fighting Oni-Chan. Roger is perplexed as to what happened, asking where his car and "the girl with a horn on her head" are at. Ladybug realizes that he's talking about Lila, though Cat Noir is confused since Lila didn't have a horn. Nonetheless, the two take off in search of Oni-Chan.

Lila fearfully runs away from Oni-Chan. Ladybug and Cat Noir then spot Oni-Chan in Officer Roger's car and confront her. Cat Noir notices how Oni-Chan seems to be mocking them, though Ladybug insists that Oni-Chan won't be laughing for long and ties her yo-yo string around the car.

Sabine explains what happened.

Lila enters Dupain-Cheng bakery, where she tells Sabine that she's being chased by a supervillain. Sabine is confused as to why Lila has a horn on her head. The horn glows and Sabine receives a strange message on her phone, causing her and Oni-Chan to switch places. Tom then comes into the room and is shocked to see Oni-Chan instead of Sabine. Ladybug and Cat Noir also see that Sabine is now in the police car instead of Oni-Chan, which confuses them. Sabine explains that she was in the bakery when a girl with a horn on her head appeared. Ladybug and Cat Noir head to Dupain-Cheng bakery.

Lila pretends to trust Ladybug.

Oni-Chan tells Lila that all she has to do is give up Adrien to get her to stop chasing her. However, Tom tells Oni-Chan that he will not allow anyone to attack a customer in his bakery and demands to know where Sabine is. While Oni-Chan is distracted, Lila runs away. Oni-Chan quickly spots Lila running and prepares to chase after her, though she is stopped by Tom. As Lila is running, she is confronted by Ladybug and Cat Noir, who ask her if she's alright. Lila pretends to be grateful that Ladybug is saving her despite their past and hugs her, though Ladybug quickly receives a strange message on her yo-yo that makes her switch places with Oni-Chan. Ladybug realizes that Oni-Chan swaps places with anyone she sends a strange message to and is using Lila's horn as a tracking device. This gives her an idea on how to defeat her.

Oni-Chan chases Lila and demands that she give up Adrien, though Lila yells at her to leave her alone. Oni-Chan is then stopped by Cat Noir, who comments on how girls are always fighting over Adrien but no one ever fights for him. He says that he is much more charming and better dressed than Adrien, which infuriates Oni-Chan enough to attack him. She declares that no one is more perfect than Adrien and she won't love any other boy except him, much to Cat Noir's shock. Oni-Chan pushes Cat Noir into a nearby Adrien ad, which irritates him.

Lila makes a deal with Oni-Chan.

Oni-Chan tells Lila that no matter where she runs, she will always find her. Once again, she demands that she give up Adrien. Lila seemingly surrenders and tells Oni-Chan that she'll give up Adrien. However, once she says that, her horn grows, indicating that she was lying. Oni-Chan tells Lila that the only way to make it go away is to sincerely give Adrien up. Lila asks Oni-Chan how she is supposed to do that since she likes Adrien so much. However, she does offer her a deal: if she defeats Ladybug, she'll truly give up Adrien. Hawk Moth is impressed by this, and Oni-Chan agrees and attacks Ladybug. Ladybug tells Cat Noir to not let anyone who receives a text message answer it until the time is right. Cat Noir prepares to do so, but then Lila tells him that her leg hurts. Ladybug believes that Lila is lying, but Cat Noir doubts it as she seems to be in serious pain. He takes her away from the battle while Ladybug calls on her Lucky Charm and receives coiled-up plastic tubing. However, Oni-Chan grabs the tubing and uses it to tie Ladybug to a post.

Cat Noir stops a fireman who's driving by and asks him to take Lila to the hospital. Meanwhile, Oni-Chan prepares to grab Ladybug's Miraculous, but Ladybug kicks her away before she can.

Cat Noir scolds Lila for her deception.

The fireman inspects Lila's leg when the horn suddenly glows and he receives a text message. Cat Noir tells him not to answer it, but the fireman fears that it may be an emergency. Cat Noir tells him that the real emergency is Lila's leg, though the fireman insists that the horn is of greater concern and there is nothing wrong with Lila's leg. Cat Noir realizes that Lila deliberately got him to leave Ladybug to fight Oni-Chan by herself and becomes furious, though Lila denies this until her horn grow that giving her lies away. Cat Noir tells her that she should be ashamed and tells the fireman to look at his message.

Cat Noir brings Lila to Ladybug.

Oni-Chan is about to take Ladybug's Miraculous when suddenly she swaps places with the fireman. Cat Noir fights Oni-Chan while the fireman attempts to untie Ladybug, commenting on how the tubing is so solid that it once took him two hours to untie a kid that was stuck. This gives Ladybug an idea. She opens her yo-yo and calls Cat Noir as he continues fighting Oni-Chan. After she briefly explains her plan, Cat Noir agrees and, after pushing Oni-Chan away, takes Lila to where Ladybug is. As a result, Oni-Chan winds up swapping places with Ladybug, who kept her yo-yo phone on. Now that she's tied up, Ladybug grabs Oni-Chan's saber with her yo-yo and Cat Noir uses Cataclysm on it, freeing the akuma. Ladybug then purifies the akuma and uses Miraculous Ladybug to return everything back to normal.

Cat Noir warns Ladybug to keep an eye on Lila.

Cat Noir gives Kagami her rose back. Ladybug prepares to fist-bump with Cat Noir, but he says that he's going to take Kagami home. He also advises her to keep an eye on Lila, commenting on how she lies as much as she breathes. Once he's gone, Ladybug comments on how Lila's leg has suddenly "healed", to which Lila claims is because she was around superheroes. Ladybug tells her in that case, she can walk home herself and takes off. In his lair, Hawk Moth concludes that he made a mistake in trying to push Lila away, claiming that she'd make a great ally.

Adrien warns Lila not to hurt his loved ones.

After school the next day, Lila again asks Adrien if they could do some homework at his place. Alya notices that Marinette is no longer following Lila and Adrien and asks her why, to which Marinette says that she believes that Adrien will never fall for someone like Lila. Adrien tells Lila that he has fencing and she's too good at math. Lila claims to have some memory loss due to all the traveling she's done and needs to restart her lessons, though Adrien says that Nathalie and his bodyguard got in a lot of trouble the other day because of her. Lila attempts to apologize, but Adrien says that Lila can count on him unless she hurts the ones he loves and leaves. Lila then receives a call from an unknown number.

Adrien and Kagami fence, with Kagami commenting on how Adrien has returned to his best. Adrien says that he tries to live up to her, causing Kagami to blush.

Lila talks to Gabriel about Adrien.

Lila thanks Gabriel for inviting her to his mansion. Gabriel expresses his scorn that she came into his home unauthorized and by manipulating his son. Lila says that she thought it would be good since Adrien is often kept isolated and needs a friend. Gabriel asks Lila what she'd do if she were in his place, to which Lila says that she'd give Adrien a trusted friend his age to protect him from bad influences. Seeing that they are on the same page, Gabriel tells Lila that he'll be seeing her again soon and shakes hands with her.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Switzerland on RTS Un.
  • Oni-Chan (鬼ちゃん) is a combination of two Japanese words, Oni () which are a kind of yōkai, supernatural demon, devils, ogre, or troll in Japanese folklore and Chan (ちゃん) which is a Japanese suffix that is commonly used for Japanese girls. Oni-Chan's appearance resembles that of a demon and Kagami herself is a Japanese girl but it could also be a corruption of the Japanese word Oniichan (お兄ちゃん), which translates to "older brother"
  • This is the fourth time Kagami has been akumatized, following "Riposte" and twice in "Mayura."
    • However, unlike her previous akumatizations, Kagami doesn't get akumatized into Riposte, but instead into a new villain, Oni-Chan.
      • This makes her the fifth previous character to be akumatized into a new akumatized identity, following Chloé Bourgeois (Antibug, then Queen Wasp), Lila Rossi (Volpina, then Chameleon), Nino Lahiffe (The Bubbler, then Shell Shock, Oblivio) and Alya Césaire (Lady Wifi, then Rena Rage, Oblivio).
      • Interestingly, both akumatized versions use a sword/blade as their main weapon, that was also the location of the akuma.
  • This is the second time Ladybug has her Lucky Charm taken away, following "Robostus".
  • A seen flashback to "Frozer".

    A flashback to "Frozer" is seen.
  • Gabriel and Lila make an official alliance, despite her not knowing that he is Hawk Moth.
  • Lila's horn growing bigger every time she lies is a reference to Pinocchio.
    • Coincidentally, both characters are of Italian origin.
  • This episode confirms that Kagami has a crush on Adrien.
  • This is the first episode where the visual representation of Ladybug's thought processes is not displayed when she comes up with a plan to use her Lucky Charm.
  • One shot where Oni-Chan is fighting with Ladybug is reused from "Riposte".
  • Cat Noir once again calls Ladybug "the girl of his dreams" as he did in "Troublemaker" and "Sandboy".
  • The contacts to which Lila sent her and Adrien's selfie are, in order: Adrien, Alya, Chloé, Juleka, Kagami, Marinette, Max, Mylène and Nino. This photo, however, has also somehow reached Gabriel Agreste.
    • Since it is unlikely that Lila had Gabriel as a contact, he most likely obtained his copy of her selfie by covert means, like tapping Adrien's phone.
  • Cat Noir is thrown back into the same billboard ad as Ladybug in "Weredad".
    • Interestingly, the akumatized object in both episodes is a rose, which were also given by Cat Noir/Adrien.
  • This is the second episode where the akumatized person is able to travel by sending a message/phone call to someone, and the receiver answering their phone, following "Lady Wifi".


  • When Nathalie confronts Lila and Adrien, she is missing her earrings.
  • Lila’s bag briefly appears pink and then blue and then become white, just before she is confronted by Oni-Chan.
  • After Lila gets into Officer Roger’s car, her bag disappears.
  • When Kagami throws her phone, her phone is miscolored white in some shots.
  • Right after Oni-Chan leaves Adrien's house, there's a shot of Marinette putting the trash bins back into place. Oni-Chan lands on one of them which opens its cover. It then cuts to a wider shot in which it is clear that there are 7 trash bins and they are all lined up. Then, it cuts to Marinette asking Tikki if she's allowed to transform with 10 trash bins that are no longer lined up.
    • In that scene, Marinette says the entire phrase "Tikki, spots on!", but doesn't transform.
  • Even though Gabriel receives the picture of Lila and Adrien, Lila wasn't seen sending him the picture in her contacts.
  • Kagami received Lila and Adrien's selfie from Gabriel. However, Gabriel got the photo from Lila who sent it to her's contacts, which had Kagami as one of them. Kagami should have received it from Lila instead of Gabriel.
  • Tom explains to Ladybug how Sabine disappeared and Oni-Chan appeared in her place without having witnessed this.
  • Ladybug tells Chat Noir that the Akuma was in Oni-Chan's bokken. However, Oni-Chan's weapon is not a bokken, but rather a shinai.


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