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This article is about the superhero. You may be looking for the comic book based on her.

President Hombee is right! Any mass gathering would be too dangerous. As long as Techno-Pirate roams free, we're asking you dear New Yorkers, dear guests, to stay safe wherever you are!

—Majestia, "Miraculous New York"

Olympia Hill is the civilian identity of Majestia, a superheroine in the United States of America.


Physical appearance

Tallish in height, Majestia has short blonde hair styled into a pixie cut and blue eyes. She also wears bluish-black eyeshadow and red lipstick.

For everyday wear, Olympia wears a green set, which consists of smooth trousers and a jacket richly decorated with a floral motif, revealing her neckline. She has black sandals with straps on his feet. Her neck is decorated with a massive necklace with cream, large, golden beads in the middle and smaller ones in red and brown. She covers her eyes with sunglasses that are gradient, vertically pink to yellow

As Majestia

She wears a red sleeveless vest with a swan-necked collar, three gold stars and two jagged gold lines on the front, and a zipper-like line down the center of the front, along with a long coattail. Underneath the vest, she has a blue suit with exposed shoulders and long sleeves, and she wears red knee-high boots with two jagged gold lines around the upper edge.


Majestia is brave, friendly, and reliable. She kindly explains information to Ladybug and Cat Noir, such as the need to defeat the Trash Krakken. While she can get impatient and annoyed on occasion, Majestia has a positive, understanding and determined outlook in general about a situation. This allows her to get along well with the superheroes she knows.

When under the influence of Liberation, she starts acting reckless, testing out her powers without any concern for the civilians.


Majestia has immense, seemingly limitless super strength; able to punch a supervillain with enough force to send him flying through multiple skyscrapers, lift up a falling airplane, halt the flight of a missile with one hand, and even push the moon out of orbit. Though, she did struggle a bit with the moon.

Majestia has the power to fly, even into Earth's orbit. Additionally she has tremendous speed, able to fly from Earth to the moon in a matter of minutes, if that.

Her super breath is capable of blowing away several buildings. A feat that she herself described as being "too easy".

It can be assumed that Majestia is also invulnerable, as she stated that no matter what new powers Techno-pirate may have gained, she was the only one he wouldn’t be able to harm.

She can also survive in the vacuum of space without a suit.

Outside of her superpowers, she has great knowledge engineering, programming, and robotics, as she was able to create a humanoid combat robot with a highly advanced AI.

So far, her only known weakness is that she seems to have no more defense against an akumatized villain's mind manipulation powers than anyone else.



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Olympia Hill
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Camilla Hombee/Victory

Majestia follows Victory's commands loyally, trusting in her judgement to cause a lot of damage in order to stop the Trash Krakken despite temporarily stopping it after getting a less risky plan. When Victory reveals herself in her superhero costume, Majestia congenially notes that Victory doesn't need to wear the mask as everyone knows her secret identity.

Barbara Keynes/Knightowl

Majestia is really close to her friend, Barbara, as they always fight together against the villains of New York. They both share the same protective nature of training their daughters. However, seeing how the young heroes were able to handle themselves, she agrees with Knightowl, despite being afraid of letting their daughters become more independent.

Uncanny Valley/Aeon

Despite having no children of her own, she treats her creation, Uncanny Valley, as her daughter, caring greatly for her to the point of being a bit overprotective. She can be a bit stern with her when orders are disobeyed. However, seeing her accidentally destroyed by Cat Noir, she held her close breaking down to the point of tears. She was relieved and grateful when she was fixed. After being returned to normal and seeing how Uncanny and her friends handle things on their own, she let her "daughter" become more independent.

Ladybug and Cat Noir

Majestia supports and assists Ladybug and Cat Noir, informing them about the Trash Krakken situation and other superheroes. Their sudden departure to de-transform confuses her. She becomes irked when they come back later than promised, but she doesn't hold it against them for long. In particular, Majestia strongly believes that Ladybug is important to the success of stopping the Trash Krakken, noting that they're all counting on her. She trusts Ladybug and Cat Noir with their own plan to the point of stalling and halting Barbara Keynes's plan at Cat Noir's request. Also, Majestia considers Ladybug and Cat Noir's feelings toward each other as "young love", much to the annoyance of Ladybug.

In the New York Special, she was horrified that Cat Noir accidentally destroyed her "daughter" but was extremely grateful towards Ladybug for repairing her. After being returned to normal and Miraclonizer's defeat, she praised the young heroes for a job well done and learned from them that when training young heroes, they need make their own way and take their own chances. To honor the young heroes as well as a sign of friendship and gratitude, Majestia leads the adult heroes in making an ice sculpture of them.



Comics and books


  • Thomas Astruc described Majestia as a "fusion between Superman and Wonder Woman."[3]
    • Additionally, her appearance is similar to that of Power Girl, Supergirl and the Carol Danvers incarnation of Ms. Marvel.
    • Much like Superman and Wonder Woman, Olympia seems able to use glasses as a disguise in her civilian identity.
  • Alya Césaire is a fan of Majestia, reading comic books about her and referencing a quote from her in order to encourage Marinette in "Ladybug & Cat Noir".
    • Majestia's first appearance in the television series is on the cover of a comic book about her that Alya has on her cellphone.
    • Alya also has a poster of her in her room.
    • As seen in "Sapotis", Alya has a pajama top with a design based on Majestia's costume.
  • Animaestro impersonated her in cartoon form.
  • Her name, Olympia Hill, is a reference to Mount Olympus, which in Ancient Greek religion and mythology was the home of the Twelve Olympian gods. Majestia herself has god-like powers.
  • Her original superhero name was Superbia.[4]


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