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Season 2


First round: total knockout. Huh-huh-huh. As usual. I told you a hundred times not to call me Nora in front of people, little sis. The name is Anansi, like a spider.
Tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk, there have been way too many akumatized peeps in Paris these last few weeks. Look how many times you've been in direct danger.
I won't let anybody mess with my family.
what would happen if the Ferris wheel stopped working 'cause some akumatized dude refused to pay his fare? Once you fly-weights can actually defend yourselves like me, we'll talk about it.
Hmm, ha! Okay, Alya can go out with you guys. If you beat me at an arm wrestle.
You're a bunch of cheaters. There's no way I could've been beaten by that fly-weight. If I hadn't been distracted, I—
They don't understand. They have no idea of the dangers. They're so clueless.
Nora's not here to protect you anymore. I am Anansi! Super-spider!
Now that you can't cheat anymore, Cappie, show us just how you plan to protect your friends. Come and get [Alya] if you're not a fly-weight!
So it's two versus one now? Fine with me!
Hey, make up your mind, Mothy! I couldn't care less about [Cat Noir's] Miraculous. You're the one who's been nagging me about it all evening.
Change of pet? You replaced your kitty with a turtle?
Don't worry, butterfly man, this nasty bug ain't no match for Anansi.
Fly-weights! Truth is, I did lose the match. And my cool. Sorry about everything that went down.


Fear? Little sister, fear is afraid of me!
Ha, I told you so! If that fly-weight is talking to them, it means that Ladybug and “Mister Whiskers” is still around, and on the good guys’ side.


Look! The heroes are back!
Miraculous holders

Adrien Agreste/Cat NoirMarinette Dupain-Cheng/LadybugWang Fu

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Gabriel Agreste/Hawk MothNathalie Sancoeur/Mayura

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