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Nora Césaire has been akumatized.

Well, that would've never happened on my watch. I won't let anybody mess with my family.

—Nora, "Anansi"

Nora Césaire[2][3] is Alya's older sister and a kickboxer.

In "Anansi", after Alya gets fed up with her being overprotective, she is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Anansi, a spider-themed supervillain, when Alya refuses to listen to her overprotective advice.


Physical appearance

Nora is brown-skinned and muscular with orangeish black hair and vivid amber eyes. Her hair was in dreadlocks in high ponytail style. Nora's left eyebrow has what appears to be a slit going through it. She also has a beauty mark underneath her right eye, and her fingernails are painted with black nail polish.

Civilian attire

Nora wears a yellow cropped tank top with white edges with a black spider design on the front. White bandages wrap around her hands and wrists, and she wears black elbows pads. She also wears yellow shorts, which have a white upper band with the word "Anansi" written black capital letters on the front and two horizontal black lines wrapping around the rest, two black downward-bent lines on each side of the shorts, and white edges of the shorts' legs. Beneath her shorts are black short leggings. She also wears knee-length black boots with yellow toe caps and heels and a yellow spider logo on the shins.

As Anansi

Anansi is a tall and skinny supervillain. She has brown skin, brilliant yellow hair braided into a spiky ponytail and 4 extra pairs of arms, shoulders, and fingers (resulting in 6 arms and shoulders and 30 fingers all together.) Anansi also has six pupil-less eyes and they are orangeish white and are outlined in black, and she has a beauty mark like her civilian form. Her costume is a very deep brown jumpsuit with yellow stripes. A black and yellow spider design is on her chest. On her feet, she wears very deep brown small wedge shoes with yellow soles.


Nora is strong and caring but also somewhat overprotective, especially when it comes to her family, believing only strength is needed to carry you through. She is also very confident in her fighting abilities and has little regards for superheroes, doubting they'll always be around to save everyone when there's danger. She also calls Alya's friends by nicknames, like calling Nino "Cappie." Once she calms down, Nora can be humble when admitting defeat.

As Anansi, she is overconfident in her fighting abilities, believing it will always end in one punch and underestimates her opponents, whether it's civilians or superheroes. When angered, she is easily distracted and can lose her cool. Not only that, she had as her akumatized alter ego just like how Rogercop got justice and revenge as well as Hawk Moth with love and pain confused. She got her protector and captor lines crossed by holding Alya prisoner as well as trying to make Paris look like a dangerous on purpose or just to prove a point.


As a civilian

Nora is excellent at kick boxing. She is very fit and strong, easily able to defeat others in arm wrestling unless tricked.

In "Stormy Weather 2", she is even strong enough to pick up and hold her sisters and Nino with ease.

As Anansi

Anansi can shoot webs from her mouth that she uses to trap people. She is shown to be able to climb vertical surfaces with her sticky grip. Because she is a spider-themed villain, she has six arms and two legs. She also has immense strength.


Alya Césaire

Nora cares deeply about her younger sister, but sometimes that care leads her to be overly protective. She displays a great amount of concern for Alya's safety since she has been in direct danger from past akumatized villains and even tries to forbid her from going to the Ferris wheel with her friends out of fear that an akumatized villain might attack her.

As Anansi, she does everything in her power to try and show Alya how dangerous Paris can be.

Ella and Etta Césaire

Like Alya, she cares deeply for her youngest sisters wanting to protect them from danger.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Nora is aware that Marinette is Alya's best friend calling her Baguette unknown to her that she helps Nino win the match. After she is de-akumatized and Marinette tries to explain what happened, Nora quickly forgives her.

As for Ladybug, Nora like the many people in Paris have heard of her and her heroism. And yet, she is doubtful that Ladybug would always be around forever or protect them. As time goes on she treats the heroine with respect and support seen during the events of "Heroes' Day".

As Anansi, she tries to steal her earrings.

Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir

Nora is aware that Adrien is Alya's friend calling him Cell phone Boy.

As for Cat Noir, Nora like the many people in Paris have heard of him and his heroism. And yet, she is doubtful that Cat Noir would always be around forever or protect them. As Anansi, she tries to steal his ring. As time goes on, she treats the hero with respect and support seen during the events of "Heroes' Day".

Nino Lahiffe

When Nino tells Nora that he can protect Alya from danger, Nora laughs at him, believing that he is incapable of such a thing, though she does allow him to arm wrestle her to prove his worth. Though he wins the match (thanks to Marinette's help, unbeknowest to her), Nora insists that he cheated, finding it hard to believe that Nino could beat her. However, after being de-akumatized, she apologizes for overreacting and spends time with him and the others at the ice rink.

As Anansi, she constantly taunts him calling him weak. She even toys with him when he fights her using Cat Noir's staff, but is angered when he lands a hit on her face.



Otis Césaire Square.png
Otis Césaire
Marlena Césaire Square.png
Marlena Césaire
Nora Césaire Square.png
Nora Césaire
Alya Césaire Square.png
Alya Césaire
Ella Césaire Square (Speculation).png
Ella Césaire
Etta Césaire Square (Speculation).png
Etta Césaire

Otis Césaire
Marlena Césaire
Nora Césaire
Alya Césaire
Ella Césaire
Etta Césaire

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


  • All of the Césaires' first names are based on famous jazz singers.
  • Marlena is the only member of the Césaire family so far not to be Akumatized.





  • Nora's stage name and akumatized form, "Anansi", comes from the African folktale character of the same name which tries to trick others.
    • In African folktales, Anansi often takes the shape of a spider and is considered to be the spirit of all knowledge of stories.
  • Her character was officially introduced after Thomas Astruc designed her character and posted preliminary sketches of her on his Twitter on August 13, 2016.[4][5]
  • Nora's existence was first teased in an earlier tweet by Thomas Astruc, where he asked the question, "Afraid of spiders?", foreshadowing Nora's spider-themed akumatized form.[6]
  • On a computer screen in a photo of production by Jeremy Zag on his Instagram, there is an unfinished reference model of Nora's civilian form.[7]
  • Thomas considers Nora his "favourite girl" as well as "buff and beautiful."[8]
  • She calls people multiple nicknames:
    • Adrien's nickname is Cellphone Boy.
    • Cat Noir's nicknames are Mr. Whiskers and Kitten.
    • Marinette's nickname is Baguette.
    • Ladybug's nickname is Beetle.
    • Hawk Moth's nicknames are Mothy, Butterfly Man and Fly.
    • Nino's nicknames are Cappie, Flyweight and Lightweight.
  • As a supervillain, Anansi is one of the few villains that Hawk Moth doesn't name, since "Anansi" is Nora's stage name in her boxing matches.
  • Anansi appears another time in "Gamer 2.0" for Gamer's powers.


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