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Recurring quotes

Wayzz, shell on!
Pound it!
Shell off!

Season 1

The Bubbler

Dude, seriously? Has your dad always been such a downer? You'd think he'd remember what it was like to be young and wanna party a little.
Look, I know you don't want Adrien to have a party, but it's his birthday, dude—I mean, sir. It's all he wants.
No more adults means total freedom! This is SOOO sweet! Off the hook!
Today is your lucky day, little dudes. The adults have taken the day off, so make the most of it. No chores, no homework, no more nagging, just fun, fun, fun, fun! This is the Bubbler's gift to you.
Hey, hey, hey, birthday boy. Guess what? Daddy's gone. While the cat's away, the mice will play!
Know what, since you care so much about these adults, why don't you go float with them for a while?
What's wrong with all you guys?! Why you gotta be such haters?!
Wow, I guess anyone can change. Adults can be cool when you least expect it.

Lady Wifi

Chloé? Seriously? She's too self-absorbed to think of anyone but herself, much less save the world. You are cray-cray, lady!
You need to have your head examined. If she's a superhero, then I'm the Wizard of Oz.
The short story, [Alya was] accused of breaking into Chloé's locker. I mean, Ladybug's locker.
Did you see Ladybug yesterday? Isn't she amazing? I wonder who she really is.


You're playing a hero from the special forces. You're not supposed to get all freaked out!
Dudes, you know cellphones never work in horror movies.
Don't mind me, finding the missing piece of solving this crazy mystery with Cat Noir and Ladybug... This movie's gonna be so swank!
We didn't make the cut! He said the monster was a horrible replica, completely unbelievable! No joke!


And it'd be primo if we could listen to our beats while we study in the library.
Hurry! I hope they haven't got too medieval on Cat Noir!

Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)

You're friends with Chloé now, huh?
Why didn't you tell [Marinette] it was Chloé's idea?
I'm Nino, and it's time for you to make some new friends, dude.
Dude, you wanna make friends, right? Well, go talk to Marinette. You know, about the chewing gum.


It's easy for you to say, Mr. Front of the Cover Teen Model Weekly. I'm not that cool!
You know I'm no good with the ladies, especially this one all of a sudden. I mean, dude, do I go up to her and crack her a joke? Shoot her a compliment? Invite her to the zoo? Play it serious?
What if I act like a moronosaurus, so she disses me and thinks I'm lame or–?
Whoa, what did you mean alone with Marinette? Oh no, dude. You're coming with me. You can't leave me alone by myself. Uh-ah.
Alya tells me you've been crushing on some dude.

Simon Says

You sure your old man isn't some robot or something?
Dude! I've seen stadiums tinier than your room!
Oh, I've got this one in the bag. I'm gonna pick two buds I know won't let me down: Ladybug and Cat Noir!


Yo! Check it! Cat Noir is gonna save us!


Lila knows all of the Hollywood directors. She promised she'd mention me to Steven Basielberg himself!

Season 2

The Collector

Something about losing this major important book that belongs to [Adrien's] dad.

The Dark Owl

Cool! Wait 'till you check out my advance weaponry! You won't stand a chance!
Again? But we haven't played all week.


The deal with André and his ice-cream cart is that you never know where he's gonna be. You gotta follow his clues to find out where he's going to set up.
Hey! Someone posted a photo! [André]'s on his way to the Pont des Arts.
Hey, I was gonna get another [ice cream]!

Captain Hardrock

[Adrien] had something to do with his old man. He said he'll come right after.
Wassup dude?...Wow, what happened?...Whoa, that's real rough. Good luck dude, see you tomorrow!


Uh... Adrien? He still hasn't come out of his locker.
This isn't the first time we've been in trouble together.


Yeah, no way dude, we're not going [to Place de la Concorde Ferris wheel] without Alya!
I can protect Alya if I have to. [...] I'd… do anything to protect Alya.
Dude, please don't tell me we're gonna be stuck up here!
Uh, may-maybe you shouldn't film [Anansi], Alya. You don't wanna attract her over here.
I'm not a fly-weight and I don't need your help to prove it!
Anansi! You let Alya go right now!
Maybe I could help you? Uh, I get it. It's cool. I'm no superhero. I'd tried to save Alya, but… guess I'm not strong enough.
You shouldn't have underestimated me, legs!
I'll do anything for [Alya].
Hey little guy, what are you, a genie like in those fairy tales?
Hey, six-hands! Catch this!
Uh… Huh… Carapace. Call me Carapace.
Thank you for trusting me.
Uhm. Actually… no, I didn't do much. It's not like I'm a superhero or anything.
What if Nora came with us to the ice rink next weekend? It'd be more fun with her, don't you think?


Chloé's leaving?

Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)

I gotta admit, I've never used to do anything for anyone before, but Ladybug and Cat Noir have shown me what being cool is really about. So this year, I'm going to visit the elderly residents at the local retirement home and play them all their favorite songs.
Ladybug? The real Ladybug? But...?
You're.. Rena Rouge? [...] And you never told me??!
So awesome! But aren't you at least a bit surprised that I'm Carapace?
I got your back.

Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)

You may have an army of akumatized warriors...
Rena? No! Not you!
There is no more Carapace. There is only Shell Shock!
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