Bee Nasca Icon.png This page lists designs and outfits for Nino Lahiffe. Both final and conceptual designs are presented here.

Final designs


File:SS (925).png
Nino is tall, with short dark brown hair, brown skin, and golden brown eyes.
He wears a plain red cap atop his head. He also wears black-rimmed glasses. A pair of dark gray, blue, and orange headphones are found around his neck. He wears a short-sleeved blue shirt with an eye design on the front, having a black pupil, white sclera, dark gray upper eyelid with lashes, and light blue lower lid. Around his jeans is a brown belt, and while most of it is hidden by his shirt, one tip sticks out a little bit below it. Additionally, he wears lime green, pink, red, blue, and yellow bands around his right wrist, blue-gray jeans, and red and white high collar shoes with a white knight design on the tongues.
Sometimes, Nino isn't wearing his cap, and other times, he is wearing his headphones with the headband at the back of his head.
First appearance: "The Bubbler"


TB Cool Bubbler.jpeg
The Bubbler has light blue skin, reddish-brown eyes, and black circles around his eyes, along with a black spot above his left eye and a black spot below his right eye. He wears a bright red, blue and yellow bodysuit, with many parts of the suit being rounded like attached bubbles. Around his head, he has a red helmet that features a red antenna on top with a red sphere. Also, he wears black boots, black elbow-length gloves with pink knuckles, and black pants. On his chest, an eye-like black and white circle with two dark gray tubes attached. The tubes connect to Bubbler's red, yellow, and blue bubble container, where he puts his bubble wand when he isn't using it. The bubble wand has a blue handle and a yellow head with a long, oval hole.
First appearance: "The Bubbler"

Knight minion

File:DB S01EP12 (888).png
Transformed by Darkblade, Nino becomes a knight in dark gray armor with bright green designs on his epaulet and helmet.
First appearance: "Darkblade"

Reflekta duplicate

File:RK (672).png
After Reflekta zaps Roger, he takes on a feminine appearance becoming a physical copy of her.
First appearance: "Reflekta"

Winter outfit

Nino's winter Outfit (Temp. Image).png
Over his usual outfit, Nino wears a dark blue puffer vest.
First appearance: "Santa Claws"

Tales from Paris Nino

The Notebook (58).png
Nino's outfit is very close to its normal appearance except he doesn't wear his wristbands, his headphones don't have blue markings, and the white logo doesn't appear on his shoes.
First appearance: "The Notebook"


Nino - Turtle Superhero Spoiler.png
Carapace has a dark green bodysuit with a hoodie. The hoodie has a silver semicircle on the front, red eye designs on the sides with black and golden details, and two small light green ovals below the bottom of the hood's opening. Over his eyes, Carapace wears black goggles with yellow green lenses, and underneath the suit, he has a black collar. On his suit, he has six hexagon-shaped light green circles on his chest, and he has dark gray hexagon-shaped protective pads on his shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. The Turtle Miraculous bracelet is on his right wrist. Also, Carapace wears dark green boots with an indent between his big toe and other toes, dark gray outsoles, and two indents on two sides of each boot. On his back, he carries a shell-like object that is dark green on one side and light green on the other.
First appearance: "Anansi"

Shell Shock

Shell Shock Square.png
Shell Shock still has the same appearance as his hero counterpart but his outfit is scarlet.
First appearance: "Mayura"

Final design accessories

Chef hat

File:PX (7).png
During the class field trip at Le Grand Paris hotel, while he works in the kitchen, Nino wears a white chef hat with the hotel’s logo on the band brim.
First appearance: "Pixelator"

Comic designs

Miraculous Adventures Nino

Miraculous Adventures Issue 1 SDCC cover textless.jpg
Nino's comic book appearance is the same as his appearance in the television series.

Swim outfit

Nino MA Beach Shorts Design.png
Nino wears orange swim trunks and is barefoot while wearing the rest of his regular attire for swimming.
First appearance: "Miraculous Adventures Issue 2"

Conceptual designs

Later concept Nino

Old Classroom Photo concept.png
While most of Nino's outfit is the same as the final design, he has a white shirt with red color included in the eye logo and dark gray headphones.

Conceptual Miraculous chibi Nino

Miraculous Chibi Design Nino.png
Wearing his regular outfit, Nino has chibi proportions.
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