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After all, isn't the United States the land of the free?

—Alya, "Miraculous New York"

New York City, abbreviated as NYC or simply called New York, is the most populous city of New York State in the United States of America.

French-American friendship week was held in New York City during the events of "Miraculous New York".

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  • Geographically, the borough where Miss Bustier's class were taking their field trip in "Miraculous New York" is Manhattan; but more specifically, somewhere in Midtown Manhattan. This is because it features Times Square, the Empire State Building is seen in the background, and Central Park is mentioned by Alya Césaire. The New-York Historical Society museum where the class visited, however, is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
    • In the same special, Gabriel Agreste stayed at a hotel after he stole the Eagle Miraculous from the New-York Historical Society Museum. However, it's unknown what's the name of the hotel during his stay. It is also unknown if the hotel is also located in Manhattan or it's from a different borough.
  • Coincidentally, two other ZAG Heroez shows, Pixie Girl and Ghostforce prominently take place in the borough of Manhattan.
    • Both Ghostforce and Miraculous have already made one cross-reference to each other's franchise in their respective shows.
      • Some of the background sets from the "Miraculous New York" special is reused from Ghostforce. For example, when the polices are arresting Techno-Pirate for endangering everyone on the plane, there's a basketball courtyard with a wall graffiti design that's also used for Ghostforce. The graffiti, in particular, was designed by Jérôme Cointre.
      • In Ghostforce, Ladybug is featured both on a poster in an alleyway and on a billboard near the same basketball courtyard.
  • In Miraculous Adventures, Ladybug and Cat Noir come to New York through a portal made by Doorman and they were brought over to help various heroes fight the Trash Krakken.
  • In "Queen Wasp" Marinette was offered by Audrey Bourgeois to join her and study fashion under her tutelage in New York, but Tikki told her that would mean giving up her Miraculous.
  • In the official concept art, it appears that Ladybug is standing on the Chrysler Building but the view is actually a commonly used one from the attraction "The Top of The Rock" at The Comcast Building, otherwise known as 30 Rockefeller Plaza.
  • Zoé Lee originally lived in New York before moving to Paris. However, it's unknown which borough she used to reside there.


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