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Scene: Marinette writes in her diary.

Marinette: Dear diary, every mission as Ladybug feels like a first.

Scene: Cat Noir kissing Ladybug's hand, Cat Noir holding Ladybug's hand.

Marinette: Even though Cat Noir is always the same.

Scene: Marinette puts on her earrings.

Marinette: Every day we get to experience the power of our Miraculous.

Scene: Ladybug summons her Lucky Charm.

Ladybug: Lucky Charm!
Marinette: At first I thought that the only power mine granted was my Lucky Charm.

Scene: Ladybug holding a Lucky Charm.

Ladybug: A spoon? What am I supposed to do with this?

Scene: Ladybug realizing what to do with her pillow Lucky Charm.

Marinette: And luckily I've learned how to control it since then.
Ladybug: Of course!

Scene: Master Fu shows Marinette the Miracle Box.

Marinette: But when I finally meet Master Fu...
Tikki: Master Fu is the last known member of the order of the Guardian's.
Marinette: I started to realize just how powerful these magical jewels really are.

Scene: Master Fu makes a potion.

Master Fu: When fed with a specific blend of ingredients, the kwami's can grant special power. Each power specific mix is listed here, encoded in the grimoire.

Scene: Aquabug swimming.

Marinette: One of these powers allows me to move quickly underwater while breathing perfectly normally.

Scene: Ladyice skating.

Marinette: Another gives me a special suit to resist very low temperatures, and skid across frozen surfaces.

Scene: Tikki and Longg unifying.

Marinette: I really love my Aquabug and Ladyice suits. But what I love even more is the unifying power.
Ladybug: Tikki, Longg, unify!

Scene: Marinette puts on all the Miraculous.

Marinette: If I wear several Miraculous at once I can fuse their powers and become even more powerful. And I can use other Miraculous than my own.
Multimouse: Mullo, get squeaky! And now I'm Multi-Mouse.
Marinette: But that can be dangerous. So it's safer to just wear one at a time.

Scene: Lady Noire transformation sequence.

Marinette: I can also switch my powers for Cat Noir's, like the time I was Lady Noire. I think that was my favourite moment of them all.
Lady Noire: I'm the cunning, funny, and ultra-charming, Lady Noire! Watch and learn. Cataclysm!

Scene: Master Fu gives Marinette special-ability potions.

Marinette: And the great thing is, that we haven't used them all yet. There is still so many powers left to discover. Like the space one.

Scene: Marinette writes in her diary.

Marinette: Can you imagine. I'll tell you all about it dear diary, goodbye for now!


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