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Scene: Marinette writes in her diary.

Marinette: Dear diary, for a long time, Cat Noir and I thought there would only be the two of us fighting against Hawk Moth.

Scene: The Lucky Charm materializes. It is a teapot.

Marinette: Until the day I got a very strange Lucky Charm.
Cat Noir: A teapot?
Ladybug: It's strangely familiar.

Scene: Master Fu sits calmly, sipping from a cup. He presents Marinette with the Miracle Box.

Marinette: Instead of helping me to defeat the villain, my power was telling me to go to the Guardian of the Miraculous.
Marinette: Hello, Master Fu.
Master Fu: Hello, Marinette.

Scene: Fu opens the box. Marinette contemplates which miraculous to take.

Marinette: That was a signal to let me know that I had to choose a new hero to help us with our mission.
Master Fu: Choose wisely. Such powers are meant to serve the greater good. They must never get into the wrong hands.
Marinette: Of course, there was only one person I could entrust with this first miraculous. The person I trust the most.

Scene: Ladybug presents Alya with the Fox miraculous, telling her the conditions on which it can be used.

Ladybug: Alya Césaire, here is the miraculous of the Fox, which grants the power of Illusion. You will use it for the greater good.
Alya: (nods)
Ladybug: Once the job is done, you will return the miraculous to me. Can I trust you?
Alya: Totally, Ladybug.
Ladybug: (nods)

[Transformation Sequence]
(Alya into Rena Rouge)

Marinette: Alya was the first of the new heroes.

[Transformation Sequence]
Nino: Wayzz, shell on! (Nino into Carapace)
[Transformation Sequence]
(Kagami into Ryuko)
[Transformation Sequence]
(Max into Pegasus)

Marinette: Then, there were others like: Carapace, Ryuko, Pegausus. And then, there was the Snake miraculous.

[Transformation Sequence]
(Adrien into Aspik)

Marinette: I thought it would be a good thing, giving the miraculous to Adrien, because, well, you know.... And he looked so handsome in his Aspik suit! But it turned out it wasn't such a great idea after all. Because I just couldn't focus anymore.

Scene: Ladybug and Aspik move across the street. Aspik notes some flowers on the ground.

Ladybug: (turns)
Aspik: Here. (hands rose) As a thank you for choosing me.
Ladybug: Oooh! Uh, thanks. (takes flower and smiles)
Aspik: (smiles)
Ladybug: Eeeeee. (is hit on head by Desperada)

Scene: Adrien looks regretful and sad. Ladybug offers the miraculous to Luka.

Marinette: So I had to find a new holder. And Luka was the one who ended up helping us that day. He was an incredible Viperion.
Viperion: Second Chance!

Scene: Dust clears, and Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Alix stare up to see Bunnyx emerge.

Marinette: The craziest day, though, was when I met an ally to whom I hadn't even given a miraculous.
Bunnyx: (yawns, then hops down)
Marinette: But that's okay. Bunnyx is the holder of the Rabbit Miraculous; her power allows her to travel through time!

Scene: Bunnyx talks to Ladybug, Cat Noir, and her past self in front of the bathroom.

Bunnyx: Fluff, counterclockwise!
Alix: But you are...?
Future!Alix: So mini-me, you get it now? You're me, and I'm you, well more precisely, I'm you when you grow up.
Alix: Wow! I can't believe how cool I'm going to be when I'm older.
Ladybug: But, wait, it doesn't make sense. I never gave you, I mean her, I mean- I never gave either of you the miraculous.
Future!Alix: You haven't given it to us yet, Minibug, because you haven't yet realized just how awesome I really am. But don't worry. You will, one day.
Alix: I'm going to get a miraculous. So cool! (waves thumb and pinky)

Scene: Marinette writes in her diary, then thinks back to when Bunnyx left.

Marinette: And it was so cool. (laughs)
Marinette: I can't wait for the day I give Alix her miraculous for the very first time. What if it was today, or tomorrow, or maybe it was yesterday? (laughs)
Marinette: Whatever happens, I'll let you know. In the meantime, goodbye for now, dear diary.

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