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Now that the Miraculous of the eagle has been found, it must return to its box it belongs to. I have came a long way, so give it back with no fuss, child! I'm not in the mood!

Monk to Eagle, "Miraculous New York"

The Native American Miracle Box is a jewelry box used to store Miraculouses when they are not in use.

This Miracle Box is currently owned by Monk.



The exterior of the Native American Miracle Box.

The box is made out of a light brown wood and is shaped like a hexagon. The box contains six sides with each side having two dark colored buttons with an animal symbol in the center vertically aligned. The lid of the box has a dark brown design with the symbol of the Order of the Guardians surrounded by patterns in the middle with Native American designs at the edges. The box includes twelve drawers where more Miraculouses are being stored.

Top level

Inside the box, on the top level, there is a square divided into four sections with a circular center and a gold outline. In each section of the square and the circle is a Miraculous: wolf, bear, bison, eagle and Thunderbird.

Each section has a different color with a darker-shaded circled symbol in the center. The section opposite of the lid's hinge is red with a darker eagle symbol, which is where the Eagle Miraculous is placed. The left section is black with a symbol, which is where the Bear Miraculous is placed. The right section is yellow with a dark symbol, which is where the Wolf Miraculous is placed. The upper section is white with a darker buffalo symbol, which is where the Buffalo Miraculous is placed. The central section is turquoise with a dark thunderbird symbol, which is where the Thunderbird Miraculous is placed.


A Hair Tie that turns the wearer, with help from the Thunderbird Kwami, into a thunderbird-themed hero.
A Toe Ring that turns the wearer, with help from the Buffalo Kwami, into a Buffalo-themed hero.
A Feather Charm that turns the wearer, with help from the Wolf Kwami, into a wolf-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Otter Kwami, into an otter-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Beaver Kwami, into a beaver-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Woodpecker Kwami, into a Woodpecker-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Owl Kwami, into an owl-themed hero.
A Talon Pendant that turns the wearer, with help from Liiri, into an eagle-themed hero with the power of Freedom.

Currently owned by Jessica Keynes.

A Brooch that turns the wearer, with help from the Bear Kwami, into a Bear-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Falcon Kwami, into a falcon-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Deer Kwami, into a deer-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Salmon Kwami, into a Salmon-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Raven Kwami, into a Raven-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Goose Kwami, into a Goose-themed hero.


Magic World

Just like the Chinese Miracle Box, it's possible that, within the Miracle Box, there is a pocket dimension where the Kwamis can gather.

When gathered in this magic world, Kwamis can communicate with other, non-present Kwamis on their cycle, or birthday. There is no way to contact the Kwamis while they are inside their magic world.




  • This is the second Miracle Box to appear, after the Chinese Miracle Box that is currently in Marinette Dupain-Cheng's possession.
  • The exterior design of the box strongly resembles the previous design of the Chinese Miracle Box.
  • The four outer sections of the top compartment are based on the Native American medicine circle and correspond to the four sacred mountains of Navajo culture, themselves responding to the cardinal directions (North, South, East, and West).[1]
    • These mountains, and other similar sacred quartets in various Native American cultures, are typically assigned one of four colors: Black, White, Yellow, and Blue (which has been replaced by Red).
    • The center's color likely refers to the extensive use of turquoise stone in Native American jewelry.
  • Thomas Astruc has confirmed that the five Miraculous in the box's top drawer are the Wolf, Bear, Bison, and Eagle (bottom) Miraculous, with the Thunderbird Miraculous in the center.[2][3] The four Miraculous surrounding the Thunderbird, he claims, correspond to the four cardinal directions of the Native American medicine circle,[1] but did not clarify which Miraculous corresponds to the remaining three directions. Further, which animals correspond to which direction varies greatly by the source.
    • The unspecified Miraculous in the East/yellow compartment includes feathers, despite only the Thunderbird and Eagle Miraculous corresponding to birds. Further, it appears to reuse the same feather model used for the Thunderbird Miraculous. This may indicate an error in designing this Miraculous, an error in which animal it may be assigned, or that feathers are used in this box's Miraculous irrespective of which animal it corresponds to.
  • Most of the Miraculous are based on the 12 animals of the unofficial Native American Astrological Zodiac (unofficially confirmed to be the Bear, Wolf, Falcon, Otter, Deer, Beaver, Salmon, Woodpecker, Raven, Owl, and Goose[4]), with the exception of the Snake. These animals are seen in the opening of Miraculous New York.[5]
    • This exclusion is likely due to the existence of a Snake Miraculous in the Chinese Miracle Box.
    • Because the Bear and the Wolf Miraculous are part of the Native American medicine circle at the top of the box instead, it's possible their are replaced in the Native American Zodiac with other animals.
      • Since in some versions of the Native American Zodiac, the Wolf is replaced by the Cougar, it's possible that there's a Cougar Miraculous.
    • A total of seven of the jewels and Kwamis in the Miracle Box are based off a type of bird.


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