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Season 1


No more dares!

The Evillustrator

Gimme that!
You? You're Marinette! You're beautiful and sweet and... you're perfect and I could never hurt you!
But I just want Marinette to love me.
Marinette! You're working with him? I'm so stupid... I actually thought you liked me! But you're really just like Chloé. Teasing me, mocking me, leading me off!
You like to walk all over other people. But you don't like it when others trample on you! Do you, Chloé? Do you?!
In the comics, this is what's known as the final showdown. The thing is, if you knew her [Chloé], you wouldn't be breaking a sweat to save her skin! She's the real baddie!
Sadly, those who get in my way get erased.
Huh? Where am I?


Yes, I did sketch the bracelet, but I didn't do anything else!
Hey! What's that supposed to mean? I didn't swipe her [Chloé's] bracelet!
No one's searching my bag!
What? Are you accusing us?


They [Kim and Max] vanished!


So what's your [class representative] campaign then, Marinette?

Season 2


I painted [Miss Bustier] as a superhero because she’s always here for us.


This is a team up of Ladybug and Mightillustrator fighting Queen Wasp together.
I'm only good at drawing stories, not writing them.
Welcome, Marc. As you'll find out, the good thing about this place is you can say whatever you want and no one will judge you, or only in good fun.
Thanks, that's nice.
[The journal]'s seriously amazing! But how did you get ahold of it?
It's my dream come true. This isn't some kind of prank, is it, Marinette?
You were trying to make a fool of me, weren't you? Do you think it's funny to toy with my feelings?
A comic book? Us!? Together!? Never!
What's the point? He [Marc] wanted to tease me. Like everybody else.
I don't wanna be reversed.
Next, they team up with the Mightillustrator and de-akumatized Reverser. Then he joins the team.
In fact, we've dedicated our first issue to you. To Marinette, who would make a super superhero.
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Adrien Agreste/Cat NoirMarinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

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