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Marinette writes in her diary. She pauses, looks up and thinks.

Marinette: Dear diary, you won't believe what happened to me today. I got akumatized! (chuckles) Don't worry. It was just one of Nath's comics.

Scene from The Evillustrator. Ms. Mendeleiev and Nathaniel in her classroom during class.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) Our relationship has changed a lot since the start of the school year, you know. He used to be so shy, he didn't talk to anyone. He would just be off alone in his corner always drawing his comic books.

Scene from The Evillustrator. Ms. Mendeleiev and Nathaniel in her classroom during class.

Ms. Mendeleiev: What are you drawing?
Nathaniel: Wha, wha---
Ms. Mendeleiev: And these artistic endeavours are clearly why you are failing science.

Nathaniel getting akumatized

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) The first time I got to talk to him was when he got akumatized by Hawk Moth.

Nathaniel, as Evillustrator, breaks into Marinette's room.

Marinette: Are you going to hurt me?
Evillustrator: You? You're Marinette! You're beautiful and sweet and... you're perfect and I could never hurt you!

Evillustrator shows Marinette a drawing he drew of her.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) I felt pretty awkward. Sure, it was touching, but a bit weird coming from a super villain.

Nathaniel looking down while drawings he made appear behind him.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) Luckily, when he became Nathaniel again after Ladybug saved him, he was no longer in love with me, but with Ladybug! And he used that impossible love as an inspiration to create a new comic book. Nathaniel has a real talent for drawing stories.

Scene from Reverser. Marinette introduces Marc to the art class.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) But he needed someone to write them. So I introduced him to Marc Anciel. Marc reminds me so much of Nathaniel at the beginning of the school year. He's just as shy as Nath used to be.

Marc writing under the stairs in Collège Françoise Dupont.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) And he's really talented too, except his thing is writing. Plus, Marc is a big fan of Nath.

Marinette erases Marc's name from his book.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) But being the shy guys that they are, the two of them needed a little help to actually meet. And that's where I stepped in.

Marinette hands Nathaniel Marc's book.

Marinette: Someone gave me this for you.

Nathaniel yelling at Marc about the book at Place des Vosges

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) True, it didn't really work, at first. Let's just say, my plan was a little bit overcomplicated.

Nathaniel confronts Marc about the book at Place des Vosges.

Marc: I-I just want.. to make.. a comic book, if you want to, that is.
Nathaniel: A comic book? Us!? Together?! Never! (rips Marc's pages out of his book)
Marc: Ah!

Ladybug walks up to Nathaniel and Marc.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) But they ended up realizing that they were made to create comic books together.

Ladybug helps Marc and Nathaniel realize there was a misunderstanding.

Ladybug: By now you realize there was a big misunderstanding, but if you give each other a chance, I'm sure you'll find out how well you can work together.

Nathaniel and Marc shake hands.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) And they become friends.

Marc sees Nathaniel's work

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) Since then, it seems like Nath has been more interested in the manga contest they're entering together than his feelings for Ladybug.

Scene from Gorizilla. Adrien's commercial is playing while Marinette is watching as she eats yogurt.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) Which is a good thing, because Ladybug's heart only beats for one person. But you already know that, don't you?

Scene from Reverser. The art class is reading Marc and Nathaniel's comic.

Marinette: (narrates over the scene) Anyway, I'm off to see Nath and Marc. They're meeting with the publisher today to submit the comic in which they've akumatized me.

Marinette writing in her diary. She pauses, looks up, and thinks. She closes her diary and gets up and walks away

Marinette: I'm sure it's going to be a success and their work will finally be published. Don't worry, I'll tell you everything. Goodbye for now, dear diary.

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