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Scene: Gabriel's repository. The clips used are from "Queen Wasp."

Gabriel: My dear Emilie, I'm wracked with guilt. Nathalie has used the Miraculous of the Peacock, just like you did before her. She did so knowing the risks.

Flashback from "Mayura." Gabriel sets Nathalie down on a chair, in the dining room of the Agreste mansion.

Gabriel: (to Nathalie, in the flashback) I told you never to use the Peacock Miraculous.
Nathalie: (in the flashback) I had no choice, sir! I had to save you. (coughs)
Gabriel: (in the flashback) It's damaged. It's way too dangerous.
Nathalie: (in the flashback) I want to help you... all the way to the end.
Gabriel: (narrates over the scene) But I feel guilty,

Flashback from "Simon Says." In his atelier, Gabriel looks over at the Painting of Emilie.

Gabriel: (narrates) I shouldn't have kept this cursed jewel.

Flashback from "Mayura." In Hawk Moth's lair, Mayura creates an Amok for the first time.

Gabriel: (narrates) She did it to save me... to save us.

Flashback from "Catalyst." In the Agreste mansion's garden, by the statue of Emilie, Nathalie and Gabriel go over their plan for Heroes' Day.

Gabriel: (narrates) Nathalie has always been a tremendous help.
Nathalie: (in the flashback) I will always be here for you, we will succeed.
Gabriel: (narrates) Without her,

Flashback from "Volpina." In Gabriel's atelier, the safe behind the Painting of Emilie is open. It reveals a book about Tibet, a picture of Emilie, the Peacock Miraculous, a hotel flyer, and the grimoire.

Gabriel: (narrates) we would have never found the two miraculous.

Flashback from "The Collector." In his atelier, Gabriel presses the secret buttons hidden in the Painting of Emilie, and goes into his lair.

Gabriel: (narrates) Without her, I couldn't be Hawk Moth and Gabriel Agreste at the same time. Without her, I couldn't manage with Adrien.

Flashback from "Stoneheart." In the Agreste car outside of François Dupont High School, Gabriel allows Adrien to go to school there.

Gabriel: (in the flashback, via video chat) Nathalie has offered to organize your new schedule. You'll be continuing your music, Chinese, and fencing classes, and your photo shoots.
Adrien: (in the flashback) Thank you, Nathalie! Thank you, father!

Flashback from "Catalyst." In Hawk Moth's lair, Nathalie is akumatized into Catalyst.

Gabriel: (narrates) With her, I make a more powerful Hawk Moth than ever.
Catalyst: (in the flashback) From now on, you are the almighty... Scarlet Moth.

Flashback from "Feast." Mayura breaks into the Louvre, to find the Dormant Sentimonster.

Gabriel: (narrates) With her, I know that I can win.
Mayura: (in the flashback) I can feel its yearning, Hawk Moth.
Gabriel: (narrates) Who other than she,

Flashback from "Heart Hunter." Ladybug runs from Mayura, away from the Place des Vosges, and onto the rooftops nearby.

Gabriel: (narrates) would help me seize Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous?

Flashback from "Miraculer." Mayura steals the Bee Miraculous from Cat Noir, and stands beside Miraculer.

Gabriel: (narrates) Or maybe, all the Miraculous.
Cat Noir: (in the flashback) Hey!
Chloé: (in the flashback) Who are you?
Mayura: (in the flashback) I'm Mayura. If you team up with us your dream will finally come true.

Flashback from "Heart Hunter." On a rooftop in Paris, Hawk Moth and Mayura are spying on Ladybug, when Mayura has a coughing fit.

Gabriel: (narrates) I hope she recovers quickly.
Mayura: (in the flashback) I want to be here. I want to help you.

Scene: Back in the repository. The clips used are from "Queen Wasp."

Gabriel: (to Emilie) I'm sure that thanks to Nathalie, you and I will be together again soon. (pauses) I love you, Emilie. (He turns to leave, the lights turning off one by one behind him.)


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