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Recurring quotes

Duusu, spread my feathers!
Duusu, fall my feathers!
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Season 1

The Bubbler

Well, [Gabriel] doesn't think it'll be a good idea.
Yes, Mr. Agreste. I — I'll take care of it.
A birthday present, from your father.

Mr. Pigeon

Hello, Mr. Damocles. I'm Mr. Agreste's executive assistant, Nathalie.

The Mime

Yes sir. Understood, sir. I'm, sure [Adrien]'ll understand, sir.
Yes, but [Gabriel]'s reserved the best seats in the house for you, Adrien. Front row.

Ladybug & Cat Noir

Adrien, please reconsider! You know what your father wants!


Adrien! Don't do this! Your father will be furious!
I'll handle it.


Adrien, you're going to be late [to school]!

Season 2

Santa Claws

I can imagine how difficult it must be for you, sir, but it's also Adrien's first Christmas without his mother.
Your father came to see you earlier, but you'd gone out. I'll tell him that you're waiting for him. Just making sure you'll stay in your room this time.
I informed everyone that Adrien was safe and sound, sir. They were all very worried about their friend.

The Collector

What will you do without the book?
Your father is very busy.
Shouldn't Adrien be practicing his piano right now?
So then, if you already had a copy of the book, why'd you go through all that trouble?


There's no point in waiting for your father, Adrien. He'll be eating in his office.
Don't forget to practice your piano before you go to bed.


Adrien. Here’s Mr. Chan. He’ll be your substitute teacher for today.

Style Queen

Mrs. Bourgeois. Mr. Agreste has reserved a seat for you. […] In the second row.
I can offer your seat to someone else if you don’t want it.
I assume from your expression that I’m not fired.
Sir, you took a big risk today. Especially regarding Adrien.

Queen Wasp

You said you were going to stop.
I understand, sir.


You made a promise to your wife. You've risked so much for the chance to bring her back. Lila has been harboring her rage against Ladybug for months, and today wherever she looks, she’ll see the object of her hatred, and as predicted, her anger will reach devastating heights. Your plan is perfect, sir.
I will always be here for you. We will succeed.
Sir, Adrien has a special request. He'd like to go to a picnic tonight.
They've been keeping you from achieving your dream for way too long. I will go to any length to end the reign of Ladybug and Cat Noir.
Hawk Moth. I give you the power to release as many akumas as you desire. From now on, you are the all-mighty Scarlet Moth.
Good luck, Scarlet Moth.


It's time, Scarlet Moth.
Nothing’s more delightful than leading them to believe that they actually have a chance of winning, when their future has already been decided.
The time has come! You’re about to triumph, at last!
Hawk Moth, I am Mayura. You're up against the wall, plagued by your deepest darkest despair. Let me help you. [...] Let your despair be embodied in a powerful protection!
I had no choice, sir. I had to save you. […] I wanted to help you. All the way to the end.
Miraculous holders

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