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Scene from Gamer.

(Marinette is writing in her diary)
Marinette(narrating): Dear diary, phew I'm exhausted. I just finished creating an out fit from recycled materials for an ecological design contest organised by the school.

Scene from Mr. Pigeon

I took inspiration from a style I found in my Gabriel Agreste fashion book. Remember, Mylène gave it to me for my birthday.

Scene from Befana

That was so thoughtful of her.

Scene from Gigantitan

She's always there for her friends..
Mylène: We know we can always count on you can count on us too.

Scene from The Mime

Marinette(narrarating): ..and for her father, Mr. Haprèle. She's his biggest fan.

Scene from Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)

Besides she and Ivan make such a cute couple.

Scene from

They really compliment each other.

Scene from Glaciator

Mylène: Bonjour André.
André: Strappling young Ivan and dear sweet Mylène. If you still aren't the cutest love birds I've seen. Chocolate, praline and white nougat for you. A special concoction to keep your love true.

Scene from Gamer

Marinette(narrarating): Mylène always looks for the best in others.

Scene from Despair Bear

Chloè: lacks here. Go sweep somewhere else Cinderella.
Marinette(narrarating): Even that bratty Chloe.

Scene from Despair Bear

Mylène: She probably wants to say sorry for this morning, maybe she's nice. Very, very deep down.

Scene from Horrificator

Marinette(narrarating): True, she does get scared easily sometimes..
Mylène: (screams) That monster mask he's wearing is so realistic and scary.
Ivan: Just big old me Mylène. Nothing to be scared of.
Marinette(narrarating): .. or lacks confidence..

Scene from Horrificator

Mylène: Why are you so intimated and scared all the time?
Marinette(narrarating): ..but she's working on it.

Scene from Zombizou

Mylène: I'll give her a braid of hair to thank her for her breatheing class. It helps me to be less afraid of akumas.

Scene from Gigantitan

Marinette(narrating): And above all when something really matters to her, Mylène forgets about her fears.

Scene from Gamer

Which reminds me I have to go, the mayor of Paris wants to launch a program to send all our garbage into space.

Scene from Reverser

But Mylène will have none of it. She staged a ptotest at City Hall and asked all her friends to attend.

Scenr from Darkblade

Maybe someday she'll be the mayor of Paris. Mylène once told me that she would love to go into politics and make the city a better place for it's inhabitants. And believe me no matter when that day comes she'll have my vote.

Scene from Gamer

Well, I'm off yo meet her. Goodbye for now dear diary.


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