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Multitude is the special superpower granted by the Mouse Miraculous to its owner.


The Mouse Miraculous owner jumps to the Jump Rope, then tosses it into the air. The Jump Rope then surrounds the Miraculous owner like a cocoon. Once the rope unravels, the Mouse Miraculous owner's legs begin to shine.

This allows the user to shrink down, as well as split into a number of equally tiny clones of themself, splitting from the feet of the original as the original shrinks down to match the size of the miniature clones. The clones are very small, even compared to the Kwamis.


Season 3

Episode Reason Image
"Kwamibuster" Used to get smaller and rescue the kwamis trapped by Kwamibuster and defeat the villain. KB (297)

Season 4

Episode Reason Image
Unknown Used by Myléne for an unknown reason.




  • This power is a reference to the rapid rate at which rodents reproduce.
  • As seen in "Kwamibuster", the Mouse Miraculous is duplicated to each miniature clone.
    • If the user wear multiple Miraculouses, they however are not duplicated, but would shrink with the original user and retain their powers.


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