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Season 5, episode 2 (Production order); Episode 106 (Overall)

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"Multiplication" is a Season 5 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. As based on the series' production order specifically, "Multiplication" is the 2nd written and produced episode of Season 5. It is also the 106th written and produced episode of the series, overall.


Marinette decides on giving up her love of Adrien to avoid any more disasters and focus on preparing to battle Monarch, but the days go by and no akumatized villains have appeared yet. Has Monarch given up?[3]


At sunset, on the rooftops of the Jardins du Trocadéro, Ladybug watches the TVI channel on her yoyo about the heroes being defeated by Shadow Moth in Strikeback (Shadow Moth's Final Attack - Part 2), Ladybug zooms in on Flairmidable to show it to Cat Noir, she mentioned that although she had given Adrien the dog miraculous, she also told Cat Noir that Flairmidable was not Adrien nor did she know that she had given Félix the dog miraculous for a mistake. Ladybug went on the Internet to look up wikipage and find out things about Felix to show her to Cat Noir so she could find Felix. Su-Han appeared very angry at Ladybug because she didn't protect the miraculouses, so he told her that she failed to be a guardian.

In Hawk Moth's lair, Monarch has just de-transformed back to his civilian self, the kwamis are very afraid of Gabriel, he also tells the kwamis that Fluff has just left Monarch to be with Bunnyx. Ladybug told Su-Han that she protects the miraculouses, Su-Han asks if Monarch decided to use the miraculouses to change time. Cat Noir told Su-Han that they would protect the rabbit miraculous, Su-Han had to trust Ladybug and Cat Noir, and he made an apology to them. Also, Ladybug said that if everyone makes mistakes, Su-Han will go back in time to get reinforcements. Ladybug and Cat Noir ate the space power macaroons to become Astro Cat and CosmoBug to be able to find Félix, Ladybug went to Wikipage and found out that he is the son of an American billionaire named Colt. In the evening they found Felix's house in London and talked to Amelie Graham de Vanily, Amelie said that her son was not at home when she woke up because Félix was supposed to go to Adrien's house, then Amelie thanked them and they're going back to Paris, CosmoBug asked Astro Cat if he thinks Félix could have been a victim of Monarch, they are finding more clues about him.

In Paris, CosmoBug went to the sewers to de-transform as her civilian self and give Tikki a treat, then went to her home sad that the kwamis were taken by Monarch, then took the box and put it in the chest, sat on the chest with Tikki and calls her best friend Alya Césaire about sleeping with her. Adrien went into his bathroom and de-transformed into his civilian self, gave Plagg a treat, then Felix as Vision told him that they pretended to be each other when they were younger. Adrien went to Gabriel's atelier to tell him something important, but Gabriel was busy, Adrien said that he doesn't want to be a model anymore, and then he left the atelier.

Marinette said Monarch is stronger than her, Alya told her it's not her fault, but Marinette said it's her fault, she also mentioned to Alya that she was confused with Adrien and Félix, Marinette said she doesn't know Adrien, and Alya told her Marinette knows Adrien better, she told Alya she lost the kwamis and miraculouses, Alya mentioned Marinette said she tried to stop liking him. Adrien and Marinette, and although Alya answered, Alya told Adrien that Marinette is not there, Adrien also told her that he doesn't want to be a model anymore, so Alya said that they are both falling in love, but she said it as a joke. Adrien goes to bed to talk to Plagg for a while and get some sleep. After Adrien slept, Nathalie arrived at the Agreste mansion and went to check on Adrien.

At Collège Françoise Dupont, Alim Kubdel came to the school to announce that Ladybug had authorized him to say that his daughter was chosen to be Bunnix, he also told the class that Alix will travel back in time to protect her miraculous, he also mentions that she will return until Monarch is defeated. Miss Bustier told everyone that no one needs to be a superhero to support them, But Mylène Haprèle is afraid of Monarch and Max said that Monarch has 78.95% miraculous and it's unknown if he is going to win, then Ivan will protect her, and she will do Yoga, also Lila said that she had to make mistakes.

At the top of the Eiffel Tower, Ladybug and Cat Noir are holding them up to look for someone. Adrien found out that his father was talking to Tomoe before he left for school, when he got to school, he gave Nino and Alya a high five, and almost kissed Marinette. In the next scene, Mylène is giving Yoga classes to people, then Alya, Nino, and her sister Nora are practicing boxing. Adrien arrived at school the next day and did the same thing as yesterday.

In an unknown white place, Adrien is at a machine, he lifts his arms for the doctor to scan him, Gabriel and Lila are also there. Lila did the same thing as Adrien. Again, the same scenes are the Yoga classes and the Boxing. Nadja Chamack appeared on television saying that it has been weeks since there hasn't been a villain. Ladybug and Cat Noir are playing cards together, they think if they get rid of Monarch. Once again, Adrien did the same scene as two days ago. Then Ikari Gozen appeared, she wanted to destroy the old Paris and create a brand new city, then Adrien and Marinette were hidden to transform. Marinette asks Tikki what Monarch wants, Tikki says she won't let doubt shake Marinette, then turns into Ladybug, Adrien went to the metro station to turn into Cat Noir.

Both on top of the sculpture to fight with Ikari Gozen, Ikari Gozen planned to make punishments for Cat Noir and Ladybug. Cat Noir uses his staff to fight Ikari Gozen, Ladybug uses her yoyo to fight Ikari Gozen but she falls in the Jardin des Tuileries. They went to the roofs, Ladybug mentions Cat Noir who needs Cataclysm to destroy the akumatized object that Ikari Gozen has, Cat Noir can't reach her because she is too fast. Ikari Gozen uses the power of Multiplication to multiplicate herself twelve times to fight with Ladybug and Cat Noir, the clones destroying buildings and the Eiffel Tower. Ladybug mentions that Monarch gave Ikari Gozen the mouse miraculous, Ikari Gozen planned to get the ladybug and the cat miraculous. Ikari Gozen didn't like modern and technological things, she also said that old things can be purposed if they are modernized. Ladybug used the Lucky Charm and got a fish stick, the vision is to use it for going to Collège Françoise Dupont, then the sword, and then Cat Noir. Ladybug tries to use her Lucky Charm item to attack the clones of Ikari Gozen, the clones are following Ladybug, the school is also destroyed. Ikari Gozen's Sword is stuck in a thing, then Cat Noir used Cataclysm to destroy the sword, and it's destroyed, Ladybug captured the mega akuma. All the clones are gone. Tomoe asks Ladybug what was happening, and she was akumatized. Ladybug wants to see if she has a miraculous on her clothes, and Tomoe doesn't think that she has it.

Cat Noir and Ladybug's miraculous were blinked, she used Miraculous Ladybug before de-transforming, then gave the Magic Charm to Tomoe. Tatzu took Tomoe to the office, used the Alliance rings to talk to Gabriel. The announcement of the Alliance rings appeared, Gabriel was there in his new outfit, Adrien used the Alliance rings to talk to Lila, he can ask anyone from the Alliance rings anything, mega alert akuma also appeared, it was created by Tomoe Tsurugi. Gabriel was on stage with Tomoe about his amazing work in making Alliance rings, people applauded them, Adrien is next to Lila watching his father and Tomoe on stage, then they came on stage to be with them, Adrien was asking Gabriel to check him out.

After the ending card, Amelie knocked on Felix's door and said it was tea time, she said not to worry because she will protect her son, they think he is a villain. Felix has his peacock miraculous and uses it and Duusu appeared and said where Nathalie is, so it said if Felix is its new owner, and he said he is much more with it.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Brazil on Gloob.
  • The episode shares its name with the concept of the Mouse Miraculous.
  • This is the second time Tomoe gets akumatized into Ikari Gozen, following "Ikari Gozen".
  • This episode shows the normal transformation sequences of Ladybug and Cat Noir for the first time in Season 5.
    • This is also the first time both transformations appear in the same episode since "Psycomedian".
  • It's revealed that both Marinette and Adrien feel guilty over what happened in "Risk" and "Strikeback":
    • Marinette for letting her love obsession with Adrien getting out of hand, which led to the kwamis' capture.
    • Adrien upon realizing that he should've fought for what he wanted himself instead of relying on someone else.
  • This episode contains flashbacks to previous episodes' events, from "Gamer", "Style Queen", "Gorizilla" and "The Puppeteer 2".
    • The "Puppeteer 2" flashback reveals that Marinette is indeed aware of the mistakes in her love life.
  • This is the fourth appearance of Su-Han after "Furious Fu", "Ephemeral" and "Strikeback".
  • Some details can be detected from the article about Félix on the Wikipedia copy shown on Ladybug's yo-yo:
    • The image of Félix is this wiki's header image of Félix when this episode was still in production.
    • The family tree on that site is almost identical to the Agreste family tree as seen on this wiki. It is unknown if this is a deliberate nod to this site or not.
    • According to it, he is a triple medalist in kung fu and horsemanship, a chess prodigy, and the youngest to graduate high school in England.
    • The words on the Wikipedia copy are also backwards. Once translated backwards, it identifies as the English words Born, Nationality, Family and Activity.
  • The first half of this episode occurs on the same day as most of "Risk" and the total duration of "Strikeback" and "Evolution".
    • This holds the record for most episodes happening during the same day, being four.
    • The vision callbacks of Marinette and Félix in Risk were reused and reanimated.
  • Before Su-Han arrives, Ladybug mentions they should use "super speed", which possibly suggests one of the Miraculous potions grants speed powers.
  • It's revealed that Su-Han didn't help Marinette with her duty as Guardian because he let himself be distracted by the modern world.
    • It's revealed that it has been four months since the events of "Furious Fu".
      • Furthermore, this reveals that Ladybug has been the Guardian for more than four months.
      • Rena, Carapace, King Monkey, Viperion, Pegasus and Ryuko have been around for more than four months.
      • Vesperia, Purple Tigress, Polymouse and Pigella has been around for fourth months.
      • Remaning team members less than that.
    • In order to fight Monarch, Su-Han decides to return to the temple to ask for reinforcements.
  • It's revealed that Félix's last name is Fathom, and that his father was Colt Fathom, an American billionaire.
  • It's revealed that the Graham de Vanily family is part of the British aristocracy, with Amelie having the noble title of "Lady".
    • Since Emilie is also part of the Graham de Vanily family, it's possible she also held the title of "Lady" like her sister.
  • This is the eighth episode that partially takes place outside of Paris, after "Miraculous Shanghai", "Startrain", and "Miraculous New York", and will be continued with the upcoming "Miraculous London", "Miraculous Rio", "Miraculous Dakar", and "Miraculous Tokyo".
  • Despite Amelie's telling Ladybug and Cat Noir that she doesn't know where her son is at the beginning of the episode, it's revealed in the post-endcard scene that she lied to them; Félix had returned home, yet she was doing her best to protect her son from the superheroes who think he is a villain.
    • Due to her being unaware that Cat Noir is Adrien, she technically lied right in front of her own nephew.
    • Her naivety was similar to Shifu's from Kung Fu Panda as both were blind from what their love for their children was turning them into.
  • Adrien finally tells his father that he doesn't want to be a model anymore, concluding a mini arc established in "Wishmaker" and "Risk".
    • Despite the fact that Gabriel had allowed his son to stop being a model, he continues using the latter's image for his commercials and creations, having digitalized Adrien.
  • Adrien starts to realize how special Marinette is to him.
  • Nathalie returns to the Agreste mansion, but it's unknown if she still lives there or works for Gabriel. But having in consideration her absence during the time skip, it's possible that she had moved out and completely resigned her job as Gabriel's assistant.
  • To justify Alix's absence, her father Alim, with Ladybug's permission, reveals to her class and teachers that she had become the superhero Bunnyx to protect the Rabbit Miraculous and that she will only return once Monarch is defeated.
  • As of this episode, Miss Bustier is seen in an advanced pregnancy state, therefore officially connecting the series with the Miraculous New York special.
  • The first scene zooming in to Ladybug and Cat Noir at the top of the Eiffel Tower is reanimated from the intro.
  • This episode shows Parisians doing their best to cope with Monarch's threats:
    • It's revealed that Mylène and Ivan do yoga, with Mylène having her own yoga club.
    • Nora practices her kickboxing with standees of Shadow Moth.
      • Additionally, Alya is seen with her hair tied up in a ponytail for the first time while she was practicing boxing with Nino Lahiffe.
    • However, these attempts eventually died down when weeks passed by and no akumatization had occurred.
  • This episode has the biggest time gap within a montage, as weeks pass since the day Gabriel obtained all of the Miraculous in Ladybug's Miracle Box until the day of Tomoe's reakumatization into Ikari Gozen.
  • It's revealed that Tomoe Tsurugi has become an ally of Monarch and that she helped him create technological rings that allow Monarch to transfer the powers of the Miraculous to his akumatized villains to whoever wears them, with herself serving as a test subject. These same rings are later released for public dispersal.
    • Using the Mouse Miraculous' power, Ikari Gozen splits herself into twelve clones, which leads to Cat Noir calling her "Ikari Dozen".
  • In Ladybug's transformation sequence, her hair has been re-edited to look darker.
  • This is the first appearance of the Magical Charms in season 5.
  • This is the fifth appearance of the space power-ups following "Miraculous Shanghai", "Miraculous New York", "Dearest Family" and "Ephemeral".
    • Ladybug and Cat Noir travel through the Channel Tunnel, confirming that the Space Mode works underwater.
    • The scene where Ladybug and Cat Noir are talking to each other in their spacesuits while in view of the full moon is reanimated from "Miraculous Shanghai".
  • Félix wears the Peacock Miraculous for the first time, meeting Duusu formally.
  • This is the sixth episode that features a post-credit scene, following "Miracle Queen", "Gabriel Agreste", "Optigami", "Sentibubbler" and "Dearest Family".
    • It's also the first to not feature Gabriel Agreste.
  • The scene where Monarch detransforms resembles Hawk Moth's identity reveal in "The Collector".
  • Not counting episodes which don't have end cards, this is one of the three episodes (alongside "The Collector" and "Félix") to have an end card in which Marinette doesn't appear.


  • When Félix is seen holding the Peacock Miraculous before putting it on for the first time, it is seen in its camouflage mode instead of its charged mode, and, when he put it on and Duusu appears, the Peacock Miraculous turns into its activated mode instead of its camouflage mode.
  • When Monarch detransforms into Gabriel, Orikko isn't seen amongst the other Kwamis.
  • In the recorded footage that Ladybug shows to Cat Noir, in which all the heroes in "Strikeback" run off to face the sentimonsters, several errors can be seen:
    • Paris does not appear to be in ruins.
    • Rooster Bold's black hair is missing; only his mohawk is seen, making him look partially bald.
    • Minotaurox doesn't have the design lines on this suit.
    • Ryuko and Carapace are missing even though Ladybug called them that day, along with the fact that they were featured in the original scene of the heroes heading off.
    • The only time the heroes were seen running on a building with Flairmidable was when they were wearing the Lucky Charm sunglasses, but they aren't wearing them in Ladybug's video.
    • Ladybug is not wearing her upgraded suit.
  • The clock in Félix's apartment reads a few minutes to midnight, even though Big Ben shows the time is 9:00 both before and after this scene.
  • When Nathalie returns to the Agreste mansion, she appears to be sitting in the driver's seat, but gets out from the back.
  • Max says that Monarch has 78.95% of the Miraculouses (equal to 15 out of 19). However, there was no way he could've learned the Peacock Miraculous was with Félix.
    • It's possible, however, that he assumed that Monarch was no longer in possession of the Peacock, as its symbol wasn't shown during his announcement speech.
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, Ladybug says that Ikari Gozen had multiplied herself into 12 copies, even though she had multiplied herself into 16 copies.


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