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Mr. Pigeon 72

Season 4, episode 04 (Production order); Episode 82 (Overall)

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You know, Marinette? That whole heartbeating, tingling knees trembling thing? I felt all that from you. You're the one blushing and stuttering and saying silly things every time that you see Adrien. You're the one who knows his schedule by heart for the next three years. You're right, Marinette. Adrien is perfect... he's perfect for you!

Kagami Tsurugi, "Mr. Pigeon 72"

"Mr. Pigeon 72" is a Season 4 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[3] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Mr. Pigeon 72" is the 4th written and produced episode of Season 4. It is also the 82nd written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]


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Mr. Ramier gets akumatized into Mr. Pigeon for the 72nd time, and now he can turn people into evil pigeons.[4]


The episode starts with Marinette, transformed into Ladybug, in her room with Alya, trying to brew up a potion and decipher the grimoire while going over the Shadow Moth's previous victims, which are all listed up on a pin board on the wall. Each villain's photograph has post-its with star stickers on them attached, the stars representing the number of times the respective villain had been akumatized so far. Alya remarks that Shadow Moth akumatized her four times so far, because Marinette keeping secrets from her had driven her crazy. Ladybug sadly remarks that she had no choice but to hide it, and Alya cheers her up, saying that she knows that and that now that she knows Marinette's secret, she's here to help her. Then, Alya realises with shock that Mr. Ramier had been akumatized 71 times in total so far. Ladybug says sadly that Mr. Ramier is just a gentleman with no history, and that she thinks it's unfair to him. She then reveals that she had promised to find a way to protect him from being re-akumatized again, but that she doesn't know how to do it. Ladybug groans in frustration, saying she doesn't understand anything in the grimoire. Wayzz speaks up, telling her that Master Fu didn't understand much either, but instead succeeded by taking his time and resting. Ladybug gets excited, not really listening to the kwami, telling him to wait and that she thinks she's found it. Then, she proceeds to add pepper to the potion, and it explodes in a puff of purple smoke with a loud bang. Below in the bakery, her parents look up, startled, and then exchange worried glances.

The scene changes back to Marinette's bedroom, and shows Alya and Ladybug lying on the floor, surrounded by smoke, having been blown over from the force of the explosion. Photos of Adrien are falling off Marinette's walls to the floor, knocked off by the explosion as well. The scene shows that Marinette's room is rather messy and in chaos now. Ladybug is the first to get back to her feet, walking back to the cauldron she had been brewing the potion in and saying that she could've sworn that the "spicy little pebble" in the grimoire was pepper. Trixx flies up to Alya, asking her to bring Ladybug back to her senses, obviously concerned for her wellbeing. Alya approaches Marinette, asking her how long she had been trying. Ladybug replies that she doesn't really know, saying she thinks that it might be about six, seven, maybe even ten days. She tells Alya that it's holidays, so she finally has the time to focus on deciphering the grimoire. Alya, concerned, looks down to the floor, seeing Marinette's sewing utensils in the corner, looking rather abandoned. Alya asks Ladybug since when she doesn't work on her creations anymore, and Ladybug quickly says that she keeps making stuff, showing Alya a security system and a hat that allows her to know what's going on in her room even when she isn't there.

Alya walks up to her and yells into her ear that she's losing her mind, and that whenever she, Alya, is obsessively searching for something, she gets stuck. She then tells her that she needs a break. Ladybug says she won't stop until she's found a way to prevent Shadow Moth from reakumatising people, and adds something to the cauldron, causing another explosion. It knocks her parents down below off their feet and they express their concern for her and reveal that Marinette had told them not to interrupt her "science presentation". Alya tries a different method to get Ladybug to take a break and reveals to her that Adrien and Kagami had broken up. Ladybug whirls around, expressing her shock and says that she has to go console Kagami, surprising Alya. Alya asks her if Adrien shouldn't be the one who needs consoling, and Ladybug insists that she has to console Kagami, saying that she's her only friend in Paris and that she no longer has any feelings for Adrien.

She detransforms, and leaves to find Kagami, telling her parents that she's taking a break from her science presentation and receives pastries, giving a piece of one to Tikki. Once she finds Kagami, she jumps on her, and hands her mother the brioche, insisting that it's the perfect opportunity for her to try it. Then she drags Kagami away, telling her that Adrien is at the pool, shooting an ad and that it's the perfect chance for Kagami and Adrien to reconcile. Kagami tells her she doesn't want to reconcile with Adrien, and that she was the one who decided to break up. Marinette insists that she should try and reconcile and pushes her to the swimming pool, without listening to Kagami's protests. Once there, they discover that the swimming pool had been closed for the shoot. Kagami tries to leave, but Marinette keeps her there.

The scene changes to Adrien running into the changing room, and once they're hidden in there, Plagg appears and yells at Adrien that he's lost his mind, scolding him for going out early to swim, however he is quickly silenced when Adrien opens his pool bag, which is filled entirely with cheese. Plagg takes his outburst back and digs in, and Adrien swiftly changes and leaves the room. Then, Adrien is seen to stand on a high diving board, and the camera pans to Bob Roth, with, Mr. Ramier standing behind him. Bob Roth is excitedly explaining his plan (which involves Adrien being surrounded by doves when he jumps) for the ad to Gabriel Agreste, who is watching from his tablet, which is propped up in a pool chair. Gabriel Agreste points out that Mr. Ramier's birds are not doves, but pigeons, and Bob Roth flips the tablet over, assuring him that they're doves. Mr. Ramier attempts to protest, but Bob Roth silences him, revealing that he has a deal with Mr. Ramier; if the shooting goes well, he will convince the mayor to make a pigeon sanctuary. They shoot the ad, but Gabriel Agreste is unsatisfied, and asks it to be reshot because something is missing.

Meanwhile, outside the pool building. Marinette takes a picture of the Gorilla, posting it online and calling Wayhem and Adrien's other fans to distract the Gorilla, and they sneak in.

Gabriel determines what is missing and instructs for one of the "doves" to carry up a red rose to Adrien, which he will have in his teeth before diving into the water. Mr. Ramier brings up one of his pigeons with a rose, gets snapped at by Bob Roth for calling it a pigeon, and Adrien protests that he's allergic to pigeons. Bob Roth snaps at him that nothing will happen because they're doves, and Gabriel Agreste states that he, Bob Roth, has 30 minutes to set things up and then proceeds to hang up.

The scene changes to Marinette and Kagami. Marinette packs out her pool tools, showing them to Kagami, who asks her if she always carries them around. Marinette nervously says she does, and unpacks the swimsuits, running off with Kagami to change. It switches back to Adrien, who is climbing the stairs to go to the diving board again, and the camera pans to Marinette dragging Kagami along the corridor and hiding behind a pillar. They peak around it, and Marinette excitedly exclaims that she bets Kagami is already falling in love with Adrien again. Kagami indignantly tells her that she isn't, and Marinette says it's because she hasn't seen him in action yet.

Adrien jumps, but he sneezes as soon as the pigeon comes up close to him and falls into the water. Bob Roth blames it on Mr. Ramier, who protests that his pigeon was scared by the sneeze. Adrien surfaces from the water, sitting on the pool side and again tries to reason with the other two men that he's allergic to pigeons, but is broken off by another sneeze. Marinette gushes to Kagami about how cute he is and asks Kagami if she feels jittery. Kagami deadpans that she only feels bad for the pigeon trainer and Marinette says it's because her and Adrien's eyes did not meet. Bob Roth gives Adrien something to pinch his nose with so that he won't sneeze, and he jumps again. This time, he again gets distracted in the jump by seeing Kagami and Marinette and falls. Bob Roth scolds Mr. Ramier, and Adrien stands up for him, saying it's his fault, but since Bob Roth does not see Kagami and Marinette as they have hidden again, he insists on blaming it all on Mr. Ramier. He threatens to ban pigeons all over Paris if Mr. Ramier causes his ad to fail. The scene changes to Kagami and Marinette; Marinette is excitedly looking at Kagami, and Kagami just exasperatedly tells her that she just felt extremely uncomfortable, and for Adrien as well because the situation is embarrassing to them. She then tries to leave but Marinette again pulls her back. She decides that Kagami and Adrien are not close enough and has another idea. Gabriel Agreste calls again and asks Bob Roth if everything is ready.

Just before Adrien is about to jump, Marinette pulls a resisting Kagami out from behind him. While they are bickering, Kagami's arms slip out from her, and she falls onto Adrien. Adrien expresses surprise that she's there, and she falls onto him in the water, dragging Mr. Ramier's pigeon with them. Mr. Ramier quickly fishes his pigeon out of the water and tries to resuscitate it. Meanwhile, Adrien asks Marinette what she's doing here, and she stammers out a barely sensical reply, and then asks Adrien what he's doing. Adrien, looking resigned but not mad, tells her they're shooting an ad and that the pool should be closed off today because of that. Marinette fakes surprise and understanding that that was why nobody was at the reception, and then stutters that she blames herself for embarrassing him and says she will leave him alone now. While leaving, she slips on the pool and knocks over a few baskets of yellow balls, which fall into the water.

Gabriel Agreste tells Bob Roth that the shoot is a failure. Bob Roth attempts to blame it on Mr. Ramier, who protests angrily, telling Bob Roth that his pigeon is the best pigeon in the world, and Gabriel Agreste remarks that it is a pigeon, not a dove. Bob Roth pretends to have been fooled, and yells at Mr. Ramier, firing him and telling Gabriel Agreste that he knows a really good shark trainer. Gabriel hangs up after coldly telling Bob Roth not to disappoint him anymore. In his mansion, he remarks that while the ad shooting was a fiasco, they might be able to get something out of it and enters his lair. Bob Roth takes his anger out on Mr. Ramier, firing him and yelling at him to leave. Outside, Mr. Ramier gets re-akumatized to Mr. Pigeon by Shadow Moth and is given the power to transform people into raven-pigeon hybrids.

He immediately transforms the Gorilla and Adrien's fans into raven-pigeon hybrids. Inside the pool building, Marinette is hanging from Kagami's foot, who is trying to leave, and is being dragged across the floor, begging Kagami excitedly to try again, saying she wants to recreate the moment they fall in love. Kagami attempts to tell her off, but one of the raven-pigeon hybrids touches her and Kagami turn into a hybrid of them. Marinette is startled as upon noticing the scene she sees Bob Roth get transformed, and spots Adrien running away from those hybrids. Quickly, she hides in a changing room and the scene changes to Plagg in Adrien's, eating his cheese. Plagg notices the commotion and looks out, then expressing his disappointment seeing as they were supposed to have a good time. Marinette transforms into Ladybug, and uses her yo-yo to get where Adrien is, attempting to save him, but he sneezes by raven-pigeon hybrids, crashing into the wall and one of them strikes him, much to Ladybug and Plagg's horror. Ladybug quickly hides in another changing room, and the hybrids attack the door, trying to transform her into copy of them as well after they touch her. She calls Cat Noir, asking him to come and that she can't do it alone, but Plagg phases through the wall and tells her that Cat Noir got himself attacked by Mr. Pigeon. She calls on her Lucky Charm and receives a hand drill, causing Plagg to snidely remark that she won't fit through the very small hole it'll make.

Ladybug concentrates and finds a solution, her inner thought process focusing on Plagg, her yo-yo's phone screen, the balls in the water, Alya in her room, and then finally, the drill. She assures Plagg that they don't need to escape. The scene changes to Alya in Marinette's room. Alya seems to have finally understood how to prevent people from getting re-akumatized, but is pulled out of her delight when she realizes that the room is surrounded by pigeons trying to get in. She checks the news, which shows Nadja Chamack hiding behind a car, announcing that Mr. Pigeon is back for the 72nd time and that people are being transformed into his army of raven-pigeon hybrids, before getting transformed herself. She then gets a call from Ladybug, who tells her she's stuck at the pool. Alya asks if she should get her out of there, and Ladybug tells her she will be turned into one of the raven-pigeon hybrids if she tries to do it, and that she needs Ladybug and Cat Noir to lure Mr. Pigeon to the pool.

Alya says she understands, and opens the miracle box, getting out the Fox Miraculous and transforming into Rena Rouge. She immediately uses her superpower, causing an illusion of Cat Noir and Ladybug on the rooftops of Paris, looking for Mr. Pigeon. Rena tells Ladybug that the illusions are on their way and receives a thank you. The scene changes to one where raven-pigeon hybrids touch the mayor and two men alongside him. Mr. Pigeon watches, ravishing in his work, saying that there is no need for the mayor's permission to create a pigeon sanctuary with the mayor himself as a one of his pigeon friends. Shadow Moth reminds him of having to stop Ladybug and Cat Noir and Mr. Pigeon declares that he will defeat them and turn every person on the world into a pigeon.

Rena's illusion of Cat Noir and Ladybug arrive, challenging Mr. Pigeon and then fleeing to the pool. Mr. Pigeon gives chase, and Ladybug warns Rena to not let anybody touch the illusions, as they will disappear if they're touched. Ladybug then tells Plagg that it's his turn, who complains about hating water before phasing out of the changing room and into the water. Once the illusions arrive in the pool, Rena lets the illusions get cornered, and they declare their defeat, taking off their Miraculous and detransforming into Jean Duparc and an unnamed civilian (neither Adrien nor Marinette). The illusions throw the Miraculous into the pool, and Mr. Pigeon remarks that his bird friends are bad swimmers, but he is a good swimmer and jumps into the water. Before he falls in, Plagg bursts out of it, stealing his bird whistle. Mr. Pigeon falls into the water, and the illusionary Ladybug and Cat Noir disappear, as well as the Miraculous in the water, causing Shadow Moth to yell in defeat. Mr. Pigeon surfaces, directing his pigeons to get his whistle back from Plagg, and they give chase. Meanwhile, the real Ladybug drilled a hole into the door of her changing room, and Plagg slips through it with the bird whistle. She destroys it, quickly purifying the akuma and activates her Miraculous Ladybug, turning everyone back into their old selves again. In his lair, Shadow Moth swears his usual revenge.

Plagg returns to Adrien and teasingly asks him if he's still allergic to pigeons. A feather lands on Adrien's shoulder, making him sneeze, and Adrien tells him that he's allergic to them more than ever. Down next to the pool, Mr. Pigeon reverts back into Mr. Ramier, and Ladybug lands next to him, helping him up. Mr. Ramier sadly realizes that he had been akumatized again, and Ladybug tells him that she wishes she could tell him it was the last time but admits that she doesn't know how to make that happen. Rena Rouge enters unexpectedly, telling them that she thinks Ladybug can indeed make it happen. She then tells Ladybug that she was so focused on her role as the guardian that she forgot that she's Ladybug, and proceeds to explain that there isn't anything in the grimoire, because it is not just a book of rules and solutions, but also a book containing all the information the guardians found out about the Miraculous until now. Ladybug summarises that because she is Ladybug and her power is the power of Creation, she can create, and Rena Rouge nods her on, telling her that the only limits she has are the ones she sets for herself.

Ladybug then concentrates, activating a new power, which transforms her suit, giving her black fingertips making her red part with black spots of her suit turn into red dotted black part, as well as exchanging her suit's black neck for a red one, instead with a zipper with a Ladybug attached to it. Then, she pulls out a raven-pigeon hybrid formed Magical Charm from her yoyo. Rena Rouge excitedly asked her what happened to her suit and what she has, and Ladybug says it's a Magical Charm. She hands it to Mr. Ramier, and states that he should keep it with him at all times, because it will prevent him from being re-akumatized. He is delighted, telling his pigeons excitedly that they are not going to act like Paris' villains anymore, and leaves with a spring in his step, taking his pigeons with him. Rena Rouge and Ladybug do the trademark fist bump. The view changes to Adrien, who had been watching, and dreamily says that Ladybug is truly miraculous.

The scene changes again to dark clouds and rain; Marinette is standing outside with Kagami, holding a black umbrella over them. Tatsu arrives and opens the door for Kagami, but Kagami doesn't leave; instead, she tells Marinette that she felt the beating heart, and everything Marinette wanted her to feel, but not in her, saying that instead, she felt it all in Marinette. Smiling genuinely, she tells her that she thinks Adrien is perfect for Marinette, and then leaves with Tatsu. Adrien then comes out of the pool and realizes that the umbrella Marinette is using is the one he gave her at the start of the year from "Stoneheart", and expresses his pleasant surprise that she kept it the entire time. Marinette stammers that she can give it back now, but Adrien tells her that she needs it to get home, and then offers to drop her off as the Gorilla arrives to take Adrien home. Marinette nods, going next to him, and then asks if he would like to walk home with her. Adrien looks tempted, but then saddens, saying that he has his Chinese classes and that his father is demanding. He quickly perks up again, telling her that he'll see her tomorrow in school. She says her goodbye, and Adrien runs to the car, getting in while looking at her. Not paying attention, he hits his head on the car roof, and they both giggle, and he leaves after they wave goodbye.

Kagami, who had been watching, smilingly remarks that they were made for each other, and tells Tatsu to leave. Tikki then appears out of Marinette's purse, asking her if she's alright, and Marinette assures her than everything is fine, and tells her that a friend told her that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to dance in the rain, referencing Alya's advice at the beginning of the episode. Marinette excitedly jumps into a puddle, ending the episode.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in France on TFOU.
  • This is the only sequel episode where the number added isn't 2.
  • In this episode Ladybug learns about Magical Charms and gets a new outfit.
    • It's revealed that the Ladybug Miraculous holders are the ones that set the limits of their own power. With her determination to prevent any more re-akumatizations, Ladybug is able to awaken a new power that gives her a new outfit and the power to create magical charms that are able to protect those they are given to from being reakumatized.
    • The way Marinette figured it out is one of the most common ways most fictional superheroes or protagonists have or gotten one step closer to mastering their powers or solving their problems.
      • According to Alya, the grimore is only filled with what the Guardians knew thus far. Meaning that Ladybug is the first Miraculous holder to transform her powers into new ones.
      • Which explains why Master Fu taunted Hawk Moth in "Miracle Queen", unlike Hawk Moth but like Marinette, he understood the meaning of the butterfly and until Gabriel learns to let it go of his pain as well as improving himself from the inside for the better, he won't have his full power.
  • As stated by Ladybug, this episode happens during the spring school break.
    • It has never been confirmed or denied if the Quantic Universe school system in Paris, France follows the same zoning system as it real counterpart.
      • But if so, then due to Paris being apart of the C section school zone, their spring break would be near April's end to early May.
  • Just as Hawk Moth can control his akumatized villains and Mayura with her sentimonsters at a distance, Rena Rouge can do the same with her illusions (humanoid ones) at a distance too but it's unknown what happens when said illusions get too far from a Fox Miraculous user.
  • Marinette, Adrien and Kagami are seen in swimsuits for the first time.
  • Adrien is seen shirtless for the first time.
  • This is one of several times Adrien is affected by an akumatized villain.
  • This is the fourth time Marinette and Plagg interact with each other following "Style Queen", "Reflekdoll" and "Oblivio".
  • This is the second time Cat Noir is not seen physically throughout the whole episode, following "Style Queen".
    • Similarly, the reason why he doesn't appear is because Adrien can't transform, due to being disabled in some way by the titular villain.
  • It's revealed that Marinette has a map of Paris in her room which plots every akumatized villain's appearance. Post-its with star stickers beside them indicate how many times they've appeared (by the beginning of the episode)
    • Mr. Pigeon has been akumatized 71 times.
    • Volpina, The Evillustrator, and Guitar Villain have been akumatized five times.
      • Volpina has been seen akumatized only three times, The Evillustrator once, and Guitar Villain twice, implying that all 2, 4, and 3 akumatizations happen off-screen.
    • Lady Wifi, Gamer, Stormy Weather, and Reflekta have been akumatized four times.
      • Lady Wifi has been seen akumatized three times, and Gamer three times, implying that all 1 akumatization happened off-screen.
        • However, if Ladybug counts the time the Puppeteer turned Alya into Lady Wifi, her count becomes more accurate.
      • Reflekta, however, has been seen akumatized five times on-screen.
    • Horrificator, Style Queen, Captain Hardrock, Antibug, and The Mime have been akumatized three times.
      • Style Queen has been seen akumatized only twice, implying that the 1 akumatization happened off-screen.
      • Captain Hardrock and Antibug has been seen akumatized only once, implying that the 2 akumatizations happened off-screen.
    • Rogercop and Frozer have been akumatized six times.
      • Frozer have been seen akumatized only twice, implying that the 4 remaining akumatizations happened off-screen.
      • Rogercop have been akumatized 3 times, implying that the 3 remainig akumatizations happened off-screen.
    • If the map represented the akumatized different forms, and Ladybug included all the akumatized villain's appearances in "Gamer 2.0 then Volpina, Lady Wifi, Style Queen, Antibug, and other akumatized villains would have been more accurate.
  • Wayhem and Adrien's fans again try to swarm Adrien's bodyguard, just like in "Gorizilla".
    • Also like in "Gorizilla", Marinette attempts to leave her room in pajamas.
  • Adrien's allergy to feathers is brought up again, after being seemingly ignored in "Timetagger" and "Miraculous New York".
  • It seems Marinette changed the code to her sewing box sometime between "Gang of Secrets" and this episode; in the former, the code is amberish gray-moderate spring bud-brilliant amber-light sea green, but in this episode, the code is amberish gray-moderate spring bud-strong olive-light sea green.
    • It's revealed that Alya knows the updated code.
      • However, the code was changed back sometime before "Sentibubbler".
  • Alya also meets the rest of the kwamis and has a grandmother in her family.
  • This is one of the few times Cataclysm is not used.
  • It's revealed that the flute acts as a communicator by projecting a hologram from the blowhole.
  • The Ladybug illusion's "civilian identity" first appeared in "Reflekdoll", as one of the people frightened when the titular sentimonster came to life.
  • The ending scene is a parallel to that of "Stoneheart"; Marinette gives Adrien a black umbrella after leaving a building in the rain, which closes on him; he then acts clumsily and Marinette giggles.
  • Rena Rouge's transformation music is a mixture of her old and new music.
  • This episode was quite inspired by Jorinde and Joringel: a German fairy tale about a evil fairy who can freezes men until she sets them free, and can turn maidens into birds and lock them into bird cages, similarly to Mr. Pigeon's new powers.
  • Mirage's activation sequence is half shown in this episode until it moves to the next scene of Marinette's room.
    • Similarly, to "Miracle Queen" and "Gang of Secrets", Rena Rouge's eyelids are black during the Mirage activation sequence, having been updated.
      • However, like in "Gang of Secrets", the transformation sequence isn't updated.
  • Marinette is seen wearing her first pajamas, having only been seen in "The Bubbler", "Ladybug & Cat Noir" and "The Dark Owl".
  • Alya also mentions Marinette's dream plans with Adrien as in "Stormy Weather".
  • Marinette trying to console Kagami over her broken heart is similar to what Tom tried to do for Marinette in "Weredad".
  • Ladybug's updated transformation bears a resemblance to her PV transformation version.
    • As well as a resemblance to Adrien's suit as Mister Bug in "Reflekdoll". However, it's unknown just as Marinette based off her Magical Charms albeit possibly, if subconsciously, due to her connections with Alya. If she did the same thing with her new suit because of her connections with Adrien/Cat Noir.
  • Plagg's dislike of water is also a reference to how most wildcats and even most domestic cats hate water.
  • When talking to the illusions of Ladybug and Cat Noir, Mr. Pigeon says that "Ladybugs will make a tasty snack for his pigeons", when in reality despite pigeons eating insects on occasion, it isn't a part of their main diet and also most birds, lizards and other insects avoid eating ladybugs because they're poisonous.
  • This is the first time that a character who isn't the Miracle Box guardian has taken a Miraculous out of the Miracle Box.
  • Marinette was seen working on one of the mystery potions and discovered that for one of them is a "spicy little rock", but it isn't pepper.


  • The French title of the episode is misspelled on the title card. Instead of "M. Pigeon 72" is written "Mr. Pigeon 72". Although orthographically correct, it still goes against the official French spelling of the name.
  • Xfinity On Demand incorrectly marked this episode as Season 4, Episode 82, although this is Season 4, Episode 4, and the 82nd episode overall.
  • There are several errors on the map with akumatized villains.
    • Timebreaker is shown to be akumatized twice despite being akumatized a third time in "Gang of Secrets" and even a fourth time if her paradoxically double akumatization in her debut episode is counted.
    • Stormy Weather's picture is not marked despite being akumatized four times.
    • The Mime has been akumatized three times, but his picture is not marked.
    • Reflekta is marked as having been akumatized four times, even though she's been seen akumatized on-screen five times ("Reflekta", "Reflekdoll", "Félix", "Ladybug", and "Gang of Secrets").
      • However, it's possible "Ladybug" wasn't counted as the Akumatization wasn't completed.
  • In one frame when Marinette is on Kagami's shoulder before the former hands Kagami's mother a basket of brioches, the clouds in the sky disappear.
  • When Adrien is turned into a pigeon, the Disney+ Closed Captions refer to Ladybug as "Ladybird".
  • When Ladybug closes her eyes to concentrate on how to use her Lucky Charm, the texture of her mask is distorted; the hexagons on her eyelids are greatly stretched.
  • When Alya takes the Fox Miraculous from the Miracle Box, it is in its charged mode instead of its activated mode.
  • In the English subtitles on Disney+, during the scene in which Adrien gets turned into a Pigeon, Ladybug is referred to as "Ladybird".


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