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This article is about a Miraculous.
This article is about the Miraculous. You may be looking for the episode named after its concept.

There's only one Miraculous that could possibly save the day. But this one is so... special.

Master Fu, "Party Crasher"

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The Monkey Miraculous is a circlet that, whenever Xuppu inhabits it, transforms the wearer a monkey-themed superhero with the power of Derision.

To activate the circlet, the user must speak the transformation phrase: "Show Time". To deactivate the circlet, the detransformation phrase is unknown.

It was previously being stored in the Chinese Miracle Box. When the situation called for it, the circlet was temporarily lent to Lê Chiến Kim, who used it to transform into King Monkey. In "Strikeback", it was stolen by Gabriel Agreste.


In general, the Monkey Miraculous is a circlet traditionally depicted on the monkey king in Chinese mythology. In charged mode, when Xuppu inhabits it, is long, thin and gold where two of its sides bend inward like the temples on glasses, and the edges curl inward in a spiral-like manner. The middle of the Miraculous also bends, and it has five light brown square pieces on one side. It also has five black bands on the back. When worn, it is unfolded and put on the wearer's head as they say the transformation phrase to transform. If a minor is using the miraculous, the circlet starts running out of power, they make a beeping sound, and the black bands start disappearing one at a time as an indication of how much time (one band is equivalent to one minute) Kim (or another Monkey Miraculous holder) has left.

In its Activated mode, the gold circlet has no gold bands on the back.

In its camouflage mode, the circlet changes color and form depending on whose possession it's in:

  • In the possession of Gabriel Agreste, it appears as a silver band with an indent in the front.[1]


King Monkey Transformation.gif

The Monkey Miraculous has the ability to transform its wielder into a monkey-themed superhero, granting its wielder incredible superhuman powers of speed, endurance, agility, stamina and strength. It also makes the user nearly invulnerable.

Its special weapon is an unbreakable Ruyi Jingu Bang which can be also be utilized as both a weapon, a communicator, a method of transportation and an object that can be used to breathe underwater. Its special superpower, Uproar, gives the user the ability to summon a toy-like item that, upon contact with anyone other than the Monkey Miraculous wearer, will cause the victims' powers to malfunction for a short period of time in order to obtain their goal, like defeating a villain. As long as the superpower isn't used by a minor, the wielder can remain transformed indefinitely. However, as soon as the superpower is used, the wielder loses power and the transformation wears off in about approximately five minutes. The circlet also has the ability to give the wielder the costume they truly desire.

List of owners


A Moneky Miraculous holder displayed in the Miraculous spellbook.
A ninja active during Japan's Sengoku era.
A French teenage girl and a temporary Monkey Miraculous holder. Despite holding it for some time, she never activated it.
A mythological figure of from legends as far back as the Song dynasty in China.
A French teenage boy and an occasional Monkey Miraculous holder. He first gets it to help the French Miraculous superhero team in "Party Crasher". Occasionally, he used the Miraculous to transform into King Monkey.


The guardians of the Miraculouses. The Order protected the Monkey Miraculous until the Mother Box was guarded by Su-Han and the incident with Fu's sentimonster.
The last known remaining guardian. He stored the Monkey Miraculous in the Chinese Miracle Box when not in use, until he relinquishes his duty as guardian and lost his memory in the process.
A French teenage girl who briefly kept the Monkey Miraculous after she received the Chinese Miracle Box from Hawk Moth.
A celestial guardian who protected the Monkey Miraculous until an accident with Fu's sentimonster.
A famous French designer who got the Monkey Miraculous when Felix stole Ladybug's Yo-yo, which contained all of the Miraculouses and gave them, along with Gabriel's ring, to exchange them for the Peacock Miraculous.

A French teenager. After Wang Fu gave up his duty as a guardian and lost his memory in the process, Marinette became the new guardian of the Miraculous. She kept Monkey Miraculous in the Chinese Miracle Box when it was not in use, but she lost it when Félix steals her yo-yo to exchange all the Miraculous ones that were kept inside it with for the Peacock Miraculous.





  • Monkeys symbolize honor, instinct, swiftness, and playfulness.
  • When the power of the Monkey Miraculous was first introduced in "Party Crasher", Thomas Astruc originally stated that the concept of the miraculous was Jubilation.[4][5] However, following the world premiere of "Guiltrip" where the concept of the Pig Miraculous is introduced, he stated that the concept of the miraculous is Derision, and that the concept of the Pig Miraculous is Jubilation.
    • Prior to the release of "Guiltrip", the "concept" being Derision is still kept on some official materials, such as the Kwamis book as well as the official Miraculous Ladybug website as of September 2020.[6]
  • The Monkey Miraculous bears many similarities to the character Sun Wukong in the classic Chinese text "The Journey To The West."
    • The oldest known wielder of the Monkey Miraculous bears the name Sun Wukong.
    • The Monkey Miraculous takes the form of a headband or circlet, similar to the circlet that Sun Wukong is given in the Journey To The West.
    • The weapon wielded by the Monkey Miraculous is Ruyi Jingu Bang, which bears the same name as Sun Wukong's pillar-staff in The Journey To The West.
    • The current wielder of the Monkey Miraculous, Lê Chiến Kim, calls himself King Monkey when in his superhero form. The Chinese name "Sun Wukong" can be translated to mean "Monkey King." Sun Wukong also bears the title of King of the Monkeys in The Journey To The West.
    • Lê Chiến Kim bears a similar confident, athletic and hot-headed personality to Sun Wukong. Xuppu, the inhabitant of the Monkey Miraculous, is also quite mischievous, another notable trait of Sun Wukong.
  • The activation phrase is also a reference to when people performed plays about the Monkey King.
    • In the Miracle Box, it is long, thin, and black (but later is confirmed to have a reversed coloration in "Party Crasher")


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