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Miss Bustier's class is the students mainly taught by Caline Bustier in her classroom at Collège Françoise Dupont.

List of students

In alphabetical order by last name:

Name Character Notes Image
Adrien Agreste Famous teen fashion model and son of the renown fashion designer, Gabriel Agreste. Adrien is very kind, even to people who obviously don't deserve it. Adrien Agreste Square
Chloé Bourgeois Spoiled brat and daughter of the Mayor of Paris. Chloé believes herself to be above everyone else and expects everyone to do what she wants. Chloé Bourgeois Square
Ivan Bruel

Despite his massive size and intimidating appearance, Ivan is actually very sensitive.

Ivan Bruel Square
Alya Césaire
Class Deputy
An aspiring journalist with sass to spare. Alya Césaire Square
Juleka Couffaine A very shy and quiet girl who tends to go unnoticed. Juleka Couffaine Square
Marinette Dupain-Cheng
Class Representative
Aspiring fashion designer and daughter of the best baker in Paris. Marinette is quite clumsy and insecure, but deep down, she is actually very confident. Marinette Dupain-Cheng Square
Mylène Haprèle A mousy girl who is scared of her own shadow. Mylène Haprèle Square
Max Kanté A boy with the mathematical brilliance of a calculator. He loves video games and his best friend is a robot. Max Kanté Square
Alix Kubdel A roller skater with a devil-may-care attitude. Alix Kubdel Square
Nathaniel Kurtzberg A talented artist who always has his nose in his sketch book. Nathaniel Kurtzberg Square 2
Nino Lahiffe A DJ and a total party dude. He tends to misread situations. Nino Lahiffe Square 2
Rose Lavillant A bubbly girl who only sees the bright side of things and always tries to find the good in others. Rose Lavillant Square
Lê Chiến Kim A top athlete who suffers from overconfidence. Lê Chiến Kim Square
Sabrina Raincomprix Sabrina is Chloé's personal servant in all but name. She doesn't seem to realize how poorly Chloé treats her. Sabrina Raincomprix Square
Lila Rossi A compulsive liar with no moral compass. She does whatever it takes to get what she wants and she doesn't care who she has to hurt. Lila Rossi Square




  • While Miss Bustier is the class' main teacher, Ms. Mendeleiev teaches them science and Armand D'Argencourt teaches them physical education.
  • Alya and Adrien are new students at Collège Françoise Dupont, starting the school year in Miss Bustier's class, which is revealed in "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)".
    • Lila starts attending the collège in "Volpina" as a new student in Miss Bustier's class.[2]
      • In "Chameleon" it is revealed that Lila first joined after the summer break, until returning full-time in that very episode.
  • Miss Bustier's class in position for their class photo.
  • The students outside of class to watch a race between Kim and Alix.
  • A class photo from a previous year of Miss Bustier's class.
  • All of the students in the class (except for Marinette and Adrien) are akumatized into supervillains by Hawk Moth in Season 1.
  • In "Ladybug", Marinette is akumatized by a scarlet akuma. The akumatization was not completed as Catalyst couldn't maintain her powers.
  • In "Cat Blanc", Adrien is akumatized into Cat Blanc. However this takes place in an alternate timeline, making Adrien the only class member that was not akumatized by Hawk Moth on any sort of way in the permanent timeline.
  • As seen in a past class picture in "Reflekta", Marinette, Chloé, Sabrina, Rose, Juleka, Kim, Max, and Nathaniel were in Miss Bustier's class together in a previous year.
  • Marinette is elected as the class representative, with Alya as the class deputy, in "Darkblade", beating the other candidate Chloé and her choice of deputy, Sabrina.
    • Kim and Rose both consider running for class representative, but they decide against it after Chloé threatens to reveal Kim's fear of spiders and kick Rose out of the scrapbooking club.
  • Except for Kagami Tsurugi and Luka Couffaine, all of the superheroes in the French Miraculous superhero team are part of Miss Bustier's class.


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