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Just think of the illusion you wanna create. Stay focused!

Cat Noir, "Sapotis"

Mirage is the special superpower granted by the Fox Miraculous to its owner.


When the Fox Miraculous owner plays the flute, it creates an orange-white ball of energy at the far end of it. When they swing the flute, the ball of energy will be sent off to cast a hyper-realistic illusion of whatever or whomever they are thinking of. The illusion disappears if it is touched.

The illusions can be used over a massive scale, such as to create the image of an entire amusement park, or used on a small scale, such as making someone look like someone else. Illusions of people are even able to speak.

The Fox Miraculous owner can dispel the illusion by speaking the cancellation phrase: "Reality".

Although Mirage is handy to use, Rena Rouge must use it wisely, as she can only use it once before reverting back into her civilian form after five minutes.

Just like Voyage, the user of Mirage must have a focused mind. If the user's mind is not focused, then their illusions will turn into what they least expect them to be. Not only that, but those illusions may become more durable and won't fade away after some time.


Season 2

Episode Summoner Illusion Reason Image
"Sapotis" Rena Rouge Amusement Park Luring the Sapotis into a narrow alley. Sapotis-000832.png
"Syren" Trails of panthers' favorite steak chops Luring the panthers into a van. Syren (71).png

Season 3

Episode Summoner Illusion Reason Image
"Miraculer" Rena Rouge Ladybug disguised as Chloé Bourgeois Tricking Miraculer into returning Ladybug's power. Miraculer 375.png
Miraculer Clones of Miraculer Miraculer uses this illusion to confuse her enemies. Miraculer 476.png
"Kwamibuster" Multifox A scene in which Ladybug captures the akuma, repairs the damage and receives the Mouse Miraculous from Marinette. Multifox used this to make Cat Noir believe that Marinette was just Multimouse and that she and Ladybug are separate people. KB (459).png
"Miracle Queen" Rena Rouge Rena Rouge, Pegasus, and King Monkey directly fighting; King Monkey disguised as Rena Rouge. Tricking Dragon Bug and Snake Noir into believing that they're fighting the real enemies; allowing King Monkey to use Uproar on Dragon Bug's yo-yo. Miracle Queen 227.png

Season 4

Episode Summoner Illusion Reason Image
"Gang of Secrets" Trixx Marinette escaping from the akumatized villians and running to the school. It also forms illusions all over the city, such as the Eiffel Tower dancing. To protect Marinette and allow her to transform into Ladybug. Mirage - Eiffel Tower.png
Rena Rouge Marinette shouts for Cat Noir and then running away. The illusion also includes a thick wooden board, and another illusion is a wooden board over the empty pool so she would walk on over it. Rena Rouge uses this to prevent the akumatized villians from getting Cat Noir's Miraculous and makes them go after the fake Marinette instead, directing Timebreaker into their trap as well. Mirage - Marinette.png





  • The illusions created by Volpina are notoriously superior to those of Rena Rouge as she doesn't have the limitation to use only one illusion per transformation, being able to make as many as she wants without transforming back to normal.
    • However, that is an ability used by an adult Fox Miraculous holder meaning that Hawk Moth is capable of amplifying said powers of his akumatized villains.
  • In the Korean dub, it's called Magical Mirage.
  • This power was used by Trixx at least twice: the first time, he used it a long time ago, causing an unknown catastrophe; the second time, he used it to protect Marinette from Lady Wifi and allow the former to transform into Ladybug.


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