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Just think of the illusion you wanna create. Stay focused!

Cat Noir to Rena Rouge, "Sapotis"

Mirage is the special superpower granted by the Fox Miraculous to its owner.


This superpower allows the user to cast a hyper-realistic illusion.

Miraculous owner

Rena Rouge controlling her illusion.

When the Fox Miraculous owner plays the flute, it creates a ball of white-orange energy at the far end of it. When they swing the flute, the ball of energy will be sent off to cast the illusion of whatever or whomever they are thinking of. The illusion disappears if it is touched.

The illusions can be used over a massive scale, such as to create the image of an entire amusement park, or used on a small scale, such as making someone look like someone else. Illusions of people are even able to speak. The user of Mirage can control their illusions and speak through them.

The Mirages can also hide other people, as seen in "Gang of Secrets" causing the chosen people to appear as invisible to those who see the illusion.

In "Sentibubbler", it is shown that the user can cast the illusion without having to play or swing the flute, but it seems the user still must be holding it.

As shown in "Rocketear", the owner of the miraculous can not only create illusions of people or objects. They can also create "sound illusions".

The Fox Miraculous owner can dispel the illusion by speaking the cancellation phrase: "Reality". An alternate cancellation phrase: "Mirage Vanish", would also dispel the illusion.


Trixx's mirage.gif

As shown in "Gang of Secrets", when Mirage is used directly by Trixx, in addition to casting the intended illusion, it also casts a massive, unpredictable illusion that can cover gigantic structures, even if they are a ways away. As an example, after creating an illusion of Marinette to lure away the Gang of Secrets, it also created an illusion of the Eiffel Tower, a gigantic metal tower more than 300 meters tall, located in a completely different part of the city, dancing as if it were in a j-pop music video.


There are four other weaknesses with the power as the user must have a clear and focused mind or it messes with their illusions, and the user can't make such an accurate illusion of something or someone if they don't know what the person, animal or thing is suppose to look like.

The illusions mostly revolve around sight and sound, so if someone has an acute sense of smell they might be able to tell the illusion apart. The illusions aren't solid, with the exception of the illusions interacting with each other, so if someone touches the illusion, it will vanish.


Season Episode Summoner Illusion Reason Image
Season 2 "Sapotis" Rena Rouge Amusement Park Luring the Sapotis into a narrow alley. Sapotis 388.png
"Syren" Trails of panthers' favorite steak chops Luring the panthers into a van. Syren (71).png
Season 3 "Miraculer" Ladybug disguised as Chloé Bourgeois Tricking Miraculer into returning Ladybug's power. Miraculer 375.png
"Miraculer" Miraculer Clones of Miraculer To confuse her enemies. Miraculer 476.png
"Kwamibuster" Multifox A scene in which Ladybug captures the akuma, repairs the damage and receives the Mouse Miraculous from Marinette. To make Cat Noir believe that Marinette was just Multimouse and that she and Ladybug are separate people. KB (459).png
"Miracle Queen" Rena Rouge Rena Rouge, Pegasus, and King Monkey directly fighting; King Monkey disguised as Rena Rouge. Tricking Dragon Bug and Snake Noir into believing that they're fighting the real enemies; allowing King Monkey to use Uproar on Dragon Bug's yo-yo. Miracle Queen 227.png

Episode Summoner Illusion Reason Image
"Gang of Secrets" Rena Rouge Marinette shouting for Cat Noir and then running away. The illusion also disguises the pool to be drained and includes a thick wooden board so the Marinette illusion would run on it. To prevent the akumatized villains from getting Cat Noir's Miraculous and make them go after the Marinette illusion instead, as well as directing Timebreaker into their trap. Gang of Secrets (353).png
Gang of Secrets (397).png
"Mr. Pigeon 72" Ladybug and Cat Noir with counterfeit civilian forms. To prevent Shadow Moth from discovering Marinette's and Adrien's true identities, and to lure Mr. Pigeon into their trap for Plagg to get Mr. Pigeon's Bird Call. Mr. Pigeon 72 (377).png
Mr. Pigeon 72 (399).png
"Optigami" Ladybug To distract Style Queen so Rena Rouge can free Marinette from the elevator. Optigami (360).png
"Sentibubbler" Alya Césaire going to the bathroom. To make Sentibubbler believe that Alya was in the bathroom so the real Alya could hide and operate more freely. Sentibubbler 236.png
Ladybug and Alya Césaire To make Shadow Moth believe that Ladybug won't give Alya the Fox Miraculous anymore after her identity was revealed in "Miracle Queen". Sentibubbler 283.png
Marinette stuck in one of Sentibubbler's bubbles. To conceal the real Marinette, allowing her to transform into Ladybug and unify the Ladybug and Horse Miraculouses to become Pegabug and escape the bubble. Sentibubbler 366.png
"Rocketear" Rena Furtive The conversation that Cat Noir and Alya had at her balcony the previous evening. To make Rocketear realize the misunderstanding and convince him to calm down. Rocketear (448).png
"Strikeback" Hawk Moth The image of the symbols of all the Miraculous in his possession around his message retriever. To show all Parisians that he has defeated Ladybug and taken all the Miraculous under her care. Strikeback 502.png

Episode Summoner Illusion Reason Image
"Volpina" Volpina A billboard of Volpina and Adrien Agreste being together. To test her new powers and to spite Ladybug. File:VP (515).png
A meteor hurtling towards earth and herself stopping it. To make everyone believe she is a hero and earn Ladybug and Cat Noir's trust. File:VP (518).pngFile:VP (541).png
Hawk Moth traveling across rooftops. To separate Ladybug from Cat Noir. File:VP (590).png
Various missiles and a target that follows Ladybugs feet. To threaten Ladybug. File:VP (702).png
A building collapsing. To persuade Ladybug to surrender her Miraculous. File:VP (767).png
Multiple copies of Volpina. To confuse the heroes. File:VP (905).png
Adrien Agreste To use Adrien as a hostage so the heroes would surrender. File:VP (938).png
Multiple copies of Volpina. To confuse the heroes. File:VP (970).png
"Catalyst" An akumatized Ladybug destroying Cat Noir. To convince all of Paris that no one will protect them anymore, allowing Scarlet Moth to akumatize them. 224 Catalyst (239).png
"Mayura" Scarlet Moth To try and distract Ladybug and Cat Noir long enough for Scarlet Moth to akumatize them, though this ultimately failed. Mayura (413).png
"Gamer 2.0" Gamer 2.0 in the form of Volpina Multiple copies of Volpina To try and trick Ladybug, though this ultimatley failed. Gamer 2.0 (406).png
Ladybug with Volpina's flute. Multiple copies of Ladybug on Sandboy's pillow. To not let Gamer 2.0 win their match, and trick him into touching the ground to make him disappear. Gamer 2.0 (512).png

Season Episode Illusion Reason Image
Before Season 1 The Loch Ness Monster Xuppu mentions that Trixx was in Scotland and once created an illusion in of the Loch Ness Monster, possibly starting the legend of the creature. Sentibubbler 045.png
Season 4 "Gang of Secrets" Marinette escaping from the akumatized villians and running to the school. To get Lady Wifi away from Marinette, keeping her role a Guardian a secret and allowing her to transform into Ladybug. Gang of Secrets (213).png
Trixx's unintended Illusions
Episode Illusion Cause Image
"Gang of Secrets" The Eiffel Tower doing a crazy caramel dance. Trixx using an illusion of Marinette to lure the Gang of Secrets away from the real Marinette. Gang of Secrets (220).png





  • The illusions created by Volpina are notoriously superior to those of Rena Rouge as she doesn't have the limitation to use only one illusion per transformation, being able to make as many as she wants without transforming back to normal.
    • However, that is an ability used by an adult Fox Miraculous holder meaning that Hawk Moth is capable of amplifying said powers of his akumatized villains.
  • In the Korean dub, it's called Magical Mirage.
  • This power was used by Trixx at least twice: the first time, he used it a long time ago, causing an unknown catastrophe; the second time, he used it to protect Marinette from Lady Wifi and allow the former to transform into Ladybug.
    • In "Sentibubbler", it's revealed that Trixx has used his power to possibly create the myth of the Loch Ness monster. It's possible that was the unknown catastrophe mentioned by Wayzz in "Gang of Secrets".
      • Because the myth of the Lock Ness monster is still persisting to the present days and with people claiming having seen it, it's quite possible that Trixx's illusion still remains, proving that his illusions can last for a very long time.
  • It seems that there are two cancellation phrases to dispel Mirage's illusions, such as "Reality" in "Kwamibuster", "Optigami", "Sentibubbler", and "Rocketear", and "Mirage Vanish" in "Gang of Secrets".
  • Just like Cataclysm, Mirage can work underwater, as seen in "Mr. Pigeon 72".
  • When a Mirage disappears the reed flute sound can be heard as in "Sapotis" and "Miracle Queen" etc.
    • However, in "Miraculer" the sound effect is missing when the titular villain gave Ladybug (as Chloé due to the effects of Mirage) her powers back.
    • Or it might simply be background music to provide texture and aural interest that will engage the audience and capture their attention.


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