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Just think of the illusion you wanna create. Stay focused!

Cat Noir, "Sapotis"

Mirage is a special superpower granted by the Fox Miraculous to its holder.


When Rena Rouge plays her flute, it creates an orange ball of energy at the far end of it. A hyper-realistic illusion of what or whom she is thinking of appears wherever she throws the ball of energy. The illusions of people can communicate too. Rena Rouge's illusions can make someone look like someone else. However, the illusion dissapears if it is touched.

The holder can make the illusion disappear by shouting out "Reality".

Although Mirage is handy to use, Rena Rouge must use it wisely, as she can only use it once before reverting back into her civilian form after five minutes.


Season 2

Episode Summoner Illusion Reason Image
"Sapotis" Rena Rouge Amusement Park Luring the Sapotis into a narrow alley. Sapotis-000832
"Syren" Trail of meat Luring the panthers into a van. Syren (188)

Season 3

Episode Summoner Illusion Reason Image
"Miraculer" Rena Rouge Ladybug disguised as Chloé Bourgeois Tricking Miraculer into returning Ladybug's power. Ladybug disguised as Chloé Bourgeois
Miraculer Clones of Miraculer Miraculer uses this illusion to confuse her enemies. Clones of the Miraculer
"Kwamibuster" Multifox A scene in which Ladybug captures the akuma, repairs the damage and receives the Mouse Miraculous from Marinette. Multifox used this to make Cat Noir believe that Marinette was just Multimouse and that she and Ladybug are separate people. No Screenshot
"Miracle Queen" Rena Rouge Rena Rouge, Pegasus, and King Monkey directly fighting; King Monkey disguised as Rena Rouge. Tricking Dragon Bug and Snake Noir into believing that they're fighting the real enemies; allow King Monkey to use Uproar on Dragon Bug's yo-yo. No Screenshot





  • The illusions created by Volpina are notoriously superior to those of Rena Rouge as she doesn't have the limitation to use only one illusion per transformation, being able to make as many as she wants without transforming back to normal.
    • However, that is an ability used by an adult Fox Miraculous holder meaning that Hawk Moth is capable of amplifying said powers of his akumatized villains.


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