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"Let me make this promise to you: no matter who wants to harm you, Ladybug and Cat Noir will do everything in our power to keep you safe!"

Ladybug, "Stoneheart"

The Miraculouses are a variety of magical objects[1] worn as jewellery, possessing the ability to transform their wearers, with the help of the kwamis, into animal-themed superpowered beings.


As explained by Master Fu, Wayzz, and Tikki in the comic story "Miraculous Adventures Issue 2", kwamis have existed since the beginning of the universe. Being abstract creatures, each kwami is formed whenever a new idea, concept, or emotion comes into existence in the universe, such as creation, love, beauty, and mathematics. However, tangible creatures, like humans, could not see or sense kwamis; so the kwamis could only roam the universe without communicating with them.

Before the Miraculouses were created, a prototype, the Prodigious was created, allowing the user to gain the power of the kwamis' cousins, the Renlings. However, the Prodigious was considered to be too powerful, and so it was sealed away in the Sacred Cave in what is now known as Shanghai, China.

The mage creating the Ladybug Miraculous and the yo-yo.

Five thousand years ago, a mage successfully helped the kwamis to interact with humans by creating magic jewels, which were called Miraculouses. When the kwamis inhabited them, the Miraculouses bestowed amazing power on their wearers. There are two Miraculouses that are more powerful than the rest: the Ladybug Miraculous, having the power of creation from the first kwami in existence, Tikki; and the Cat Miraculous, having the power of destruction from Plagg. In "Ladybug & Cat Noir", Nooroo states that legend says when the Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous are worn together, their user will gain absolute power. At some point in time, all of the knowledge about the Miraculouses and their powers was written down in code in a book, with very few knowing how to decipher the code. Miracle Boxes were also created at an unknown time to store the dormant Miraculouses.

To protect and distribute Miraculouses, the Order of the Guardians was formed and existed for many years. Throughout its existence, guardians trained younger generations to keep a watchful eye over the Miraculouses and the spellbook, which were placed in the Guardians' temple. Occasionally, a Miraculous would be lost.

Only a single apprentice survives the destruction of the order.

The Order fell more than 170 years ago because of a mistake made by Fu, a young apprentice guardian at the time. While undergoing a trial of watching over a Miracle Box for 24 hours without eating, he used the Peacock Miraculous in an attempt to create a small Sentimonster to go to the kitchen to get him some food, but he accidentally manifested a ravenous Sentimonster that devoured the monks and most of the Miraculouses. Fu was able to escape, taking the Miraculous spellbook with him, along with the last remaining Miracle Box.

After the temple was destroyed, Fu ended up losing both the Butterfly and the Peacock Miraculous, along with the spellbook while trying to escape from the sentimonster. After narrowly escaping, Fu took the box with the remaining seventeen Miraculouses with him.

According to Nooroo, the Miraculous, meant for good purposes, have been used by heroes throughout history. However, in the wrong hands, Miraculous can be used to cause terrible disaster.

In "Feast", after the titular villain was defeated by Ladybug and Cat Noir, the former's Miraculous Ladybug is able to bring back the guardians temple, along with all the monks and the Miraculous that were eaten.

During French-American Friendship Week in "Miraculous New York", one of the lost Miraculouses, the Eagle Miraculous, had been found in the Gilbert du Motier exhibit in the New York history museum.


Wang Fu, the Great Guardian, taking the Cat Miraculous to the location of his chosen owner for it, Adrien.

Usually, a Miraculous is assigned to an appropriate user with good intentions by a guardian, a human tasked with watching over the Miraculous and keeping them in a safe place when not being used.

While there is a chance of giving a Miraculous to an unworthy candidate, the system prevents many unfit people from getting the Miraculous easily. The guardian takes back and stores the Miraculous when it is discarded or returned to them. Unfortunately, there have been cases where the Miraculous were lost, even potentially forever, and the guardian was unable to retrieve them, such as when the Butterfly Miraculous and the Peacock Miraculous was presumed to be lost forever by Wang.

Miraculouses can be kept by their chosen users for many years as long as they are being used, and the holder is capable.[2] Before the Miraculouses were given to Ladybug, Cat Noir and their team the jewels were strictly used by adults only.

There are some ways to acquire a Miraculous outside of being chosen by the Great Guardian. People can find the Miraculous if they have been lost and are unable to be stored properly. For example, Gabriel Agreste found the Butterfly Miraculous and the Peacock Miraculous, making it easy for him to utilize it for evil instead of good without Wang Fu's interference or knowledge of his secret identity or in "The Queens' Battle", when Chloé found the Bee Miraculous after Ladybug lost it. However, there are those who found a Miraculous and by their own free will, would use it by trying to be a hero without being chosen by a guardian. Heroes who obtain a Miraculous without being chosen may keep their jewel with approval from its guardian.

Previous Miraculous holders can also give their Miraculous to someone else if they don't know a guardian or the guardian can't intervene first. After believing she shouldn't be the Ladybug Miraculous holder in "Stoneheart", Marinette sneaked the Ladybug Miraculous into Alya's bag in hopes that Alya would find it and take over as Ladybug, although she later decided to continue as Ladybug and retrieved it before this could happen. If a current or previous holder can't continue their job by other means, like old age or injury, they can give their jewel to someone else, like how Nino wields the Turtle Miraculous in Master Fu's place due to the latter's bad back.

Wielding a Miraculous without being chosen by a guardian or without one's approval comes with a risk as there is no guardian to help the Miraculous holder heal their kwami or, in some cases, to repair their Miraculous if it were to get damaged. Their ability to use the found Miraculous may be limited without guidance from its guardian.

Reflekta attempting to take Ladybug's earrings for Hawk Moth.

Another option for getting a Miraculous is stealing a Miraculous and/or removing it from its user. There are different kinds of motivations for taking another user's Miraculous. One motivation is Hawk Moth's intention to get the Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous to access their absolute power when combined. On the opposite side, if a Miraculous is being used by a villainous person, it is the Great Guardian's task to find out who the Miraculous holder is and take it away from them. If needed, the Great Guardian will get help from other Miraculous holders or choose new ones in order to stop the villain, as when Marinette and Adrien received Miraculouses from Wang Fu to defeat Hawk Moth. Along with being vulnerable to being stolen if they aren't being worn, the Miraculous can be forced off the user by someone else when they are being worn, whether or not they are transformed. Despite being possible, it's less common to be able to steal the Miraculous when the holder is not transformed unless the taker knows what the Miraculous looks like when in its camouflaged form, which is even more confusing when the camouflage mode varies between different wielders.

When in need of assistance and with the express permission of the Great Guardian, a current Miraculous owner can temporarily give a Miraculous to someone else as long as the temporary owner returns it when the mission is over. This is seen multiple times when Marinette required either extra numbers or the specific powers of a certain Miraculous to defeat a villain. As of "Miracle Queen", now that Ladybug is the new Guardian of the Mother Box, she continues to follow this rule and sometimes if the situation calls for it temporary holders can become full time holders as shown with the severity of Shadow Moth's attacks, Ladybug allowed Rena Rouge to keep her Miraculous permanently.

Another way can be if a kwami along with their jewel becomes separated from their chosen owner, then they can work with and/or choose a temporary owner until they are reunited again, which happened with Marinette and Adrien in "Reflekdoll".

Master Wang Fu closing the chest, with the inactive Bee Miraculous and Fox Miraculous inside.

Not all Miraculouses in other people's possession are worn and wielded by them. Master Wang Fu keeps unused Miraculouses in the Miracle Box in order to keep them protected and have them available for future chosen users in required situations. In "Mayura", in a secret safe, Gabriel Agreste stores the Peacock Miraculous, since it is mysteriously damaged and can cause illness to its holder. At the same time, Miraculous holders who wear the Miraculous may never or rarely transform with them. Because of his age, Wang Fu struggles when he attempts to transform in "Ladybug & Cat Noir", hurting his back in the process. Nonetheless, Wang keeps and wears the Turtle Miraculous, often discussing matters with Wayzz and benefiting from Wayzz's assistance.

As of "Gang of Secrets", Marinette keeps the inactive jewels in the Mother Box and the box inside her sewing box but allows the kwamis to roam freely.

As of "Strikeback (Shadow Moth's Final Attack - Part 2)" all of the Chinese miraculouses except for the ladybug, cat, and peacock miraculouses have fallen into the hands of Gabriel Agreste, with the peacock miraculous going to Felix.



The Peacock Miraculous transformation turns Nathalie's skin blue.

A Miraculous, when worn someone and inhabited by its respective kwami, transforms the wearer into a costumed disguise based on its animal theme and the design they wanted subconsciously. In addition to the costume itself, some Miraculouses, while active, may alter the wearers physical characteristics, such as the color of their eyes and the shape of their pupils, the color, length and style of their hair, and/or even their skin pigment. The Miraculous must be verbally activated by speaking a transformation phrase that is unique to each Miraculous, based either on the characteristics of the animal the Miraculous is themed after, or the power the Miraculous grants, or both. A Miraculous is deactivated by the user speaking a detransformation phrase that counters the transformation phase. For example, the transformation phrase of the Ladybug Miraculous is "Spots On", while the detransformation phrase is "Spots Off".

In "Rocketear" and "Kuro Neko", it is revealed that while the costume a Miraculous Holder normally shows is a natural reflection of their personality, it can change or be changed in accordance with the role said holder is meant to play and/or the role they choose to play if they focus only on certain traits of their personality, rather than just transforming without thinking like they usually would. For example, after Alya made Shadow Moth think that Ladybug would never again lend her the Fox Miraculous, putting herself in a position where her hero persona could no longer be seen in public and where she could only assist her fellow heroes from the shadows rather than fighting alongside them on the frontlines, her costume changed to a blue and white camouflage pattern. Another example is Adrien; after he had a second chance to reinvent his hero persona, he chose to be perfect and gentlemanly like he is in his civilian form, rather than being the wild and goofy hero he normally is. As a result, his hero costume changed to make him look more gallant and refined.

Additionally, the Miraculous have the ability to magically disguise the identity of the wearer to human observers, regardless of how similar their civilian and costumed forms appear. However, AIs are not affected by this, which is how Uncanny Valley was able to recognize Marinette and Adrien as Ladybug and Cat Noir. Also, even though magical disguises prevent humans from seeing similarities between their civilian and costumed forms, people might still figure out the identities of some miraculous holders, as Alya rightly suspected the identities of Cat Noir and Carapace.

In Miraculous New York, it is revealed that each Miraculous has a transformation phrase for when being used for good and a different phrase when being used for evil. When Mike Rochip uses the Eagle Miraculous to transform into Miraclonizer, he says "Wings of Prey", whereas when Jessica Keynes transforms into Eagle, she says "Wings of Liberty". This is the only Miraculous that has been seen to have this difference between intentional uses but is assumed that all of them have it. This is further proven by Gabriel Agreste's transformation into Hawk Moth being triggered by "Dark Wings Rise" with the adjective 'dark' implying that the phrase that is used by him in the show and specials is the one used when a Miraculous holder uses their powers for evil.

Enhanced Physical Abilities

Miraculous superhuman agility.

An active Miraculous grants the wearer enhanced physical abilities, like strength and agility, as well as near invulnerability. Some Miraculouses appear to grant the user greater physical skills than others; the Fox Miraculous provides its wearer with greater agility than the Ladybug or Cat Miraculous. Although, it is noteworthy that the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses provide their users with means to compensate.

A Miraculous (or its owner's costume) is also capable of compensating for certain impairments, such as poor eyesight, as with Carapace's goggles replacing Nino's glasses, or even curing such impairments entirely while transformed, as is the case with Alya's lack of glasses as Rena Rouge.

As seen in "Startrain" the enhancement can also allow a Miraculous wearer to survive in the freezing airlessness of outer space, though it is unknown exactly how long they could last.

Some of them also give the owners the abilities of the animals they are based on, like how Cat Noir has enhanced hearing and night vision.


Ladybug spinning her Yo-yo to use it as a shield.

The Miraculous will provide the user with an omni-purpose tool which functions as a weapon, a communication device, a search engine, and in some cases, a mode of transportation, among a number of various other functions.

These tools are indestructible and can be used for defense.

Each tool is unique to the Miraculous and they come in a variety of forms, including toys, musical instruments, weapons, and more.


Cat Noir utilizing the Cat Miraculous' superpower, Cataclysm, on an elevator.

Possibly the greatest benefit of the Miraculouses is that each one grants a unique superpower that corresponds to the abstract concept that the respective kwami embodies.[3] Some of the Miraculouses' powers follow the theme of the symbolism that animal represents, like the Ladybug Miraculous, with the power of creation, having the superpower Lucky Charm and ladybugs are symbols of good luck. The kinds of powers a Miraculous has aren't limited to the animal theme, though.[4]

In the case of an underage wielder, their transformation lasts until the superpower is used, meaning they can stay transformed indefinitely if they don't use their superpower. Once the power is activated, an underage user only has five minutes until they detransform back to their civilian form. The countdown to the detransformation is made visual by the symbol on the Miraculous flashing and going dark one piece at a time.

An underage holder detrasforming after time runs out.

Before the wearer can transform again, the kwami needs to recharge by eating food. After activating their superpower, an underage user will not be able to activate the power again until they detransform, recharge, and transform again.

It is explained in "Timetagger" that adulthood bestows unlimited use of one's superpower without the fear of their transformation coming undone, as seen with Bunnyx. This is because upon entering adulthood, the Miraculous allows the holders to use their own energy to sustain their transformation and their kwami's power.

Sometimes, depending on the Miraculous, they'll begin to grant their holders other abilities when they get older, such as stronger versions of their powers, but each adult version is unknown, however it appears in "Miraculous New York", when an adult uses the Eagle Miraculous they will obtain the ability to fly. And yet, that could have simply been a result of Hawk Moth's powers when he akumatized Techlonizer with it, or it was possibly something he himself desired deep down. According to Su-Han, the Miraculouses were intended to be wielded by adults only.

In "Mr. Pigeon 72", it is revealed that the powers of the Miraculous holders are limited only by the limits they put on themselves. It is entirely possible for them to develop new powers simply by allowing themselves to do so, while still keeping to the kwamis concept. For example, the Ladybug Miraculous grants the power of creation, so Marinette is able to create Magical Charms to ward away akumas. This development of new powers can possibly change the Miraculous wearers costumes. This information is not recorded in the Miraculous spellbook, as the Order of the Guardians were unaware of this.

Kwami Dominion

Nooroo unable to get too far away from his holder due to a rule previously set by Gabriel.

A Kwami is under the command of their Miraculous holder. When their Miraculous is not in use, a kwami can roam freely outside of the Miraculous, unless their Miraculous holder sets limits for how far away from them they are allowed to go. This was seen in "Sandboy" when Nooroo tried to fly away from Gabriel, but was stopped by some kind of invisible barrier due to Gabriel previously setting a rule that Nooroo was not allowed to get too far away from him. This same episode reveals that a Miraculous holder can set other rules that their Kwami cannot disobey. When Gabriel ordered that Nooroo was not allowed to speak at all, Nooroo became incapable of opening his mouth, and was only able to open it again when Gabriel verbally confirmed that he wasn't serious.

Additionally, when a transformation phrase is spoken by a Miraculous holder, the Kwami is pulled into their Miraculous, even if they do not wish to be pulled in.

The only known commands that a Kwami can refuse are revealing the identities and secrets of other Miraculous holders and Guardians.

Miraculous Unification

A fusion of the Mouse and Fox Miraculous.

A person can wear and activate more than one Miraculous at the same time.[5] When activating more than one Miraculous at the same time, the user is able to call upon the powers and use the weapons of both Miraculouses. Additionally, their suit takes on a hybrid form, combining aspects of the suits of each individual Miraculous. The most Miraculouses seen unified at one time is four, seen when Gabriel Agreste unified the Butterfly, Peacock , Cat and Ladybug Miraculouses in "Ephemeral".

To invoke a fusion transformation, the owner must say the names of the kwamis whose Miraculouses they wear and wish to fuse, and then say "Dual Metamorphosis" if they are activating both jewels while in civilian form, or "Unify" if they are activating a second jewel while one is already active. The wearer might choose to intertwine their hands (optional, as seen in "Kwamibuster", "Miracle Queen", and "Truth").

To return to civilian form from a unification, the owner must say "Reverse Morphosis". However, if the user wishes to instead depower one Miraculous while leaving the other active, the user must say the name of the kwami they want to release and say "Divide". An alternative way to unfuse would be to speak the detransformation phrase of the Miraculous whose Kwami they want to release.

It's also known that the use of too many Miraculouses simultaneously may have very severe consequences to both the body and mind of the wearer. It's also unknown if constantly fusing two or more Miraculouses will have lingering or harmful effects for the user or the kwamis, although Gabriel Agreste has yet to show an kind of drawback from repeatedly unifying the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculouses.

Damaged Miraculouses

File:RD (92).png

The damaged Peacock Miraculous

The Miraculous jewels will also work if they're damaged. However, using them in this state can cause serious damage to the user, such as hindering the Miraculous' powers. The resulting damage won't only harm the wielder but the kwami as well. In "Truth", Duusu described it as having "complete chaos" in his head.

It was discovered that when an adult holder uses a jewel they can sustain their kwami with their own energy, but if said jewel is damaged, it results in them feeding off more energy from their adult holder, leading to fatigue and lingering health issues, as was the case with Nathalie before the jewel is fixed.

As Gabriel said in "Ladybug", if a damaged Miraculous is overused, the wounds on the jewel becomes the holder's wounds. However, if the damaged Miraculous is used sparingly, then the user can limit the negative side effects. Emilie Agreste overused the damaged Peacock Miraculous and with Duusu taking more energy than needed, it resulted her falling into an eternal slumber. Beyond this, the full effects of using a damaged Miraculous are unknown or if there is a way to undo it without the Ultimate Miraculous Absolute Power.

It's also unknown what the full damage could be if a damaged Miraculous is unified with another jewel. It's possible that if it does happen, then it will likely extend the damage of both jewels possibly breaking them to the point where neither of them can be fixed, as well as extending it to the holder, or the fusion capabilities won't work at all. On occasion, the damage can cause them to glitch in between camouflaged and charged modes. In "Timetagger", it is shown that a Miraculous can hold the transformation of their wearers if the damage is minimal.

Repairing a Miraculous

Mixing the adhesive potion.

When a Miraculous is damaged, it can be repaired by mixing an adhesive from molten gold and meteorite dust. Also added is an example of the animal that the damaged Miraculous in question is based on; for example, to repair the Peacock Miraculous, the molten gold and meteorite dust require a peacock feather. This mixture creates the adhesive for the Peacock Miraculous specifically. The list of animal DNA examples, recipes, and the instructions for brewing the adhesive are listed and encoded in the Miraculous spellbook.

The resulting liquid can be used as glue to seal the cracks on the Miraculous. After applying a drop of the potion to the cracks, the person must speak the words, "Miraculous, Repair Yourself", in which the Miraculous levitates and shines with a bright light while sealing the cracks for about 2 seconds until the light dissipates and the newly repaired Miraculous drops to the floor.

It would appear that even if a damaged Miraculous is fixed, the harmful effects it had on a user's body remain in place, as despite the Peacock Miraculous now being repaired, Emilie remains in her coma and Nathalie is still bedridden as a result of their use during its damaged state.

Renouncing a Miraculous

Gabriel temporarily renouncing the Butterfly Miraculous.

To give up a Miraculous, the user must simply intentionally verbally confirm their desire to "renounce" the Miraculous and/or its kwami, or express the desire to no longer use the Miraculous.[6] Once done, the kwami disappears back into the newly dormant Miraculous. When the Miraculous gets put on again, whether by the same user or a new one, the kwami comes back out of the Miraculous.

If the Miraculous comes off by accident though, like when Adrien's ring falls off in "Lady Wifi", the kwami is not pulled back into the Miraculous due to the owner not actually renouncing it. The kwami will only disappear if the owner wants to get rid of the Miraculous.


A Miraculous changes from camouflaged mode to charged mode.

The Miraculouses were made as various types of jewelry, ranging from earrings to necklaces to rings to brooches to hair combs to pocket watches and more. However, all of the Miraculouses have three distinct modes: charged, activated and camouflaged.[7]


In its charged mode, which happens when the Miraculous is inhabited by its kwami, meaning that either the Miraculous isn't being used by anyone, or that its holder is transformed, the Miraculous takes on a more colorful, exotic design in this mode that better resembles the animal that it represents.

Marinette asks Tikki to hold on to the Ladybug Miraculous.

In "Reflekdoll", it is revealed that when a holder just takes off the jewel and doesn't actually renounce it, the kwami stays free from the Miraculous, and if separated, the jewel stays in its camouflaged mode. Upon being in contact with its respective kwami, the Miraculous will change to its charged mode.


In its camouflaged mode, which occurs when the kwami is outside the Miraculous, meaning that its possessed by a holder who is not currently transformed, the Miraculous takes on a more dull appearance. While the appearance of the Miraculous in charged mode is always the same, camouflaged mode is different for each user, changing color and even shape to match wearers sense of style. For example, when Adrien wears the Cat Miraculous, its camouflage mode is white, but for Marinette, it's pink.

The variation between charged and camouflaged mode varies between Miraculous. The Ladybug Miraculous, in Marinette's possession, appears as simple black earrings in its camouflaged mode but red with black spots in its charged mode, and the Cat Miraculous, in Adrien's possession, is a plain white ring in its camouflaged mode but black with a green cat paw design in its charged mode. In contrast, the only difference between the Fox Miraculous in its charged and camouflaged mode is that in its charged mode it acquires golden lines that divide the necklace into five sections whose orange color degrades with each section.

In "Kwamibuster", it is revealed that a Miraculous in its camouflaged mode can even be a different piece of jewelry entirely from when it is in its charged mode, depending on the wearer: the Monkey Miraculous, which is a circlet, transforms into a headband when worn by Marinette. This is meant to make the Miraculous more difficult to spot on a holder in civilian attire.


In its activated mode, a kwami isn't inhabiting the Miraculous and the Miraculous hasn't yet been claimed by an owner, meaning that if they have the Miraculous but have not accepted it yet, it will be in activated mode. When a Miraculous is in its activated mode, it looks similar to how it does in its charged mode, as it has not yet taken on a camouflaged form that matches the holders style, but with the animal symbol being dark or absent.

A Miraculous will also enter the activated mode if the wearer has spoken the transformation phrase, but before the kwami has actually entered the miraculous.

List of known Miraculous

There is currently a total of thirty-six known Miraculouses. Nineteen of them belong to the Chinese Miracle Box and are currently in Paris, France. The other seventeen belong to the Native American Miracle Box and are currently in New York, U.S.A..

Chinese Miraculouses

Earrings that turn the wearer, with help from Tikki, into a ladybug-themed hero with the power of Creation.

Currently owned by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

A Locket Brooch that turns the wearer, with help from Nooroo, into a butterfly-themed hero with the power of Transmission.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

A Necklace that turns the wearer, with help from Trixx, into a fox-themed hero with the power of Illusion.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

A Brooch that turns the wearer, with help from Duusu, into a peacock-themed hero with the power of Emotion.

Currently owned by Félix Graham de Vanily, who uses it for an unknown reason.

A Nose Ring that turns the wearer, with help from Stompp, into an ox-themed hero with the power of Determination.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

A Pocket Watch that turns the wearer, with help from Fluff, into a rabbit-themed hero with the power of Evolution.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

An Ouroboros Bracelet that turns the wearer, with help from Sass, into a snake-themed hero with the power of Intuition.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

Hair Clips that turn the wearer, with help from Ziggy, into a goat-themed hero with the power of Passion.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

A Thumb Ring that turns the wearer, with help from Orikko, into a rooster-themed hero with the power of Pretension.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

A Pearl Anklet that turns the wearer, with help from Daizzi, into a pig-themed hero with the power of Jubilation.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

A Ring that turns the wearer, with help from Plagg, into a black cat-themed hero with the power of Destruction.

Currently owned by Adrien Agreste.

A Bracelet that turns the wearer, with help from Wayzz, into a turtle-themed hero with the power of Protection.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

A Hair Comb that turns the wearer, with help from Pollen, into a bee-themed hero with the power of Subjection.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

A Pendant Necklace that turns the wearer, with help from Mullo, into a mouse-themed hero with the power of Multiplication.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

A Panjas Bracelet that turns the wearer, with help from Roaar, into a tiger-themed hero with the power of Exaltation.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

A Choker that turns the wearer, with help from Longg, into a dragon-themed hero with the power of Perfection.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

Glasses that turn the wearer, with help from Kaalki, into a horse-themed hero with the power of Teleportation.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

A Circlet that turns the wearer, with help from Xuppu, into a monkey-themed hero with the power of Derision.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

A Collar Necklace that turns the wearer, with help from Barkk, into a dog-themed hero with the power of Adoration.

Currently owned by Gabriel Agreste, who uses it for evil purposes.

Native American Miraculouses

A Hair Tie that turns the wearer, with help from the Thunderbird Kwami, into a thunderbird-themed hero.
A Toe Ring that turns the wearer, with help from the Buffalo Kwami, into a Buffalo-themed hero.
A Feather Charm that turns the wearer, with help from the Wolf Kwami, into a wolf-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Otter Kwami, into an otter-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Beaver Kwami, into a beaver-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Woodpecker Kwami, into a Woodpecker-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Owl Kwami, into an owl-themed hero.
A Talon Pendant that turns the wearer, with help from Liiri, into an eagle-themed hero with the power of Freedom.

Currently owned by Jessica Keynes.

A Brooch that turns the wearer, with help from the Bear Kwami, into a Bear-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Falcon Kwami, into a falcon-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Deer Kwami, into a deer-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Salmon Kwami, into a Salmon-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Raven Kwami, into a Raven-themed hero.
A Miraculous that turns the wearer, with help from the Goose Kwami, into a Goose-themed hero.

Non-Canon Miraculouses

A Ring that turn the wearer, with help from the Lion Kwami, into a lion-themed hero.
Earrings that turn the wearer, with help from the Fish Kwami, into a fish-themed hero.


  • In the French dub, the transformation phrase for each Miraculous is saying the respective kwami's name followed by "transforme moi", which means "transform me". In every other dub, each Miraculous has its own unique phrase.
    • The Korean dub seems to be a combination of both: While the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculouses have their own unique phrase, every other Miraculous's transformation phrase is "Transformation!" followed by the superhero name of the Miraculous user, going against the fact that the users choose their own names.
      • This results in Aspik's and Viperion's incantations being different, despite both using the same Miraculous. However, when transforming in "Miracle Queen", Jade Turtle uses a different phrase, possibly related to the fact that his name is never stated in-show.
      • The Eagle Miraculous also has its own unique phrase in the Korean dub.
    • In the German dub, similarly to the French dub, the transformation and detransformation phrases for each Miraculous holder are "Verwandle mich!" and "Verwandle mich zurück!", respectively.
      • However, up until "Queen Wasp", the transformation and detransformation phrase for the Butterfly Miraculous was unique.
    • In the Catalan dub, similarly to the French and German dubs, the transformation and detransformation phrases for each Miraculous holder are "transforma'm" and "detransforma'm/destransformació", respectively.
  • In the English dub, the term Miraculous is used as both the singular and plural form, in contrast with Astruc's preference for adding -es for more than one[8], though there were occasions when characters used Miraculouses with the added -es to refer to more than one Miraculous.
  • The Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous are set opposite each other in a yin-yang (tajitu) section in the Miraculous box. The Ladybug Miraculous is placed in yin, and the Cat Miraculous is placed in yang. The other Miraculouses are arranged around them in a similar fashion to the five elements in Wu Xing (albeit which one corresponds to each is not clear).
  • In the Korean dub, they're called "Miracle Stones".
    • Given that the Miraculouses are jewelry, this makes sense.
  • More than one Miraculous can be the same type of jewelry, such as the Butterfly Miraculous and Peacock Miraculous both being brooches; the Fox, Dragon, Dog and Mouse Miraculouses all being necklaces; the Rooster and Cat Miraculouses both being rings; and the Turtle, Snake, and Tiger Miraculouses all being bracelets.
  • Some Miraculouses can have the same type of powers but with minor differences such as the Rabbit and Snake Miraculouses allowing the users to travel through time.
    • The Snake Miraculous gives the user the ability to transfer their consciousness to the point in the past when the power was activated. However, the Rabbit Miraculous gives the user the ability to physically transfer themselves to any point in time, regardless to any other physical instances they may have in the same timeline.
    • This can also be said for the Butterfly Miraculous's Akumatization and the Peacock Miraculous's Amokization; however, akumas can't affect broken objects, but amoks can.
  • So far, the Butterfly and the Peacock Miraculouses are the only two Miraculous that have been used for evil purposes for an extended period of time; however, it's unknown if any of the other jewels were used for evil or how many other people have tried to take the jewels from their chosen wielders in the past.
  • At the beginning of the series, there were only seven Miraculouses revealed: the ones stored on the top level of the Chinese Miracle Box; but Thomas Astruc explained that it's a bit more complicated than that, with more information being discovered about them throughout the first three seasons of the series.[9]
    • Thomas noted in the interview that the crew wants to expand on all of the Miraculouses in the box.[10]
    • The beginning of "Ladybug & Cat Noir" shows three Miraculous holders, Cernunnos, Herakles, and Tomoe Gozen, whose Miraculouses are unknown.
    • As revealed by Jeremy Zag, the Miracle Box has more than one level containing Miraculouses, meaning that there were other Miraculouses that had yet to be seen.[11] This was confirmed on the official Miraculous Ladybug Tumblr blog, which stated that there are "many more" Miraculouses than the ones that were known about initially.[12]
      • Which are revealed in "Sapotis", unveiling 12 other Miraculouses.
TSSB 5.jpeg
  • In the animatic of the theme song, the chest box has many Miraculouses that are not used in the final version, including what appear to be Miraculouses of an Eagle, Bear, Lion, Chicken, Zebra, Snake and Bull, respectively.
    • However, the Eagle Miraculous was later used by Sparrow and was revealed to be part of the Native American Miracle Box alongside the Bear and Thunderbird Miraculouses.
    • Using the same setup in the animatic for "Ladybug & Cat Noir", the Miracle box has most of the same Miraculouses, but the Butterfly Miraculous is replaced with Fish Miraculous earrings.[13]
  • According to what Wang Fu says in "Princess Fragrance", the Miraculouses might be connected to ancient China.
    • The Miraculouses on the lower levels of the box all correspond with the Chinese zodiac. The Snake Miraculous was ultimately included with these.
    • Most of the previous Miraculous wielders seen in the spellbook all come from Ancient China making them the first wielders.
  • The official Miraculous Ladybug Tumblr blog noted that the TV series, comic books, and web series would show the history of the Miraculouses.[14]
  • Miraculouses can be negatively impacted if the kwami enters it with another object, lessening the wearer's power, which Plagg explains to Adrien in "Rogercop" when he gets Chloé's bracelet stuck on his head.
    • With Plagg's description, it's implied that if it does happen the powers will either not work at all, the way they're suppose to, or go out of control. However, it's unknown what the full damage could be.
    • Also it's implied based on Plagg's description, that maybe something like this has happened before in the past, but if the same incident happened with Plagg or another kwami is unknown.
  • As revealed by Sébastien Thibaudeau in a press release video, Marinette would "find herself giving Miraculouses".[15]
    • Also, at some point, a female character would give back a Miraculous to Ladybug. The character and the Miraculous initially being unknown.[15]
      • It was later revealed in "Sapotis" that the character Ladybug gave a Miraculous to and later returned to her was Alya, who received the Fox Miraculous. Does so again in "Syren", "Catalyst", "Miraculer", "Startrain" and "Gang of Secrets". Chloé was given and returned the Bee Miraculous in "Malediktator", Kagami was given the Dragon Miraculous in "Ikari Gozen", when Mylene got the Mouse Miraculous in "Mega Leech" as well as Alix with the Rabbit Miraculous in the future.
    • Which is also revealed in "Anansi" when she gave the Turtle Miraculous to Nino, Adrien then, Luka who received the Snake Miraculous in "Desperada" and Max with the Horse Miraculous in "Startrain".
  • In "Frightningale", Plagg mentions that Cat Noir's costume is what Adrien really wants deep down.
    • It was later confirmed that the appearance that the Miraculous holders assume when they activate their Miraculouses mirror their personality and will.[16]
  • Despite the Miraculouses being made thousands of years ago, they've managed to retain their normal appearances, suggesting it was done by divine means, meaning that time couldn't ravage them.
    • Aside from that it's unknown what the Miraculous jewels were made of material wise.
  • It's been seen in "Antibug", "Volpina", and "The Dark Owl" that copies of the jewels can be destroyed.
    • Meaning it's not uncommon for copies of the jewels to be made to throw off thieves or those who wanted to use the jewels selfishly.
    • In "Mayura", it's revealed that a Miraculous can be damaged like the Peacock Miraculous, although it's unknown how it happened in that case.
      • However it is possible that it, like the Rabbit Miraculous, was damaged by a previous user of the Cat Miraculous with a Cataclysm long ago, was negatively impacted when Duusu entered his Miraculous with something else, or it could've been damaged by others means, like improper care.
      • It could also be possible that the jewels can be damaged after or if the holders transform with a sick or injured kwami, and it's unknown what else will happen if that occurs.
        • However, since it's the kwamis that give their owners their powers and transformations if they transform under these conditions, it's likely that they won't be able to hold it for long, let alone give their owners their powers.
      • It's revealed in "Miracle Queen" and "Truth", since there is also knowledge of how to repair the Miraculouses it confirms there have been incidents of the jewels being broken in the past and having bad effects on their wielders.
        • Since the Ladybug Miraculous can also repair a Miraculous in almost any condition it's likely this one is used as a backup just in case a guardian in training hasn't been taught the knowledge or it ends up lost.
    • Miraculouses are what turn kwamis from abstract and non-corporeal form to corporeal form. If a Miraculous was destroyed, like in "Queen Wasp", its kwami would not be harmed or killed but they would no longer be detectable.[17]
  • Through the centuries the Miraculouses have been called many names, like how the Cat Miraculous is called the Ring of the Black Cat or the Ladybug Miraculous being called the Ladybug Earrings.
  • According to Tikki in "Kwamibuster", the Miraculous holder should never ever find out the other Miraculous holders' true identity until the villains are defeated, as Ladybug said in "Troublemaker"; otherwise, the Miraculous holders have to surrender their jewels for their own safety, which explains the reason why Plagg disagreed with Adrien's guess that the Ladybug Miraculous holder is a student and is attending the same school as him which is Marinette.
    • However there were incidents where Marinette set that rule aside as of with Nino and Alya in "Heroes Day" because she was under an emergency and couldn't think of an excuse to separate them.
    • This is most likely because a villain could use a hero's secret identity against them, like how Hawk Moth used Queen Bee's to get her to join him.
    • As of the ending of season 3 and onward now that Marinette is the guardian.
      • Outside of Chloe, she continues to give the Miraculouses to her and Cat Noir's remaining allies all the while continuing to pick new ones.
      • She still very strict on keeping the identity rule between her and Cat Noir mostly likely out of the fear of another Cat Blanc incident happening.
  • Each Miraculous transformation sequence lasts an average of 16 seconds.
    • The longest transformation sequence so far is the Snake Miraculous with Luka Couffaine, lasting about 25 seconds.
    • The shortest transformation sequence so far is the Eagle Miraculous with Jessica Keynes, lasting about 10 seconds.
  • Seven of the nineteen known Miraculouses have been used throughout the first and second seasons: three in the first season, and four in the second.
    • As of the third season, all the Miraculouses from the Miracle Box were used:
      • Throughout the season, the Dragon, Snake, Horse, and Monkey Miraculouses were temporarily given to four new users.
      • In "Timetagger", the Rabbit Miraculous from a different time period was used.
      • During "Kwamibuster", Marinette wears all the Miraculouses currently kept in the Miracle Box but only utilized the powers of the Mouse Miraculous and used Unification with the Fox, Ladybug, and Cat Miraculouses to become Multifox, Multibug, and Multicat respectively.
      • In "Miracle Queen" all of the Miraculouses were used in some way:
        • The Ladybug, Cat, Dragon, Snake, Butterfly, Peacock, Bee, Turtle, Fox, Horse, and Monkey were fully used (transformation and superpower).
        • The Rabbit, Mouse, Ox, Tiger, Goat, Rooster, Dog, and Pig, were only worn by Chloé.
    • As of the fourth season, the Bee, Mouse, Tiger, and Pig Miraculouses were temporarily given to four new users.
    • As of the fourth season, the Ox, Goat, Rooster and Dog have gotten new owners.
  • The Miraculous transformation phrases are related to the animal associated with the Miraculous ("Spots on!" in reference to a ladybug's spots), the Miraculous itself ("Clockwise!" in reference to the Rabbit Miraculous being a pocket watch) and the superpowers associated with the Miraculous ("Bring the storm!" in reference to the Dragon Miraculous's storm/weather-related powers).
  • When Techlonizer was given the Miraculous, he was told by Hawk Moth that the transformation phrase was "Wings of Prey". According to Thomas Astruc, the reason for this is because the Miraculous uses a different transformation phrase when used for evil.
    • It is currently unknown why there would be a different transformation phrase for villainous intentions, as the Miraculouses were created specifically for heroic purposes, as stated by Nooroo in "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)".
    • This may explain why Hawk Moth's transformation and detransformation phrase is "Dark Wings"
  • In "Feast", it's confirmed that there are other Miraculous besides the ones inside Master Fu's Miracle Box. It's revealed that they were eaten by a sentimonster created by Master Fu with the Peacock Miraculous. After the sentimonster was defeated and Ladybug used her Miraculous Ladybug, all the eaten Miraculous were restored.
  • During "Kwamibuster", Marinette simultaneously wielded as many as 16 Miraculouses. A feat that Master Fu noted had never been achieved in all of history.
    • A Miraculous does not need to be worn as intended to be used, as seen when Multimouse wore the Cat Miraculous around her waist instead of on her finger.
      • Also, despite them being worn and shrunk with the power of Multitude, the jewels still retained their powers.
    • Not all Miraculous have to be worn by its holder, as seen with Bunnyx and the Rabbit Miraculous in "Timetagger".
  • In "Miraculous New York", it's revealed that it wasn't only the Peacock and Butterfly Miraculouses that went missing by the time the Guardians' temple was destroyed, but also the Eagle Miraculous that belongs in the Native American Miracle Box and presumably many more from other Miracle Boxes that were lost over the centuries.
  • If a Miraculous is removed from the holder while they are transformed, then they will immediately detransform back to their civilian self.
    • The rule is somewhat different in the case of a Miraculous that comes in multiple pieces, like the two Ladybug earrings. If only one piece is removed then the costume will disappear gradually, since the Kwami would be in both pieces of jewelry, one of which is still being worn.
  • As seen in "Dearest Family", when the transformation phrase is spoken, the Kwami will be pulled into the Miraculous, even if their is a barrier between the Kwami and holder, such as a wall.


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