[The book] contains all the secrets of the Miraculous' powers. It is sacred and extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. [The Great Guardian] needs it back.

Tikki, "Volpina"

The Miraculous spellbook, or also known as grimoire, is a book filled with information about the Miraculouses and the Miraculous holders. It is considered sacred even by the kwamis and mustn't fall into the wrong hands, but unfortunately it has fallen into the hands of Gabriel Agreste, who is the supervillain Hawk Moth.


The spellbook was created at an unknown time by unknown means. For many years was kept in the temple of the Order of the Guardians, where they protected it from falling into the wrong hands. Guardians-in-training were taught to decipher the code, but they aren't allowed to be close to it unless they were in life-death situations. Unlike them, kwamis were familiar with the book, but weren't taught know how to read it as they must never know the spells that are inside the book, as a precaution should a kwami fall into the wrong hands.

About 172 years when Wang Fu was young, he got hungry during his hard training and used the Peacock Miraculous to create a sentimonster to fetch him a snack, but in making the creature out of his hungry and his angry at the Miraculouses. As it devoured the monks and any Miraculous it could find, Wang tried to escape with the last Miracle Box and spellbook, but he lost it.

According to Tikki, Fu has been searching for it for a long time.

At an indefinite time, according to Gabriel, Emilie Agreste gave him the spellbook as a gift when on a trip, which was the last gift she gave him before she disappeared. He kept it in his safe behind a painting of her in his atelier. In case the book was lost, he took pictures of the pages and uploaded them to his computer.

In "Volpina", Adrien Agreste discovered the book when he noticed his father looking at it, and took it from his father's safe (with Plagg's assistance) in order to get a closer look. He showed it to Lila Rossi at Collège Françoise Dupont, but she stole the book from him before he left so she could get inspiration for a lie based on the Fox Miraculous. Recognizing the book and remembering its importance, Tikki told Marinette Dupain-Cheng that she needed to get it, so they followed Lila to the Place des Vosges. She threw the book in the trash when Adrien appeared and Marinette grabbed the book while neither were paying attention. Later, Tikki explained the value of the book to Marinette, and they took it to Fu.

Master Fu explained in "The Collector" that he knew how to partially decipher the code and revealed to Marinette that the book contained secrets about more superpowers for the Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous. He also said that he believed that whoever possessed this book also had the Butterfly Miraculous and Peacock Miraculous. When he pointed out that the owner of the book was most likely Hawk Moth, Marinette initially worried that it meant Adrien could be Hawk Moth, but after learning more about Adrien's dilemma — being prevented from returning to school after losing his father's book — she concluded that Gabriel was more likely the culprit. He evaded her and Adrien's suspicions by akumatizing himself, but Marinette still felt bad for Adrien's punishment. To resolve the issue, Fu took pictures of the pages with his cellphone in order to have digital copies of the book and Marinette returned the book to Gabriel, lying that she had borrowed it. She also asked where Gabriel had gotten the book from before leaving, which he explained as being a gift from his wife without more detail.

During the events of the The Battle of the Miraculous, after tracking down Fu's new hiding place near the Place des Vosges through Ladybug's appearences, Nathalie Sancoeur stole Fu's tablet with the deciphered copies of the spellbook and gave it to Gabriel. He later used the new information to fix the Peacock Miraculous.


The book is a large hardbound book with a brown cover. On the front and back cover, there is a golden design that is identical to the one on the Miracle Box. A golden line is also around the edge of the cover. The writings inside the book are in a special code.


The Spellbook is written in special code language that is unknown to most people. The only ones who can translate the writings are those who have received the proper teachings of the Order of the Guardians of the Miraculous.

Ladybug Miraculous

VP (249)

This page features an image of the Ladybug Miraculous. It also shows previous holder Piáo Chóng and the yo-yo.

The codes on the page, when translated, are as follows:

  • Ladybug
  • Superheroes
  • Yoyo
  • Ings
  • Mathilde
  • Luckycharm
  • Earrings
  • Mplok
    • "Ruqtp" (in ROT5) "Ruq" meaning "Fire" (in English)
  • Thomas Astruc
  • Wallfried (Left page bottom right) not too far off from Wilfried

Aquatic Power-Up

This page features an image of Piáo Chóng after Tikki transforms into "Aqua-Tikki". According to Wang Fu, it lists the ingredients for the Aquatic power-up, which he says are: A branch from the dragon king's garden, a secret kept in a shell, and a tear of joy. He also claims those are encrypted, and the first two are in fact seaweed and an oyster's pearl respectively. Marinette later deduced that the last one is a literal tear from laughter.

The codes on the page, when translated, are as follows: 
Aqua Ladybug

The Aquatic Power - up page in Master Fu 's tablet

  • Sirene
    • "Sirens" (in English)
  • Superheros
  • Recette:
    • "Recipe" (in English)
    • Premier
    • Seconde
      • "Second" (in English)
    • Troisieme
      • "Third" (in English)
    • Etde quatre
      • "And fourth" (in English)

Cat Miraculous

VP (83)

This page features an image of the Cat Miraculous. It also shows Hēi Māo and the staff.

The codes on the page, when translated, are as follows:

  • Chatno
    • Beginning of Chat Noir (Cat Noir)
  • Baton
  • Merci a tous
    • "Thank you all" (in English)
  • Narcissique
    • "Narcissistic" (in English)
  • Coucou
    • "Hello" (in English)
  • Xluyigre
    • "Yigre" meaning "A hot" (in English)
    • "Hveisqbo" (in ROT10) "Eis" meaning "Ice" (in English)
  • Zayplgyns
  • Gioolgr

Combined Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses


An image of a person surrounded by power is seen. The page explains how when someone possesses both the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses, the bearer can use them conjointly. With a special invocation, the Miraculouses would give "ultimate power" to the person: It is stated that this power can shape reality itself, further commenting that it would allow them to make a wish, but warning that the universe must maintain balance and that every action would carry a reaction.

The codes on the first page are:

  • -Xcvhjk
  • -Lmpoiuytrezasqsdcnjjpl-
  • -Lmpoiuytrdsdqacefhb-

In an updated version of the page the codes translates to

  • Yun doug-ju
    • "Iron compartment - according to" (in English)
  • Jusqu' l Mort, sixe e le
    • "Death until, sixth" (in English)
  • Ciel et Ne souffrir D' auc
    • "Heaven and Do not suffer from" (in English)
  • Une honte mon cour fut jaa
    • "A shame my heart was ice" (in English)

The codes on the second page are (on the Chinese Vitruvian Man):

  • Bgtyhnj
  • Ftsxcvhjk
  • Gffffgghhjjbvxwwddfghjuufdsghjnbvx
  • Qsdfghjjlmpovgbhnjxdsefcghjwwwqdf
  • Cvbnjklmpoiuytredsdhazerfghbvcfghj
  • Fgghjklmpoiuytrezaqsdfghjjklm;,nbb
  • Cvbnjklmpoiytredsdqazerfghbvcfghj
  • Fgghjklmpoiuytrezaqsdfghjjklm;,nbb

In the Vitruvian Man page the codes translate to:

  • Ce ntre
    • "Which between them" (in English)
  • Anatomie
    • "Anatomy" (in English)
  • E tu de
    • "It's you" (in English)

Butterfly Miraculous

VP (1093)

This page features an image of the Butterfly Miraculous. It also shows a Moth Miraculous wielder and the cane.

The codes on the page, when translated, are as follows:

  • Hawkmoth
  • Super Villain
  • Violeet
    • "Vio" meaning "He saw" (in English) referencing the holder's ability to see through the eyes of their akumatized victims.
    • Similar to "violet" (French for "purple"), the color of the Butterfly Miraculous
  • Broche
    • "Brooch" (in English)
  • Papillol
    • Similar to "Papillon" (Hawk Moth)
  • Super Mechant
    • "Super Evil" (in English)
  • Zorggcdfdd
  • Abcdefggt



This page shows how the Butterfly Miraculous' special superpower, Akumatization, is able to turn people into superheroes.

The codes on the page, when translated, are as follows (all French):

  • Choisir
    • "To choose" (in English)
  • Il faut bien sélectionner ses élites à
    • "You must select your elites to" (in English)
  • L'avenir du monde en dépend
    • "The world's future depends on" (in English)
  • Biologiste (next to the woman on the bottom left of the right page)
    • "Biologist" (in English)
  • Fleuriste (next to the man on the top right of the right page)
    • "Florist" (in English)
  • Charpentier (next to the man on the bottom right of the right page)
    • "Carpenter" (in English)

Peacock Miraculous

Ancient Chinese Peacock

This page features an image of the Peacock Miraculous. It also shows a Peacock Miraculous wielder and its tool.


This page shows how the Peacock Miraculous' special superpower, Amokization, is able to create sentimonsters.

The codes on the page, when translated, are as follows (all French):

  • Et gagner les défis
    • Which is "And win the challenge" (in English)
  • Etre vainqueur
    • Which is "to be victorious" (in English)
  • Toutpour
    • Which is "all for" (in English)
  • Le ferai
    • Which is "the will" (in English)
  • Sans repit
    • Which is "without respite" (in English)
  • Je me battrai
    • Which is "I will fight" (in English)
  • Le meilleur dresseur
    • Which is "the best trainer" (in English)
  • Un jour je serai
    • Which is "One day I will be" (in English)

Fox Miraculous

VP (81)

This page features an image of the Fox Miraculous. It also shows a Fox Miraculous wielder and the flute.

The codes on the page, when translated, are as follows:

  • Volpina
  • Fezdcdfvdvd
    • "Fez" meaning "Did" (in English)
    • "Ihcgfgiygyg" (in ROT3) "Giy" meaning "Wear" (in English)
      • "Warmgmwmumu" (in Bazeries Cipher) "Warm"
    • "Wvqutuwmumu" (in ROT17) "qut" meaning "Cut off" (in English), "Qutu" meaning "Box" (in English), "Mu" meaning "Wood" (in English) and "utu" meaning "price" (in English)
    • "Yxswvwyowow" (in ROT19) "owo" meaning "The word" or "Owow" meaning "Fishing" (in English)
  • Hgvzrddzc 
    • "Cbqumyyux" (in ROT21) "Qum" meaning "Sand" (in English)
      • "Bcqmuyuyx" (in Transposition Cipher) "muyu" meaning "Bathing" (in English)
  • Ghzsxg
    • "Ijbuzi" (in ROT2) "Buz" meaning "Ice" (in English)
  • Zazsqrx
    • "Pqpighn" (in ROT16) "Pig"
      • "Luokhgpx" (in Four Squares Cipher) "Luok" meaning "Bay" (in English)
  • Dxwsvbntcf
  • Draught
    • "Draft" (in English)
  • Dxwsvbnts
    • "Eyxtwcout" (in ROT1) "Cout" meaning "Cost" (in English)
      • "Lpuaktsty" (in Bazeries Cipher) "Pua" meaning "Nose" (in English), "Puak" meaning "Tribe" (in English)
        • "Plukattsy" (in Transposition Cipher) "Pluka" meaning "Rinse" (in English)

Bee Miraculous

TC (742)

This page features an image of the Bee Miraculous. It also shows a Bee Miraculous wielder and the spinning top.

The codes on the page, when translated, are as follows:


According to Fu, the book contains several spells that are able to grant new valuable abilities for Miraculous holders to use.

Since all the Miraculouses have the power to fuse together through the power Unification, it could be implied that the book has the information on how to do it and which jewels can fuse together.

In order to get the power to change reality, a person would need to know the incantation to activate it while having both the Cat and Ladybug Miraculouses.


The spellbook contains recipes for potions that, when fed to kwamis, will temporarily modify their powers. Apart of the code, the recipes are written in a code and need to be interprete. For example, seaweed is written as "a branch from the dragon king's garden", and "secret kept in a shell" is an oyster pearl. Some ingredients are written exactly as they are, though: a "tear of joy" is literally that.

Other contents

The book also has information about how to repair a broken or damaged Miraculous.





  • Master Fu and Gabriel Agreste also call the spellbook the Grimoire.
  • The text on the pages of the book uses Lewis Carroll's Nyctographic system (alphabet here).
    • When translated some of the words are in French, English, German, Korean, Finnish, Romanian, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Azerbaijani, Spanish, Russian, Maltese, Chinese, Polish, Malay, Turkish, Estonian, Cebuano, and Swahili.
    • Some words when translated from Nyctography need to be deciphered using the Caesar Cipher, Four Squares Cipher, Transposition Cipher, Bazeries Cipher or cipher combinations. Afterwards any unnecessary or unusable letters can be dropped, revealing hidden words.
  • Kwamis feel a sense of familiarity with the book when they see it: Plagg does't know exactly what it is when he first comes across it but knows he's seen it before and Tikki quickly recognizes it, stating that it must be brought to Wang Fu immediately.
  • The only living humans that currently know about its existence are Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Adrien Agreste, Wang Fu, Gabriel Agreste, Nathalie Sancoeur, Lila Rossi and Miss Bustier's class, though Adrien, Lila and almost all their classmates are unaware of the book's true nature for now.
    • However, since the events of "Feast", the list include the monks, guardians and guardians-in-training inside the temple.
  • Despite Hawk Moth, Cat Noir, and Ladybug seemingly naming themselves in "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)", their names were already written in the book (with Cat Noir only being partly). The sam happened with Queen Bee in "Queen Wasp (Queen's Battle - Part 2)" and the akumatized Lila in "Volpina".
    • It also reveals that some of the words allude to the Miraculous power ups like the Aqua and Ice modes, as well as alluding to words that involves things related to fire hinting that one of the power ups is a Fire Mode.
  • It is stolen three times in "Volpina".
    • Adrien and Plagg take it from Gabriel's safe.
    • Lila takes it from Adrien when he leaves for fencing class.
    • Marinette and Tikki take it from Lila after she drops it in a trash can.
  • As of "Backwarder", since Master Fu has chosen Marinette to be the next guardian of the Miracle Box it is possible that he also taught her how to read the text in the spellbook.


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